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About Us

Rama and Tara

Greetings! We are Faction Three White Knights Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green.

Hosts and co-hosts of weekly radio programs on - Station 2,

and two teleconferences on

​​We are on a mission to share our knowledge about Earth's true history, the galactic affairs that happen behind the scenes, and how enactment of NESARA Law will change the world.

You are invited to join us as we discover how to ascend together on this planet,

and make it a paradise for everyone!

Topics We Discuss

Science + Technology

Sacred Geometry

The Environment

Health + Nutrition


Politics + Government


Archeology + History


Ashtar Command

Ascended Masters



How Do I Listen Live?

The radio programs, podcasts and conference calls are free and available to all -- no paid subscription or membership required.

Our programs are broadcast from, Station 2, and the accompanying one-hour conference calls are held via the phone numbers provided by Free Conference Call HD.

For details, click on Programs above.



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