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The True History

Hosted by Rama Berkowitz & Tara Green

Saturdays at 1:30 pm Pacific / 4:30 pm Eastern

Live on, Station 2 + Free Conference Call HD

About the Show

You are invited to join us on, Station 2, for The True History, hosted by Rama and Tara.


This radio show was created to share information about global and galactic affairs. Together, they have much wisdom to share to all those who are listening with an open heart.

Rama shares information that he has been given by his Faction Three  contacts.


That information may come to him in person, via a phone call, or via text message.


He then relays that information to his audience, so that listeners can hear what is truly happening behind the scenes.

Call in to comment or ask Rama and Tara a question directly. See below 
("Ask a question . . . ")


Everyone is welcome!

Rama and Tara

Rama Berkowitz - Talk show host, Counselor, Consultant, Spiritual channel

​Tara Green - Talk show host, Scholar/Scribe, Journalist, Teacher, Researcher

A discussion of current events from a Faction Three White Knight perspective, with exclusive Faction Three updates from Rama & Tara

The show offers positive spiritual guidance during this time in which we are moving up to a whole new spiritual level, as Earth and humanity consistently raise in vibration.


Part One

Opening meditation with Cheryl Croci on, Station 2

Housekeeping and general updates from Rainbird

Rama shares his messages received from Faction Three White Knights

Tara presents current news items

Part Two 

Everyone switches from BBS Radio to the Free Conference Call

Part Three

Return to, Station 2

More discussion of current events and (real) world history, with audios

  and videos on a wide range of subjects: archaeology, political histories,

  naturopathic medicine, full disclosure of the ET presence and the secret  space program, teachings of the Ascended Masters, and more


How Do I

Listen Live?

Ask a question by phone

888 - 429 - 5471     (Canada & U.S.A.)

530 - 413 - 9537     (International)

Listen live by phone

1 - 804 - 220 - 6484


It does not require the listener to use a data plan,

and the calls simply use the listener’s mobile minutes.

It may be necessary to prompt listeners

to call another number for better service.

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Free BBS Radio App

Conference Call

Join us by phone

​720 - 716 - 7301

PIN CODE 353863#

​Press *6 to mute

and unmute yourself

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