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Co-hosted by Caroline Oceana Ryan, Omena McGee,

Randy Miller, Vinayak, and Rama Berkowitz & Tara Green

Thursdays at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern

Live on BBSRadio.com, Station 2

About the Show

A Night at the Roundtable evolved out of Stargate Roundtable, a radio show created by Marietta Pickett, known as Marietta/Robert. She invited some friends to join her and tell the public about their wisdom and personal experiences.

This group of friends are now the co-hosts of the program with each one taking turns being the host for the evening. They are also responsible for inviting guests to the show.

The guests discuss their life's work. We have had best selling authors, musicians, artists, inventors, channelers, energy workers and other like-minded people who are helping humanity with their work.


Past recordings of the show and news articles

read during the show can be found here.

Meet the Team

On A Night at the Roundtable (formerly Stargate Round Table), we explore ways to expand into fifth dimensional life, finding new pathways to healing and ascending for ourselves and our planet.

In this open forum for creative, Light-filled ideas, our guests offer a broad range of breakthrough discoveries and insights, to support our living as free and sovereign beings who take responsibility for our lives, our health, and our spirituality. 

After a brief opening meditation led by our wonderful friend AngelSu, we offer a few energy updates from our co-hosts: psychic medium Omena McGee, energy healer Randy Miller, channeler and intuitive Caroline Oceana Ryan, and bioenergetics expert and energy healer Vinayak.

We then move on to the latest "Galactic Good News" report from Faction Three White Knights Rama Berkowitz & Tara Green, followed by a one-hour interview with our guest for the week, or discussion among the co-hosts on a current topic. 

Our guests are healers, writers, ET experiencers, scientists, inventors, energy workers, and other amazing New Earth builders.

Caroline Oceana Ryan


Omena McGee


Randy Miller

Dr. Vinayak


Carolyn / Rainbird

Tara and Rama


An interview with M.T. Keshe.

Founder of the Keshe Foundation.


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