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A Testimonial for Sonja Herman

Greetings, all you Commanders, Eagles and Angels!

I have been experiencing masterful, long-distance Auric Healing work on a regular weekly basis
from Sonja Herman, a fellow colleague and friend, for the last 2.5 years.

Before that, I had been living in excruciating pain as one of the results of a serious car accident in
1977. I had been pronounced ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital, yet 19 minutes later, I opened my
eyes, alive and breathing. In those days, I compensated for the pain by distracting myself with
yoga, by studying neuropathy, and by being able to get a variety of healing treatments in
exchange for my healing of others.


Over the years, the pain increased, and physical therapy was not enough. After 46 years of
suffering, Sonja’s work has been a miracle in my life. She has the ability to work with her hands
from a distance, in anyone’s aura, and literally move pain out of the body, and even move bones!
For myself, it resulted in my receiving adjustments in my traumatized lumbar area and in the
cervicals in my neck. Preliminary work of Overall clearing, balancing and harmonizing of the body,
mind and spirit are necessary for ongoing healing. She applies her expanded knowledge of several
healing modalities. Most of all, she taps into her intuition and connects with Divine Light and
Source Energy using her inner wisdom to let her hands do the work.

Sonja’s mission is to assist in the evolution of consciousness by helping her clients raise their
vibration through clearing, releasing and transmuting of old blockages and patterns, thus bringing
in higher frequency light to enable the embodiment of their own divinity, and multidimensionality.
Full participation on the part of the client is necessary for optimal results in this continuous
process of attaining higher consciousness during the session and throughout the journey of Life.
You can find Sonja at her website: and/or 310-592-8807 PT


In the Light of the Most Radiant One!

Tara Green

March, 2023

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