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Hard News on Friday

Hosted by Rama Berkowitz & Tara Green

Fridays at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern

Live on, Station 1 + Free Conference Call HD

About the Show

You are invited to join us on, Station 1, for Hard News on Friday, hosted by Rama and Tara.

This radio show was created to share information about global and galactic affairs. Together, they have much wisdom to share to all those who are listening with an open heart.

Rama shares information that he has been given by this
contacts. It may be given in person, on a phone call or received via text message.


He then relays that information to his audience, allowing them to learn about what is truly happening behind the scenes.

During the second hour of the program Rama channels Mother Sekhmet. Many people know as the Goddess from Egypt. Sekhmet has always been with us. Guiding humanity to achieve their best potential.

Below you can find out how you can call in to give a comment or ask a question directly to Rama and Tara.

Everyone is welcome!

Rama and Tara

Rama Berkowitz - Talk show host, Counselor, Consultant, Spiritual channel

Tara Green
- Talk show host, Scholar/Scribe, Journalist, Teacher, Researcher

A discussion of current events from a Faction Three White Knight perspective, with exclusive Faction Three updates from Rama & Tara

The show offers positive spiritual guidance during this time in which we are moving up to a whole new spiritual level, as Earth and humanity consistently raise in vibration.


Mother Sekhmet

Mother Sekhmet is recognizable the world over as the 12-foot tall Egyptian goddess with the head of a lion. 


Mother is known as the daughter of Ra, the Sun God, and Ishtar.


She is known as “She who was here before all the gods were here.”


She came in with teams of Lightforms, which were spheres like glowing balls of Light—like suns—that created from themselves other suns that then took the shape and form, vibration and density, until they birthed into living matter.

Mother Sekhmet and groups of galactics from the Lyra, Vega, Pleaides, Sirius, Andromeda, and Procyon star systems brought the seeds of lifeforms to Earth to imbue the Earth with lifeforms.

These might be considered the bacteria, amino acids, and other building blocks of Life that are the sacred geometric, platonic solids that are the chemicals that mixed with seawater as Earth was being formed, and as Earth lifeforms were being shaped, as described by physicist Nassim Haramein.


It took millions of years for these biological bacteria lifeforms to grow in the oceans, similar to lightning striking the surface of an ocean—due to the electrical current, creates an influx of energy in which chemicals and other elements are given the breath of life.


Mother, with her Divine consort Alycone, worked on this process for millions of years. There was no time yet upon the Earth in that era, and so the concept is difficult to grasp.



Alcyone, whose name based on the phrase “the All-Seeing Eye of the One God,” is the Great Central Sun, positioned in the Pleiades, one of the Seven Sisters. He is also Mother Sekhmet's Divine Consort.

Around each star/Sun are 12 to 14 planets orbiting it, with millions of people on each planet.

Alcyone is able to take the physical form of a male Paschat. Per Lord Rama, Alcyone then resembles the character of Vincent in the television series Beauty and the Beast, having the body of a human male and a lion’s head.


In his form as the Great Central Sun, Alcyone focuses through himself the energies of the Galactic Center, called by the Mayan name “the Hunab Ku” and located at 27 degrees Sagittarius.


As the energy pours out of the Galactic Center, Alcyone channels it as pure energy. That energy then travels to Helios and Vesta, who are twin flames.


These energy beings are called “the sun behind the Sun.” Their combined energy is known as the Solar Logos. Their energy then travels to our sun Sol.


Helios and Vesta are located between the Great Central Sun and our sun Sol.

Sekhmet and Alcyone


Hour One

Opening music on BBS Radio, Station 1

Weekly Mayan Calendar reading with Rainbird

Housekeeping and updates

Rama shares his messages received from Faction 3 White Knights

Tara introduces news items

Hour Two

Everyone switches from BBS Radio to the Free Conference Call

Hour Three

Return to BBS Radio, Station 1

Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone: channeled through Rama

Tara speaks with Mother Sekhmet

Various videos, news articles and sacred teachings are discussed


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