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White Knight Reports

Creating the White Knight Reports

The basis of these reports is the information Rama receives from the White Knights while he is 'out in the world', with either galactics or humans, either in person, by phone or by text. He then reports his adventures to Tara, who creates notes and assists in clarifying details during their discussion of events. Following this is the meeting(s) between Penny and Tara, during which Tara dictates, and Penny transcribes, all the while asking more questions, providing more clarity of expression, or suggesting other ways to enhance clarity for readers.

Presenting the White Knight Reports

On the Friday Hard News program and Saturday’s The True History program on B B S Radio 2, pieces of the week’s report are discussed as Rama updates listeners about what has happened that day. These updates are woven into the formal Reports, listed below. Rama also reads the report to our colleagues on the biweekly Ashtar Legacy Call, with the final report – completed weekly on Thursdays – finding its way to the Ashtar Legacy Call archive. In addition to being posted on this website, it is also sent out to the respective lists of Caroline Oceana Ryan and Penny Christoffersen – and from there, who knows? Hopefully, far and wide!

For information regarding the ones discussed in the White Knight Reports, you can read more here.

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