A Message to Lightworkers – December 8, 2020

Today’s Message is an excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon.

The Collective add their beautiful energies to this and all chapters in the book.

Now available for preorder Lennon Speaks releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


Excerpt from Lennon Speaks

From Chapter 3 – “Emotion and Where It Gets You”

Caroline Oceana Ryan (channeler): Can you tell us how the old global power structure have kept us asleep, and why?

LENNON: You know all about it. Everyone does.

You fall in line because you receive so many threats, so many “programming” moments as a small child that you come to understand very quickly that if you want a roof over your head and food to eat, you must bow to “the authorities.”

You saw early on that it was a dangerous game to step out on your own, to question the programming. Maybe some of that would be tolerated in those “rebellious teen years” as everyone loves calling them.

But once you hit your late teens or early twenties—time’s up! Time to conform and get serious. Don’t make us ashamed! Get a job, or get an education and then a job. And do as you’re told in those places, just as you had to throughout your upbringing.

Of course, there’s always this feeling amongst those who see through the veil that once you earn a certain amount, get to a certain point in your work, or save a particular sum, you’ll buy your freedom. You’ll work creatively or travel the world or volunteer to work with “those less fortunate.”

And yes, some actually do this. Many have done this. Yet in Western culture, it is difficult to maintain a highly simplified life without strong commitment.

You’ve been taught to be ashamed of that—how pathetic, that you don’t own very much! So sooner or later most will fall in line, because even the ground you walk on has been ingrained with the “earn a living and prove yourself by what you buy” pressure.

What a bizarre idea! As if you aren’t qualified to breathe without having earned it first. Rubbish!

But to answer your question, let’s get back to our friends the ETs . . .

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