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Thursday, October 29, 2020

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RAMA & TARA: Greetings!

TARA: It’s quite a time. It’s getting cold. It’s always in the 30s at night now, here. But that moon has been up there in the sky, getting fuller by the second!

RAMA: And there’s a big red star to the right of it. I think it’s either Arcturus [Antares] or one or the planets.

TARA: I think it’s Venus—Yo no sé! Thank you, Vinayak, for doing that good vibrational sharing, to keep our sister AngelSu in our hearts. I miss AngelSu, and I know that she’s happy too. She’s hanging out with all our other friends who have gone to the Other Side. I just want to remind everybody, that everybody has the choice [if they die physically] to come back here in the same body, totally physically well and healed, and ready to work with us together. That’s a choice, and it’s been that way ever since 9/11. Mother Sekhmet made that a special dispensation.

TARA: So Rama’s got to give us the rest of the story, but Rama’s saying: [Reading report] “I received a text message from the Nameless Ones”—they live in the Wesak Valley, and they live off the grid. And they have Keshe technology up there too! That’s how they do that.

Everybody should know who the Nameless Ones are—D&D [Princess Diana & Dodi Al Fayad] are their two initials! Sweet Angelique also joined in that text message.

“They all said to me, ‘Lord Rama, it is International Cat Day today!’ “ TARA: Talking about cats—we’ve been telling people we have two cats who live in the shed outside, along with a big white furry bunny rabbit. Since last Friday—almost every day—it started with this little baby bobcat that joined the crew out there. That was earlier in the evening. Then later in the evening, her mother came too. So now we’ve got this big white furry bunny rabbit, and four different kinds of cats! Hanging out with a big white bunny rabbit.

RAMA: Nobody ate the rabbit!

TARA: No! And the rabbit’s not afraid. So again, yesterday and tonight, and last Saturday night, and then they came back on Tuesday and Wednesday and now today again—so it looks like we’ve got a crew that’s increased and multiplied there. The big mama bobcat really likes Rama. RAMA: Yeah!

TARA: I think because Mother [Sekhmet]’s around! RAMA: That’s basically the message today. It is International Cat Day and with that, Goddess comes with the Scales of Justice! And Anubis is here as well.

We are in that window of the two worlds—a crack opening between the two worlds on Saturday—Samhain—Halloween. These folks are telling us to use the Force to stay in the high heart. And we’ve got the power, with Love! Don’t give your power away to these old, fragmented timelines, because it is about the 1% who have absolutely lost their power, and they are using anything and everything to try to gain it back, including violence and intimidation and all the tactics.

Earth has kind of a jaded history as it were, of these various lifeforms that have grandiose ego problems—fallen ego problems! And it is huge, because it goes into the ideas of megalomania, where they think they can run the planet, or buy the planet, or decide how they are going to tell the population of the planet how to bend at the knee and worship them.

Goddess comes now, with the Scales of Justice, and She does what She does best!

It is about leveling the playing field. Right at this time—everybody keeps telling me this almost every day—the transfiguration/transmutation of the Sun is going on, and that’s affecting our living molecules. Protons, electrons. Everything that goes on within these bodies—temples.

As the dark side chooses to remain in infinite ignorance and “bliss,” they are only going to get bombarded by the energies coming in, which is going to create more disruption in their cellular molecular structure, because they are not doing the meditation and the sadhana [Sanskrit for daily spiritual practice], and the due diligence of lifting themselves up.

They are promoting fear and hatred and division, and this idea of the iron fist with absolute power.

TARA: And the thing is, as we live Love and we pray Peace—not for Peace. We Pray [command forth] Peace, and we make that our way in the world, everything is possible, for people to wake up. It’s not that these dark ones don’t know what they’re doing. They’re thinking of themselves. And again—they don’t have experience of Love. They really don’t.

RAMA: It is alien to them, if I could use that word. Because it was genetically engineered out of them as they came into this realm.

TARA: What do you mean by that?

RAMA: They did not experience Love in the context where—their incarnations are devoid of Love.

TARA: You’re talking about how the 13 Families raise their children.

RAMA: That’s right. According to these ancient stories, which are not legends or myths, but are absolutely true—how the Fallen Angels came and made it with the people of Earth and had offspring, and it created genetic divisions amongst the people of Earth.

It has created what’s going on right now with the 13 Families. And the 13 Families answer to that old energy that’s falling away, called the Fallen Angels. They have no power, except to play with the illusion of fear.

It is falling away. Go out and vote! Because your life depends on it, I’ll say it just like that.

TARA: “Hold your nose and vote for Joe.” Yet don’t vote by mail anymore.

Yesterday, Rachael Maddow discussed this on her show last night: Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has been overseeing this case about the ballots—there’s been all these issues in the different states, where the ballots will only be counted—in Minnesota they just did this, and in Wisconsin—if you don’t vote in person at a polling place, the mail-in ballots will only be counted if they get through the post office and to the people who receive these votes by the 3rd of November. Election Day. What Judge Emmet Sullivan did, is he ordered the Trump admin to reverse all the postal service changes that they had implemented that screwed up the mail very badly, and he’s being really specific about it. The ruling was in NAACP vs. The United States Postal Service.

In the order, it says the guidelines— “1) Regarding the use of late and extra trips by postal service personnel are rescinded, all of them. And

2) The US Postal Service personnel are to instructed to perform late and extra early, and extra trips, to the maximum extent necessary to increase on-time mail deliveries, particularly for election mail.”

This could make all the difference in the world?

VINAYAK: Did you finish the update from the Nameless Ones? I don’t think we finished that. TARA: Well, Rama’s got to finish that—we just got as far as Sweet Angelique and the Nameless Ones—they said to you, “It’s International Cat Day, and with that, the Goddess comes.” And then what?

RAMA: And she comes with the Scales of Justice. Anubis is alongside her. We are in that window where the two worlds are merging, as Samhain comes into play here with this Full Moon. It is about the old energies that are falling away. What the Nameless Ones were basically saying is, She—the Goddess—comes to collect the souls of that night called Samhain, the collector of souls, as they are leaving for the next world. And they will cross the River Styx, where Anubis will accompany them across the River Styx, where Lady Master Ma’at will weigh the souls against the feather on the Scales of Ma’at. And that is going on right now.

That is essentially what they told me, because the justice system in this country is a kangaroo court, to put it basically. They don’t represent the people. They don’t represent the will of the people. They represent the Vatican and the Fallen Angels. These are not the teachings of Yeshua and Magdalene. Therefore it is null and void.

VINAYAK: I just want to share, that we can facilitate the energy of the Goddess by all of us going within ourselves and calling forth the Goddess energy, so that we amplify everything that Rama just mentioned, and facilitate this new energy that’s coming in now, which is the Goddess energy. So open your heart! And regardless of what gender you are, welcome in the Goddess energy, and embrace and love it. And forgive yourself if you haven’t up till now, because it’s all Divinely perfect. We are Ascending with the Goddess and the God energy now! I pass the talking stick, thank you.

TARA: OK, that’s a good one—yes! She’s here to stay, everybody! She’s not going anywhere!

[Reading Rama’s Report] “ ‘And I received a call from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat—this is from yesterday at 1:00 PM. “He said, ‘Lord Rama, the fecal matter is hitting the oscillating apparatus once again, and we will all need a raincoat, because it’s very thick. Are you sitting down, Lord Rama?’

“ ‘Yes, I’m sitting at ET Auto Repair’s truck while he works on my car.’

“So Tom went on: ‘Lord Rama, there is a story out there that President Trump made a death threat against Biden: ‘If you win, and three months in, wouldn’t it be a shame if you got shot?’ ”

TARA: He said this at a public rally yesterday.

RAMA: And it was on Twitter, then it disappeared.

TARA: That’s serious. Yet what we do, is remain in unconditional Divine neutrality. And neutralize that energy. Remain in the Light!

Then on Monday, there was a message from his Holiness the Dalai Lama: “As an avowed campaigner for the elimination of all nuclear weapons, I welcome the fact that the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons has now been ratified by 50 countries, and will come into force from January next year.

“I received a text message also from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat again at 11:30 this morning: “He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, everything is in place for the re-indexing for the value of every product and service on Mother Gaia. “ ‘One month after NESARA, this re-indexing will go into effect.’ “

TARA: And every man, woman, and child receive $10 million across the entire planet. And the system is so radically changed, that next month, as the re-indexing is done, those $10 million, in the way that we know it from the old system, become $100 million. Which means that we’re ending this old system. In other words, the right to have a roof over your head, the right to have enough to eat—good food. The right to have a free education, free healthcare—everything you need and desire to live a good life, with education and all the things that are at a higher level—

We’ve learned that death has no place in any human being’s life. We’re going to learn a lot too about balance. We’re just getting started, everybody!

[Reading] “ ‘Yet I give no dates,’ he said. ‘We are the ones! Planetary reboot is already taking place. What this means, is that Mother Gaia with all 7 Super Universes and the entire Nazaroth are being lifted up to assist everyone to merge with the Oneness of Beingness.

“ ‘Pray Peace, listen to your heart’s song. Be Calm! Breathe long, deep, and slow. Smile, because it works! “ ‘Believe in the magic, everybody!’ “

TARA: What’s happening is that we’re getting good people in government exposing the not-so-good people in government. RAMA: Yes!

TARA: And also Tom Hartmann’s been interviewing in a “Conversations with Great Minds” way, this woman who knows the criminal underpinnings of the government, and she knows how to change it. She was excellent. So we’ll play that tomorrow or Saturday [on the show].

This young man, his name is John Ossoff. He’s a Democrat from Georgia, and he’s a senatorial candidate. He got up there, and he demonstrated with dignity—he exposed [Senator] David Perdue on the healthcare votes. [He said,] “Well, perhaps Sen. Perdue would have been able to respond properly to COVID-19 pandemic, if you hadn’t been fending off multiple federal investigations for inside trading, sir!”

This was in a debate. The other gentleman was standing next to him and had to be quiet and listen.

[Quoting Ossoff] “It’s not just that you’re a crook, Senator. It’s that you’re attacking the health of all the people you represent. You did say COVID-19 was no deadlier than the flu. You did say there would be no significant uptick in cases. “All the while, you were looking after your own assets, and your own portfolio. You did vote for times to end protections for preexisting conditions—four times.

And the legislation that you tout—it includes loopholes that specifically allow insurance companies to deny policies to Georgians with preexisting conditions.

“Can you look down the camera and tell the people of this state why you voted four times to allow insurance companies to deny the people their health coverage? Because we may suffer from heart disease or have asthma or have cancer in remission. Why, Senator?”

This is a very, very challenging time, yet he had an opportunity to speak to that. He [Perdue] was obviously not willing to make amends or change his ways.

As we remain neutral and send Love, it helps other people to find a way to wake up and not do things that are violent in reaction to things.

I think the energies of this Blue Moon coming on Halloween! is the clipping of the old system in a big way. RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Rama, can you speak further to that? Or something else you want to share? You’ve been hearing from your people, a continuous uptick, in terms of “Don’t let this energy throw you!”

RAMA: Yeah, because usually on high holy days, the energies of the planet, like Beltane and solstices and equinoxes—the dark side likes to play with the energies and use them for not helping to benefit the people or the planet.

All the folks I’m talking to, right as we’re going through this moment with this Halloween and Full Moon, and coming up is the election— “Let us stay in the high heart of the goddess!” Because they [dark side] want to mess with us and the energies, and the Phoenix is rising. That’s what I could say!

TARA: That’s a good lead-in. This is Archangel Michael, channeled thru Celia Fenn—“The Flight of the Phoenix: The Golden Bridge and the 11-11 Portal – Accelerated Ascension Energies in October and November”

Beloved Souls of Light, we know this has been a difficult year for you and for the Planet. It has seemed like a year of shock, surprise, conflict and division that is ongoing. It has left many people stressed, fatigued and confused. “But, we want you to know that this is because the process of Ascension is accelerating and you are moving into higher frequencies at a rapid pace—”

RAMA: This is what the Nameless Ones were saying. The Ascension is assured-- of the planet and of us. The dark side know this, and they are freaking!

TARA: The thing is, it’s testing all of us, and it’s really important not to judge and draw lines. It’s just that it’s time to seal the door where evil dwells.

“But, we want you to know that this is because the process of Ascension is accelerating and you are moving into higher frequencies at a rapid pace.

“Really, Beloveds, you are living through lifetimes of experience in a single year. This is because you are completing a major cycle of experience and beginning a new one. “The old cycle was third dimensional, and the new cycle is fifth dimensional. At this point, these two dimensional time frequencies are existing together, creating a chaos vortex that is necessary to collapse the old matrix and grids and seed new possibilities . . . “ [For rest of channeling, see: ]

VINAYAK: This Divine Neutrality—I’d like to explain a bit about what that is, so everybody has a real experience of that. And that is: the reason we want to stay in Divine Neutrality—and this is our task, as Skywalkers and Starwalkers and Lightworkers, or whatever you want to call yourself—the work that we’re called to do right now is this Divine Neutrality.

The reason for it is, imagine that you’re at the center of a hurricane. Divine Neutrality—think of it as the eye of the hurricane. There’s total Peace and awareness and comfort and safety in the eye of the storm, and anytime you’re outside of that, no matter what the position is, no matter what your thoughts are about it, no matter what your reaction is, positive or negative—we are contributing to the storm. We are making it bigger. We are allowing it to consume us.

And then we are participating in these negative energies tat we are here to bring Light and Love to. So I hope that brings some clarity.

Rama, is there anything you’d like to add. I’ve heard it said that this is the time of the new year. It’s almost like the 30th is new Year’s Eve, and the 31st is New Year’s, the Full Moon time. Rama, could you add to that?

RAMA: What I could say, is that there is this portal gateway happening that in the Northern Hemisphere is called Samhain or Halloween, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it is Beltane. And as we travel through the calendar into next year—as we get ready for spring equinox and the time of the Sun returning, we will move into Beltane, and the Southern Hemisphere will have Samhain once again. This particular time is a huge portal that is bringing all kinds of energies through right now. All of what I’m being told is, work with the higher energies and stay in the high heart, because it is a challenge to be there as they’re pulling on all the energies to distract and create confusion, destruction, hate, anger, and whatever else.

What the Nameless Ones told me, is that as we choose not to give our power away at this particular time, because the energies are so powerful—when we have portal days like this, that are part of the Wicca ceremonies, the Great Sabbats—there are 8 Great Sabbats throughout the year.

Let’s say that it is the true form of Nature and Nature’s God. And in the original time when we first arrived on this planet, we honored these 18 traditions. When the dark side took over with the Fallen Angels, they changed these great celebrations of the Goddess energy, and the Great Horned God, which represents Pan or Cerunos—the Church—the Vatican—they took the energies, bastardized it, and called it the Sabbath. More to come—I pass the talking stick!

TARA: 11-11 speaks to “As above, so below.” It’s the merging of heaven in the Earth plane. That’s what we’re approaching right now. “You shall not pass”—“May it seal the door where evil dwells,” and “Let Light, Love, and Power restore the Divine Plan for Earth.”

This whole period of time can actually manifest that, and being calm is a very big key!

[End of report]

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