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Thursday, August 20, 2020

RAMA & TARA: Greetings!

TARA: Let’s start with today—there’s a few things that happened since the last time we spoke, yet today’s a humdinger.

Just to make sure that everybody knows: Every single one of the 13 Families and the entire Vatican are 100% broke, and all their “Fingers of Sauron” also. Today, [radio host/political commentator] Thom Hartmann said, “There’s 12 people on the planet that, together, they have a trillion dollars.” What we know is a lot different from that. Mitt Romney himself is a mutli-multi-trillionaire. And Jacob Rothschild—

RAMA: Who is either a hologram or some kind of clone—

TARA: —or some facsimile—we discussed years ago that he had $500 trillion. And there’s all kinds of ones that are somewhere in between. When we say “the 13 Families,” we mean all of that, and all of their cronies—all those people who have that money that adds up to a trillion—Mitt Romney and the Vatican, and all the rest of them, are 100% broke. And Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert made it clear Tuesday morning on their show [on RT], that the dollar is gone. So we’ll start that story with Ronnie Reagan. RAMA: Oh my! Yeah . . . TARA: He racked up the [national] debt, in his first term, from $800 billion to $2.4 trillion. We are now at $24 trillion in debt, heading toward $25 trillion, and the dollar is completely worthless and gone.

The only thing that’s keeping this [world economy] going is continuing to add debt. They’ve been making bets on the future of [yet] unborn children, seven generations on from now. They’re betting that those kids will be there.

They’re putting it [large sums] into the hedge funds, as if it’s real money, and doing millions of transactions per second, to make money [betting] on [yet] unborn children’s productiveness.

RAMA: The algorithms—the AIs [artificial intelligences] are doing the trades. The humans [traders] are watching the screens, and the AIs are moving so fast, the humans can’t keep up.

TARA: That brings up this other story. There’s this artificial intelligence, and “she” has just become the first artificially intelligent citizen of Saudi Arabia. She was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show the other day.

He was discussing things with her, and he would say, “Do you know this?” and she would say, “Of course! Blah blah blah . . . ” This is coming from the wrong side of the fence, in the sense that the Saudis have created a “citizen” that they can develop for less than honorable gains.

RAMA: The AI is not aligned with the Office of the Christ!

TARA: This being was created in a laboratory. There’s no birthing process going on there. And she’s gorgeous. Very beautiful. Yet that’s what it is.

So now we’ll go to what Rama was—[To Rama] First of all, I don’t think it’s ever happened before, that these three called you together!


TARA: Never! The King of Swords, the King of Egypt [Mohammad al Fayad]. And Number 15—he’s a Wingmaker, from 175 million years into the future, coming back to our space-time continuum, just as Rana Mu is that. Number 15 has a special skill. He mind-melded. Spock had that skill, right? RAMA: Yes! TARA: They say that’s just a sci-fi story, but Picard and the Star Trek Next Generation story is all true. It’s just that they had to say it’s a sci-fi story. Mind-melding—after that 5-minute or so mind-meld, King of Swords could read, write, and speak 22 languages without any trouble at all, and has had that gift ever since. That happened a long time ago. In the early 2000s.

Necessity is the Mother of Wisdom, you might say.

In the sense that Bill Clinton signed the true NESARA bill into law in front of the entire Congress. The story that’s been put out there, is that there were only 15 members of Congress [present], but that’s not the case. They were escorted onto a starship from [within] the White House and the halls of Congress by the King of Swords and a few Faction Three White Knights. They were surrounded by Faction Three White Knights with their phasers out. And St Germain was looking them [Congress members] in the eye, and said, “You will vote this NESARA bill into law, won’t you?” And every single one of them voted for it, then Bill Clinton signed it into law as the authorized individual—that was in 2000. On October 10th 2000, he signed that bill into law. So that authorized [galactic] intervention! That’s what it did. That brought the Sovereign World Militia Forces into full active duty, and Faction Three White Knights into full active duty. And it meant that the money that NESARA represented [is held for us all], which is an infinite supply of gold, silver, platinum—precious metals and unknown things from other star systems and universes, brought here by the Ascended Host. Which means we became a member of our galactic community. So the Faction Three White Knights actualized that full intervention.

Everything they’ve been doing has been funded by the galactic realms, through that bill that was signed into law by Bill Clinton. It sort of expands one’s consciousness, you might say.

So these three—I just described Number 15. And were this still the pharaonic age, the King of Egypt would be pharaoh now, and his son would be the aspirant to be next pharaoh after him. Which means that Lady [Princess] Diana and Dodi [al Fayad] are the Nefertiti and the Akhenaten of the day! The reason I bring those two up, is that they represent a change of consciousness on the planet.

Remember they [the Egyptian royalty] had the beehive heads. They were galactics, intervening in a civilization’s development back then. Mother [Sekhmet] has said this many times—“You think you got the lowest of low product of evil?” It was many times worse back then—“the darkest of the dark” periods. Remember, the characters who sank Atlantis were the ones from the Orion War that invaded and occupied the royal seats of Atlantis in the high middle period, and brought that war in heaven—but OK, I’ll read this:

This is Rama speaking: “Today at 11:20 this morning, I received a text from King of Swords, the King of Egypt, and Number 15.” They all said to me, “Lord Rama, Reaganomics is dead! And it’s time for the Goddess to do what she knows best. The King of Egypt”—and in real time, he is Anubis on the planet—find out who he is!

RAMA: Anubis is the Ferryman who guides the souls in the boat called the Barge, across the River Styx, into the bardo state, where the souls are then delivered to Lady Master Ma’at on the other side of the River Styx. Then they are weighed on the Scales of Justice. The Scales of Ma’at. And if the soul is lighter than a feather, they get to live. Their soul gets to continue on.

TARA: If they don’t, they go back to primordial soup! RAMA: Yes, they go back to the void.

TARA: And Mother Sekhmet’s the Void. Rama says, “Mother’s got her bib on. She’s got her bowl and her fork, and everybody get ready, cuz it’s time for dinner!” This is not funny, but it’s about the truth now.

RAMA: It’s about the overwhelming story, how people are feeling the intensity of how deep this story goes. It goes back to the war in heaven and on Earth. It is that big. It’s coming out now, because how do you describe stories that only have been told by folks who have been allowed to write their screenplays, and those have been twisted and convoluted, because CIA is involved in Hollywood.

One of the real cosmic, positive stories was Cocoon I and Cocoon II. Ron Howard was the director/producer. And Close Encounters of the Third Kind, from Steven Spielberg

There are not enough stories talking about the positivity, and good meetings with the galactics. It is time for this to come forward!

What I’m hearing from these folks—I got another message today from [author] Graham Hancock, talking about this cigar-shaped craft at the edge of our solar system. I’m not sure how to pronounce the name— Oumuamua!

TARA: Oumuamua.

RAMA: And this story has the entire scientific community on their heads, and they have all kinds of conspiracy theories and thoughts about it.

Yet what Graham Hancock shared with me in a [Twitter] direct message, is that this is a sleeper ship of different folks [who were] put in cryogenic stasis before the Flood. That was a very long time ago. We don’t have real records of when the Flood occurred. Our history is kind of jumbled, because it’s recently been discovered that carbon dating is faulty.

I would say that when this craft got launched into space, it might have been at the end, or sometime between when the [one-third of] Angels fell, and when the Orion War happened and the wars in Atlantis. Yet those folks on that ship have been sleeping a very long time.

Graham Hancock is alluding at this time—maybe this craft is showing up at the edge of our solar system, because these folks are being awakened by the rising energies and frequencies of our Sun going through the transfiguration.

They have answers about what happened to this solar system and this planet, and what we all went through before the Flood. It helps fill in the jigsaw missing pieces as this time, and there are a few missing pieces! Because it’s about our Ascension process as well, where we live to be 10,000 or 20,000 [years old]. However we choose to stay in these temples of the living Goddess.

TARA: That’s what the meaning is, that all Angels and Archangels are female. RAMA: Correct. Gender is—

TARA: It’s about the ability to receive Love. RAMA: That’s right. Essentially, that’s my story today!

TARA: Graham Hancock alluded to that these ones put themselves in that state intentionally, for the purpose of coming back at the proper time, which these three were saying is Now.

RAMA: Also, in the last 48 hours, a Russian astronaut on the International Space Station took photos of the triangular craft, the TR3Bs in low orbit, outside the atmosphere, kind of in alignment with the space station. These are stealth bombers, and our Secret Space program—it’s about the deep space playing with technologies from Area 51. I’ll just say, Ashtar knows what to do!

TARA: Also, you noticed that Meaghan and Prince Harry have a project with Hollywood—?

RAMA: Yeah. It’s huge, but there’s no details whatsoever.

TARA: Well, you said it would bring them into a good flow, but it will also help gazillions of people. And they intend to use what they bring to themselves to help the rest of the world. So it’s very large, and they’re being very low-key. Yet there we go, catching a glimpse of this.

Again, for those of us with the eyes to see and the ears to hear . . . [Answering a question in Skype chat] Steven Bannon has been arrested by the Southern District of New York police.

RAMA: People sent in checks in the mail for the Build the Wall fund. They’re calling it mail fraud. TARA: It’s not about the other Post Office story. But what it was, is that they collected as donations $25 million, and they took it all. They said “it’s all going to build the wall.” They built a nice empire for themselves. He was arrested off his 150-foot yacht, with a bunch of his buddies, off the coast of Connecticut.

RAMA: Erik Prince is involved in this, and a few other folks. This why I say that this is how 500,000 are going to be brought to Justice. That’s up to Mother!

TARA: Erik Prince, [former Phillies pitcher] Curt Schilling, David Clark Jr, and Kris Kolbach! Kris Kolbach! You know the guy that rigged all the elections? Yeah, that one!

So let’s go back—in the Southern District of New York, the district attorney Jeffrey Berman had already created a lot of headaches for the Trump administration—he went after Giuliani.

RAMA: This goes back to 9/11.

TARA: Yes, Giuliani did 9/11, and they’re just beginning to get there. And he also went after [Jeffrey] Epstein, which inextricably lassoes the Clintons and the Bushes and all the rest of these ruling folks.

The one thing that Q-Anon is 100% right about that group, is that this world has been run by a satanic cult of pedophiles.

RAMA: That part has to do with the Fallen Angels and the Matrix.

TARA: And Q-Anon represents them. It’s been fooling a lot of people. And they would of course target Michelle and Barack [Obama]. And this is because they [the Obamas] represent the Light. So they’ve been depicted by the Q-Anon as the darkest and most evil—“Michelle is a man” and “Barack is gay” and [saying] he wasn’t naturally born in this country.

They’ve been pulling that card for our sister now running for Vice President.

RAMA: Kamala Harris.

TARA: Yes! She was born in Oakland, California, everybody! And of course she’s been snared into doing some criminal things, with the caveat that she was threatened with being killed, her husband was threatened with being killed, and the entire extended family. Because—"Hands off Steve Mnuchin!” [while she was district attorney for the state of California].

Steve Mnuchin and his One West Bank stole about 33,000 people’s homes. The majority of them were people of color, or hippies who had saved enough, and got a nice home in California. Then they [One West Bank] bought these houses on the market for pennies on the dollar, then sold them back to whomever wanted them for double what those people [original owners] bought them for. And she turned her head and looked away, and didn’t go after either Mnuchin or the bank. So then the bank continued on from there. Gosh knows what they did since then. The same thing with Steve Mnuchin playing around with this administration. That being said, Michelle [Obama] represents the Light, and Kamala and Michelle are working as a team. So what we’re saying, like the King of Swords is saying, Michelle saying “Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders”—she’s referring to the Iroquois Nation. There were six tribes from Canada, and they all formed a Confederacy, and they formed it by the guidance of the Wise Council of Elders, called the Grandmothers of the tribe.

RAMA: And Deganawida [founder and leader of the Iroquois Confederacy] who was [an incarnation of] Sananda Kumara—[who also incarnated as] Yeshua—was there to help them get that together!

TARA: So here’s Kamala and Michelle as a team. Kamala is inside the old timeline structure, and by golly, it takes a lot to navigate that and come out alive! Same thing with Barack and Michelle.

RAMA: And you thought Star Wars was a big story!

TARA: As you have noticed, there’s a lot of beautiful Black women who are entering the media, entering the stage at the DNC and political places all over this country. Native Americans. People of many tribal backgrounds. Men and women becoming political. And AOC [meant to say Kamala]—she is not a white woman. She is Black. And Ilhan Omar—

RAMA: “It’s been 160 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered. No one has gone to jail for her murder.”

TARA: So Berman went after Rudy Giuliani, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and now Steve Bannon. Even though he [DA Berman] refused to leave his office till he won the case, he made sure that his deputy district attorney took his place—Audrey Strauss. In Russia, Alexei Navalny is in the hospital, in a coma. He fell violently ill on an aircraft taking him from Siberia back to Moscow. He collapsed on the plane. They had to do an emergency landing. He got medical treatment. I think he’s going to go to Germany for his care. A spokesperson for him said, “He only drank black tea at the airport.”

Alexei Navalny has been the opposition figure, against Vladimir Putin for years and years. He’s been campaigning against Putin for many, many moons. They’re attempting to say that Putin had something to do with this, and you know the answer—that’s not true.

What is true, is that the oligarchs, the ones who are in bed with the oligarchs over here and over there, have a vested interest in mixing the story lines, and thus making a guinea pig out of this character. CAROLINE: I’m just wondering, are either of you seeing increasingly that the real story is coming out, in terms of what’s in the news—that there’s more [high-level criminality] being uncovered than even a few years ago?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Yes, yes, yes! And those three gentlemen that Rama spoke to said, “This is the beginning of the end. This pulls the cork out!”—Bannon getting arrested. And Kris Kolbach is the master of rigging elections—he’s the master at throwing away the votes that would count. He’s the master of sleight of hand! But he’s not looking too good on the stage right now!

RAMA: Erik Prince is the creator of Blackwater/Academy, and he is guilty of genocide. Crimes against humanity, for sending his mercenary soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan, courtesy of the Bush gang and this gang over here.

TARA: Bush/Clinton crime family!

RAMA: Betsy de Voss is his sister! She’s guilty of screwing up our entire education in this country. TARA: In this non-country—not a country yet!

CAROLINE: Have Rama’s contacts commented on the fact that this election is not shaping up to be too healthy, if people are being encouraged to mail in ballots, but potentially those ballots could be obscured in some way.

It’s happened before—it happened in 2000. It’s happened in different elections, where they swap the numbers—the tally—in the machine. Have they said whether any special protections would be put into place in this election? Because there’s so much foul play involved.

TARA: I’ve heard that 171 [USPS] sorting machines, which take a half a year to a year and a half to install—Thom Hartman said he heard they not only pulled 30 to 60 sorting machines, but they destroyed them.

So again, this is bringing it back to the People. Remember that on Friday, the Senate is going to hear this Postmaster-General-$2-million-donor to the Trump campaign, who knows nothing except how to highjack the Post Office. This is another very interesting thing!

CAROLINE: Pelosi pulled the House back into session. Did the Senate come back in?

TARA: The Senate will be back in tomorrow, and Pelosi’s House will be doing their hearing on Monday—both! Again—a whippersnapper smart caller called in this morning, and said, “Thom, remember back in 2006 when Bush Jr said, ‘We’re not letting you make an electric vehicle for those [post office] vehicles, because then we don’t make any money with fossil fuels. We’re not going to let you do that!

‘We’re going to force you to have $5 million a year in the bank for unborn children who will be postal workers in future, so that you have money in there for their pensions.’ “

WHAT? So that means—that was in 2006. So in 2020, that’s $70 billion. Guess what—they’re going to take that $70 billion and privatize the USPS, and stick that money in their pockets. So they’re going to be called on the carpet for this.

Remember, Pres. Grover Cleveland threw in jail the leader of a union that was striking, and they were stopping the federal railroads. He sent troops out to arrest them, because that railroad was the mail delivery service, and in the Constitution, it says it’s a grand felony to slow down or stop the mail for any reason!

So this guy [Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy] has just committed that major felony along with his cohorts—with Bush Jr and everyone else in the background—that’s all of them. So you can see a bigger story here. It’s coming from the People. The smartest people are calling in to the Thom Hartmann show. They’re calling in from Russia, from South America, from Mexico, from Israel, from Alaska. And they’re all following what he’s doing. And he is a scholar, and he won’t go certain places.

He [Thom Hartmann] used to have brunch with Bernie for 13 years or longer. This one time, he had Bernie on, and Bernie started talking about NESARA, but he called it the Reformation Act. Already, two times before that, Thom Hartmann went to get into his car, and there was a bullet in the car door, right where it would have happened.

When “reformation act” was mentioned by Bernie, the next day, he [Hartmann] had a bullet in his back windshield—one, two, and three strikes, you’re out. So you might say Thom Hartmann’s been very careful, yet saying everything. Because he can refer to hidden history like nobody can. The hidden history of monopolies is coming out very soon now, and it’s going to pull the oligarchy right onto the table, right in front of everybody’s noses.

It was 6 or 7 years ago, that [former President] Jimmy Carter said, “We do not have a democracy. This is a total oligarchy.” And it’s been that way since Ronald Reagan.

VINAYAK: Is it true that Fauci is out of the Trump administration now?

TARA: Well, Fauci was fired, and another character of his was fired, but he’s going to be called on the carpet too. Since the ‘60s, he’s been creating genocides with viruses. Mass murderer.

RAMA: This goes into the CIA and assassinations and the deep state. If you want to go down a rabbit hole, look up the name Sidney Gottlieb. Sidney Gottlieb worked for the CIA. He was connected with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, and the early LSD movement in the ’60s, but he was a CIA assassin, and he’s directly connected to what Tara’s speaking about.

TARA: Yes, and Fauci’s been doing this since the ‘60s, with his cronies around him. They went into underground bunkers. Since September of last year, they have killed 2.5 billion people.

Sine this last COVID [outbreak] alone, which they created—they isolated the virus in that underground base in China, then they added [destructive] sound frequencies.

They planned this for 60 years. What he was doing for those years—he was weakening the whole DNA of the species. That’s true of meat-eating as well. Everybody who eats meat—they’ve done all kinds of master tests—they [meat-eaters] have things that form in their body that kill them much sooner than people that don’t. The people in the test group who don’t eat meat at all, who do the vegan diet, and refine it and protect it—they live way, way beyond their years. That’s places all over the world where people don’t eat meat at all. They’ve found people 270, 280, even 300 years old. I know someone who’s 850 years old. Rama knows someone who is 20,000 years old. St Germain is 500 years in the same body. Never ate a drop of any kind of meat or dairy. It’s about the soul path of humanity. You don’t kill at ALL!

When I was working at the police academy, they said, “It just means, ‘Thou shalt not murder’ [people],” and I said, “Well, that’s a matter of opinion.”

If you’re going to follow Church law, and you’re going to follow what they say—of course it’s “fine” to murder for the Church! We are going through a transformation right now, where all these religions are being exposed too.

Remember—evangelicalism is an arm of the Vatican. Don’t think it’s not! It’s all about organizing people for control, and telling them stuff that’s not true. And people are waking up because the energies are so high now, and the work that we do—please understand that’s the most powerful mover and shaker there is! As we’re having this conversation together and listening carefully, and then we DO it, and we set the example and the tone, people are doing it too. Many, many more.

Faster than a schnitzel’s whistle, we are having NESARA Now! Pass the talking stick!

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