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Thursday, August 27, 2020

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RAMA & TARA: Greetings! 

RAMA: They have lost, and we have won!

The energies are intense right now, with this powerful full moon coming up, and there is this opposition, with Venus opposing Pluto. Pluto brings up everything about the underworld that is  to be transformed, transmuted, healed. All the stuff is coming to the surface here, as we’re watching the Gestapo doing what they’re doing in the streets. And Black Lives Matter are speaking truth to power at this time, that “We will not tolerate this kind of activity on the planet in any way, shape or form.”

To further bring in the story, I talked with the Poppy Lady today. She had her Sasquatch friend with her, Feen del Noor, who talks through a universal translator. They told me a story about how they found a group of wounded Taliban fighters, and they rescued them with their emergency “ER” shuttlecraft, with a group of other Sasquatch, and healed them of their wounds, and let them listen to the harmony of the spheres while they were getting healed on the bio beds. When they were done, they didn’t want to fight anymore. They wanted to follow the path of the Buddha. TARA: They got the same technologies in the medical unit of that craft that the Poppy Lady is the main pilot of now for a couple of years now. She’s been the pilot, after it took six months or something for Feen del Noor to teach her. So she’s been sitting in that pilot seat, representing Earth and the people of Earth. It’s very important that we comprehend that the galactics are not doing it for us, like our sister Omena was saying. We don’t need to be rescued! We just need to be who we are! Then we work together.

Rama goes up the mountain to visit Rana Mu, and she has the same technology, where she works [at the Dept of Energy], up the mountain. There are these arms that come out of the ceiling— RAMA: I call them medical droids—these lasers that have a long arm, and the lasers are at the end of the arm—[and the rays of those lasers have] various colors. When they’re activated, they create rays of energy that cauterize and bind wounds and heal the wounds so there’s virtually no scar left, just a small red mark that goes away.

TARA: And I remember that Randy was telling us, and Rainbird too, that the Keshe technology, where you get in an egg-shaped rejuvenation chamber takes about three hours. And Rama was telling us that this process, with these arms were for two hours. The technology doesn’t take very long! These are Light technologies from the galactics that Rana Mu uses on Rama up the mountain. They cauterize and heal the wounds. [Reading Rama’s report] “All the time, the injured were listening to the harmony of the spheres with headphones on.

This went on for two hours. Then the Poppy Lady and [the Sasquatch being] Feen Del Nor gently woke up their patients and said, ‘You are free to go, as you choose.’ They said in response, ‘We do not wish to fight anymore. We wish to follow the path of the Buddha. And we ask for forgiveness of all those we have hurt, all these years.’ Then the Poppy Lady and Feen del Noor said to them, ‘The other Sasquatch personnel will take each of you wherever you wish to go.’ These ones said they wanted to go to their homes in a certain area of northern Afghanistan, where they come from.

These two [the Poppy Lady and Feen del Noor] said to Rama, ‘We are in this moment where something is going to pop, and we will all have Peace. In the United States and in the world. So see you in the Light of the most Radiant One, Lord Rama! Namaste!’ ”

TARA: This is kind of following a pattern—let me go back to yesterday: Rama said, “I went and sat in the plasma field again at [Santa Fe gallery owner] Mr Fenn’s house, about 10 o’clock this morning.”

The plasma field is created by two Tesla coils that are in a pool and they’re 12 feet tall. They’re made out of all these different metals.

[To Rama] You get in the pool with them, right?

RAMA: Yes! TARA: And they create a torus over the whole pool— RAMA: It literally creates a torus like you see in the movie Thrive. And you’re sitting in the middle of this Torus— TARA: Rama’s been doing this for some years now! RAMA: And every time, it alters me in a different way. And I know it’s changing the cells to a crystalline nature rather than carbon.

TARA: And these types of technology, along with the Keshe work, are coming to everyone now! This is massive change! As we were told many decades ago, as NESARA Law is fully enacted to the public on a world basis, they will release 6,000 of 60,000 of these galactic technologies.

All of these technologies will work together with the galactics and many, many people all over this planet. So these things are a collaborative between beings who came to Earth to help co-create this with the galactics, while coming into a form—into the body—to help in that way. We’re all One, everyone!

[Reading Rama’s report] “And the plasma field showed me several timelines or corridors or tunnels that were merging into this timeline we have now. “Yet these timelines are merging into a higher octave, which is the 5D realm. At the same time, the old matrix, the old patriarchy—the idea that Eve, Adam’s beloved, his second wife—Lilith was Adam’s first wife—that’s another story!—Eve who ate from the apple tree, metaphorically speaking—this story is a metaphor for using the kundalini in the wrong way."

RAMA: That’s what happened in the very beginning of this story, where the sons and daughters of God cohabited with the sons and daughters of men, and created hybrids, yet rape is still rape, I’ll put it that way.

TARA: There’s no other way to put it, but that way. "Thus both Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden." That means they were cast from 5D into 3D—that [Tree of Life story] is the metaphor for misuse of the kundalini. It lowered the dimensional reality for the whole human race. That’s a metaphor, but that means all of us did this!

RAMA: Yeah, we all did. And it is about learning about how to be in Divine union with that cosmic source. Because that’s how the DMT activates within your Third Eye and your Crown Chakra. You eventually get to that place where you live on air like the breatharians, and the yogis and masters who, if they want to eat, they can eat, but they live on that prana [life force energy]. TARA: Keshe has a technology where you can place some food over the GANS water, and have a quarter of a cup water in the their, and you can literally drink that quarter of a cup [of GANS water], and you’re completely satisfied 100 percent, as if you’d had a full meal. And the nutrients are 100 percent perfect for the body now. So this another example of the kind of technologies becoming available now.

How much time do we take to eat every day? Hours!

This is from Tuesday—this is Rama speaking: “About 10 o’clock this morning I went up the mountain, and I made a Jedi Circle nearly at the top. Lady Master Nada showed up, along with the Poppy Lady and Rosa, who is from Palestine.

RAMA: She [Rosa] is a reporter who met up with the Poppy Lady. Rosa is helping Mahmoud Abbas and many others of the PLO to call Israel out on the many war crimes they have committed since 1948, when they invaded and occupied Palestine and changed the name to Israel.

TARA: And this whole plan to take over Palestine—it actually began in the late 1800s. It’s been going on for a longer time than anybody’s been around, except for a few who are hundreds or thousands [of years] old! Anyway— “They said to me, ‘Lord Rama, the dark side has lost. And they are putting rumors out that an asteroid is going to get very close to Earth around September 11 of September 20 or in December, or all of the above!’ ”

RAMA: They are playing with these stories, and there are actual scientific papers and studies that have been written about an asteroid that may get close to Earth right around Sept 11 and Sept 20. Then the day before the election, November 2nd, another asteroid passes by the Earth, kind of close. Then in December, another one goes by.

The lunatics on the dark side and in Washington are playing with this. They’re even going so far as to draw up documents and put a scenario out there that they may bring into the public eye, where they’re going to do drills in the event of an asteroid impact. It’s out there on the internet.

Please send Love to these situations, because they are that desperate to create an incident to do something to disrupt the [effects of the] Light coming in, because they know they have lost.

TARA: And the Light has already won! As our brother Vinayak said at the beginning. Love is the answer! Martin Luther King, Gandhi—nonviolence!

And that was reported many times from Faction Three White Knights.

Lady Nada continued: “They are playing with false flag events, because they are completely trapped. This is a very intense time, and we are being asked to send Love to these situations, even though there are no words. Rosa from Palestine at this point said, “Lord Rama, Mike Pompeo and Netanyahu are playing with some very dirty scenes that have to do with false flag events. Please work with the Violet Flame, and the White Fire Core of Being. And Love!

RAMA: [Answering a question from a co-hosts] To answer your question, Randy— Yes, I know about that cube-shaped ship in the orbit of Venus, and that is not a borg ship. That is the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance folks. They come in through the portal in the sun. I have many pictures of ships like that, but they’re not the borg. CAROLINE: [Chuckles] I guess that’s an association we make, because of Star Trek Next Generation, when they had that square borg ship—and one of the new Star Trek series has that square borg ship as well. But I’m glad to hear that’s not what it is! RAMA: No!

TARA: One more thing—you’ve reminded me—the day before yesterday, early in the morning, about 5:30 in the morning, a very large starship showed up right in our picture window in the sky, and it was—

RAMA: Pulsating! TARA: It was pulsating blue, gold, white, ruby, and emerald green, and it was beautiful! So I asked Rama, “Can you get some pictures?” So he got some pictures, so we’ll stick them on the website. What you see with your eyes doesn’t come out exactly in the picture, but it was there for about 40 minutes. It gradually started moving up and up, higher in the sky, and then it was gone! We pass the talking stick!

CAROLINE: Oh my gosh—how amazing! How beautiful for you! Is this a ship that you recognized, Rama? RAMA: Well, we could feel the intense Love frequencies coming from the craft. TARA: Oh, boy! Absolutely! So that was the gift. CAROLINE: Was it a very clear image, or was it hazy? RAMA: It was clear, but when you take a picture on the phone, the resolution on the phone doesn’t come out well. But it’s visible. TARA: And I mean, the size of it! CAROLINE: Was it silvery—metal?

RAMA & TARA: Yeah! CAROLINE: What shape? TARA: Spherical. CAROLINE: Wow, very exciting! Wonderful! [END]

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