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Updated: Jan 2

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

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[Please note that due to a malfunction with the Rainbow Scribe’s recording app, this update was mainly recorded via fast typing, so some phrases may be missing, but overall information is still intact.]

RAMA & TARA: Greetings! Happy New Year!

TARA: So much to express this new year . . . On Tuesday, the Dalai Lama gave us a beautiful message. So here’s what he said: He said, “As ever I go, I try to cultivate a sense of the Oneness of humanity. I see everyone I meet as being essentially the same, and people respond positively to this. Animals too!

“Fear leads to isolation. So it’s helpful to be open to others.” And that’s what his Holiness said—on Tuesday at 2:30 in the morning!

I had a talk with a sister friend of ours—we haven’t talked in a while, but she has a beautiful cat. She is like many animals are—they never forget the sound of somebody’s voice. Crows never forget a face. They know you, as soon as they connect with you the first time, and remember you throughout their life.

We got an addition to our paschat family, back in the shed here. Our bobcat mother and her baby—it was this morning, when Rama went to feed the paschats. There’s a bunny, but there’s a paschat inside that body—and our two cats we’ve had for a couple of years now. And a third cat came in. This one is an orange calico.

This morning, the mama bobcat and the baby brought another one of their bobcat friends. So this morning for breakfast, there were seven paschats for feeding time! There’s something magnificently auspicious about this story going on!

RAMA: I would just say, that the animals are saying, “Let’s get over our issues and communicate about Oneness. And help each other, no matter what species we may appear to be! Consciousness is consciousness!”

TARA: That’s pretty awesome. And about 4:00 in the morning every day, the mama cat and her baby put their noses to the screen. Rama leaves the window open a little bit in the bedroom, so these two paschats come there, and our paschat cat White Paw, who lives in the house, gets up on the window and puts her nose to the other paschats out there.

This happens every morning—at 4:00 in the morning! I want you to know that there’s something very magical about this!

RAMA: All species can live in Peace, and not see each other as prey!

TARA: What an amazing, fluffy white bunny rabbit that’s been hanging out with all this! So then, on Tuesday: [Reading Rama’s report] “I received a call from Professor Z and Natasha today. They said, ‘Lord Rama, we are at a constitutional crisis.

“ ‘Sen. Mitch McConnell has blocked a $2,000 relief payment [from passing in the Senate], which was already passed in the House. Bernie Sanders has said, “I am going to filibuster this, and no one [in Congress] is going home [till the remaining $1,400 in relief payments is passed]!”

“ ‘Many galactic ambassadors are meeting about how there might be fireworks on January 6.

“ ‘As President Drumpf and family call for chaos, calling for many protests, and maybe possibly invoking the Insurrection Act, we are going to remain calm, and to mobilize the military that day if needed—next Wednesday [January 6], as Congress counts electoral votes, and concretizes president-elect Biden becoming the next president.’ “

TARA: I didn’t say that would happen, because there’s all kinds of things going on!

The galactic intervention is very real!

RAMA: It is!

TARA: [Reading report] “ ’Stay in the Light! The Light of 10 trillion Suns is pouring in! We the People have the Power, as Patty Smith sings!’ ”

“At 11:00 this morning, I called my friends Prof Nicodemus and Dr Steve. [TARA: They’re the ones who live in a storage unit. It’s one of the bigger ones, but that’s their home and they’ve lived there for many years. Dr Steve is a quantum physicist, and a painter.]

“I asked them about Jared Rand’s video discussing off-planet technologies. He knows his stuff, but he also had to sign a gag order, at the other end of a gun.

“We have to clean that energy up! The Faction Three White Knights have not recommended that any body listening to us—they have not recommended getting any vaccine whatsoever. Yet as far as the vaccines go, the best one is the one in Russia. Nothing from over here or in England. The best one is the one in Russia. It’s very interesting!

That being said, the technology that this gentleman Mr Rand spoke about—

SONJA HERMAN [Guest & Energy Healer]: He’s the one doing the celestial bed as well. He’s involved in all that. And the wand, and the med bed as they call it—the celestial bed. He’s been involved in the whole production of the celestial bed and the other tools. He got compromised, huh? But I guess they [the technologies] can be cleared as well.

TARA: Yes, and we get to do this! As humankind declares their own autonomy here, all around the world. Yes we can!

SONJA: The technology is for good. It can restore parts—they have the wand, in case you have an accident. Or rather than having to use the wand, they have the celestial bed. They blindfold you so you don’t know the location of it. He’s been very involved in this.

TARA: Thank you, sister – yes! So yes, the technology is real. It’s good—the bio beds or the med beds or whatever they call them—celestial beds. The replicators and other technologies—the wands that Sonja mentioned. These are all galactic technologies that are 100,000 years in advance of our technology here on Earth.

With all these other attached energies to that group, in general they’re pro-Cobra [Faction Two disinformation agent] energy, and they’re believing in dinars, dongs, and Zimbabwes. So that energy about Jared and the group has an effect on the technology.

They’re creating the technology, so that has to be lifted [to a higher vibration before it is used to heal people], so we’ll just leave it there! SONJA: And they believe Donald Trump will be reinaugurated in January. RAMA: That’s their choice, to believe that.

TARA: Everybody’s got something out there. We’re right in the middle of a constitutional crisis—

RAMA: —of galactic proportions! This is not about violence. I need to say it. Trump represents violence.

TARA: Don’t nail it on anybody. Violence is what it is. He eggs it on, granted. Yet the galactic intervention we are experiencing right now is changing everything. So let’s not blame or hold any negative attitudes. Let’s just remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality.

And the Ashtar Command, Professor Nicodemus and Dr Steve were saying—the Ashtar Command’s and the Ascended Masters’ technologies are 100 million years in advance of our present space-time continuum.

“After this, I received a text message from Mr X—about Jared Rand’s video presentation.

“He said, ‘Yes, this is a real story, yet you do not want to use these technologies, which need more tweaking, till the controllers are gone completely out of our faces and settled.

“ ‘King of Swords is being very clear—NO VACCINES! Do not get vaccines!’ “ They are compromised! Pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C—the Now brand is pharmaceutical grade. It needs to be labeled “pharmaceutical grade.” That does the highest good. Get 10-12 oz of warm water, and stir in a teaspoon of vitamin C, and add Red Mill baking soda—that kind is free of aluminum.

That will balance and alkalize and immunize your physical body from any kind of viral problems. I would do that at least once a day. Do it more than once a day, as you feel you need an extra boost.

Captain Ashtar may be giving the evening news [soon], and with that we will be seeing the dark side rounded up onscreen—all 500,000 of them. Simultaneously, we will be hearing the sounds of the harmony of the spheres, all across our blue-green planet, coming through at the same time as this changeover and a lifting or elevation of consciousness on this planet takes place.

The harmony of the spheres will bring a sense of Peace to everyone. Going beyond our polarizing political stories.

Stay in the Violet Transmuting Flame! Blaze the Violet Fire!

And Dr Steven Greer—this Saturday, he’s inviting everyone to participate in the upcoming global CE-5 event. This Saturday, January 2.

He’s created a participation in the upcoming event, from 9:00 in the evening till 12:00 midnight local time. He’s asking groups all over the world, in the time zone they live in, to go out between 9:00 PM and 12:00 midnight with a group, or an existing group, to form a continuous Light around the world.

As we join with groups, the whole planet is going to be glowing. Now is the time to magnify global adherence . . . to move humankind onto the path of higher consciousness.

Get together with your existing group or form a group, this coming Saturday. Use the CE-5 protocols.

["The CE5 App protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world.

App Store - https://bit.ly/CE5App

Google Play https://bit.ly/CE5GoogleApp

App features:

- Official training materials developed by Dr. Greer

- CE5 Guide, which provides an overview of all topics surrounding CE5

- CE5 Process, which walks users step-by-step through all aspects of initiating CE5

- New, built-in networking functionality for finding and messaging others interested in CE5

- Comprehensive equipment list

- Extensive library with video, images, audio samples, and meditations"

From: https://www.facebook.com/doctorstevengreer/posts/the-ce5-app-protocols-were-developed-by-dr-steven-greer-one-of-the-worlds-foremo/2882073281910106/]

Dr Greer's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SDisclosure

CARLTON [caller]: The harmonic tones—can you go over that again? And let us know what that might resemble, so we’ll know it when we hear it?

RAMA: I could say that those tones or sound frequencies, I could describe as the harmony of the spheres. They’re electromagnetic sound frequencies that are generated—the only way I’ve been told, is it’s the five elements—Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether [Space]—coming together in combination with the ______ [?] and creating the sounds.

TARA: The vowel sounds are a specific group of sound frequencies. [Sings the long “A” vowel sound on a sustained note, to demonstrate]

RAMA: And they are creation sounds, the vowel sounds.

TARA: The “A” sound is the Emerald Green Ray, and the E sound is the Ruby Red Ray. The “I” sound is Joy. The “O” sound is Blue—it’s Excalibur, Archangel Michael Blue. Then the “U” [“oo”] sound is the Purple Violet [Ray]—the Violet Flame sound. The short ”E” sound that sounds like “eh” is the color Orange.

With that kind of information, it says here on Dr Greer’s site—“Learn how to make ET contact. Download the app—

RAMA: [Onto] the Google, Android or Apple phones—everybody has it.

The App Store. Or the Google Play Store. [App Store - https://bit.ly/CE5App or the Google Play Store - https://bit.ly/CE5GoogleApp]

Something was put in the [current] COVID relief bill, that supposedly in 180 days, there will be some kind of Disclosure [about the ET presence]. What Dr Greer has put out on Twitter, is that basically, that is b.s. The kind of disclosure that Faction One and Faction Two are talking about is the Secret Space Program, and that is not coming from the Office of the Christ. That is not where the energies are, that you want to go to.

TARA: Same thing for Cobra!

RAMA: And Jared Rand. You don’t want to go there!

TARA: Well, Jared Rand in his personal life believes that is where to go. Remain neutral, and let that go for now. What Professor Nicodemus and Dr Steve said was, “Those technologies [Rand speaks of in the video] are 100,000 years in advance of our space-time continuum. “The Ashtar Command’s technologies are 100 million years in advance of our space-time continuum.”

The power of our consciousness is in our hearts, and that’s who we are. We are all galactic beings who volunteered to take on form and assist life on this planet.

So make sure you know you volunteered. No one stuck you here and then you said, “I’m lost—what happened?” We choose everything, and we take responsibility that way too.

[For Dr Greer’s announcement, see: https://twitter.com/DrStevenGreer/status/1344401757196189699]

[Reading Rama’s report] “At 11:00 this morning, I went to get into the plasma field [at his friend Mr Fenn’s house]. It gave me a message.

“First it showed me various crop circles from 2020. Then the plasma field showed me a circle with a point of light in the center. Next to the point of light in the center, it said, ‘The Sun.’ Then it showed me a live image of the Sun from the SoHo observatory.

“Then later I got a call from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat. “He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, President Trump and Melania have returned to the White House today. The rumors and stories about conspiracies are as thick as locusts out there on the internet! Stay out of that fray! Stay in the Light of the Violet Transmuting Flame. “ ‘Blaze that Violet Fire more than you’ve ever dreamed possible!’ ”

“I asked about the story that Michelle Obama does not want to be president, going around on the net.

“He said, ‘Lord Rama, This story is huge! The story that is the biggest part of the story, is about how we bring in Divine Government.’ “I further asked Tom about this idea that there would be a Circle of people, instead of one person to lead the country as president, like a round table. Like the Councils of Grandmothers in the Native tribes. That’s how they did their government. That would be, instead of one person to lead the country.

“Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat said, ‘Lord Rama, Goddess is Alive and she will remain on top!’ “Meaning, it is about returning to the Oneness of All-That-Is with Love, in the center of the circle. And the Goddess is that Love. The Ability to BE that Love! To receive it and be it.

“ ‘As all is said and done, Goddess will take the reins!’

“ ‘Sat Nam! Happy New Year! NESARA NOW!’ ”

TARA: In the meantime, Bernie is filibustering his heart out for that $2,000 check. He says he’s not going to stop—he’s got a cohort—

RAMA: Ed Markey!

TARA: [Senator] Ed Markey, his friend from Massachusetts, is doing it with him. They’re not going to stop till it goes all the way—

CAROLINE: So just to confirm—Congress has to stay in session for as long as he is up there filibustering?

TARA: That’s right! Nobody goes home! CAROLINE: But I thought the latest relief bill passed already. TARA: The one with the $600 [relief check to be sent to each adult in the US] passed over the weekend, but that doesn’t matter. He’s calling for $2,000 [per adult].

SONJA: I heard the $600 is a partial payment. Yes, definitely.

TARA: So he didn’t answer it directly, yet Michelle Obama told Rama about four years ago, that she would be the next president of the United States. That holds all kinds of things that we don’t know the meaning of! She’s not interested at all in the way the system is right now, because the system is corrupt to the core!

RAMA: There needs to be some gut cleaning!

TARA: Yeah, we have not dealt with 9/11 yet. You cannot have a country till NESARA is enacted. There’s no countries. There are colonies everywhere.

RAMA: The idea of colonization on this planet has to be removed from our consciousness.

TARA: That’s why Michelle Obama said, “I’m not interested in being president.” And Joe Biden is a total corporatist. He answers to the 13 Families.

SONJA: She is part of the Council—Michelle?

TARA: Oh yes, definitely. The mindset of the old paradigm has the waters muddied, and Joe Biden ordered 9/11, so that’s high treason. You cannot have someone be president of the country having committed treason.

CAROLINE: King of Swords is saying, “Don’t take the vaccine,” but they’re going to try to make life very uncomfortable for us if we don’t, such as. “You can’t rent or get a job or get a driver’s license of get on a plane, train, or bus unless you have your vaccine certificate—showing your papers, Nazi style! Is there a galactic intervention happening?

RAMA: That kind of scenario—I don’t think they’ll have storm troopers on the street, and force you to have someone stick a needle in your arm.

TARA: That Dr Fauci has been going around. He’s no different than in WWII, Dr Mengele.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: So for the highest good of all concerned, it’s important that we trust in what we’ve been told—that the galactics are intervening. You have free will choice what you put in your body.

SONJA: This is what we’re talking about—the digital application of the Co-QR code, and the two institutions behind it—the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation.

TARA: The World Economic Forum is run by a bunch of corrupt politicians [who take their orders from the 13 Families]. They are fallen angels. They’re not human.

SONJA: They’ve done this in China for a long time. They’re talking about doing this in America. People in Bolivia and Venezuela are receiving Russian vaccines.

TARA: I’m still not really clear about what Co-QR is. Are they trying to make something mandatory?

SONJA: Yes! It’s in a video from Spain, but [it’s about] how it is round the corner from happening. It started in China. So looks like this will be implemented. It [the app] will be on the cell phone, so wherever you go, everything will be traced. If you sit on the train by someone who has Covid, you will be contacted, then the quarantine will be 12 days.

So that’s what they’re planning on doing.

VINAYAK: In China?

SONJA: It happened there already. VINAYAK: What’s going on in the states, is that they’re turning that over to the state government, that they can mandate vaccines. My local Safeway is offering the vaccine, and people are actually lining up to get it. It’s very interesting, and I total agree with the Faction Three White Knights—to NOT get it! It may cost you your job, but at least you have your life. So it’s a matter of priorities. We may be pushed into some tough voices. Rama, any comment?

RAMA: I would say that as the agenda is being played out by the 13 Families in the old timeline—that doesn’t jibe with what’s coming in with the new frequencies, and the new energies. So as we have people telling us we need to get a vaccine, I think there’s going to be some problems, and there are more of us than there are of them!

TARA: What we are being told by the Faction Three White Knights, is that the galactics are already intervening!

RAMA: That is correct, and I can’t say any more than that.

TARA: The other thing is that alchemically, gold, silver, platinum can all be made without digging into the Earth. It’s always been true, and it can be created in unlimited amounts, so it’s not finite—[no need] to go digging in the Earth for these things.

That’s also got to do with creating monoatomic gold in our own bodies. That has to do with singlemindedness for the highest good in every thought, word, and deed. As that prevails, that Love prevails over everything else that appears to be real, and is all based on fear, and the power of the pocketbooks.

How did we get here, where one man [Jeff Bezos] makes $13 billion in one day? How does that work?

VINAYAK: Is this just scuttlebutt, about the three hard drives they have on Hunter Biden [criminal activity], and the arrest of Joe Biden?

TARA: There’s all kind of criminal activity by Joe and Hunter Biden, and it’s all true that they did that!

RAMA: We are playing right to the end of the moment of this timeline. It is right down to the wire, like I keep saying. And I don’t know where to go with this, other than to say, like Dr Greer and other folks have said, “Lord Michael has this one—[him] and the Forces of Light!”

We’re at the end of the timeline. Even what the plasma field today showed me, is that the energies coming in from our Sun—as we tune into those higher frequencies, it changes everything. They’re going to play right down to the wire, because that’s part of the holographic program of the matrix. Right to the very end of the timeline. Allow them to play their timeline out, because that’s what they’re programmed to do.

That’s part of how this Age ends, which is called the Kali Yuga. It’s already ended. We’re in Sat Yuga, yet we’re still watching it being played out.

As we change our thoughts, we change this physical reality. I pass the talking stick!

TARA: The intervention, with the harmony of the spheres coming in—that changes the whole mind control thing.

RAMA: One moment, when I had a moment of doubt—Ashtar was 3 inches away from my face, and he said, “I got this one, commander!

TARA: Why was he 3 inches from your face?

RAMA: He was basically just saying, “We got this one! [Don’t worry!]”

TARA: [So he was saying,] “We’re not just sitting here twiddling our thumbs while you guys go for something not good for you.” There’ll be intervention for those who take the vaccine too. Where there’s harm going on, there will be intervention.

The 500,000 characters [international high-level criminals] that have been committing mass genocide, as the go-fers for the 13 Families, for profit—everything in this Western hemisphere, and in the United States in particular—it doesn’t matter whether the people die. The pharmaceutical industry is basically killing people.

Dying from pain pills—how are they in pain? Because they’re not being taught the proper way to live! How can you eat glyphosate [Roundup] in your food? How can you not know how to meditate? Not know anything about it. Because they haven’t been taught!

It was intentional, to change the nature of God in God’s children. We’re all Divine Nature, by nature. This whole thing’s being aborted in front of us, voluntarily.

“1) Breathe long, deep, and slow, 2) Smile, because it works, and 3) Believe in the magic!” As we emphasize fear, as we brace ourselves [expecting the worse], we’re creating rigidity instead of a flow with the energies!

The Harmony of the Spheres is Nature! It’s so beautiful, I can’t even describe it. It’s based in [the vibration of] 432 Hz, rather than the 440 Hz, which is completely off. Most of the music we listen to is 440 Hz. So we’re going to listen to music based in 432 Hz.

I’m feeling it already, in terms of the frequencies of the Light coming in here. As you open to the Light with your heart, the Music of the Spheres that comes in with it!

RAMA: Listen to the music all round us—it is playing!


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