Faction Three White Knight News Update - November 20, 2020

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

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RAMA: Greetings, everyone! Glad you’re here!

TARA: Greetings! Often, we have to hear things that we are sad to hear, in terms of Faction Three White Knights knowing the whole story.

And there’s so many levels of people all over the world who are having reflections on the different spaces and times they are living in, that we don’t know about, in their stories. That’s why the Faction Three White Knights are here. There has been over 3.5 billion who have left this planet in the last 13 ½ months—intentionally by dark ones that have chosen to do that. 60 million at least from the United States alone, and millions and millions from our sister country, Canada. All of things are one thing, yet what I’m getting is that these ones who are not here [now]—in reality, they volunteered. So we’ve got a whole slew of humanity on the Other Side with their eyes wide open, and they are rooting for us till there’s no tomorrow!

And I got a big smile out of AngelSu on that one! And a few other of our sisters and brothers. And I want to add, Happy Birthday to our brother Marshall, who has his birthday on the same day as our sister Penny—two of our beloved family who have the same birthday, so Happy Birthday to both of you!

We’ll hear a song that’s Penny’s choice tonight, cause it’s her birthday. Let’s relate to it—the song relates to Israel, not as the country, but to Isis Ra and Elohi returned to all of us. Meaning, the Goddess and the God. Divine Male and Divine Female, merged into our being consciously—that’s the Israel. We’re talking about the whole planet when we use that term.

There’s 200 voices singing this song. Let’s see if we can get over our religion background and all that other stuff, and listen to the music and the purpose of the music—uniting Isis Ra and Elohi [the joining of those two names being the origin of the name Israel] returned in all of us on the planet.

That’s my thoughts for today! Passing the talking stick to Rama.

RAMA: What I can say about the present moment—Dr Steve and Prof Nicodemus explained it to me, sitting in their storage unit. Amidst this global fiasco going on, that looks like something—the way they described it, this is a cross between Blade Runner and Mad Max Thunderdome. Yet it’s a simulated reality, as such.

They described to me, like Greg Braden has talked about in so many of his videos: There are three major, huge things happening on the planet: Climate Disruption, Consciousness, and Conflict.

And the Consciousness is going—"all the beings,” as AngelSu says, “known and unknown, are here.” Somebody sent me this [image of a] mothership that showed up over Costa Rica in the last day or two. It’s just another sign that the galactics are here, even though this other, simulated reality going on, with this fight to the death between the Dems and the Republicans—it is about the change in our consciousness as well as the physical reality.

Dr Steve and Nicodemus explained that there are Light particles coming in from the Great Central Sun and the Pleiades, and center of the Milky Way galaxy, where 26 other galaxies converge.

Many of these beings are physically here to help with this Transformation/Transfiguration, and they are showing themselves. Whether the governments of the planet accept it or not, they are here.

This is why they keep telling me comically speaking, Tom the Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat [Paschat], “Expect us!!” You never know when they’re going to show up, and I do mean physically show up! It’s not about anything else, except the physical reality that is shifting so tremendously. They explained that our plasma—our blood—is actually changing to golden blood.

St Germain described the Godfre Red King in the Green Books*—when you get to a certain point, your hemoglobin turns to the gold dust. What these two explained to me today, is that whether we like it or not, the energies are shifting and crystalizing our plasma to gold dust in our veins. As the energies get higher, our consciousness gets raised more and more, and the interdimensional realities overlap each other, and reality doesn’t look the way it’s “supposed” to look.

That’s why I say, and these folks I talk to are saying, this is a simulation. A simulated reality. The real reality is this Golden Age, Sat Yuga, that’s already here. Yet as we recall our Jedi abilities—our siddhas—it comes into play. This is what the “junk DNA” in our strands are all about, as coming fully online as things are shifting more and more. And the beings are showing up, seemingly out of nowhere. As the dimensions get higher, finer, thinner, and these beings walk out of the woodwork and say, “OK, we’re going to have a cup of tea now, and talk about how we figure this mess out!”

It’s kind of like hanging out in a moment with the Master Yoda and Obi Wan and [?] Jinn, and the other Jedi Council members are physically here. The Ascended Masters, the Wise Council of Elders, are showing up more and more. Today Grandmother Beatrice said that, “The time is near where He who has been talked about will walk amongst you once again”—meaning, Lord Maitreya. Kalki Maitreya is here! TARA: The 10th incarnation and initiation of Maitreya on the planet.

RAMA: Yeah! This is about this particular time that is unfolding, and we’re watching it play out with the seemingly—the folks who think they hold the reins of power. They don’t hold a single thing, except their life force which is tenuously here, at best.

It is about sending more Love to this story, because it is so on the edge right now. They’re playing with the Divine energies, and it’s already been determined that we have won. We’ve moved into Sat Yuga. How that comes into manifestation, is us staying calm and balanced with Love and kindness, like his Holiness Dalai Lama talks about.

That’s a challenge right now, when they’re poking you with a sharp stick, saying, “Mr Trump won! The Dems stole the election.” It is not true.

TARA: It is true in the sense that both of them are not functioning within the constitution. We haven’t been within the constitution from the very beginning. Nobody in this country—it’s not even a country. It’s a colony. We’ve got to get that this is what’s happening now.

At the point that Joe Biden started “wining” the precincts, he didn’t really win them. That was a deep state Hillary Clinton decision to get rid of Bernie Sanders, because Bernie Sanders was winning hands down. So they planted Biden in there and he stole all the rest of the precincts that were coming in. They just made it up.

RAMA: What the White Knights are telling me, is that even though it’s so horrendous, what’s going on, this simulated reality will absolve itself and come out in the higher frequencies.

Don’t underestimate the son of Malcolm X, who is Barack Obama! That’s a fact!

TARA: Yes, that’s right. Barack Obama’s father is Malcom X.

RAMA: This story is a lot deeper, a lot larger than we have time to go into, but I’m just saying: We are on the edge of greatness right here, as all these beings are here to usher in this Sat Yuga.

For the last two days, I haven’t been able to watch it, but his Holiness the Dalai Lama has been doing seminars about Happiness and Joy, and creating that way, that teaching, of how to bring this into our lives right now, in the midst of what I call Mordor, kind of!

TARA: Well, I’m seeing that humanity’s seeing that something has been wrong all along. That everybody in the world is saying, “This isn’t working for us” in every way possible. There’s a lot of ignorance still about what’s been going on. It has to do with people not being able to believe the [evil] intentionality of [the dark side] murdering 3.5 million people in 13 ½ months. How do you square that stuff with right living!

RAMA: It is called second degree murder!

TARA: Yes, that is a lawful term for what’s going on here. It’s a coup d’état for both sides of this [two factions of the 13 Families that were fighting for control—one represented by Trump and the other by Biden], because they don’t want to give up their power, their greed.

A sister of ours was saying, “That doesn’t sound right, that all these people who have made quite a bit of money, and then it goes to zero.”

That doesn’t mean they’re going to be left high and dry. It means that the new system, which is Divine Government, comes in. And then everybody is on the same playing field. That’s what we’re talking about, when we say that every single man, woman and child will be receiving $10 million [after NESARA is enacted]. Yet as we learn about the new system—it won’t be working at all like the old one. So metaphorically and physically speaking, that $10 million will be worth, within a month after the enactment of NESARA law, [due to the re-indexing (re-pricing) of all products and services], it will be worth $100 million. In other words, there isn’t going to be a single soul lacking for anything. Of course the physicality of the structures that are needed, and the helping of people to get re-oriented to life on this planet under Divine Government—the whole world’s going to be doing that together.

We’ll get to start with 6,000 new technologies at the same moment in time. So all I can say is that what’s going on now, is “Give Peace a Chance!”

Give Peace a Chance, and know that our Divine Inheritance is here. It’s with us; it’s moving extremely quickly.

On the practical note, the two [election] runoffs in Georgia due on the 5th of January could change everything. The Democratic party could actually win the Senate back, as both of those things go.

That being said, the established democratic party is just as bad, equally, to the republican party. They’ve been playing both sides against the middle, where they don’t have value for human life.

RAMA: Yes. I call myself a “democratic socialist” like Bernie Sanders. At the same time, what comes up with the Left brings up connotations—it’s just a convoluted story, and you’ve got to send more Love to it. Because in other star systems, it’s not complicated at all! It’s simply called the Law of One. When One is Healed, All are Healed!

TARA: In the last couple of days, Joe Biden’s been suggesting that he might want to put Hillary Clinton in as United States ambassador to the UN. NOT going to happen! It just tells everybody that he’s bought and owned by Wall Street. And Wall Street’s going bye-bye. Very, very rapidly!

RAMA: If you watch Max Keiser—I don’t know enough about Bitcoin to comment on Bitcoin, but it is a means to an end.

Yet I don’t know enough about it to comment, but the way the current systems are set up on this planet, it is to serve that 1% who serve the Fallen Angels. Talking about the economies of the planet.

TARA: Bitcoin has no physical substance to it, but what you can do, is take the stats—what you have earned without any physical backing, and turn it in for physical currency. And in the US that means you can get US dollars for it. But you can turn it into any currency. What it’s teaching us, as. World bridger, is how to comprehend that we have sovereignty in our beings, and that we can create this with our consciousness. And of course, you’ve got to learn the rules [of Bitcoin]! But as the King of Swords and Faction Three White Knights are saying “It’s a matter of being a bridger right now,” as the old economy goes away and the new one, based on Divine Government comes in. In the meantime, we’ve got so many beautiful teachers out there.

CAROLINE: Have you brought in Rama’s latest Update? If Rama’s got any other info from his contacts, so we can invite people to ask questions about what’s happening right now, as well as getting background information. I’ve got people emailing me all the time, feeling intuitively that NESARA is going to be announced fairly soon, and I keep pointing them toward you guys, because I don’t kid myself that I’ve got Rama’s contacts! So if you’ve got any current information, unless you’ve already shared it—?

TARA: Yes, let’s do that! Let’s start with today, and then there’s a couple more—we can go back a little bit. But they’re all indicating what you were saying, Caroline. Today, Rama’s saying: “I went to visit Dr Steve and Professor Nicodemus today. It was mid-morning.” TARA: Both of these characters worked at Los Alamos labs for many, many years, and they had to escape. They were experimented on. It’s a very torturous story. But they are White Knights.

Professor Nicodemus in his real body is a four-foot rat. But he’s of the Light, and looks just like a [small] human.

“So they said to me: ‘Lord Rama, the Light coming in from the Great Central Sun in the Pleaides—I speak to that, because some schools of thought try to say that the Great Central Sun is located in Sirius—there’s a reversal of those, from different points of view, so it’s in the Pleaides—

“ ‘And from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, at 21 degrees Sagittarius, where the Hunan Ku of heart resonance is also located for 27 galaxies, of which our Milky Way galaxy is one— “ ‘These two locations are sending these energies directly into our blue-green planet, Mother Gaia.

“ ‘And these energies are crystallizing—not hardening, but turning into crystalline codexes in our blood. These energies bare ringing in the monoatomic gold in all of our beings. “ ‘This is a gift from the Creator Source! Yet we have always had the ability to integrate the monoatomic gold into our hearts.

“ ‘God/Goddess/All-That-Is is facilitating humanity through these last days of the old timeline with this gift, at this moment.

“ ‘We are going through ever-changing times. As this simulated reality we are moving through is just that: a simulated reality.’ “

TARA: In other words, there’s nobody to attack. What’s being reflected is, “Is this who we are?”

Lots of us were told by the King of Swords, “Hold your nose and vote for Joe.” And the reason for that is that the real progressive consciousness is in the Democratic Party—about 40% of the party have this progressive consciousness with them. None of it is in the republican party.

RAMA: Ms AOC [Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and Ms [Rep] Ilhan Omar are two members who are part of this!

TARA: Rashida Talib is another. I can’t remember the fourth member [Rep Ayanna Pressley - MA]. And of course there’s all kinds of stuff out there saying they are evil. That would be the vested interest of those who don’t want Light to be part of this story. And Light is! It just is, and it’s ever-increasing.

The reflection is helpful as we realize that polarity is no more. That’s why the system is changing. Because we’re working now with spiritual values, and the masters are walking amongst us.

There’s all ways of how that can be thought up, of how they are offering the teaching on this Earth right now. The situation has created a pregnant pause you might say, where people are reflecting more than ever. Because the availability of the Light is so high.

“’ ‘There is a Divine Plan to this story. It is being played right now. Stay in balance and Love. We are being tested to the highest levels, and we have won. Sat Nam!, and NESARA Now!’ “

That was from today. And anybody who wants to jump in and say anything, give it to us! CAROLINE: I have plenty of questions! Have you finished the update?

TARA: That was from today. I can go back— This is from Wednesday: Rama Speaks: “I created a Jedi Council today in the Faery Ring up the mountain to the Ski Valley in Santa Fe.

And Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, the Poppy Lady, and Rosa from Palestine all showed up.

RAMA: Yes—what happened today, with [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo going to Golan Heights and the other Jewish settlements, which is stolen lands from the Palestinians—

TARA: And he declared it as really Israel’s land.

RAMA: It’s unconscionable.

TARA: That’s an example of—no maybes! That’s evil in form. Send more Light! Keep your enemies closer than your friends, even, in that sense.

Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, the Poppy Lady, and Rosa from Palestine all showed up in the circle with me. It was close to noon.

“They all said to me, ‘Lord Rama, we are in a place with the energies, where they are changing by the nano-second, and everything is moving inward and upward into higher and higher octaves.

“ ‘We shall study war no more! All the folks are here, from 26 other galaxies, as well as our Milky Way galaxy. “ ‘The hour has arrived! We are not saying which hour, yet the Captain will be calling you, Lord Rama, and it won’tbe over the telephone!

“ ‘Meaning, as Pres. Trump and rest of the gang get more and more outrageous, our galactic brothers and sisters, who are already here on the ground, know what to do. “ ‘Let us give thanks for being on this beautiful blue-green planet at this time. We got the power! Sat Nam!’ “ That was Wednesday. Now we go to Tuesday:

This is Rama: “I received a call from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat and Mr X at 10:50 AM this morning: “They said to me, ‘It is down to the wire. Mr Trump will not concede, and come down to January 20th, 21st or 22nd in 2021, the General Services Department will be moving Mr Trump’s belongings out of the White House, and will be moving Joe Biden’s things in.’ ”

“I asked at this moment, ‘What about Michelle?’

“They answered, ‘Things are the way they are in the moment. Stay in this moment!’

“ ’Meanwhile, out across the galactic plane, things are lining up for the great Winter Solstice. Freedom’s Holy Flame is here. Let us give thanks for being here. Sat Nam!’ “

So here’s Monday: [Rama speaking] “I received a call at 11:00 this morning from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat and Larry the Cat. “They said to me, ‘Lord Rama, Poland and Hungary, part of the Eastern bloc, are not helping to curb Covid in their countries. Because Democratic values went out to lunch.

“ ‘There is more old energy of the fallen matrix that is being cleared away at a massive level now, and we are feeling it physically, in this realm.’

“Tom sent me a YouTube of a portal opening up in Nepal.” Do you want to say something about that?

RAMA: Yeah—he sent me a YouTube where you can clearly see this portal opens up, and this being runs out across the street in Nepal, and goes to the other side, and just starts walking down the street. the portal closes, and nobody says Boo. It’s just another day in the neighborhood.

All the portals, all the vortexes—the Atlantean grid overlighting the physical grid here that we have—there are things opening up, where as more and more of our consciousness is aligned in Universal consciousness. Meaning the quantum field. There are more opportunities for our Light family to walk into this realm from the other realms, because there is no veil.

It just kind of looks that way, because we’ve been used to this, or we’ve been told since we were kids—“Those invisible friends [of yours]—forget about them!” And I can’t forget about them, because they’re right here! I do believe in faeries! [Laughs]

TARA: Where was the little boy who ran through the portal? RAMA: In Nepal. I’m not sure what part of Nepal, but a busy street. I’ll show you— TARA: Not a busy street like what we think of a busy street in New York or Chicago. CAROLINE: It was full of people. I watched the video [at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig-WuZ3xLUg]. There were plenty of people there, and nobody blinked when that kid ran through that portal!

TARA: Well maybe they see stuff like this a lot over there!

CAROLINE: That would be an interesting place to live, in that case!

TARA: I have friends who have lived there, and it is very alternate. It’s not like here at all!

Caroline, do you want to jump in now [with a question]? The last sentence is, “We are here—Expect us!” So there you go!

CAROLINE: The big question that a lot of people are muttering about, and I don’t blame them, is they're wondering if there’s going to be an intervention where this vaccine situation is concerned.

Because they are trying to roll it out incredibly quickly, and the word is that it’s only been tried out on a few very healthy people. Long-term adverse effects—no data on that, because they haven’t checked for that. There’s also talk of, “There will be a [micro]chip in it” or this or that. It’s just difficult—you hear different rumors, and I know Rama can’t give us definitive answers.

I’m just wondering if his contacts have even slightly approached that subject with him, or if you guys have any insight about it.

RAMA: What I can say, is that the King of Swords has said, “Don’t take any vaccines!” Why would you want to take something that the dark side is offering? That’s how I like to put it. CAROLINE: I don’t think it’s necessarily a choice. From what I understand, it’s going to be made mandatory. RAMA: I don’t know about that, to be honest with you. Nobody that I know—no one has told me that they’re going to have troops in the streets—

TARA: Although there was an article put out from Canada about Trudeau, where he guaranteed that they will put troops in the streets across Canada, and you’ll be dealt with in a militarized way if you don’t do as you’re told and take that vaccine.

RAMA: I don’t know where that message came from. The way that it was portrayed on the internet, it looked like something that had been cut and pasted from a blog. So that I have to say, it was somebody’s word that was interpreted from what they’ve read, connected to what Trudeau is saying.

TARA: Yeah, but you wouldn’t put it past Trudeau to do that.

RAMA: Of course not. VINAYAK: Rama, there was talk of mandatory vaccines in New York [state]. Is that happening, or not?

RAMA: I have no idea whether it is or it isn’t!

TARA: All I can say, too, and what Rama is being told, is that we are in this moment now. Don’t jump into the future! Because things are changing in the nano-second. So what we must do is stand our ground, and stay here in this moment, and not make a decision about something that’s given that’s going to happen, because the changes are going way, way too fast for that!

RAMA: Something the King of Swords told me today in a text: “Turmeric.” Turmeric is an herb. You take turmeric every single day, and you will not get sick from anything.

VINAYAK: It’s a powerful herb. It has an antibiotic quality, I think, but it’s also known as an adaptogenic herb. Randy might have more information on that.

RAMA: Ashwaganda is another one, if you can get your hands on Ashwaganda, it’s very good. VINAYAK: Ashwaganda is wonderful. It will also calm the mental activity going on.

CAROLINE: You can order that on the internet.

RANDY: If you get a plant that hasn’t been GMO’d, you can get all the medicine that you want.

The vaccine companies are absolutely totally lying when they say they have 95% efficiency. What people don’t realize is that these laboratory reports are written inside their company to appease their investors. They haven’t done any testing on real people.

First of all, the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and the World Health Organization have deemed the Covid-19 virus too dangerous for any lab to have a sample of. Think about that! How are you going to make a vaccine, if you don’t have a sample of the virus you’re trying to fight?! When they made the polio vaccine in the Fifties, they had to have a sample of the polio virus so they could create the energy to counteract it. We know how well that worked—it didn’t work at all! What they’re not telling you about some of these vaccine trials they’re doing in Africa, is that every single child that has had this new COVID vaccine has died—ALL of them. And the adults tested over the age of 65—a 30% death rate. They’re doing this in what they call “the Third World countries” so they don’t have to go by the strict laws of the Western countries. So ask yourself—why did the CEO of Pfizer sell 64% of his personal shares of the company? It means that something’s going down that’s not going to be good for them at all! Remember: the governments are trying—“It’s fine: we’ve created all this fear about the coronavirus, so now we’ve got to come up with a solution.” It’s the old “We create the Problem. We wait for the Reaction. Then we provide the Solution. All the while, we’re making money!” Unfortunately, if you take this whole scenario, and it’s about what? Culling the population on the Earth. Getting rid of the old people.

Because when they started the pension plans in all these countries, the average age of death was about 70 years old. Now people are living longer—they’re living to 80, 90, 100, sometimes 100. “And when we set up pension money, we didn’t allow for that! So we have to come up with a way to cull the country [population]. Cull the population of the planet.”

This is how devious these guys are, and how sick they are, and their greed—for what? Something they created from nothing, called money. But one thing you can create is Love, and there’s no shortage of Love. I was taught as a child, if you put your hand in the pocket, and you’re looking at the candy that’s 10 cents, and you only have 5 cents, you can’t have that candy. You have to wait till you have enough.

What they’ve taught us with this credit and debit and everything else, is “We’ll give you whatever you want—you just pay us later!:”

Well, pay them later is done, folks. We only have to open our hearts up, and create as much Love energy as we can, and we defeat these guys with one thing they can’t understand and they’re not capable of feeling, and that’s Love. Love wins always. Always has, and always will.

CAROLINE: I think that what Tara was saying, about “Let’s stay in the present moment, and not jump ahead”—Rama and the Collective were saying that also—really important right now!

My mind is always leaping forward. I’m always wanting more information, and I think that a lot of modern people are that way. But it’s true—I keep getting the message, and other people, let me know if you get this as well—Time is moving so fast, and the energies are shifting things so quickly, and transmuting the energies of very old situations.

So that we’re not even looking at what we think we’re looking at. It’s sort of like, if the apple on the counter is slowly cooking, and we don’t realize it, if you go to eat that apple, it’s going to be very different from what you expected. Things are just going through transfiguration. We can’t use the old forms of thought to understand it. Yes, transformative time! We almost don’t have the language skills to elucidate our own experience at this point!

Pass the talking stick!

TARA: I wanted to add, that we’re coming to the point in time now where you cannot have a democracy without accountability. So we haven’t really had a democracy. The only time we get insights is when we listen to spiritual teachers that got it. And they’re a living, walking, breathing example of It.

We are all that, yet we have been thoroughly terrified by this bunch, and there’s only one of us here. So taking responsibility for this “bunch” is required, in order for accountability to come into play.

Each of us—you know that line, “Let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone.” Have we grown up yet? When we come into a Knowledge, do we apply it, and not go back to old patterns of the past.

Sonja, you’re on Line 2!

SONJA: Wonderful evening—beautiful energy! I have a comment and a question. On turmeric: it’s much more efficient to buy curcumin, because curcumin is in turmeric, and it’s a powerful antioxidant. And more efficient to take it with fats, because it’s lipid soluble. Jarrow [Formula] has a great brand of curcumin, and it has 500 mg of it. It’s must be so effective=e with Covid, because Covid attacks individuals with a high inflammatory process, so an antioxidant will obviously bring down the inflammatory process.

Tara, you mentioned that on January 21st or so, when Trump will be removed from office—who is General Services? What kind of group—why would Trump concede to that?

TARA: That’s the official organization that always does that process when there’s a turnover of presidential office. They always remove all the belongings of the old one in that office, and assist the new presidency, to bring their belongings in. Every single presidency, that’s the group that does that work. VINAYAK: Is this potentially by force, if necessary? Do they have that means, or authority? We’re talking about somebody who doesn’t know how to leave the office, nor does he have any intent to leave the office, as we’re hearing now. Or is this jumping ahead in time, and should we just stay in the moment?

RAMA: I would say that, with all due respect, I have been told that as he chooses not to leave, he will be physically removed.

TARA: He will be helped out of here!

RAMA: I don’t know how that works—I’m not a lawyer or a cop, or any of it.

TARA: We don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle. How many people know that he wasn’t eligible to run because he was not born in the United States. They made up this story that he was born in Jamaica, New York, and he was not. RAMA: No, he was born in South Africa. TARA: He was born in South Africa and he was born of a Dutch royal princess.

SONJA: The man doesn’t respect anything! General Services—they have to be working with galactics with phasers, or some other armed [force].

It has to be a forceful removal, is the only way that I see it! Because I don’t see that his people would allow them.

TARA: And that’s why we’re being asked not to go there, because there’s too many things to unfold, where people become aware of galactic intervention. Right now that’s not where people are. There’s beginnings—little beginnings, like seeing little ET boys running out of portals! I mean, that’s very cool! That’s a little ET kid! And was he at the right place in the right time, or did he get caught? There’s all kinds of levels of this story.

But the Divine plan is unfolding like never before, and the best thing to do is to stay in the Present Moment and not jump ahead.

Because as we try to configure it, then we put energy where it might be in the way of what the Divine Plan is. RAMA: It changes the timeline. TARA: And we don’t want to do that. We want to stay open to “the highest good of all concerned.”

That Law of One comes in very, very critically right now!

VINAYAK: Blaze the Violet Fire, folks!

TARA: And may we all pass every test!

*Godfre Ray King, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of 1930 on Mount Shasta, in Northern California. Then, under Saint Germain's guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in 1935 and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain (as well as with other Ascended Masters) and their teachings. It's largely through Godfre's books that the world first learned about Saint Germain. [From “Godfre Ray King,“ ManyPathsLeadToGod.com, http://www.manypathsleadtogod.com/godfre-ray-king.html] [To hear the rest of the discussion, see the replay at https://bbsradio.com/anightattheroundtable -- posted soon!]

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