Faction Three White Knight News Update - November 27, 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

From “The Abundance Group Call” Free Call held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 5:45 PM Pacific / 8:45 PM Eastern

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

[See https://www.rainbowroundtable.net/rama-s-contacts for info on Rama’s contacts]

TARA: Today Rama was supposed to drive to Albuquerque, and get a new car radio installed. He did that—he drove an hour and a half to Albuquerque, and the person who was supposed to install it was on an emergency family call.

So he did 3 hours of driving to get that message. Yet when you told us to be grateful [even for the challenges we are facing now], we just put it in the Circle [of Light] and said, “We’re so grateful we have a bought and paid for radio! All we have to do is get it put in now!”

That might be the parable of the big story, literally. Because we all—wherever we are in our intelligent mind and heart—we all came here to establish Freedom’s Holy Flame, on Earth as it is in heaven.

So we have been being tested beyond measure, and I think everybody would agree with that. And as St Germain will always say, “I will never say ‘God Bless you.’ I will only say ‘May you pass every test [that you have set for yourself in this life].’ ” And he means every test! And he’s got the patient of a saint, which he is! Which we all are, as well, believe it or not! Yet this Thanksgiving time every year is really about forgiveness, for the sake of all of us. For the sake of our DNA, is really the story here. Because the attempt has been to degenerate the DNA of the human race. That is the absolute intention of those who do not believe that everybody is equal, or that everybody deserves to be treated with equality. That is the last thing that this old order wants to hear! Yet we blaze the Violet Fire.

Today, Rama says: “I received a call from the Poppy Lady and Sweet Angelique the Cat at 12:30 this afternoon. They said to me, ‘Lord Rama, Uncle Joe [Biden] did a speech today on healing the soul of our nation.

‘Meanwhile, citizen Trump is going to Pennsylvania, to rub elbows with Rudy Giuliani, in a [legal] case' " that Rama’s going to explain here.

RAMA: Which he did to contest the election. And I can just say—it’s not working! People are waking up like never before!

The Poppy Lady and Sweet Angelique also talked about the fact that [former National Security Advisor] Michael Flynn has been pardoned, and this is a big deal. This goes into the deep state, the secret space program, the black budget that Dr [Steven] Greer talks about.

Michael Flynn is up to his crown chakra in Q-Anon and the whole story.

TARA: And they say Michael Flynn is one of the authors of the Q-Anon story.

RAMA: I don’t know if that’s true or not. My folks [contacts] don’t really tell me whether that’s true or not. Yet this is convoluted and kind of twisted. Because there’s a coup within a coup going on within the intelligence communities across this planet, that has to do with the larger story of the conflict going on, all the way up to the fallen Angels. This is a big deal, because it is about Disclosure. This goes back 13,000 years. This might sound kind of funny and off the wall, but a lot of the stuff they talk about on Ancient Aliens is kind of true—that our planet is a lot older than we have been led to believe.

And there are beings here that want to help us, that are part of the Wise Council of Elders, and they’re only spoken about in legends and stories and myths. And they’re not myth! They are absolutely real, and they‘re here now. Yet it is about us taking our power back with Love, and standing our ground. That is a big challenge right now, in the midst of what we’re experiencing.

I can say that it is coming to pass, where Disclosure is happening every single day, whether there are governments that are talking about it or not. It is about us waking up to ourselves and our galactic family. There are solutions that are yet to be revealed. It is about how this planet is entering this Aquarian Age. I keep being told, "the Full Moon coming up on November 30th, then leading to the 14th and the solar eclipse, and the Solstice on the 21st—something is going to pop!"

And I think it’s very good energy!

TARA: It’s the emphasis on the last entire [Kali] Yuga [cosmic era]—this 26,800-year galactic cycle is really over, and the Sat Yuga—the next one, which is four times longer—it’s the longest Yuga ever.

They talk about it in [the Bible in the Book of] Revelation as “100,000 years of Peace.” That’s what we’re doing. We’re walking into 100,000-plus years of Peace. Lady Master Ma’at comes in the next 2,000 year cycle, called the Age of Ma’at, or the Age of Capricorn. We go backwards in the Zodiac, in terms of every 2,000 years we go through another age. This is the Age of Aquarius for 2,000 years. Then the next 2,000 years is the Age of Capricorn or the Age of Ma’at, which is the Age of balance and Peace and Lady Master Ma’at, Mother Sekhmet’s future self, is with us right now.

Everything that Caroline’s teaching us on these Abundance Calls, are the teachings of Lady Master Ma’at, whether she knows it or not! RAMA: The 42 Laws of Ma’at!

TARA: We should pull that up again—there’s something called “The 42 Principles of Ma’at.” I don’t have them in front of me right now, but they are highly credible. They’re put in the negative, like “I have not done this.”

They have been translated in the positive also, and it’s so wonderful. And as we affirm the teachings of Ma’at—the teachings of Balance and Justice, and Equality and Peace, and Freedom, and all these beautiful things—they manifest, because thoughts are things.

That’s not a made-up story. Absolutely, that’s the law. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re actually becoming the Living Light of the Law.

It’s not an option!

So I was going to read what Rama learned from yesterday. We can be thankful that we’ve reached a point where the Justice that comes from this story is being served right now, in this moment!

[Reading report] “As I got to Santa Fe about mid-morning, it was snowing. It turned to rain shortly thereafter. Yet I could see it was still snowing up the mountain.

So I decided to go up the mountain, and visit with Snowflake Beings.”

TARA: Rama’s been visiting the Snowflake Beings on that mountain for decades and decades. He started doing that in 1980, 40 years ago. So Rama knows them and they know him.

This is why they ask us to “believe in the magic.” As you so affirm, it is so! And there is a manifestation for everything you affirm in this world, and of course that works all ways, so be careful what we ask for!

[Reading report] “I pulled out my crystals and I started spinning them, and three Snowflake Beings appeared."

TARA: Dr Emoto has photographs of these Snowflake people in his body of work!

[Reading report] “Each of the three Snowflake Beings who showed up to me communicated to me with pulsating Light. In this pulsating Light, I saw the Full Moon lunar eclipse coming up on the 30th, bringing with it this burst of pulsating Light that was wonderful to behold!" TARA: Another thing about the 30th of November: It is the first day of Ophiuchus, which is the 13th sign in the Zodiac, which the International Astrology Federation refuses to acknowledge, and there’s a reason for that.

The symbol of Ophiuchus is a man who has of his feet above the horizon at the Equator, and the other foot below the horizon at the Equator.

He’s got in one hand the head of a snake and in the other hand, the tail of the snake. The idea is, that in the time of Ophiuchus, the head and the tail of the snake come together. And everything above the horizon and everything below the horizon comes together as well, into a One Beingness of All That Is, inside us.

And so St Germain is entering the scene with this sign, come this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th. That’s the doorway. That opens the door to the 21st of December, which is—

RAMA: Winter Solstice!

TARA: That is the longest, darkest night before the dawn, every single year, and in this case—I could take it to the point that it means the end of the end of the end, of this entire old timeline.

RAMA: Yes!


RAMA: Yes we can!

TARA: That’s another interesting thing! Last night, if you watched Stephen Colbert [on The Late Show] last night, you saw that Barack Obama was his guest for the whole hour! Stephen said that when he comes back on Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, he’s going to have [Pres. Obama] on for another whole hour on Monday. Also, on Friday there’s two specials, at 6:00 PM Mountain Time, and it’s Obama, and it’s a new one!

Then there’s another one from 8:00 to 9:00 PM Mountain Time, and it’s Obama again. And I’m going, "What’s all this with Obama? Something is up in the zoo!" We really have to say that this is real now! We must understand that it’s the Law of Forgiveness because—how does that go?

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy Peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow Love. "Where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. And where there is sadness, joy.

"O Divine Master, grant that I may not seek to be consoled so much as to console, to be loved as to Love . . . ”

“It’s in forgiving that we receive . . . ” And if there’s anything we could do together, we should do that together!

You know, Micah [her son] took you up on it, when you brought [energy healer] Janet [Doerr] on [the Night at the Roundtable radio show]. He had a session with Janet, and Janet sent him something called "The Forgiveness Prayer." So I wanted to share that with everybody, for this Thanksgiving weekend: “Divine Spirit Source, please move me into a state of forgiveness toward anyone or anything that has hurt me, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of Time to this moment.

“I now forgive them, as I release the energy of the past. "Divine Spirit Source, please move me into a state of Forgiveness toward myself, for anger I have caused others, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of Time to this present moment.

I now forgive myself, and I release energy of the past. "Divine Spirit Source, please move me into a state of Forgiveness toward myself, for any hurt I have caused myself consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of Time to this Present Moment.

“I now forgive myself, and I release energy of the past. I invoke the power of Grace and Forgiveness to transform my body, mind, and heart, as I return to my Divine Innocence.

“And so it is!”

Allow yourself to begin breathing fully and deeply, as we perceive and feel the old karmic energy as it is uplifted. Repeat the prayer two more times or until you feel the process completed. It’s recommended that we use this prayer for 33 consecutive days.

Forgiveness is for the sake of our DNA. The past was to see if the Spirit of the human race could be torn apart. That has been the total goal of these dark souls. And again, this includes everyone—all the naughty characters in this play as well. Especially them!

So let me finish this—this is very important: [Reading Rama's report] “I pulled out my crystals and started spinning them, and three Snowflake Beings appeared. They were pulsating with Light, and it was beautiful to see and feel that pulsating Light. “The feeling I got from the Snowflake Beings, is that this Light coming in is raising everything up in a very magnificent way.

“Then I got a call from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat on my way back down the mountain. He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, there are many things going on. They are all good, yet I cannot tell you a single one of them!

‘It is about the Transfiguration. It is about the alchemical Transformation out of 3D totally, into the fifth dimensional consciousness and higher.

‘Stay safe, give Thanks for being alive here on Mother Gaia at this time! 'There are 4 billion human beings who have been taken from here in the last 14 months with this intentional COVID travesty. Intentional elimination of human beings. 'These dark ones have eliminated 4 billion human beings in the last 14 months. (That means there’s about 3.8 billion on the planet now.) ‘They are now part of the Host of Heaven, rooting for us here on Mother Gaia. And there is no death!’ “

TARA: I just want to remind everyone of the special dispensation Mother Sekhmet put out— That everyone who has left since 9/11 can come back in the same body, totally healed and well, and everything they need, want, and desire, to never die. That is Mother’s promise since 9/11!

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: You know, they say we must breathe long, deep, and slow. And smile, because it works! And believe in the magic!

[Reading report] ” ‘Together, we are victorious in the threefold Light! Blaze the Violet Fire! We are the Sacred Fire. We are the purity of All That Is. ‘We are in the most auspicious time EVER! Remember to remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality. No more plans “of mice and men” down that zigzag path to nowhere—access denied!

‘NESARA Now!’ “

That’s pretty much the story! And even though we don’t get any dates, Joe Biden cannot be president. Do you know why?

CAROLINE: No! What is that about? TARA: He ordered 9/11! You cannot have a person who has not been held accountable for crimes like that be president. CAROLINE: We’ve had other criminals as president—a bunch of them! Are things so different now? TARA: OK, but what you’ve got to know, is that there hasn’t been a country formed yet [as the USA is still legally a colony under Britain].

And not one person in the United States has access to the constitution at all. Nobody has ever had access to the constitution. There’s always been a two-tiered Justice system, and we have not been citizens. We have been slaves, on a planetary scale.

And may we pass every test! In other words, we all came here, right now, to change everything. And to "make it so," in the power of positive thought, by the way that we live in this world. By the example that we give. That’s our mission. And there isn’t anything else to do!

CAROLINE: Have Rama’s people said that Joe Biden can’t be president?

TARA: He can’t be president. Rama was told in 2016, after Trump became so-called “president,” [told] by Michelle [Obama] in a text message, that she would be the next president of the United States, and nobody else.

And that’s not arrogance. That’s because there are things that the law states that will have to be enacted before we can have what’s called a country. And that will be the first real president that the United States ever had.

CAROLINE: Well, President Obama was elected within the time after NESARA law was passed. Wasn’t he real?

TARA: That is true! Because that month of October in 2008, Heidi [one of Rama’s contacts] of the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] in Geneva, Switzerland, along with Lady Master Nada and a few other Faction Three White Knights who helped her, zeroed out every value in terms of money and precious metals, and anything at all with any value—the whole thing was zeroed out completely.

By midnight the 31st October that year, you might say that NESARA Law went into effect even though it wasn’t enacted and publicly announced.

So on the 4th of November that year, he was the first president to be elected inside NESARA law. It’s just that as it hasn’t been given to the public as being so, it still isn’t fully what it is, until that happens.

We were also told that NESARA wouldn’t be fully enacted and announced to the world without it being a simulcast with Full Disclosure, meaning a simulcast with the announcement of our galactic brothers and sisters from the stars at the same time! Are we ready? Are we really ready for this? As our sister Robbyne La Plante was saying today—it’s a simple Spirit of Gratitude prayer. I’m just going to say, all this stuff with Barack Obama coming out and being on different shows. He was on another show today. He’s been making the rounds, and he’s not going to stop!

CAROLINE: I’m just hoping and praying he’s doing all this in preparation for NESARA being enacted, is all!

TARA: Of course! I’m just saying, between now and then, let’s celebrate, and let’s not put anything heavy on any one individual. All of humanity allowed this [fall into duality and 3D]. There isn’t a single one of us that didn’t allow things to go to where it is right now. And that’s the same answer—there’s isn’t a single one of us that can’t make this so, that this is made right.

[From Robbyne La Plante:] “As 2020 comes to a close, there is a feeling that our world has changed forever. There are two ways to review the year. "One is quiet reflection to see how much we have grown, individually and collectively. We can review this year through the lens of the ego, from a place of division or we can choose to review it through the lens of the heart. We have the next few weeks to make quantum leaps of growth if we choose.

“My spiritual practice of beginning each day taking the time to focus on what I am grateful for has been my saving grace, helping me navigate through a drastic course redirection. I have learned to completely surrender and trust I will be guided. “I have had my moments where a sacred anger from the deepest part of my soul has surfaced, moments where incredible sadness has filled my heart, even moments where I have lost my faith as I observe hatred, deception, manipulation and greed around me. “That sacred anger is a feeling inside that we as a humanity have been given another moment in our evolution to write a new story, and at times it seems we are further behind than ahead. “I am reminded by the Goddess we have to tear down the old to rebuild the new." [Read the rest at: https://www.whitewolfjourneys.com/weave-the-web/the-spirit-of-gratitude/ ] All right, everybody—YES WE CAN! And the motto for the next four years is “Moving forward!” That’s what the man said! Wonder what he’s going to say next!

And remember that Barack Obama is the 9th member of the Council of Nine on Sirius A. King of Swords takes him on his starship to gatherings of the Council of Nine on Sirius A 10 or 12 times a year. So that’s happening also behind the scenes. That’s been going on since Barack was 18. He went to Mars when he was 18, and he came back in one piece! NESARA Now!

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