Faction Three White Knight News Update - November 6, 2020

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

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TARA: Rama had a message today, and it relates well to [a card reading on the US election done by intuitive] Amanda Ellis, because the first card she turns over is about Ashtar, the Intervenor. And Rama is Ashtar’s son, and his name is Lord Ari. So I pass this talking stick to Lord Ari!

RAMA: Greetings, everyone! What I could say about today, is I spoke with the Poppy Lady, and she is saying that this is playing itself out. I’ll cut to the chase: This is a fight to the death amongst the 13 Families.

TARA: It doesn’t have to be, but that’s the choice. They’re it doing right now.

RAMA: That’s right. The way that the Forces of Light have told me directly: neither candidate is worthy of sitting in the Oval Office. There are multiple crimes [they have committed] that go across the galaxy and across our local Universe of Nebadon. And that’s another story. It is bigger than just this little USA election. It is about the whole story of why we are still just learning about the technology of Mr Keshe, and the other technologies that have been suppressed for so many odd years.

Right now, the Poppy Lady is saying that this larger story is coming into play, where as there is Justice, there is Peace. Like we’ve been told by the King of Swords, “Hold your nose and vote for Joe.” Yet, like she also said, the Poppy Lady, neither candidate is worthy of sitting in the Oval Office.

I have to hand it to Miss Amanda [Ellis], who is just saying, “Metatron knows the story inside and out, from the beginning.” And as Captain Ashtar is coming into the picture, this is a huge deal. It brings in what St Germain has been bringing to this country for I don’t know how many years, but it’s the story of New Atlantis coming into manifestation.

It is coming into focus right now. This is why I believe she [Amanda] is saying that there is going to be a higher authority sitting in that Oval Office. Even though the “plan” that is “being played out” here in this realm is about this Joe [Biden]. And right now, he is kind of “the Anointed One.” to use those words by the old timeline. It merges into the new timelines, as this lady is talking about.

There is some kind of Divine Intervention now. To take it to another level, the solar flares are coming in, and the Ascension symptoms are just off the charts! And the Schumann Resonance factor is way out there. As you’re feeling a bit “What the heaven is happening??” it is about all these energies right now that have to do with raising us up all the way, as the Light, I say, of 10 trillion suns is pouring in from our Sun Sol, from the Galactic Center. It’s affecting every living particle, electron, molecule.

How that’s raising us up, is we’re becoming aware of our gifts and abilities to send more Light, more Love into these stories. It is a tenuous time, because it’s right on the razor’s edge, to put it simply. “The old character,” as [talk show host] Randi Rhodes calls him, the Orange Man—I’m trying to keep it polite with the words—represents an energy that is out of its space-time continuum. Another word to call it is Evil. It does not fit into this current timeline that is moving into a higher octave.

TARA: The thing is, that when your development is arrested as a tiny little child [as Trump’s was, being raised without Love], those words don’t have a computation.

RAMA: They have ramifications across the spectrum—"as one is harmed, all are harmed.” In the context of the fact that right now, the planetary alert systems have been activated for quite sometime. As you’re seeing things around the planet, and I know this broadcast is going out across the planet—there are ships being seen all around.

300 ships were seen over Australia and New Zealand in the last few days.

Over California, our lovely deep state were playing around with some TR3Bs, which are the triangular-shaped craft that show up, and you see three lights in the sky. They did a pass-over over Edwards Air Force Base in California.

All this has to do with the increased level of our brothers and sisters who are coming in, who are saying “We got this one! Ashtar is here. Metatron is here. All the Forces of Light are here!”

Our sister Aleen last night said, “Kuthumi is here! Quetzalcoatl! So many of the Ascended Masters are here in the physical.” The Poppy Lady said to me, “Your know, across the Middle East, across the Arab world, the Mahdi* is here. Lord Maitreya. His presence is being felt.”

This is why I gotta say, somehow, Divine Intervention is going to step into this election. I don’t know how. Just send Love to Uncle Joe!

TARA: Send Love to everybody! To Uncle Don too. This lady, Amanda Ellis, she does depict it. We haven’t got the time to do that, but it says—what does it say again?

RAMA: Go to YouTube and type in Amanda Ellis and you’ll find it. CAROLINE: Do a search on YouTube for “USA Election Update November 2020.” It’s a raspberry-red-haired Englishwoman. It’s pretty cool!

VINAYAK: She’s reading cards. She’s pulling and divining cards from various card decks she has in front of her. This is the information that she’s get when she pulls the card, but also when she’s reading and receiving information from Metatron coming through her as a channel.

TARA: Yes, and it’s amazing. She pulled the Chariot card too. That’s’ the Number 7 in the first row of the Major Arcana cards. The one driving the chariot is St Germain. She didn’t quite say that, but what she was referring to was “Who’s going to be sitting in the chair?” She was saying, “Is it President Drumpf or is it [former] Vice President Biden?” Then she said there’s a third element. She talked about Jupiter. Even though she said, “I don’t know” a number of times, as we’ve been doing all this work—our next guest has been the in-house astrologer for all of us for a good 15 years now. He’s been helping us to divine the energies that the relationships of these huge bodies of Light—planets, stars, sun systems, and the different angles of the relationship, and tonight he’s going to look at our Night at the Roundtableteam at the 9th and 10th Houses of each of our charts. The 9th House is really about the philosophy we carry, and where we come from. I’m just going to make a statement: “Evil are actions out of their time-space continuum. If there’s no exposure to Love, then the only thing you’re working with is ego. There’s a Divine ego, but no one who has not been exposed to that can grasp that experience.” This is a conundrum that can be very tumultuous and disastrous at this time, because we have tools of death that are absolutely beyond the pale, that you don’ give to a child, and this is where we’re at.

The people who own both parties are Wall Street, and they don’t have it either. The whole driving force of this—[interrupted].

The 9th House is speaking to philosophy, and at other levels it could be religion. It could be faith, from many different perspectives. It also can represent long journeys. It can be in the dream time too. Visions.

The 10th House is ruled by Capricorn. 9th House by Sagittarius, so that’s fire. The 10th House is talking about—it’s more fifth dimensional—your employer, or how you work with your profession.

CAROLINE: What I like about Amanda Ellis is that she’s such an honest person, it seems to be. She’s not just a performer, and she has a really lovely sense of the meaning of the Tarot Cards—whatever cards she’s pulling—which is beautifully intuitive. I find when I’m looking at Tarot—people might look at the Tarot and say, “I don’t know what that means!” But if you look at a Tarot card and look at it for a bit, it will sort of speak to you. Do you find that, Vinayak? I don’t know if you’ve pulled Tarot cards on your own. I find that it just sort of speaks to you.

VINAYAK: I find that to be true. I pull cards all the time for myself as well as for other people, and I will get messages as well.

CAROLINE: That’s excellent. In a sense, it can give you a bit about what’s coming up, and in another sense, it can interpret what’s happen—what’s happening in the moment as well as what might be around the corner. VINAYAK: What’s interesting for myself, when I pull a card, because the energy of you and the energy of the cards are merging and becoming one, they are able to tap into the question before you even ask it. What then comes through is a message for you, particularly if you can look beyond the immediate.

* The Mahdi is a messianic presence in the Islamic religion, called "the Rightly Guided One" who, it is said, will appear at the end of this era “to rid the world of evil and injustice.”

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