Faction Three White Knight News Update - October 2, 2020

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

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RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Greetings! Rama, I’m going to pass this talking stick to you, because I know you have plenty to say!

RAMA: Yeah, it has been a wild week! I can just say, this message showed up on the Twitter machine in the last little while. It’s like what I keep being told by all the galactic folks I talk to, from the tiniest pixies to Archangel Metatron— In the beginning, there was no death. Death had to be created, so that individuals would leave their bodies, for the people had begun to use their God-given free will destructively. If the people of Earth were allowed to engage in the destructive use of free will while continuing to experience immortality in the body, well, that would go on for eternity! And that, heavenly Mother/Father God would never allow!

And this brings in right here, right now, when we’re watching a complete Transformation Transfiguration of what’s happening in our present realm, as the other nine realms interact with this one.

I bring in the story of Odin and Thor and the nine realms around the Asgard. Because this is real. These legends aren’t just legends; they are true. All of us were immortal, and when we started to play with the fallen human ego and free will, well—shit happens, excuse my language! And grace happens too.

Now it’s come full circle. Like Greg Braden keeps talking about—the three major things: Climate disruption, consciousness, and conflict are driving the shift of the ages. And it has to do with our Sun, like Mr Keshe is saying. And what’s in our blood—plasma! the gold dust. The monoatomic gold. The GANS [which is M T Keshe’s word for Gas in a Nano State]. As people are starting to find out they’re immortal, things are starting to happen in the sense of our [higher dimensional] gifts, our siddhas, are starting to kick in. I’ve been talking about this for a while now, and it is happening more and more to all kinds of folks, as the energies pour in from the Sun.

This is counteracting the darkness that’s falling right now as the matrix and the fallen empire continue to fall. We are watching the rise of fascism in a very big way right now. And I’ll just say her name again—Breonna Taylor. Why has no one been charged for this lady’s death? It has to do with how the police unions are tied in with the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta, right up to the Vatican and Opus Dei.

TARA: And the Klu Klux Klan.

RAMA: And the KKK. What we’ve got going on here, on this planet, is this so-called police state that is losing power as people gain their power back.

TARA: With awareness! As our brother Vinayak was saying earlier.

RAMA: With awareness. And what I keep being told, is that as we watch more blatant outright crazy stuff like that [presidential election] debate—and I mean, I don’t even want to comment on it. I’ll just say it was a so-called civilized row. It wasn’t even that, in the sense that you cannot have a proper discussion when people are stepping on each other, interrupting each other, overriding each other, and there’s not a civil discourse.

TARA: President Trump interrupted Biden 128 times in 90 minutes.

RAMA: Oh my God. I have no words, except to send more Love, because if I do anything else, I’ll get my tongue in a knot, and I’ll not go there! It is about the higher energies pouring in that are affecting me and everyone else. All the stuff—eons and eons of memories are coming back to healed and brought into balance. It’s a big deal, because it goes back millennia upon millennia—eons.

Like Greg Braden talks about: the last time this story happened was 26,826 years ago. And it’s a big deal. Because there was massive climate change disruption [then]. No one informed the people of Earth of the incoming trajectory of Niburu as it was passing through our area of the solar system, creating seismic sonic shock waves. Scalar waves. And magnetic fields of planets get affected. It causes huge disruptions in their ecosystems.

This is what happened the last time, and this time around, it’s coming again. Yet we are not going to have extinction-level events, though the dark side is playing with this stuff to the nth degree.

And I saw Prof Nicodemus today in the laundromat. He was wearing a V for Vendetta mask, and this guy is only 4 feet tall!

TARA: When he’s in his real form, he’s a rat. But he knows how to shapeshift, so when he’s out in public, he looks like a [dwarf or little person]. And when you put the V for Vendetta mask on, it covers your whole face. You don’t know who it is! He looks like a little kid—

RAMA: He was doing his laundry, and I got to talk to him for a bit.

He was saying that all over the country, these right-wing militia groups: the Proud Boys, or whatever name you want to call them—the Mad Max guys or goons—are showing up at the polling stations, intimidating folks. Professor Nicodemus said, “Do not get intimidated by these folks. The Forces of Light are amongst us, and they will step in as needed. “They are pushing the fear factor right now, to the nth degree, as you watched the Beach Ball do what he did the other night, talking about, “Stand by.” These are [dog] whistle words to these groups. I would say, over the eons of time, originally on this planet, nobody was white. They were all the colors of the rainbow.

Yet in this last little period of time, I could say, since the Annunaki and on forward till now, there’s been this gradual moving toward a so-called “white society,” which has to do with th Fallen Angels and xenophobia. And this has been imprinted in all kinds of cultures, and right now is being taught by the so-called religions that are not the teachings of Yeshua and Magdalene, by any means. It is a big deal, because we’re watching this huge shift, and I just keep being told—even today, Professor Nicodemus said, “Send Love. Send Love to all these folks.” Because it’s like what Dr King said, “As you stand within that banner of Love, Archangel Michael will be right by your side.”

I can speak from my own experience, let’s say. I have sat with Archangel Michael, and I have no words! It’s like being in the presence of Creator Source. All you feel is Joy. Ecstatic Joy!

TARA: He’s giggling, so that must be a sign of ecstatic Joy! You’ve been on that bridge [of Capt Ashtar’s ship the New Jerusalem] in the physical thousands of times!

RAMA: Yes! That’s a place where there’s no fear. There’s no death. Just that ecstatic Now. That’s where we’ve got to stay. Even standing in line, going to vote!

TARA: The Proud Boys and the Boogaloo Boys and the folks in the white sheets—they are intimidating voters at the poll stations already, in the states where the polls are already open.

Amongst those states that have open carry allowance, they are openly carrying their guns. Just to make it clear, Prof Nicodemus said, “Do not be intimidated by these characters, because the Forces of Light are amongst us, and they will present themselves as needed.”

That’s something to really help others with. RAMA: Yes!

TARA: The other night, in front of the star Sirius, there was a huge starship, at about 3:00 in the morning, a couple of nights ago.

It was just right there, and it was flashing like a banshee! Even White Paw [cat] was up on the window sill, going, “What the heck is that?!”

It’s hard to get a picture because it just doesn’t work, with a cell phone. But it happened again, because we saw one a couple of weeks ago. But they are definitely here.

Also, there are huge solar flares going on, and the Aurora Borealis is showing itself in the Arctic Circle, and Prof Nicodemus said it’s absolutely magnificence. “So stay in that centered place of Oneness, with awareness no matter what. Sat Nam. Namaste!” That was the rest of today’s report!

[Reading Rama’s report] “Heads up, Lord Rama!” said Professor Nicodemus.

TARA: And I wanted to point out—I was paging thru articles that I had from last year, and throwing things away, and I came across this story—it’s something that’s significant. Jessica Collins, a Jeffrey Epstein victim, said, “As I was a student at University of America in Washington DC, I was coerced and abducted by Deborah Palfrey, the DC Madam.” In the news, they said she’d hanged herself—I don’t know, five or seven years ago. That’s not true. That was a staged event. She’s alive and well.

She was abducted, then the DC Madam trafficked her to Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew Windsor, and to many in Washington DC, and in particular to Joe Biden and John McCain

RAMA: And Henry Kissinger.

TARA: And Henry Kissinger, right. This is a fact. This was from 8th September 2019. Then she said after she was sex trafficked by Epstein and went to these people, then the DC Madam got ahold of he daughter, and her daughter got murdered in this process, through this same lineup.

She was speaking out in the article, and saying that, “No one listens. The media, the FBI, the attorneys. They’re all a coverup. Please help.” So unless we have walked in another’s shoes, we may not judge what is going on. The overall situation is what NESARA is doing, which is removing the entire global system, because it’s evil. Systemically evil, as Professor Richard Wolff says in his new book, The System is the Sickness.

King of Swords told Rama, “Hold your nose and vote for Joe,” in the sense that the republican party specifically, from the very beginning, has been the Nazi Party. Every single one, you might say, card-carrying Nazis. Not a single one has been anything else. There have been some, including President Eisenhower, as a republican, which in his heart of hearts, despite that being the case, made an effort to warn to people.

He said something like, “Beware of the biomedical-military-industrial-congressional-media complex.” And they wouldn’t let him say anything but “Beware of the military-industrial complex.” That’s all they were [allowing him to be] saying.

Which brings me to the story of our sister the Poppy Lady. It’s very important to know that Rama got to see the gold certificates that she received as her NESARA blessings, as. Faction Three White Knight in 1999—$14 billion worth, in three gold certificates. Three of them were $4 billion each, and the last one was $2 billion, to make $14 billion altogether.

And so what she was doing with that—we were explaining that with a sister of ours, and she was saying, “Why so much money?” and we explained to her, that the Faction Three White Knights who received these blessings, somewhere between 1996 and 1999, they all received it—they had a special mission. The Poppy Lady’s special mission was to go back to Afghanistan, where the US soldiers completely slaughtered her entire extended family.

RAMA: Afghanistan looks like the scene out of Blade Runner. There are areas of Afghanistan where it’s a nuclear graveyard, full of depleted uranium, courtesy of us. TARA: Where did that come from? They didn’t drop any nukes—? RAMA: It has to do with the conventional weaponry—the conventional bombs or explosive devices are made with, because it hardens the steel.

TARA: But that’s the containment, like the tanks are made out of it, and the guns are, but the explosive devices are made out of that?

RAMA: I believe, possibly. I don’t know enough about it. I just know what the Poppy Lady has told me, and Finn Del Noor. That it’s like walking into Chernobyl at the height, yet they [the White Knights] have technology to protect themselves. Some kind of forcefield where they can walk in and not be affected by the radiation at all.

They’ve been doing this since we invaded Afghanistan. I just gotta say, it goes back to 9/11. Afghanistan Never did 9/11. We did!

And to this day, no one ever brings up Dr Judy Wood and the Hutchison effect.

Do to a search engine, and type in “Mr Hutchison,” and you’ll see what the Hutchison effect does. They used particle beam weapons and other technologies to vaporize the towers into dust.

TARA: That was a false story, that they said they took the steel and sold it to China. That did not happen at all. That was a cover story. It was completely evaporated into dust.

Which is the same kind of technology that started all the fires in the West. They were all intentionally started. That doesn’t mean that climate change isn’t real! It’s not an either/or proposition. It’s a both/and proposition. All hurricanes coming in from the East Coast are absolutely over the top.

Michael Mann, climate scientist [climatologist and geophysicist who is director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University], was on The Thom Hartmann Show today. What he said, is that, “Our predictions were, that the melting of the ice, by the end of the century, would be across the whole planet, one foot of melted ice, which would raise the sea level by one foot. At the rate it’s going, by the end of this century, it’s going to be 6 to 8 feet. Which will mean that coastal areas of every continent will be under the water in terms of the tidal wave effect. You can’t live on the coast at all.

He said, “That’s only what we’re looking at now. If we don’t stop it, in the next few years, it could be 10 o 15 feet by the end of the century. It’s going faster and faster, because the energy frequencies are going higher and higher. The side effects of that is that as people are going in the opposite direction, it has an equal and opposite effect of taking things lower and lower.

So we’re kind of at the extinction-level event of D-day right now.

RAMA: That’s why I keep being told: Anytime, Ashtar’s coming to dinner!

CAROLINE: We just want to clarify for people though, that Rama has been told over and over, that there would notbe extinction-level events. And you’ve pointed out, Tara, that the galactics are assisting us right now, or there would be a lot more under water right now than is. I think there will be a big intervention, and that we’ll be assisted. And that’s not to excuse us from our responsibilities or our increasing awareness. But I don’t energetically take on board these dire predictions we hear from scientists, because they are only looking at what they are seeing around them right now. They are not taking in the effects of energies that they are not fully aware of yet. They’re just not taking that in. So I think you and I are going to see things a bit differently than the people who are just gathering data according to what they see at the moment. And this planet is in trouble t the minute. But the final song hasn’t been sung, as far as coming out of the third dimension. I don’t think we’ve seen the full story, and I think the full story will bear out that we’re Ascended to where we will work with our planet, and where we are assisted by technologies that will assist with climate, and raise our consciousness to where we can shift our reality even on a mass scale. So I just wanted to inject that, but go ahead!

TARA: I wanted to add to that—you’re absolutely right. It’s both/and.

If it were not for the Altamarians who are galactic Ashtar Command members who are cleaning up the oceans, and if it were not for the fact that—in the Gulf of Aden—on the floor of the ocean, there is new Earth forming, and it’s expanding the midriff, you might say, of the planet. The planet is growing larger. Which means there’s more room for the ocean. So that the coastlines are not already flooded.

So in other words, it’s both/and, in the sense that we are already at extinction-level events, and as our brother Nicodemus told Rama today, “The galactics are here,” and the Altamarians have been doing that. The galactics are assisting Mother Gaia as she requests that help, in terms of expanding her at the ocean level.

That’s the reason why, in 2006 there were ships circling the area from all kinds of countries—China, Russian, the US, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran—there were ships from all these countries. European countries, too. And they were watching the Earth actually forming on the bottom of the ocean, and expanding an allowing more space, so that the ocean wouldn’t drown people on all of the coast regions.

If it weren’t for that intervention—

VINAYAK: Tara, I just wanted to add quickly—there are many scenarios, and many timelines, and I want to remind everybody that it is all based upon your consciousness. Raise your consciousness as you hear any scenario. Any of these are possible, because they’re all possible timelines.

You can think of it as a conveyor belt. You can jump on any one of them, but which one do you want to be on? That’s where your consciousness comes into play. And you as the creator of your reality, along with the collective reality, are what shifts the dimensional transformation into the greater good. And we can call upon these galactic beings. We can call upon these galactic energies. We can call upon these new technologies. We have a very interesting show coming up on October 15 with [Iranian scientist] Mr Keshe, and he’s got amazing technologies. So as you listen to these stories, it’s up to you whether you want to give your energies to it. It’s our consciousness and our energy that shift everything.

[Takes caller’s question]

BILL: Tara & Rama were talking about the depleted uranium. Our military, the A10 track aircraft and another aircraft that attack ground targets—they used depleted uranium bullets, and some of them were explosive. That’s what they used in fighting. They used so much ammunition, thousands of rounds, and that’s what’s creating all these radioactive waste.

TARA: Thank you for clarifying that, Bill! That’s really good.

To reestablish what Vinayak was saying, don’t feel that your energy isn’t worth counting. As we meditate, as we pray Peace—and Greg Braden said it—never pray FOR something, because that never happens. That’s always putting it into the future. PRAY PEACE now! Pray Rain now! As that appears to be necessary.

“Pray” present tense for whatever it is, without the “for”!

They’ve already removed, the dark side, 3 billion human beings in the last year. For that, Mother comes! And they will be escorted by the Paschat starship people. The Paschat warriors will land, and they will board those 500,000 people on their starships for doing that. That includes everybody in the Vatican, everybody in the 13 Families, and all the corporate heads who collaborated with this mission.

They will be taken to Dracos, and they will be tried for their crimes there, as it’s caused intergalactic crimes to occur too.

RAMA: This ties into what I said in the beginning—that death was never part of this story! We still go through this, “What happens after we leave?” because there’s this kind of, “What? What now?”

CAROLINE: Please do call in! The number is 888 – 429-5471, or 323 – 744-4841. I’m curious about what Rama was saying about Archangel Michael. I keep trying to image him talking to Rama when he visits the ship, or when he would visit with President Obama in the White House. Does he has huge wings, and is he ultra tall?? What does he look like?!

RAMA: He is about 12 feet tall, and he has appeared with wings. And I mean, almost always, but he has Excalibur with him.

TARA: The Sword of Truth!

RAMA: Yes. And when you’re in his presence, the closest thing I can describe, for what has happened to me in this lifetime, is meeting a living master like Sai Baba or Mother Theresa or Neem Karoli Baba who was Ram Dass and Krishna Dass’s teacher.

TARA: And Rama’s met all of them in this incarnation!

RAMA: And Maharishi Maheshi Yogi, who the Beatles went to see. These are living masters that came to this planet, along with other Ascended Masters, because they knew that at this time, the call would go out, and that we would have to gather the Forces of Light and bring forth the wisdom that has stored all throughout the sacred sites all over the planet.

This is why the stories are coming back of the stones that vibrate with energy. When you sing to the stones of Stonehenge, or the stones on Eastern Island—they will talk to you, and the will move!

The kahunas of Hawaii have stories about this too. It’s all about all these forces that make up earth, air, fire, water, ether—the five elements that helped to create this planet, and all the other planets and suns. These are stories that have conveniently been edited out of our history so that we would be dumbed down into two strands of DNA, and VOTE for Donald Trump! Excuse my language . . .

CAROLINE: I’m wondering if you’ve heard what I saw on Facebook the other day. It made so much sense to me that without confirming it, I reposted it, which is that Joe Biden has been a stutterer in his life. He appears to have gotten past it, but they always retain some aspect of that as a disability, and this woman was saying in her post that she has a stutterer in her life whom she loves very much, and she recognized that what Trump was doing, and I’ll try to find the post—she recognized that the constant interruptions and accusations and the constant badgering, that all of those are trigger points for the stutterer.

It’s like when the bully corners the stutterer on the playground— “. . . he has overcome the disability by understanding it and exercising extraordinary perseverance and discipline.

“If you know and love a stutterer, and you watched the presidential debate last night, within minutes it became obvious what was going on.

“Abusive tone of voice, rapid-fire interruptions, zigzagging change of topic, personal insult and humiliation, and family pain—these are all tripwires that scramble a stutterer's ability to speak.

“There was nothing unplanned or spontaneous in the President's strategy.

“[His team] did not prep him to attack Joe [or his policies]. They prepped him to attack Joe's disability, hoping that by triggering his stuttering they might deceive an audience unfamiliar with the disability into thinking that Joe was stupid, weak, uncertain, confused, or lost to dementia.

“If you have ever gotten in the face of bully on the playground, while protecting a stutterer you love, the game being played last night was nakedly and painfully obvious.”

I’m just wondering if you guys had heard of that, and if it rings true to you. It makes perfect sense to me, because it was so rapid-fire.

TARA: I don’t know if you missed it, but at the Democratic National Convention, there was a young boy, and he was shown at the convention working with Joe Biden, and he was a stutterer. CAROLINE: You’re right! I remember that now! TARA: And the young lad was talking about it, and you could hear that he’d mastered it quite well, and he gave the whole thing over to Joe Biden helping him to do it.

So I think they said something like 50 million people watched the Democratic National Convention. CAROLINE: I didn’t make that connection, but he did look like he was being stumped somehow. So that makes perfect sense, because some of those points, he should have jumped on immediately. TARA: We don’t understand or comprehend the evil of the system itself. You could see the humanity through the stuttering and the overcoming of it, both with the young lad at the DNC, and those who saw Joe Biden use that mastery in the face of overwhelming odds dished out consciously by our lovely President Drumpf.

So that’s one good thing, and on the other side too, a couple of days ago, Mr David Cay Johnston was on Democracy Now, and he was saying that Joe Biden’s not a wealthy man, that he hasn’t even paid off his mortgage. That could be intentional—contrary to that, he owns an island in the Caribbean, and he’s been engaged in that—next door is the island of Epstein.

Those things have to do with the deep state. President Trump and Hillary Clinton—to this day, for the past 35, 37 years—they have a child trafficking ring they’ve been running together.

So there’s so many layers of this. Again, the sickness is in the system. The ability for people to actually be their true self is deeply impaired the higher you up in the upper echelons that you in that system. And the pressure—if you want to live, or your family or grandchildren want to be alive—that pressure—that’s where Judge Ye Not is so important now.

But we’ve reached this place now, where Mother says, “ENOUGH!”

So courage and strength and wisdom, and make it part of life—in the western world, we haven’t learned enough about some great wise people from the [Far] East.

One of the things is to honor feng shui. It means you don’t leave your shoes on, into the house. You leave them at the door, because the things that are out there, that you trek through, are not to be inside the house. You leave them at the door, and then you can don some slippers or something you wear in the house, and you make that a sacred space.

This old adage of keeping the energies clear and clean, and criminal-free in a sense, has to do with that. That’s what sage is good for. You clear the energies with sage. I learned something with metamorphosis.

It’s an Egyptian practice—they would clap their hands three times in all the corners of the house, and ring a bell three times in every corner of the house, and age three times in all the corners of the house. And make it a ritual that you do once a week, and it does work! I just pass that on.

Pass the talking stick!

RANDY: Did you know that the country color of the Dutch is orange? TARA: And that color of orange, Randy, is [the color symbol and energy of] Courage!

RANDY: Exactly, so why do we have an orange orangutan with no courage up there at the podium trying to control things when he has no control? When you’re in balance with the energy of emotions, you’re calm, cool and collected. NO matter what is happening to you. Hats off to Joe Biden for remaining calm and cool, and standing his ground. Because we’re all warriors here on this planet.

We’ve all got our swords, but the key now is to keep that sword in the sheath, and to use the other swords called your tongue, to speak your Truth. Because that’s what it’s al about! That Truth comes from within the heart from generating Love. This is the secret of the Secret! It all comes from within! And all the ancient books, that’s what they were really saying. So religion and government have been saying, “Lock ‘em down!” People are saying “I’m not doing that. I’m going outside.” But folks, use your brain. Those of us who are empathic have to learn to separate our own emotions from others. Send it back with Love!

TARA: What color was for orange? The Dutch? Yeah, and he’s [Trump] a Dutch royal. And going back to the sickness is the system.

These characters, the Dutch royals, planned before Drumpf was—they created him. They created him to be president at this particular time, in order to use him, with the DNA of Hitler and Mussolini, to do exactly what he’s doing.

[Took another Caller]

PENNY: Regarding Joe Biden—the only human moment in that whole program—first of all, we saw Melania walk up to the stage in her 10-inch stilettos, and they sort of had this little peck, and he was just as sour as any grapes that were still green.

And Jill got up on the stage on the other side, and she threw her arms around Joe, and they were having a hug like they didn’t care if the whole world was watching them. That was the human—she was obviously so proud of him. She was probably on tenterhooks the whole night, watching what was being done to her husband. Just the amount of Love that she had. He was leaning on her so much. It was the most human moment of the whole 90 minutes.

The other thing, is a sentence I heard, that white supremacy is the flip side of slavery. And once you’ve said it, it’s perfectly obvious, but it’s not something that I’ve ever heard anybody say in quite that concentrated way. So just wanted to leave you with those thoughts.

CAROLINE: I’m wondering, as we’re talking about the orange person, if Rama has gotten any indication from his contacts that the old power structure has decided that Trump has served his purposes, and that he won’t be allowed back into office?

RAMA: I’ve heard many stories out there, that the Pentagon and the military have already decided that he is not going to get in. Yet it is a bit of a trip, because we got these folks with the sheets [KKK] and the Mad Max story [white supremacist hate groups].

I’ll just say that when push comes to shove, the small groups still playing around with Jim Crow are no match for the energies coming in. it’s at the point where the logic of the story of the planet right now, in the sense of the balance of the energies, and the Pentagon, the deep state, and the military, know this. And they’ve already been told in no uncertain terms, to their faces, there will be no nuclear war. So that being said, we’re playing with a dangerous brinkmanship game, which is a war of words. He’s playing with fear, the orange man. And at a certain point here, it’s time to pay the piper. As crazy as it sounds, like in Nixon’s time, someone is going to have to walk over to the White House, and say, “Hey, dude, you’d better go now, while you can still walk.”

CAROLINE: So are they standing by, the Pentagon and the military? Are they ready to act?

RAMA: I would say, Yeah, but I don’t know how to speak to that effect.

TARA: Well, you were told by your people in the last little while, that the military will be doing a coup d’état. So I would have to say yest, we just don’t know exactly when that moment is. So what we do with that information is, we walk in beauty!

RAMA: We walk in beauty, and at the same time, with these energies going on, with the astrology—Aries, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto—all the major conjunctions that are going on in the last little while—it’s at that point where all the astrology is saying, we’re walking into a very intense period, and “We go high,” as Michelle Obama said!

TARA: This would address this in a different say—it’s the astrology for today, and it’s the number 5. And it’s the Full Moon today. In Eastern Time, the moon went completely full at 5:05 today! That’s more than just a coincidence/

“Welcome October!” This is Tania Gabrielle: —We begin the month with a bang. The Aries Full Moon. Aries initiates consciousness! We’re moving up in conscious awareness. As the student is ready, the teacher arrives!

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