Faction Three White Knight News Update - October 23, 2020

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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RAMA: Greetings! Very wild and intense times in these moments!

I could say that we are in this highly credible time of being able to interact with these beings that [NATR guest] Freddy [Silva] talked about, and that I keep talking about. No, I haven’t taken acid tonight, but they are absolutely real, in that as you talk to them, they will talk to you!

Tahani Yahu, one of my teachers, speaks of the Stone People. As you talk to them, they will talk to you, and they will move and walk with you.

Right now, what’s happening all over the planet is this big upliftment. This great shift. The 13 Families know it. They can’t stop it because it’s part of the evolutionary shift that’s going on throughout the solar system and the galaxy. They can only embrace it or resist it. As they resist it, they get gone. That’s the end of the statement. And that’s what’s happening right now, because the energies are moving so high, so fast.

What I keep hearing, is “Stay in that centered heart place that Patti [Cota-Robles] is talking about with these YouTubes, “The Planetary Reboot.” How I’m seeing that, is that all of the masters, all the teachers, all the Angels—these Ascended Ones—Freddy calls them the Shining Ones—they’re already here. That is part of our stories and legends and myths, only they’re notmyths. That word has been misconstrued. I would say that these beings never left.

We kind of screwed up in the sense that we allowed our fallen human egos to get in the way, and we lost our abilities, our Jedi powers, and we got caught by the dark side, fighting with each other and ourselves.

All of these Ascended Beings—I call them the Wise Councils of Elders, whom Grandmother Flordemayo knows about, Greg Braden, and Bruce Lipton, and so many other people—

These Wise Councils of Elders know about Lord Muru and the Monastery of the Seven Rays. What Freddy was talking about with these stone structures in Peru and other places in South America where Matthias on Gala TV talks about the Blue Beings who came from the Pleaides and Sirius to help us build the super civilizations, and then once again, the fallen human ego got in the way, and we are where we are right now.

What’s happening in this moment—today I talked to Rana Mu and the Poppy Lady and they said, “Pay no attention to the talking heads going on, back and forth, right now. It doesn’t have any basis in reality. Yet out of it comes the shift that has to happen, where we take our power back, with Love.” I know that the folks who are, let’s say, kind of controlling the matrix—they know their time is up, and they can’t continue any longer, so something’s going to pop! What that something that’s going to pop is, how the energies keep moving so high, so hard, so fast. As you’re in the state of chaos and insanity like the Orange Man, it’s only going to get worse. As you stay in a centered place, like Patti is talking about, you won’t get thrown by what’s out there. Like Caroline said, if it doesn’t resonate with you, turn it off.

TARA: I was going to say, the Stone People—we were studying those beings 8 or 10 years ago, and looked up in the dictionary some stuff, and they were talking about them being here for trillions of years. So they hold records that are beyond most.

RAMA: Yeah. These beings came with Mother [Sekhmet]. The Great Silent Watchers. Freddy calls them "the Watchers." Many of them were the Elohi and the Elohim, and they got caught with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds [fallen Archangel Lucifer], and we know the rest of the story.

TARA: I think that Mother [Sekhmet]’s going to help us out here. They’re not going to let us repeat these lessons, and decide not to learn them this time. RAMA: That’s right! TARA: I think that’s something we’re all going to have a part in. As they’re saying “By 2042--forget it!” if we haven’t changed our ways.

This is where NESARA really ups the timeline, because the focus is still “money equaling power,” and then of course, dysfunctionality as an art form continues. This new system is ending money as the motivating force, literally.

The $10 million to each man, woman and child—as they reindexing of the value of things happens a month later, after the enactment and public announcement, that $10 million will be equal to $100 million. We’re done playing money games for our whole existence. In other words, groveling to get to the top of some kind of set up called a pyramid. We’re doing circles within circles. We’re doing spirals. We’re doing consciousness spirals. Anything else you want to say about that, Rama?

RAMA: What I can say, is that right at this critical juncture, we’re approaching this next Full Moon on Samhain—Halloween, the All Soul’s Night. The next day is All Saint’s Day.

TARA: Then the next day after that is All Soul’s Day. Halloween is a very unique date to have a Full Moon! RAMA: It’s also called a Super Moon.

TARA: We had a Full Moon on the 1st!

RAMA: And what I’m hearing is, as we’re leading up to this on All Soul’s Day/Day of the Dead, there’s a great shift, and it’s about the upliftment of us and the planet. The old timeline is falling away faster than I can keep up with. Stay in that Violet Flame! That is our saving salvation.

TARA: Mother Earth is saying ENOUGH!

RAMA: Basta! Basta!

TARA: [Reading Rama’s report] Rama says, “I received a call late this morning from Rana Mu and the Poppy Lady.

“They both said to me, ‘Lord Rama, Miss Barrett is being railroaded into the Supreme Court right before the election— RAMA: This is an absolute kangaroo court, what they’re doing! TARA: Yes! Be calm everybody! [Reading] “ ‘ . . . of the Supreme Court, right before the election, to try to kill Joe Biden’s chances of being the winner. Yet President Trump will declare himself the winner, and throw it to the Supreme Court. And there are rumors that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act, that says—paraphrased—"If you try to go up against the government”—in this case, President Drumpf!—"you can be declared an enemy of the state or terrorist, and be arrested, and worse.”

RAMA: Just like what’s going on with Julian Assange. Because he told the truth about what we did.

TARA: “Yet all of this is in the realm of speculation. The fates have already made their decision. It is about Divine Intervention coming out of left field. “ ‘Lord Rama, She who was here before the gods were here is calling the shots. Focus on the high heart, and send Love. All we are saying, is Give Peace a Chance! ' “

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