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Thursday, September 10, 2020

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RAMA: It’s been kind of an intense day with the news that’s going on. Because in spite of the insanity, I could say, that seems to be part of the matrix that’s going on, things are moving right along. Upwards and onwards, even though it’s kind of looking like Mordor in many places. I’ve seen the pictures on the internet of California, and it looks kind of like Mordor—it’s not so pretty.

TARA: Oh, that brings up that story! Someone in our community, she lives in Sunnyvale, California, and she called me up today. She said that last night she was listening to a YouTube that was how can we say it—

RAMA: This is a guy whose name is Doug Sinse, and he’s been around for many moons. He reports on strange anomalies, like the scalar weapons technologies that are being used against the people of Earth.

He speaks about the Direct Energy Weapons—DEWs. These are magnetic particle beam weapons that have been somehow outfitted on the satellites. And they used one the morning of 9/11, since we’re on the eve of 9/11 once again.

TARA: He reported—he showed this video on the 8th, which was Tuesday. He showed a DEW, which is a magnetic particle beam weapon. He showed the beam being shot from somewhere in California. What we know, is that they won’t report where its origins came from.

RAMA: But it comes from the satellites.

TARA: The weather satellites. It was shot from the weather satellite, and it showed that that beam created a fire at the Malheur National Refuge in California.

RAMA: This technology also started the Paradise fires.

TARA: And all the fires in California. In other words, the report’s huge. Because they’re trying to say the fires are from the drought. That’s not the case at all! This is deep state, destroying the forests all over California, and doing it intentionally. This is obscene beyond words. We’re going to send the Violet Flame to the whole situation. It verifies also that they did this with complicity with PG&E, both this time and in Paradise. They did it in Paradise just to test, to see how well it worked, and it works.

We’re so grateful that Don and Doug and their families and their furry fans made it. I think it was 85 people who did not.

VINAYAK: What I just noticed, is that to test this technology, they chose a very interesting location—Paradise! That’s not an accident that they chose to test that technology onto “Paradise,” which we are in. TARA: Thank you for saying that! That’s absolutely the truth!

RAMA: Also, today I talked to Abby Martin and Curly, of Larry, Moe and Curly. Curly is a Maine Coon Cat.

TARA: He appears in that form. He’s a member of the Ashtar Command and a galactic commander on the side of that story!

RAMA: This is not easy news to talk about. I’ll let Tara tell the story, so I don’t cry my eyes out!

TARA: OK—[Relaying Rama’s report] “Late afternoon I received a call from Abby Martin and Curly the Galactic Cat, of Larry, Moe, and Curly. Three Paschat members of the Ashtar Command.

“Curly can appear as an orangey, calico Maine Coon cat. They said to me, ‘Lord, Rama, two Palestinians were killed today. One was a young 22-year-old man helping a family with car trouble. He was shot dead for nothing.

“The other Palestinian who got killed was a little boy, a toddler. He got caught in the crossfire as one IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] soldier was shooting at the people who were resisting the other IDF members who were demolishing their home.”

TARA: In other words, that little boy was those people’s little boy.

“ ‘It was one IDF soldier who killed both of these Palestinian people. He got a slap on the wrist. He got civilian duty, or community service, for three months. He was not thrown out of the IDF. Just given three months off, so he can drive a garbage truck for three months. So he will return to the IDF, after he completes his three months of community service.’ “At this point, Abby Martin said, ‘Lord Rama, this is no different than the three police officers who killed Breonna Taylor. They were put on administrative leave WITH pay.

“Then Curly said, ‘As we’re here on the eve of 9/11, the dark side is desperate to create distractions, even to the point of creating an interplanetary skirmish!

RAMA: [Laughs] I find that ridiculous! They’re not even able to—I won’t go there! [Laughs]

TARA: “Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda Kumara are on Red Alert. There will be NO intergalactic skirmishes, and no nukes! “Curly went on, ‘Mother Sekhmet as her future self, Lady Master Ma’at, is waiting in the wings. Blaze the Violet Fire! See you in the Light of the most Radiant One, Lord Rama!’ ” So that was the message from Faction Three today.

On The Thom Hartmann Show today, he said the New York Police Department were hit with a lawsuit today, for breaking the neck of a Black Muslim woman at a traffic light.

RAMA: And she did nothing. Just like this Palestinian man trying to help someone with car trouble. I mean, What the F? Excuse my language!

TARA: So what we’re looking at here is the deep state, worldwide, with impunity, creating all kinds of horror stories. Because they have nothing else to do with their time, and they’re trying to delay the inevitable. And that is [facing the consequences] that 9/11 is an inside job. So we’ll see what happens. We don’t know. They won’t tell us.

RAMA: No, nobody said a word about tomorrow.

TARA: Yesterday, tapes were put out, along with Woodward’s book, Rage.

RAMA: And Bob Woodward, he was involved with Judith Miller concerning 9/11.

TARA: Both of them outed [CIA agent] Valerie Plame. Bob Woodward in the Washington Times, and Judith Miller in the New York Times. They didn’t out her by saying her name, but by saying the corporation that was her cover as a covert CIA agent, and the name of that was Brewster & Jennings, and they put that into those two papers. instantly—immediately—100 of Plame’s CIA covert operatives in the Middle East were executed. So Judith Miller and Bob Woodward have blood on their hands. And not just them, because you know that the deep state ordered them to do that. Since 1991 Hillary Clinton has been in charge of the deep state. Even though she went from being the real Hillary Clinton in 2007 to being a clone—meaning that Barack Obama was running against a clone the whole time, since June 2007. Since then, Hillary is no longer a clone.

They made many, many clones of her over the years, and now she’s a hologram. A solid image hologram. There is technology for such things, and that’s been going on.

So this is so over, yet it’s not over till that fat lady, as her future self [Mother Sekhmet as Lady Master Ma’at], sings! RAMA: Yes!

TARA: [Reading] “The tapes reveal that President Trump understood the threat of the virus, yet he lied about it to the public. On February 7, 2020, in the Washington Post, they said that Trump said, “It goes through the air, Bob. That’s always tougher than the touch. You know—the touch—you don’t have to touch things, right? Yet the air, you just breathe the air, and that’s how it’s passed on. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than, you know, even your strenuous flus.”

He goes on, “This is more deadly. This is 5% vs. 1%, and less than 1%. So this is deadly stuff.”

In public, President Trump on the same day, said, “I just spoke to President Xi last night. And you’re know, we’re working on the virus. It’s a very tough situation. Yet I think he’s going to handle it. I think he’s handled it really well. We’re helping wherever we can.”

So Chris Hayes goes on, and says, “Not a big deal,” they said—that’s what he said. The exact same day, he told Bob Woodward the virus was airborne. Deadlier than the flu.

“Here’s what the president said just a few weeks after that [to the public]: “ ‘I asked various doctors, I said, “Is this just like the flu? Because people die from the flu.” ’ TARA: Actually, in 2019, 80,000 people died of the flu worldwide. That’s all done on purpose by the deep state. All of it.

[Quoting Trump again] “ ‘Because people die from the flu, and this is a little bit different. Yet in some ways, it’s easier, in some ways, it’s a little bit tougher. Yet we have it so well under control. I mean, we really have done a very good job.” This was in February [that Trump said that].

Chris Hayes then comes in, “The president had known for weeks at that point that the coronavirus was, according to the estimates that he was told, five times deadlier than the flu.

Listen to this damning piece of evidence from his March 19 interview with Bob Woodward: [Trump speaking] “Now it’s turning out, it’s not just old people, Bob. Today and yesterday some startling facts came out. It is not just older people. It’s plenty of young people. I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

Again—March 19th.

And what he’s really saying, when he says he doesn’t want to create a panic, is that he doesn’t want the market to collapse, because people would take all their money out of the market if they knew all this stuff. Chris Hayes again: “They were lies. They weren’t just a mistake. It’s a dereliction of duty, beyond despicable. There are now at least half a million children that have been diagnosed with COVID.”

TARA: This is in the last two weeks since the kids went back to school, in Florida. In Florida! Half a million kids hav been diagnosed in two weeks with COVID. And they have reported that at least 100 of them have already died in the last two weeks. Infuriating!

Put this in the Circle of Support! This is beyond the beyond. Then on [news channel] France 24 today, Associate Professor of Public Administration at the American University in Beirut, Carmen Gaha [was interviewed]. She was saying, “The cause of this fire [there was a huge fire today at the same port that on August 4 that huge explosion occurred, so she’s commenting on that]—the cause of this fire is the same cause as the Beirut blast on August 4. “It’s negligence. It’s criminal warlords making deals over people’s dead bodies.

“The president of Lebanon tweeted and announced that he’s making a committee headed by former public works minister to look into the issue. He called it, ‘The topic of the Beirut port.’

“Today we were paranoid. We hid in the corridor. The kids had to run away from the glass [shattering]. If we closed our windows, they could get shattered, because this is what we learned on August 4th. Or we open them, and we breathe toxic air. “So today was a very difficult day in Beirut for many of us.

[France 24 asking her] “Are you getting any signs there is any genuine accountability for what happened last month? For the authorities to get the wheels in motion for some sort of legal process? The French president has been twice. Any signs that we might get some accountability and justice for what has happened, last month and now?”

Prof. Gaha said, “The opposite! I feel that the political class got emboldened after President Macron’s visit.

TARA: I’m just going to say, that Macron is behind the whole thing. Macron arranged for the blast, and for this thing [fire] today. These guys are creating distractions! Rather devastating distractions.

So anyway, she said, “They felt they had a reform agenda, as though they were the saviors. Like what they did as the pandemic happened.”

TARA: [Reading] “Lebanon’s healthcare system got neo-liberalized! They all invested in private healthcare”—that’s what we’ve got here, everybody!—"and this is why we don’t have preventative healthcare, like you in the United States. “And yet as the pandemic hit, they presented themselves as the saviors. On the contrary, I don’t feel there is any solution. There cannot be reform without accountability. They are acting in a tyrannical, irrelevant, insulting way. They are completely disconnected from people on the ground.

“Today we were wondering if the smoke was carcinogenic. And the reply of the president was that he’d call the higher Defense Council to meet at 7 PM. Whereas the fire started at 2 PM! We’ve never felt more disconnected. “Yet at the same time, and looking at power-sharing systems as sectarianism, there is a juncture. They come together, and they count dead bodies, then they shake each other’s hands. “Today we feel under stress. We do not know, if we should open our windows and breathe air or not. They are not able to provide even the basic solutions, and basic comforting advice. They are on another planet!

France 24 said, “OK, professor, there have been changes of leadership in Lebanon. These last few weeks—you’re saying, nothing like enough to rebuild trust with the Lebanese people. Much more seems to be needed to be done. “And what you are basically saying is there is still no sign of meaningful change there in Lebanon. The professor said, “Look, the powerful people in Lebanon are not necessarily in government.

“Just because you have a change of the front liners does not mean you have a task force of power and authority to protect from the warlords. “After the war, those with power and authority from the warlords made deals then. These same warlords will make a deal now. They were the cause, essentially, of the port blast and the fire today. “They are betting on time. They have nothing to lose. They are rich. They are sitting in their palaces and their castles. They are having committee meetings and meeting with presidents and other world leaders.

“Meanwhile, people today—pregnant women—ran down the street, because we didn’t know what they were burning. How could there be a fire at a crime scene where the whole world—not just Lebanese authorities, but journalists, reporters, women, men, volunteers—all of us are keeping an eye on this—how cold it be, that here was a burning of tires? “We feel not just under attack. Rather, it’s paranoia. It was reported in the media that some of the ammonium nitrate was stolen from the last time—where is it?”

TARA: What she’s saying is that you’ve got a really huge problem in Lebanon. What the King of Swords and Rama have been saying, is that [French president Emmanuel] Macron controls Lebanon. He’s the one who gives the orders to these people in Lebanon, so they can have some distractions in the news. This is what we had Chris Hayes reporting in the news last night—another distraction. And the report from Thom Hartmann about the woman killed at a traffic light.

RAMA: Julian Assange’s extradition trial has been indefinitely been postponed, because a member of the prosecution from the United States has tested positive for the virus. Let’s say that serendipity on Julian Assange’s side. Because journalism—freedom of the press is on trial here, worldwide.

What we’re doing right here, right now, having this virtual conversation around the council fires—that’s on trial, as it were. As freedom of speech on this planet, it’s a big deal with what’s going on here. As the power of the press is being compromised.

TARA: We stopped asking about this situation, where in almost in the last 12 months, 2.5 billion people went missing on this planet, and 40 million of them at least have been killed from this virus in the United States alone. That’s the last time we asked. We stopped asking some weeks ago. So I don’t know the rest of that story. They won’t tell us, yet tomorrow is 9/11 and that was an inside job.

RAMA: There’s an asteroid that’s going to be passing by Earth very close tomorrow, and the deep state wants to play with that story. There are some weird stories out there on the internet talking about some kind of drills that Homeland Gestapo is going to play with, in the event of an asteroid hitting the planet. So I don’t know anymore than that. Let’s Blaze the Violet Fire and hold the Light!

TARA: there are three more asteroids scheduled—the next one is on the 20th of this month, the next is on the 2nd of November, and the final one is between the 20th and 21st of December.

RAMA: And Russia and China are not hacking the presidential elections! Our deep state—

TARA: is making that story up!

RAMA: That’s correct!

TARA: So they can blame everything that they want to do on those countries!

Wherever you are, hearing this information, open your heart right now, and send much Love and Light to all of these situations, knowing it is the dark that’s playing out here. And we as the Lightworkers are here to neutralize, the alchemize all these situations, by sending our Love nad our Light to all that is required right now.

Just take some deep breaths as we hear this information, and as we continue on with this show. There is only Now time. We are the Light. We have won. Just remember in your heart to expand and to open to the feelings that any of our information, as we go round the Roundtable—any feelings that come up, please just acknowledge and allow them to dissipate as we transcend and rise into the higher dimensions, right now in this moment of time. So if anyone would like to contribute, I’ll pass the talking stick.

CAROLINE: Well, I have a question, if Rama & Tara can answer—as the deep state keep playing one clever hand after another, they keep trying to escalate things. And I’m wondering, has anybody ever said to Rama, “Well, as they escalate. We know what steps to take! That only pushes things all the faster toward NESARA’s enactment. Because then we escalate!”

RAMA: Yes, as the energies speed up exponentially, we are getting ever closer to NESARA. And what’s to come about as this planet is brought into Freedom’s Holy Flame. I wish I knew some answers to give you, other than this is a pathless path that we’re walking! And I know that the positive outcome is at hand, because I keep being told that—the folks from the future who have already seen this come about, say we make it with flying colors. Yet right now, it looks a little hairy!”

Send more Love, as Dr Vinayak says, because that will see us through all of this!

CAROLINE: I have another question! Somebody emailed me, and said that they heard that Tara had said that there would be three days of darkness. They’d read about it online as well, and that they’d also heard it’s mentioned that it would be five days, and that it had been decided by the Galactic Federation that won’t be necessary— VINAYAK: We have Diana on Line 2. DIANA: I have a question for Rama. I’ve been watching a documentary regarding Pleasant Point in West Virginia. In 1929 the Silver Bridge fell, and they had reported a lot of sightings of the Moth Man. I know this is off-topic, but I’ve always been curious to ask Rama what he thinks that’s about. RAMA: What I know about the Moth Man, Diane, is that it is—they call these beings cryptids. They’re not exactly ET-like beings. They’re more like interdimensional beings that can take form and then disappear. They exist somewhere between the third and the fourth dimensions. They’re part of the energies that make up the different realms. Some of these beings, let’s say, got caught up in the different conflicts that have gone on through the different dimensions over the eons of time. What I understand about these beings, is that they were originally beings that worked with the Angels and the Archangels, and somewhere along the line, they got lured by the dark side, and fell into the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and the lower astral kingdoms, and they’re sort of caught in limbo, to put it simply. DIANE: Do you know what happened to that bridge, and how it fell? Is there a connection to that with the Moth Man?

RAMA: I know these beings show up when the energies are at a certain point with the electrical fields. Sometimes people see these beings, and strange incidents happen. Sometimes people lose their lives, and these beings get seen, and it’s not so pretty!

DIANE: It’s interesting, because I heard that before the bridge had collapsed, there was a lot of UFO sightings in that area. RAMA: Yeah, that is true! And I don’t know what— DIANE: I was wondering if there was a connection. RAMA: There could be. I don’t know enough about that to tell you. But I do know that these beings are part of the different realms of Earth that as things get Lighter and Lighter, these beings will return back to the Office of the Christ. That’s what I know. DIANE: Thank you!

TARA: Maybe Caroline can complete her question—

CAROLINE: Thank you very much. I’m glad that Diane got back on! One of my readers emailed me, and apparently, did Tara mentioned that there would be three days of darkness? She said she read about it online as well, and that she also heard there would be five days, and that it had been decided by the Galactic Federation that won’t be necessary. Or it will be, but we’ll all be put into sleep mode. She’s asking if you have anymore information on that. TARA: Wow, that was a report from a LONG time ago! Many years ago! Want to say something, Rama?

RAMA: What I can say, is that those stories—that isn’t going to happen! What that is about, is certain groups out there have put stories out of how certain scenarios may happen in the next little while as the sun goes through its transfiguration with the cosmic flash that goes across the galaxy, and there have been rumors connected with the so-called “Days of Darkness,” that if that flash happened with the sun, something would go by the Earth, and Earth would be enveloped in some kind of field, and things would get a little wonky, and there would be no light.

I have to just say the stories are not correct!

TARA: Yeah, and it was reported today that the fire and smoke in the Bay Area has literally blocked out the sun.

RAMA: It has, but that’s not about [this story].

TARA: The other idea—we’d all be dead, it would so darn cold we’d all freeze!

RAMA: I watched a 9- or 12-minute video about that years ago, as we were approaching the year 2012, how people said there would be five days or three days of darkness when the date of 2012 happened. And in the video they were showing massive city riots all over the planet, and complete chaos. People running around with guns—no! Those kinds of stories— TARA: They were experimenting on us, you might say. Seeing what they could get away with.

VINAYAK: I also want to add, there’s I think Q-Anon, or one of those other Faction Two reporters out there, who talk about “three days of darkness” before the “Event”—the “big Event.” It has to do with a lot of mis- and dis-information.

RAMA: Yes, that’s connected with Q-Anon.

TARA: Q-Anon is a whole bunch of people. It’s not any one individual.

RAMA: No. It’s the deep state. It’s a group of disgruntled NSA, CIA, and other three-letter agencies. They’re all part of it. This is a secret war going on among the different intelligence agencies of our present civilization, that control intelligence and communications and how we do business, and such.

What I can say about what you said, Vinayak, is Danion Brinkley and David Wilcock and many others—ET Corey [Goode] have talked about this. It’s kind of a convoluted, twisted story. Cobra brings it up. Apparently, as the Sun goes through its configuration, and sends this flash of light across the galaxy, [the idea is, that ] somehow this is going to affect the Earth, and create some kind of anomaly. I’ve also heard stories about how Niburu will show up in the sky.

Some people have seen two suns in the sky in various areas of the planet. I have video from China and other places in the Far East where there are two suns in the sky. One is Niburu, one is our Sun. I’m not sure what to make of it, yet all of it is tried in with the astronomical configurations, as well as what is going on with the galactic movements of the different galactic fleets, as they have already told us—

TARA: including Sekhmet’s Paschat fleets!

RAMA: —they are not going to allow any kind of extinction level events. I can only think of the disaster movies I’ve seen, and I’ll leave it there!

VINAYAK: What I’m guided right now to say to everybody, is that anything that feels apocalyptic or disastrous or brings up enormous fear inside of you, I think it’s safe for us to say, that this is disinformation that is designed to create the louche outlook that the dark needs to survive.

As we all know, they’re very desperate to continue the fighting, and to live in this state of destruction and evil.

I just want to encourage everybody to not only check into your feelings, but check into your heart, and if it brings up that kind of apocalyptic experience or thought to you, I invite you to blaze the Violet Fire!

To send Love. To send Light to it. And know this is designed to keep you away from who you are, as a spiritual being having a physical experience in this lifetime.

This is about Ascension. This is about us awakening. It’s about us also discerning, and thankfully we do have our Faction Three White Knights to check in with every now and then!

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