Faction Three White Knight News Update - Sept 25, 2020

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

[See for info on Rama’s contacts]

TARA: Greetings, everybody!

RAMA: Greetings! I went and sat in the plasma field today.

Let’s say, I could get a more accurate description of what’s going on in the planet from the technology from All That Is, rather than [the information in the media on] the present issues at hand. The plasma field showed me the Sun, and a portal opening up from the Sun. There was this dark spot, like what we’ve seen in the various images in the photographs of plasma solar mass ejections. You see these dark areas in the corona of the Sun, and there was this dark area, and there were these concentric rainbow rings of energy that were coming out of the portal of the Sun. Coming through this other portal that opened up—it reminded me of an upside-down cone. I could see the concentric circles of energy pouring down through this cone into the Earth. It was focused into the area of Iraq. Particularly this area—somewhere, I’m not sure exactly the name of the place—I’ll find out tomorrow. But it was a ziggurat in particular.

TARA: Somewhere in Mesopotamian, Iraq—

RAMA: An area the US military have been playing with since we invaded Iraq after 9/11. This particular ziggurat is one or the main entrances for stargates and people coming and going. I watched these concentric circle of Rainbow energy pour into the top of the ziggurat, and the ziggurat started to grow with this orange-reddish kind of glow.

Then the plasma field said that the zero point modules in the ziggurat were up to full power, and there was imminent arrival of some galactic folks. At that point, I got a call from Tibetan Chinese shaolin kung fu master named Chung Li. I’ve spoken with her once before. She’s a friend of the Poppy Lady and Finn Del Noor. She was describing, like I talked about last night—there are nine Arks.

TARA: Nine Arks of the Covenant! Not just one!

RAMA: Yes. And three of the Arks are underneath the Potala [Palace].* Chung Li was explaining to me today, these particular three Arks are glowing with this orangey-reddish glow just like the ziggurat is.  [A massive structure built in ancient Mesopotamia, with successively receding levels.] She said, “This is an imminent arrival of the galactic ambassadors coming in at this time.” It is concerning the situations going on in this country, as we’re watching the passion play going on, and King George has lost his crown, and he’s completely mad! To put it in a nice way.

And Lord Maitreya and the Wise Council of Elders are showing up!

TARA: He [Trump] is kind of smart like a fox in lots of ways, though. People are getting used to accepting his format where we know he’s not telling the truth, but entertainment live precedes it, you might say.

RAMA: Yeah, it is a twisted version of “bread and circus,” like in Rome.

TARA: Bernie Sanders gave a talk today, and he started off by saying, “This is an election between President Trump and democracy,” and that Trump is attempting massive voter suppression while he’s playing with his magic stories.

RAMA: Right. That don’t have any real basis. TARA: And Bernie Sanders right now is on The Rachel Maddow Show. RAMA: Continuing with this story with Chung Li, what she is saying, is that there is a peaceful outcome to this passion play. Then she sang to me John Lennon’s “Imagine all the people,” and this lady is really good with the way that she sings. It brought tears to my eyes!

TARA: She sang to you, Rama!

RAMA: Yes! CAROLINE: Rama, I'm sorry—when you say that the ambassadors are coming in, what do you mean? Coming into the Sun, or coming into the planet? That’s kind of an important point! RAMA: They are coming in to the planet right at this time! The galactic ambassadors that are connected to the Wise Council of Elders on Earth. TARA: Lord Maitreya.

RAMA: And Kuthumi and Sanaka Kumara, who is also known as Quetzalcoatl.

TARA: Sanaka Kumara—isn’t he also Kuthumi? RAMA: That’s another incarnation of Kuthumi, yes. TARA: Tuhuti is also another name for Kuthumi in Atlantean times. RAMA: Yes. TARA: Kuthumi’s the world teacher, so he shows up just about everywhere where civilizations decide to co-create with others.

RAMA: Yes! And Chung Li explained that right at this time, the energies are so massive with what’s coming in from the Sun and the other astrological aspects. And as we’re approaching this Full Moon, there are portals opening up everywhere. All kinds of beings are showing up. And any kind of magic and miracle you could think of could very well happen right now. At the same time, we are watching the dark side absolutely lose it, in living color. I have heard all kinds of rumors. And I will preface this by saying that I have gotten messages from Ray McGovern through Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat and other folks, that the good guys in the Pentagon, however you can imagine that— I mean, God forbid, but there are good people who serve in the sense, like Dr Greer describes—they serve in the greater whole for the greater good of awakening the planet to take the power back to We the People, not giving it to these false life forms that are part of the matrix. What I’m saying is, there could very well be a coup going on. This coup is the good guys showing up, because the Orange Beach Ball has lost it. So much so, that folks are taking the proper steps to ensure what we you could describe as a normal election. Yet I don’t think that’s possible, as both sides are compromised. Both sides. It’s like Jesse Ventura has described, “Both parties are corrupt to the core!” And money is not speech, and—

TARA: Corporations are not people!


TARA: Professor Richard Wolf was on Thom Hartmann today, and the title of his new book is The Sickness Is the System[: When Capitalism Fails to Save us From Pandemics or Itself]! That says it very concisely. The sickness on a global scale is the system! People have to know the truth, and the truth will set us free.

RAMA: Yes! What I could say about these things I have seen today, is that it reminds me—in the movie Thor and some of the other Marvel movies—the portal that was opening in the Sun with the Rainbow circles, is like when Heimdall opens the portal at Asgard, and the Rainbow rays come down, and it literally opens up this Rainbow Bridge that goes from the higher realms to Earth.

I believe this is what the Sun was showing me today in the plasma field, because this is going on right now, yet the present situation at hand—the false matrix, our media—is not going to cover these kinds of stories. They’re going to cover “If it bleeds, it leads!” and I’ll leave it there!

TARA: The thing I wanted to add, that Rama talked about yesterday, about the Arks of the Covenant, is the fact that as we stand in the presence of them, we become immortal.

I’ve been contemplating that! RAMA: It reminds me of Mr Keshe’s egg [Life Enhancement Unit]. You get in there and you get [plasma energy healing]— TARA: In two hours, or three hours—the kundalini is realigning all bodies. In other words, self-healing—I want to use the technology, in the sense that we ARE the technology. In the sense that the kundalini is the shaft, or they call it the shushuna, where our spiritual energy, our life energy, enters at the base of the spine, through the shushuna. And you know that Asclepius symbol, Herodotus used it, of two serpents spiraling up the shaft or Staff of Life, which is really the kundalini energy. And the serpents represent the male and female [energy]—the female is first, the Ida. And the male is the Pingala.

In a perfectly balanced spiral energy, the energy moves up the shushuna and it completely enhances our consciousness as we choose.

As Vinayak was saying, Asking is all that is required! It is required for permission, from those we would be asking for a way to be used, to bring more Light in.

And so again: “Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened, ask and it shall be given.” And it is being given instantaneously right now! Just opening up to these ideas. Rama has had some rather extraordinary, unusual experiences. And I have no way to not say so. I’ve been hanging out next to him—it’ll be 30 years! Somebody needs to get their pen on paper and start writing, real quick.

And now—that’s the other thing you were telling everybody yesterday, Rama. Was it Lady Nada, and—who was it?

RAMA: Natasha.

TARA: Yeah. They were telling you that the world is grabbing this talking stick. All over the world, the people are [speaking out]— President Trump took a little jaunt, and stood by the casket of Lady Master Ruth Bader Ginsburg today. She’s lying in state, outside the Supreme Court building.

I noticed in particular that he was wearing a mask, and he had his eyes closed. The people were chastising him. RAMA: They were booing! TARA: More clearly, they were saying in words, “Honor her wish!” They were asking him to honor her last wish, which was not to be replaced until the new presidency, whatever the next presidency term time is.

So I think she was very particularly speaking to the 20th of January, not just after the election. Yet we’ll see—every day something is changing!

Yet we’ll see, because every day, something is changing. That brings me to yesterday too—let’s quickly read this, because this is pretty enlightening: [Rama speaks] “I talked to Natasha today. She said to me, ‘Lord Rama, I am in New York City, still dealing with the United Nation’s business. ‘As we’ve passed through this autumn equinox, the dark side knows it’s End Game. All they have is fear and false stories about false gods—who are really the fallen Angels.

‘And this story is much larger than anyone knows.

‘Because it’s about the Fall of Atlantis, and in particular, Antarctica—’ “ [Tara interjects] Antarctica, for knowledge’s sake, is part of Atlantis. “ ‘—and what is to be revealed to the world.’ ”

There’s all kinds of things to be presented to the people of Earth from Antarctica!

RAMA: Antarctica was part of Atlantis. When the polar shift happened, that part of Atlantis sank to the South Pole.

TARA: And Dr Richard Hoagland has been there—I guess, through a submarine—because he was the head of NASA for a long time. And he said there’s a completely intact Atlantean White City a mile and a half below the surface of the ocean in Antarctica. Fully intact! There’s a book called Atlantis Rising and I think there’s some movies about that—

RAMA: Yes! It brings in a name that might sound a little silly, but not so silly, because there are mermaids and mermen, and Aquaman comes to mind! One of the Justice League superheroes in the DC Comics!

TARA: Is there some kind of story esoterically that you can tell about him?

RAMA: He represents the son of the King of Atlantis. There were 12 Kings, and they were benevolent kings, who followed the teachings of the original great Silent Watchers. They were called the Sofir and the Ossir. These are names of beings that have to do with the Bigfoot people, the Pleiadeans, the Sirians, and the Andromedans, who originally came when Earth was still being formed.

I don’t know how many eons [ago]. It’s hard to describe the timeframe, because Earth is much older than we’ve been told, and that’s going to be revealed. Graham Hancock sent out a tweet today show one of the pyramids in Saqqara in Egypt—it’s a bent pyramid. It’s an odd-shaped pyramid. Yet it’s one of the pyramids that— Let’s just say, he and a friend have discovered passageways into it that go into the vast underground network.

TARA: Oh—there’s two cities under there.

RAMA: Yeah. This goes under the Giza Plateau. I mean, there’s a spaceship under there. There’s all kinds of stuff we haven’t even heard about!

TARA: But they know about it, and they’ve already discovered it. They’ve just got their lips tightened!

Wow, so this is like the comic books! But they’re all telling a story that’s going to be helping the people to entertain our imaginations of what we believe in, in terms of magic, yet it’s all real!

RAMA: It all is!

TARA: Let’s go on, here: [Reading—Rama speaks] “There were NINE Arks of the Covenant, and they have unearthed six of them now. “ ‘President Putin has three of these Arks in safekeeping. The other three are in the Potala [Palace] in Tibet, under his holiness Dalai Lama’s protection.

“ ‘Very soon now, all these stories will be revealed about Earth’s ancient history, and the war in heaven and the war on Earth.

“ ‘We have won!

“ ‘Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice RBG lies in state. And I can tell you, Lord Rama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was NEVER a child trafficker. On the other hand, former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia headed up a global child trafficking ring. They were colleagues, and they had a good friendship.’ “

TARA: I just want to make it clear—Rama was told that this other business was kept completely separate from that [friendship]. They loved to go to operas together. They had family gatherings together.

[Reading] “ ‘Also, Justice Antonin Scalia was connected to the Epstein trafficking rings, and Larry King’s Franklin trafficking rings. And myriad—so many of our children have been abused. All of humanity is needing now to realize it’s time for all of us to say ENOUGH.

“ ‘Also, Scalia was a member of Opus Dei.’ ” If you have seen the movie—

RAMA: The Da Vinci Code. You kind of see how the members of Opus Dei deal with folks who cross them—they end up dead. It’s not a fun picture.

TARA: That particular group gets their orders from the black pope [from the “Black Nobility” of Europe, as it’s called].

RAMA: And he gets his orders from the Fallen Angels.

TARA: So when they’re sent out—as in The Da Vinci Code, he was all dressed in a white robe, a member of Opus Dei, and he went in after hours into the Louvre. This man who was the guardian of the Mona Lisa—there’s a map on the back of it, of the inner sanctums below the Earth in the Rose Cross Line—what do you call it?

RAMA: The Rose Line that goes through Rennes Le Chateau [in France]. It’s part of the Agartha network. Agartha and Shambala. All of these are tunnels and portals that go throughout the planet, that were part of all the super civilizations before the Flood.

TARA: This was her uncle, the female star in the movie. She was a descendant of the Rose Line, going directly back to Yeshua. So he [the uncle] left a scribbled note, and Tom Hanks’ [character] got a hold of it. So that brought together all this other material—paintings—that was part of her learning of how to bring the message of what she was responsible to do in her lifetime.

So this is what we’re doing now. Justice Scalia was a member of Opus Dei, doing the bidding of the Vatican, harming children. Just to make that clear. The Vatican has been at the seat of all of this. People think it’s all gone away. But what we’ve got to do now is that they’re still there until they’re not!

[Reading] “ ‘This story goes all the way back to the Fallen Angels, and I have got to leave it here, Lord Rama. “To Natasha, I said, ‘As I cross that big red line that we all know about, what more can you tell me about the Nine Arks of the Covenant?

“Natasha said to me, ‘As you stand in the presence of the arks, you become immortal.’ “ TARA: That takes it all! As you know as you can manifest any Ark in your consciousness, you are immortal! RAMA: Correct!

TARA: Accepting that, and that enlightened state of consciousness, might be a little bit more of a task! We’re very used to old timeline patterns.

“ ‘As I tell you anymore, you have got a new job, Lord Rama, and I have got a new partner, meaning you!’ ”

I said, “With all due respect, Lady Master, I serve within the banner of Love as a member of Lord [Captain] Ashtar’s bridge crew!”


* The Potala Palace is a dzong fortress in the city of Lhasa, in Tibet. The winter palace of the Dalai Lamas from 1649 to 1959, it is now a museum.

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