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Thursday, September 3, 2020

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RAMA: Today I went to go to see Professor Nicodemus and Dr Steve.

Professor Nicodemus and Dr Steve “escaped” from Los Alamos quite a few years ago, because they feared for their lives. Dr Steve is a nuclear physicist, and he refused to continue to make the technology to detonate nuclear bombs, as they’re upgrading their nuclear weapons. He left Los Alamos 15 or 20 years ago, with Professor Nicodemus, who’s a 4-foot rat. And that’s another story!

He is enlightened, in the sense that he got experimented on at Los Alamos [labs] with different kinds of chemicals and substances. They actually injected him with a form of nuclear radiation. He survived it, and became enlightened, let’s put it that way.

They talked to me today about these super-civilizations [that existed] before the [Great] Flood. Many of the these super-civilizations [that existed] before the Flood were goddess-based civilizations, and they honored the Feminine and the Holy Mother in all her forms.

They spoke about a super-civilization called Oz—[spelled] O-Z, just like in the movie. And Shamballa the Greater, which Sanat Kumara was in charge of—this was an actual civilizations on the surface of the planet. As things got a little wonky, and the energies descended, things went awry, and they moved these civilizations to the etheric physical.

Yet they were all goddess-based civilizations, and worked with the five elements. All the elemental beings, and the Archangels, and the solar logos, and the Ascended Masters that were coming to the planet at the time—all of this is returning at this time, because we’re in this grand cycle, like Greg Braden talks about.

Three major things are going on across the planet, in our present civilization: One is Climate Disruption.

Another one is ________ [lost connection briefly] The next one is Consciousness – And our consciousness is encompassing the idea that we are all One. Whether we’re blue or green, or purple with polka dots and blue antennae, we have a right to be on this planet and co-exist with each other.

This is what these two characters were talking to me about—how the energies are moving us in that direction, as all the indigenous elders around the planet are speaking quite loudly, and saying, “Listen to the faery lords, the elven lords, the hobbits, the Archangels—they’re all here, and they’re all saying, “You want to save this planet? Listen up!”

TARA: Also, Rama, you would agree, right, that when we’re talking about the goddess—there’s a goddess in all of us. It’s not about the gender. It’s about the energy.

RAMA: Right. Sex [gender] is not involved. It’s about magnetic and electrical energy. That’s a better way to put it.

TARA: Yes, and the Feminine is the magnetic energy in the physical body. That energy is in the right brain, yet it crosses over between the third and fourth cervical, and controls the left side of our physical body. So if there’s an issue with violation of the Feminine energy, it would show up in the body, in terms of the right side of the body, and the left side of the brain.

Same thing for the Masculine energy—and this is in everybody’s brain, and everybody’s body.

RAMA: We’ve got two hemispheres that we need to be using as one. Both halves of the brain working together.

TARA: Our right side is Feminine, before you get to the 3rd and 4th cervical. Then it transfers over to the left side of the body. And left side of the brain is Masculine, and it transfers over to the right side of the body, before the 3rd and 4th cervical.

You learn about that in medicine, and you learn about it [when studying] all kinds of healing treatment [modalities], so that you know how important it is. You might say there are seven cervicals, and there are seven rays of the rainbow, and seven laws of St Germain and the Violet Flame. So what we’re talking about is the Fourth Ray, which is the White Fire Core of Being, combined with Emerald Green. So that would apply to the cervical as well. RAMA: Yes!

TARA: The Fifth Ray is Lord Hilarion, and that’s about the Emerald Green as well, only that is particularly applied to physical healing. The Emerald Ray on the Fourth Ray with the White Fire Core of Being applies to the higher principles of consciousness. It would relate to Harmony. It would relate to the quality of Peace inside the heart.

Therefore, in the [spiritual gathering that is the] Circle, we would share from the heart, and we would have a spiritual path together. And Akhenaton and Nefertiti were co-regents together. They gave an example of co-equality between the Masculine and the Feminine in physicality, working with the principles of the male and female working equally in the spiritual realms.

We all have those qualities. It’s not about the gender. But that was the first time that example was given. It didn’t last a whole long time. There was all kinds of [destruction] going on then. And the dark priesthoods decided to choose war games. And Mother Sekhmet got her paws on the ground there, at that time. And Mother Sekhmet now says that Egypt at that time was the [center of the] darkest period in our whole history.

The teachings that were brought there to lift that up at that time, were the teachings of Isis and Osiris, Horus and Set, and Sekhmet. And there’s all these other teachings that go out from there. The Hathors—they’re the Cow people, right?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: They had a lot to say in the arbitration, in the Circle, and there was a Circle then too, right, Rama? And you had an incarnational pattern as Akhenaton, and the principles thereof.

RAMA: Yes, the teachings of the Sun, the solar disc.

TARA: So the focus of the teachings of the Sun, in Akhenaton’s time—

RAMA: And it was about how to use the mono-atomic gold, the gold dust, and how to become immortal. And the Amon priesthood didn’t want everybody to become mortal. Only them!

TARA: So they tried to steal mono atomic gold and run away. How’d that work out?

RAMA: Not so well!

TARA: [Laughs] So again—40 years in the desert, where there was starvation of spirit going on, and choosing to play war games. That was another reason why Sekhmet came there. Because at that time, there were many—Atlantis and Egypt. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis, and there were lots of people still living to 1,000 years or more with fifth dimensional consciousness.

RAMA: After the Flood, things changed.

TARA: Which was 6,000 years ago, give or take. So we’re talking about 4,000 BCE. Which really happened before Akhenaton and Nefertiti. So these civilizations were—I’m assuming they were quite long, in terms of time.

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: We might want to research and look into the civilization of Oz and the civilization of Shamballa the Greater, and learn more about those things.

Let’s get to this civilization-changer right now!

As Rama was saying, Professor Nicodemus and Dr Steve were referring to the Goddess energy coming back, and this whole period in between, which really started 13,000 years ago. About 10,500 BCE to 11,000 BCE till now. And before 10,000 BCE, was the Ice Age. The Ice Age butted right up against 10,500 BCE. It didn’t end till then. So we had cave dwelling going on. It was too cold to be on the surface. You had to go into caves or inside the Earth in order to survive.

So this is passing the talking stick, not in terms of Male or Female energy, but rather in terms of the teachings of the Goddess energy. It started in the new land of the West when our Founders spent 13 years in roundtable with the Iroquois Nation and their teachings of the Goddess, and the Grandmothers were the storytellers that brought it in.

Deganawida—another name for Yeshua or Sananda Kumara—was there, present! Our Founders were sitting in a circle with Deganawida. And Great White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lady Master Nada was there too. In Native American tradition, she’s called the Great White Buffalo Calf Woman.

They passed the stick with these presences that are embodied on the planet now as the King of Swords and Lady Master Nada.

They had an incarnational pattern to bring, in that time, in that Circle, these teachings. They were talking about bringing the Declaration of Independence into being, along with what they called the Confederacy, which was—

RAMA: The Articles of Confederation!

TARA: Articles of Confederation, which brought the six tribes together within the Iroquois Confederacy.

RAMA: Gene Roddenberry who created Star Trek studied these Art of Confederation. He put them together into the Star Trek story, about how the Confederation [of Worlds, called in the Star Trek series, "the United Federation of Planets"] was created, so they could create Peace in our local quadrant—our section of the galaxy.

TARA: Pretty intense, huh, Rama? RAMA: He learned this from George van Tassel. George van Tassel learned it from Ashtar!

TARA: And Randy here is announcing that in Austria, Keshe and all these healing chambers—10 of them coming to the United States. And was it 3 to Canada? And 3 to Thailand too!

CAROLINE: Can I just quickly ask, did Rama talk to any other contacts over the past few days?

RAMA: In the last few days, the stories that are going on, are about the increased insanity on the planet with the Orange Beach Ball and the increased move toward fascism. And the absolute lunatic stories going on, that I don’t know how to comment on it, other than to say, Stephanie Miller and some other folks like John Fugelsang have a better sense of humor [about it], because I might go over the edge with the four-letter words.

Because it is at that point, where if they are going to push it over the edge, we will see some events unfold, and En Shallah, God willing. Ashtar’s going to show up on that TV screen, and the rest will be history and herstory! I don’t know how to go any other way. CAROLINE: I’m looking forward to Ashtar showing up, I’ll put it that way! We’re skating a little close to the edge, and I’m sure we haven’t even seen the whole story yet.

RAMA: I heard stories today—Thom Hartmann or someone was talking about how Trump is getting crazy enough, that he would declare martial law on a whim. CAROLINE: Well, I’ve been waiting for that. He’s hinted at it. That would keep him, he figures, in office, and stop the election from happening.

RAMA: He would suspend the constitution, in the event of certain cities losing it with the police, and he [thinks] he has to send in the Mad Max guys with the guns.

CAROLINE: Have anyone given you any indication that the White Knights step in and intervene at that point?

RAMA: Of course! Yes! [If] they were going to push this to that edge, there are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who would direct the Provost Marshal General to engage the US marshals, and then we would see a different sort of event going on!

TARA: Well, maybe I’ll go back to Monday, since it’s been a while since we’ve been together: Rama said, “I went up to the very top of the mountain, then I hiked higher to the platform of the ski lift. It was 11:45 this morning. There I created a Jedi Council. In the Council, the nameless ones—"

RAMA: Dodi & [Princess] Di.

TARA: Dodi & Di. Monday was the 31st—and that was the [anniversary of the] killing of the clones of Dodi, Di and Henri Paul on the 31st of August [1997, in Paris].

RAMA: And to reiterate—JFK Jr. is not alive! Q-Anon and all the other deep state players are playing with very dangerous, not-nice stories. TARA: Disinformation! RAMA: COMPLETE disinformation! Don’t even go there! It has already been stated: Q-Anon is a domestic terrorist organization, within this country, along with the NRA.

TARA: That’s true. Anyway, let’s work with the energies at a higher level, and remain neutral as we’re reporting these things. So let’s go back to this story, in the Jedi Council—it was the Nameless Ones [Dodi and Diana], with the Poppy Lady, Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat [a Paschat], Sweet Angelique the Cat [a Paschat], and Feen Del Noor. Feen Del Noor is a Sasquatch person, and she has a starship. And two and a half years ago, she taught the Poppy Lady how to navigate that starship. It took about six months, then they traded places, and Feen Del Noor got into the co-pilot seat, and the Poppy Lady got into the pilot seat, where she’s been ever since.

So now we have a Faction Three White Knight [Poppy Lady] working with members of the Ashtar Command, as Sasquatch are, navigating a starship!

So you might say the Ashtar Command is here! That’s called intervention! On that starship, Feen Del Noor has what you call an Emergency Medical base. She’s an emergency medical technician of the Ashtar Command kind. So they have all kinds of advanced technologies on that ship, which they definitely need. They’ve been rescuing people who have been shot by the US soldiers, primarily, and taking them there, and beaming them onto the ship so they can get emergency treatment, so they do not die.

And like Keshe’s technology—they have that technology there too. Keshe’s technology takes about three hours, in that egg [healing chamber] he has. In that medical base ship, they have a technology like that, and it takes two hours [to heal someone]. No matter how many injuries, how many close to death experiences these people are having, within two hours, every wound, every injury physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually are completely healed. They have a brand new body.

They’re not just talking recently. They’re talking all the way back. We’ve got another galactic commander in there!

So they all said, “Lord Rama, this is the time. This is the place! This current moment we have now can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. The quantum field has been reached, and it is tipped in our favor. “Pay no attention to the false ideology being put out there, like the false Cold War Red Scare—the ‘Soviet threat.’ That quote, ‘The Russians are coming!’ which was put out in the ‘60s. All of that is maya [illusion].We are at a most magnificent moment in this planet’s evolutionary leap in consciousness. “Meanwhile, there is an active coup d’état in the top levels of our upper military. We can give no dates.”

They’re talking about a coup d’état in favor of the Light! The entire military! Do you want to say anything about that, Rama?

RAMA: Just that the absolute disregard and dishonoring of the constitution and the military by this so-called president, ‘cause he wasn’t actually elected—it was smoke and mirrors that put him in, and the Supreme Court, and the electoral college, and the Vatican. Because we are playing with this story about the Fallen Angels. This is the real deal.

TARA: The Vatican put out a candidate on both sides that are unqualified. Hillary is no more qualified to be president. She’s got cleverness, but she’s been a hologram for a very long time.

RAMA: It’s a horse of a different color, of the different factions of the 13 Families, and the Democrats kind of have a gentler side. Yet they are just— I pass the talking stick!

TARA: [Laughs] Just to remind everybody, all of the 13 Families and all of their minions—meaning the corporate world, globally—plus the Vatican, are all broke. And that’s been going on for at least three weeks now.

RAMA: Warren Buffet is really biting his nails!

TARA: Yes, and that’s another good thing— A brother of ours told us, contacting people in Germany, then the German people reporting—what’s being said over there, is that the wealthy ones over there are being told by their big banks where they’re holding their monies, that in the next couple of months, those monies will be diminishing, rapidly. They’ve been put on notice.

Also, there are already very wealthy people who don’t have anything in their bank [accounts]. There are people who, for a long time, they’ve got a name or a title, or they’re amongst the circles of the rich, but they don’t really have anything. There was a description of these people--some of them, they don’t have any furniture int their house. They just have a bed, and that’s it.

But they get invited to these big parties where they’re doing coke and playing with women and all the rest of it. They’ve been living like this for a long time. So there’s just an appearance going on there.

[Resumes reading Rama’s update] “So no date, yet these events are rapidly unfolding with Faction Three White Knights’ help. “This is the most intense time ever! Practice patience, balance, and loving neutrality.

“We will be seeing you very soon, Lord Rama! Namaste!”

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