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Faction Three White Knight News Update - September 10, 2021

From The Abundance Group Call, held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday

5:45 PM Pacific Time / 8:45 PM Eastern [US & Canada]

September 8, 2021 See for more info

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RAMA: I talked to Natasha today, and she said that there is a war going on, and it is a war on consciousness. Because everyone is waking up like never before.

The Light coming in from the Sun is helping that happen. And the matrix is continuing to collapse, and there are more and more revelations coming out about how deep this story goes, back to the original story of creation, that got a little twisted along the way. Other extraterrestrial races that came here that didn’t have exactly the best intentions, and this ties in with the Nephilim and the Fallen Angels, leading up to right now with the global power controllers, who are in their last desperate moments.

What Natasha is telling me, is that we’ve already won. Yet we have to complete this moment in time. Since all Time is Now, it’s just right in this moment. It might seem like the darkest hour, yet it’s not.

I just keep seeing more and more all the different kingdoms and queendoms coming forth now, right into this realm.

It’s quite amazing to behold! That’s what I heard today.

TARA: More and more stories coming to Light. Everyone’s talking about stories about the Light. That’s my experience, in all the things I’m watching.

There was a lady who called in to The Thom Hartmann Show. She said, “I have been here [in the United States] almost 50 years. I came from now Czech Republic."

TARA: Before it was the Czech Republic it was a chunk or a piece of Austria and Hungary—that history, blending those two chunks of real estate, of the Vatican nature, knowing that’s the original cause of this whole story.

I was just chatting with my sister, and I realized so much that the [sexual assault] accusations against Tom Hanks—that all has to do with how they are so furious with him, and what he did by making [a movie based on] Dan Brown’s [novel] The Da Vinci Code. If that wasn’t knocking it out of the park, and nailing the Vatican for its true nature, then he did the next one, Angels and Demons, and it just looked like it was getting into the weeds.

We’re very much now coming into the final book, which is called—

RAMA: The Lost Symbol. Which is about these rogue power controllers who are using their last best efforts to create absolute—the only way I can describe it is, playing in the lower astral realms to create chaos on the planet, and we must, within ourselves, rise above it. And it’s a challenge every day with all the energies going on. Yet they are being exposed all over the place, in the sense of the stories coming out of these gigantic portals all over the planet that have been used to bring different folks through from the different galactic realms.

These portals are reactivating themselves because of the Light coming in from the Sun, and our raising up of our own energies in synchronicity with this, and these 13 Families know this. Blaze the Violet Fire!

TARA: And this lady, being here for 50 years, she said, “I came from the new Czech Republic, where a group was more important than the one person. And here, in America, it was just the opposite.

"The one person is more important than that group. What I noticed, is that people are unaware of their effect on others.” That covers so much ground! Then she said, “I would like to read to you and your audience, Thom, a quote from Albert Einstein: ‘The American nation is a nation of people who have gone from barbarianism to decadence without becoming civilized.’ ”

TARA: Then Thom broke the silence and said, “Yeah, and how selfishness can echo through our society as a whole.”

And I mean, this is our story. So it’s time for the Ascension process, that interrupts this “barbaric decadence” that we’re all still in.

“The Senate Filibuster is Another Monument to White Supremacy: Tear It Down.” This is by David Litt. He wrote this article in The Atlantic in June 2020. He is a speech writer for President Barack Obama.

[Reads article – go to:]

From A Night at the Roundtable

September 9, 2021, Station 2

Thursdays at 6:00 PM Pacific Time / 9:00 PM Eastern [US & Canada]

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RAMA: Greetings, everyone!

TARA: All you commanders, eagles, and Angels! I just wanted to say that I can feel it, and I think others are feeling this—it’s coming to pass. Everything in prophecy is coming to pass, and we are the ones that are making it so!

Right, Rama?

RAMA: Yes! And I just wanted to share with everyone in loving presence: Our brother Cody went over the rainbow last night.

TARA: Last night at 10:30 Pacific Time Cody made his transition. Well actually, the hospital “pulled the plug.” A lot of our brothers and sisters are on the Other Side in the last short little time.

So Shirley [Bolstok]’s there to assist Cody. We have another brother—his name is Adam, and his beloved’s name is Karen. We had the joy of spending time with Adam and Karen because they moved here from Detroit, and Cheryl [Croce] introduced us. Adam has carried a mission that’s quite amazing. Rama’s been connected to Akhenaton and that path, and Adam’s been connected to the path of Tut.

And Rama’s connected with the Ashtar Command, and Adam with [Ascended Master] Djwal Kuhl. Djwal Kuhl came through him. I’m using the past tense, but he’s still here. He’s doing something very unique: he’s celebrating that he’s leaving. He had a heart attack not too many days ago, and he was airlifted from Taos to St Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe. The doctors told Karen they didn’t expect him to live through the night. Adam made it through the night.

So Karen and Adam in the hospital, they worked something out, so that now, with help, Adam is in a hospice in Taos. And in full knowledge of the transition at hand, they are walking with Joy.

I wanted to share that, because there’s something I learned from growing up with a lot of people of a different aspect of celebration. It was more solemn and somber and sad when you go to the Catholic funerals. I went to some funerals with the Pentecostals, and they are singing and dancing and celebrating, and just in sheer Joy. It’s a shock to the system, if you grow up in one sense and you come to the next. In the midst of what’s been going on here—what a contribution, to celebrate the transition like that! There is no veil! I think I heard Mother say that.

RAMA: She’s said it many times! I’ve said it many times!

TARA: You’ve heard that the veil is very thin, at the end of April into the beginning of May. What’s that period called? And then in October, on the 31st—that’s the other one. Beltane is the one in April into May, and the other at Halloween is Samhain.

I bring those up because those are the times when the idea that there is no veil becomes much more experiential. And we’re in that kind of energy, in terms of where we’re at with the big story right now. And I think Rama will share the Updates, since last Friday till now. Just keep in mind, they have been telling us so many times now: We are walking through to the Sat Yuga! And we were discussing this yesterday on Caroline’s Abundance Call, and this is not down the road. It’s happening now, now and Now!

Anything unlike Love that comes up right now, it’s clearing. It’s a gift. It’s a gift to clear something that maybe got overlooked, or has been buried so deep that finding its way back to the surface so it can get cleared—the energies of the astrology are just persistent. They are unrelenting in that way. So with that in mind, Let’s pass the talking stick to you, my brother Rama!

RAMA: This is September 3rd, Friday:

I received a text message from Larry, Curly and Mo. They said to me, “Lord Rama, the frequencies of Light are overcoming the realms of darkness. We are the ones who said long ago that we would show up. The time is now!

“All the masters, Angels, teachers are here. As we ask to be of service, they will show up! Be careful what you ask for! “If a 15-foot-tall blue-eyed Angel shows up as the Asgard Thor, do not be afraid. All these folks come in the name of Peace and Love. [RAMA: And I can attest to that!] “Stay in the Violet Flame. This time is very intense. Blaze the Violet Fire! Sat Nam. Namaste!"

This is Monday, September 6: [Reading] I went and sat in the plasma field today. It was 11:15 AM. I found myself in my merkaba vehicle, orbiting the Sun again. [RAMA: If you can visualize this and experience this, it’s just so awesome to behold, because we can all do this!]

This time I saw many rainbow rays going from our Sun Sol in a large arc to Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius—it’s like across the galaxy.

Then I saw a violet flame arc of Light going back to our Sun Sol from Galactic Center. At this point, I saw words that showed up in the plasma field—they just formed: “Things are going to get even hotter in the kitchen. Ride this wave with Peace and Love and Divine Neutrality.”

[RAMA: And we are seeing this, right as you’re seeing the dramas unfold right now in the Matrix.]

This is the New Moon today [Monday], as well as Rosh Hashanah, the start of the high holy days of the 10 Days of Awe, or Repentance, that lead to Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish new year.

On that day, the Book of Life is opened. It’s about what is unfolding right at this time, which is Grace and Love. Blaze the Violet Fire. Namaste!

On Tuesday, September 7, I got a message from his Holiness the Dalai Lama: “We all have the responsibility to educate our brothers and sisters. Inner values are the ultimate source of happiness. Not money and weapons, whether you’re talking about individual or the whole of humanity.”

And yesterday, Wednesday:

I got an intuition to go up Canyon Road to the Tea House. It was 11:30 AM. And sure enough, Natasha was there, and had a cup of hot herbal tea waiting for me—maccha green tea with coconut milk, as I like it.

Then Natasha said to me, “Lord Rama, there is a war going on. It is about the war on consciousness. It is about what is happening right now, as this fallen matrix tries to upgrade itself to the Internet of Things [RAMA: And we’re seeing that right now, every single day], which is the so-called “smart grid” of 5G, 6G, 7G—the AI they plug into the back of your head. RAMA: It’s everywhere, and it’s all for malintent. It is not for the highest good of all concerned. I need to say that, because the consciousness of the Universe does not control. It’s about Love.

[Resumes reading report] “At this time, our planet is surrounded by trillions and trillions of starships [this is Natasha still speaking], and so many ancient masters and teachers. It goes to infinity. In spite of the fact that on the surface, Earth looks like Mordor.”

RAMA: Send the Violet Flame to Yemen and Afghanistan! [Resumes reading] “We are creating Nirvana. Stay in the three-fold flame, and blaze the Violet Fire! Expect Magic and Miracles at this time! Sat Nam! Namaste!

Thursday—today: I received a text message from King of Swords at 11:30 this morning.

He said to me, “Lord Rama, in this time of great transfiguration, come forward and speak about your financial requirements.”

RAMA: We are in a very tight spot, with our situation at the moment.

TARA: We got to eat tonight, but there’s no more food, and no more money.

RAMA: I’ve got half a tank of gas to get through the next day or two, or three!

TARA: So if you could be generous, everyone—it’s the end of the story, and there’s a lot of challenges for a lot of folks. For whatever reasons, here we are! This has been something that takes every single one of us. The assignment here is for all of us to collectively walk through the accountability, and the redistribution of the wealth.

RAMA: Then the King of Swords went on to say: “I want you all to know this: We have won! The fallen Matrix continues to collapse. As the old patriarchy, or the white male fascists—”

[RAMA: And we don’t really know what real fascism is—I would just say, there’s a tweet out there by George Takei, who played Mr Sulu in the Star Trek original series. All throughout the war, he and his family were put in an internment camp in this country.

They know what it’s about, when you’re rounded up, and it’s not pretty. Blaze the Violet Fire! These guys [the 13 Families and the Vatican] are in their twilight. Send them more Love.] [Resumes reading report] “We are in a new cycle, a new timeline. And there might just be an old wizard who knows the whole story here, AKA Gandalf the White or Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, who knows fully well that JFK Sr is alive and well, and among the living.

"Jack will be back! I will attest to this! Sat nam! Namaste!”

TARA: A really good way is to send via PayPal, because it’s quick, to send a contribution. But we’ll take any kind of snail mail [donation] too!

RAMA: Yes, we will! We are so grateful to be here and to be alive, and to share this wisdom. Because it is transforming before our very eyes, even though it is a challenge to stay in that high-heart neutral place, when you are physically seeing Mordor around you, and the agents of Sauron, AKA the Gestapo. The folks at the airport. I’ll keep it clean!

TARA: Yes, we’re sending Love to this whole situation. I would just say, the beauty of the people helping people—it’s just tremendous!

RAMA: Yes! A happy story I heard, that is actually happening right now—I heard this on Native America Calling earlier this week— Chairman Archibald of the Lakota people, and also Jonathan Nez [President] of the Dineh—the Navajo people—they have gotten together with Mike Reynolds, who builds the Earth ships. And they are going to be building Earth ships and tiny houses on various reservations on Native American land, to help the people who are homeless, who don’t have houses, and are having to deal with this illness I will call koyaanisqatsi—life out of balance.

On Native America Calling they were talking about how it’s so exciting to help people build homes. Mike Reynolds is teaching people how to build the Earth ships with tin cans, bottles, trash—whatever you need.

They’re also using hemp-crete, which is actual hemp that you can buy commercially. You can buy hemp-crete off the internet. Jeff Bezos sells it on Amazon, but he doesn’t need your money. I’m just saying that hemp-crete is available on the planet, and you can use it to build houses along with many tings, like the Earth ships. I helped to build Earth ships up in Taos in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and it is just amazing to see magical castles and all kinds of houses you can create in your consciousness.

We have here in Santa Fe some Earth ships, kind of along [Route] 599, which is an alternate route that goes to 285/84 North, and you can see these Earth ships from 599. And they just look like castles right out of Europe. It’s so cool!

CAROLINE: Can you explain a bit, for those who haven’t had much connection to Earth Ships—what does that mean? Are they handmade houses, made out of salvage materials?

RAMA: If you type in “Earth Ships” into a search engine, preferably instead of Google, you will see the images of the Earth ships.

They’re made from mud or adobe—that’s what we originally used in Taos. And you use straw for the insulation.

With the hemp-crete, it doesn’t rot from the inside or create moisture, so there’s no problems with the interior walls. And no mold.

TARA: And some of these Earth ships have indoor gardening going on, 24/7, all year round.

RAMA: They have passive solar heating. They have active solar heating. Some folks are working on trying to create Tesla energy for the Earth ships, so they don’t have to hook up to the grid.

TARA: They literally have gardens growing inside, with trees and everything, all year round. And they have a water system that recycles all the time, and they can be pretty good-sized.

RAMA: Some of these houses are 3,000 square feet, 4,000 square feet. That’s big! Imagine what you could do with that!

TARA: And they’re built sometimes into the side of a hill. They’re using all kinds of techniques for how they can be built. If you’ve got your house facing a certain direction, it’s like being inside.

CAROLINE: A lot of people on the reservations don’t have electricity or plumbing, to this day. And they are so hampered in terms of running their own businesses, because most of the reservations don’t have reliable internet. Some don’t have any. I’m just hoping that this whole initiative you’re talking about won’t be stopped by some crazy official in Bureau of Indian Affairs who comes down there and says, “You can’t do this on government land.” I’ve thought about this before, that tiny houses might be a good solution for Native people on the reservations, because some of those houses are not habitable, or [they're] getting that way. Some are fine, but some are not fit for habitation.

RAMA: Some of the Taos Pueblo where Robert Mirabal lives, and many other folks I know from Taos Pueblo—to this day, they don’t have electricity in parts of it, and they’ve never had electricity. And it has to do with the culture of inequality.

TARA: Yes, and that’s coming to an end very rapidly, everybody. It still looks like Mordor at the moment. I wanted to mention Ray McGovern. Over five presidencies, he spent 27 years as a CIA analyst, and he knows more than anybody. Hillary Clinton and friends gave him leukemia, and he went down to something like 80 pounds, and he nearly died. This was in 2005. He beat it, though he was still skinny as a rail.

He came on Free Speech TV, and he did a full hour, and he told the people the whole story, about what the dark ones did. He made it very clear that as we call him in the writing, Gandalf the White. He made it very clear that he’s not cutting his hair or his beard till they release Julian Assange from prison. So he’s got a white, white beard all the way down to his belly button, and he’s got hair all the way down his back—white, white hair. And he really does look like Gandalf the White! But back then, he told the people that this condition he was given was to remove him from being able to speak to the people, and he said, “I’m going to speak it all the way. I’ve nothing to lose. And I’m still here.” And he did, and that was the only time it was aired. It was only aired one time, and then it just disappeared off the board.

And there was another one that was aired in 1997 I think it was, right at the beginning of Amy [Goodman]’s show [], called Afghan Massacre: A Convoy of Death, and that shows this country’s atrocity [against the Afghani people].

RAMA: What we did in the first few months after 9/11, believing the lies told by the deep state that Afghanistan did it. Afghanistan, Iraq—nobody did 9/11 but our own government to us. The deep state.

TARA: The Afghan massacre was done by Gen Tommy Franks. Gen Franks is the father of the Bush twins. Bush Jr didn’t make any babies!

RAMA: Jimmy Carter is in that story too. TARA: No, Jimmy Carter is a Kennedy. He’s the brother of JFK Sr, and his [real] father was Joseph Kennedy. They share the same father. We were just thinking of him [JFK Sr] too, and he’s up there, and he said, “I’m sticking around! I’m here to witness NESARA!”

And we’ll see what happens after that! And he will tell all the people that [Pres Carter] is his brother. All the stories will come to light.

[Describes article in The Atlantic on the filibustergo to:]

[Discussion with callers follows; co-host Caroline brings up issue of abortion being outlawed in Texas after the sixth week of a pregnancy]

RAMA: King of Swords has said to me, this is uncannily close to what the Nazis were doing during WWII—putting out posters warning women who were thinking of getting abortions.

Racially profiling people who were gay, people who were gypsies—people who were magickal folks at that time, who Hitler wanted to get rid of because of this idea of ethnic cleansing. Ultimately what’s going on in Texas has to do with, like the King of Swords called them—"male, white fascists” are creating the atmosphere so that people of color don’t have any form of legal recourse. That they are less than animals.

This is where Goddess gets to come in!

And I’m not condoning violence, but Goddess knows what to do. Because this is a violation against Creation.

TARA: The reason they’re being so bizarre and doubling down like this, is because you can’t stop the Feminine from coming in. The whole next year is triple Feminine energy. You might say, that’s the biggest threat to the white male supremacy movement!

CAROLINE: Yes, but when you talk about the whole next year being triple Feminine energy, you’re talking about what you’re seeing astrologically, Tara?

TARA: The next year is 2022—the number 2 is Divine Feminine energy. So it’s got three of them in there.

If you add them up, it’s a 6, and 6 is Lady Master Nada. That’s Divine Goddess! Lady Master Nada is overlighting the whole next year!

[For remainder of discussion, see show replay at, usually posted within a week of the show’s broadcast]

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