Faction Three White Knight News Update - September 18, 2020

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

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TARA: Greetings!

RAMA: Thank you everyone, for being here now!

TARA: [Referring to co-host Randy Miller’s update on the rollout of new Keshe Foundation healing technologies – see Randy’s posts at]

What Keshe represents, is the Mahdi.[1] You could say that’s a modality for the whole human race. This is a modality of Peace, Transformation, Mindfulness, Truth, Freedom, Truth, Freedom, and Divine Justice. This is Divine Justice! Everybody can heal with this technology! I thought to myself, when Randy said he [M T Keshe] is doing this in Europe first, “That makes sense!” That’s where the oldest money is! Get those people in there, or whoever’s willing, and not so happy with having that modality of life.

There’s an opportunity now for everybody to choose the experience. What’s Love—it’s the experience, then being able to pass that on. Randy, tell me if I’m not right. He has got a grasp on the energy of the power of the kundalini force of energy itself, right? RANDY: The Life Enhancement Unit Machine that’s on display in Linz, Austria, has the universal energy of Peace in it. That is the master machine that will broadcast that energy to all the other machines. And you could say, Yes, the kundalini of Peace. Absolutely true.

TARA: Thank you! That’s exactly what I thought! This is what I’m feeling too, when Rama’s giving an update in the last two weeks or month, and people get antsy and say, “All right already! Where’s the next step?!”

So I guess I’ll read yesterday’s update.

[Reading Rama’s report] “Yesterday, between 10 and 11 this morning—no, this is Tuesday—is that OK, Rama? OK. This is Tuesday: “Between 10 and 11 this morning, I headed up the mountain, and near the top, I turned onto the back road heading down the mountain again. TARA: And that back road goes completely down the other side of the mountain and down, and you end up in [New Mexico town] Pasuki [sp?]. But even higher up, there’s Rio Rancho, and then above that is where the back road begins, up the mountain, and then all the way up to the top.

The day before that, on Monday, he went up the back road and had a chat with some ravens—we’re talking about wing spans somewhere between 5 and 6 feet each, so that’s a 10 to 12 foot wing span. He had about six of those in the first meadow on Monday, then some deer and some magpies. [To Rama] Anything else?

RAMA: I didn’t see anything else, except the energies!

TARA: I was thinking maybe a squirrel or two was hanging around. RAMA: No. TARA: That’s right—it’s a meadow. The point we’re making here, is “On this Tuesday, along that road, I found another small meadow. So not too far down at all. Then four ravens—could have been four of those six ravens that visited me yesterday. They never forget a face either, you know. Same as crow medicine—and five different deer showed up.

“For a while we all sat in the meadow together. Then Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat called. “He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, we are in the last days, and the old timeline is going and going, and then it’s suddenly gone.

“ ‘At the moment, Lord Rama, the Schumann Resonance is getting higher and higher than ever before. And then suddenly, there comes a flash from the Sun, Sol, that shoots across our solar system, and ends up in the center of our Milky Way galaxy at 27 degrees Sagittarius. And we will be seeing a New Heaven and a New Earth, in the twinkling of the eye. “ ‘Stay in that centered moment! I will be showing up for dinner sometime soon. I like eco-wine red, organic. One glass, please!’ Sat Nam! Namaste! NESARA Now!’ ” Is that what the man said, Rama?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Wednesday: [Reading Rama’s report] “I got a tweet today from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat. It was [a photo] of a fully decloaked elliptical starship over New Jersey, and it was moving very low. “It had a light under its belly. Many people on a major highway in New Jersey pulled over, got out of their cars, got their cellphones, and starting filming and taking pictures.

“Much excitation, exclamation, was all about! People speaking Spanish, English, and other languages. Words in colorful metaphors. Words of total surprise!”

“Meanwhile—” TARA: I always laugh when I hear that word, and Rama’s been saying it in a lot of reports—it reminds me of a little segment that our brother [Faction Three White Knight] Stephen Colbert does—he used to do it every night—called “Meanwhile”!

[Reading Rama’s report] “The total collapse of the matrix continues. There are rumors now that Congress has found out about the Secret Space Program, and they are furious. An article in Forbes magazine that was all about it, said [quoting Congress members], “We were not told about this, and this is a national security breach!”

RAMA: Congress knows fully well what’s going on! Many members! And the story is much deeper than our media is discussing.

TARA: And the reason they’re furious is because they’re getting exposed!

RAMA: They are caught!

TARA: They are caught with their pants round their ankles! “Tom the Cat said: ‘Lord Rama, they—meaning the folks who run the Secret Space Program, which is NASA, meaning “Not A Straight Answer”—NASA is a front for the Secret Space Program, which is connected with the deep state. “ ‘All of its secret three-letter [intelligence] agencies that lead into the black budget. See Dr Greer’s movie, Unacknowledged! This is a doorway and a half!’ ”

We’ve been listening to Dr Greer for decades, literally, and everybody was wondering what he was smoking every time he opened his mouth back then.

I just wanted to recall that our sister Rainbird and others, and Rama & Tara and our sisters who lived there, who would come to our conference calls in those days—we lived near the university in Asheville in North Carolina, and there were 600 people there attending, and he [Dr Greer] was the presenter. As people were coming in, he had this film going on, and it was a good half an hour, and there were [images of] fully decloaked craft of every kind from all over the world.

And you just sat there and went, “OH!” This was professors and teachers at the college and other visiting colleges [in the audience], and us, and Rainbird, Rita, another sister who is really connected with all of us, and has a precocious starship lady master for a daughter. I’m very glad to say that the SSP, which we’re discussing here, [as if] to spite the nose on its face, has introduced Dr Greer to the world, and that’s pretty much what that message from yesterday was about, right?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: [Reading report] “Today, I received a call from Kathryn. She’s in London.

“She said to me, ‘Lord Rama, Mr Crazy [British Prime Minister] Boris [Johnson] in the UK, as crazy as President Trump is over here in DC, is trying to change the rules on Brexit.

TARA: Northern Ireland is kind of a bone of contention you might say in Boris’s—he doesn’t appreciate that piece of it.

[Reading] “ ‘Boris wants to do budget cuts—[TARA: in the middle of a pandemic, where tens of millions of people in Ireland are just as troubled with their lives as we are here]. “ ‘He wants to do budget cuts, trying to take away the people’s social welfare system. Many ministers of Parliament do not support this at all. “Kathryn continued: ‘The International Democrat Union is a satanic ritual right-wing hate group. They have committed crimes against humanity on a global scale.’ ” TARA: And you can tell they’re not democrats, when they say “Democrat Union”—you don’t say that, unless you’re an extreme right-wing hate group. Because their emphasis is on the last three letters of that word—RAT!

[Reading report] “ ‘Meanwhile, out in the orbit of Saturn, the Solar Galactic Councils are meeting on an orbiting moon around Saturn. They are meeting, cussing and discussing the dark side over here on Mother Gaia, planet Earth. “ ‘They are speaking of the real possibility and probability that the dark side is using its toys from Area 51 in a final power grab. This is not going to work! Beloved Ascended Master St Germain is at this particular Council meeting, and he is saying, in not so many words: ‘Expect Me!’ ”

[To Rama] Was he speaking to the whole planet? To everybody?

RAMA: He was speaking to the Council Members, as well as Earth! All of us! Because ultimately he’s in charge of this experiment of the New Atlantis called America.

TARA: The United States of Altea America! Those terms are in a manuscript in St Germain’s own handwriting, and that’s in something called the Bruton Vaults. And those vaults are located underneath—

RAMA: In a Williamsburg churchyard in Williamsburg, Virginia.

TARA: It’s called the Bruton Parish Church. They did a little bit of renovating at the entranceway, but everything else is intact and maintained. When you go in there, you feel like something is under your feet! It’s right at the entrance. There is a graveyard, then there’s a tombstone that is no more than 30 feet from the entrance. The graveyard is all grass, and it looks just like a cemetery, and you can walk there. Rama took a photo of me in front of that. It’s got the calligraphy and the writing says “Sir Francis Bacon” there—it’s not him in the grave, but it’s a quote from his Order of the Quest, which is St Germain’s handwriting to the Order of the Quest. It’s one of talks he gave. It’s one of the manuscripts of the teachings of which the United States of Altea America, this land, the I AM Race—is Ascending by the leadership by the people that choose to be here. Right here on Turtle Island. That’s what that Bruton Parish Church is all about. That’s what the Bruton Vaults contain. They contain Kuthumi’s Emerald Tablets of Thoth—what else?

RAMA: The King James version of the Bible. TARA: The revised edition of the King James version of the Bible, which calls off the Vatican, every other line! And that was written by—Lord Kuthumi? No—by St Germain.

CAROLINE: It was Sir Francis Bacon. I’m sorry to interrupt—most people don’t realize. It was St Germain, in his life as Sir Francis Bacon, who had powerful influence even over the version of the King James version that we have. And apparently it’s full of codes. Full of symbolism and energy codes, but sorry—go ahead!

TARA: Do you know why? CAROLINE: Well, he was working as an Ascended Master, and also, yes—he was facing down the Vatican. And trying to impress upon people enlightenment and not just religion and its rituals, but if you’ve got more information, I’m happy to hear it! TARA: Yes—the important things is that he is the son of Elizabeth I, right then and there. He was the heir to the throne of England, but nobody knew that he was her son. That happened, and there was a reason for it. At birth, the Bacon family—she [Anne, Lady Bacon] was having a child at the same time that Queen Elizabeth, in her retreat, was having a child. And her [Lady Bacon’s] child was stillborn. So they just traded [the babies, so that Sir Francis was raised by the Bacon family].

There’s no mention of that other than inside knowledge where it was passed along—this or that vein of the story. But the story was that Sir Francis Bacon was intended to be heir to the throne in France, and that got pretty close [to happening]. He had all kinds of extended access, like you were saying, because of that.

In the Bruton Vaults—we’ll talk about that the next time we have the show, but that is the key! Everything in there is where we’re at in terms of what we’re accomplishing.

[Reading] “Marie Bauer was told that the vault contains Elizabeth I’s wedding ring, while others say that the vaults contain the missing crown jewels of Queen Elizabeth I—” RAMA: That is true!

TARA: And our sister [Princess] Diana was Elizabeth I! That’s been verified in many places.

[Reading] “—as well as other significant objects missing from the British court. “It is also believed the vaults contain a quantity of gold and silver, documented proof of Bacon’s royal lineage, and original edition of the Bacon-edited King James Bible, as well as notes and documentation of the committee’s work, inventions that were ahead of its time, and a device that will enable their codes to be deciphered.

“Still others say that the vault contain books from the library of Benjamin Franklin, as well as drafts of what would become the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

“The vault also contains the key to the location of similar vaults in the various nations of the world, and is also said to contain instructions, maps, and documents that lead to 144 sacred burial sites all over Europe, and vaults of certain forefathers, patriots, and early leaders in our country, that in turn contain original writings—diaries, journals, and documentation that will convey the ideology of our forefathers, and prove how history has been rewritten today to reflect the bias of certain political leaders in this country.”

TARA: This is all going to be exhumed before the people once NESARA is enacted. RAMA: Yes!

TARA: This place is owned by the Rockefellers, and the Rockefellers are broke now. It all goes back to the people, including every square inch of what they own. Everything I’m reading about here is being given back to the people by the Faction Three White Knights. And St Germain is in charge of this project, everybody!

[Reading] “Because of Bacon’s status as a high-ranking member of the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, some researchers believe the vault contains secret codes, diagrams, and documents, including ancient writings that had been in the possession of certain secret societies.

“One such artifact is The Book of Thoth, which had been retrieved from a golden box out of an inner sanctuary in an ancient Egyptian temple. It is connected to Hermes Trismegistus, who was [Lord] Kuthumi in that lifetime, the Godfather of Alchemy—and the Emerald Tablet or Tablet of Destiny. It reveals a formula that contains the Seven Transformations of Alchemy, that lead to an accelerated spiritual evolution.

“Known as The Sacred Torch, the most important document ever given to man, it is believed that anyone who is able to decipher it will have their consciousness enhanced, to the point that they will be able to see the invisible immortals and enter the presence of the superior gods.

“Manly Palmer Hall wrote in his book The Secret Teaches of All Ages, that the book “was lost to the ancient world with the decay of the Mysteries. Yet its faithful initiates carried it to another land.

“The book is still in existence. Whatever material is within this vault is contained in 33 custom-made hermetically sealed copper containers to preserve its contents.”

[To Rama] Is that good for now? RAMA: Hmmm-mmm! Randy warned us [in giving us this article] that this would be a humdinger!

“According to Colin Dyer, in his book Symbolism in Craft Masonry [published] in 1804, Thomas Jefferson”—and there is a [reincarnated] Thomas Jefferson somewhere in Thom Hartman! There is no way there isn’t!—"[Jefferson] was the last person to examine the contents of this vault. He entered the vault through the wall, behind the George Wythe house.

Some researchers doubt that the contents of the vault were left there—some believe the contents were removed and placed in a secret location.”

TARA: I’m just going to say, there’s quietly been some work done, where [the contents] are right there where they belong [in the vaults]. This is to try to detour people from getting their hands on it! It’s been doused and checked and quadruple-checked. Who’s our doctor friend from Santa Fe—?

RAMA: Dr John Meluski! [sp?]

TARA: John Meluski! I don’t know what he was [in another life], but he’s a Freemason—

RAMA: An Atlantean scientist!

TARA: Yes! That’s who he was, and he knows everything I’m reading, times a kazillion! He gave us a paradoc one time. He created a light bulb that’s multi-faceted. The bulb itself is made out of glass, and is multi-faceted, maybe 100 facets, at least. Then he’s got a diamond filament in it.

RAMA: It’s made from Herkimer diamonds.

TARA: There you go. And it lasts forever! So now Mr Keshe has taken this another step. He’s said, “We’re going beyond electricity.” So that was quite a bridge. He [Meluski] put that together four or five decades ago. “Some researchers doubt that the contents of the vault were left there. Some believe that the contents were removed to a secret location at either the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, as it was under construction, prior to the opening in 1826, or the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

“Henrietta Bernstein, author of The Ark of the Covenant: Holy Grail, believes that the contents of the vault were removed and taken to Washington Cathedral, or a chamber under the Washington Monument.

“However, Manly P. Hall, after finding out about the vault in 1925 from Masonic sources in Europe, became a leading proponent for the Bruton Vault remaining the location of this sacred repository. His quest to protect it from falling into the wrong hands cost him his life.”

[TARA: They smothered him. They did that in 1990. I know that because I met Mrs Bower, his wife, and she has a lot to say in this book that I have here. This book came from a grandmother on the Native American side. I think it was Cherokee Black, and we were introduced to her by another sister in Georgia. There’s a lot of reason for this to be discussed now!]

[Reading] “It has been revealed that he [Manly Palmer Hall] was strangled in August of 1990 by two members of the Skull and Bones Society, Morgan Brandt and Daniel Fritz. Luckily, some of his research notes, documents, maps, books, phots, and artifacts relating to 50 years of the work on the Vault had already either been sent to a secret location in Russia or given to trusted associates to carry out his work.”

I’m going to say it again—[to Rama] the King [of Swords, Rama’s boss] told you that [Vladimir] Putin is a double agent, equal to President Barack Obama, a double agent, equal to, believe it or not, President Xi, president of the Chinese Communist Party. They are double agents. They are complete Faction Three White Knights, and they also—this is why it’s coming up right now—we’re talking about a parallel timeline.

RAMA: This story is as large as Star Wars, and even bigger! This is why George Lucas could only do just one slice of the story of a long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away!

TARA: So, everybody—any questions?? I pass this talking stick to you, Randy!

[Later on, continuing update, quoting Rama’s contact Kathryn in London] “ ‘Mr Crazy Boris [Johnson in the UK] wants budget cuts . . . many ministers of Parliament do not support this at all!’ “Kathryn continued: ‘The International Democrat Union is a satanic right-wing hate group. “They have committed crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, out of the orbit of Saturn, the Solar Galactic Councils are meeting on an orbiting moon around Saturn.’ “ This is not just another day of the week!


TARA: I mean, when was the last time they had a meeting like this??!!

RAMA: Let’s say, this is a meeting of the Jedi Masters coming together concerning the affairs on this planet!

TARA: —which are causing all kinds of ruckus on this planet and the 26 other planets and everywhere else!

RAMA: This small rebel band of life forms called the 13 Families, whose empire has collapsed, are so desperate to pull off some kind of major multiple distractions—and I say DIStractions, because all they got left is False Evidence Appearing Real [FEAR].

And like Dr Carol Rosin who worked with Werner von Braun, Hitler’s top rocket scientist, talked about the next stage of what these 13 Families want to play with, which is called the fake alien invasion or some kind of confrontation in space. And like Dr Greer has told us, innumerable times: As [If] we cross that line, we’re going to be getting a visit, and not just “a” visit.

But let’s say, this is where, as I will put it, Captain Ashtar, Admiral Sananda Kumara, St Germain and the other folks of legends and stories are going to be showing up, and we’re going to be getting an instant lesson in galactic protocols of how a galactic society functions. Not with dysfunctionality as an art form! Like Randy said, the rest of the galaxy is in a state of balance and Peace. The only discordant energies are on this planet, because it’s going through its Ascension.

TARA: Yes. It’s neither good or bad or ugly. It is, as Michelle [Obama] said about somebody else a while ago, “It what it is.”

VINAYAK: For those of you aware of Alcazar, channeled through Brigitte and Julianne on their program, Brigitte was doing a channeling and a commander of a starship came through, and gave us an update on the state of affairs in the United States and how it affects us and our planet, and he was encouraging us to send Love and Light to them. So over 2,000 people on the show were pulsating Love and Light to specifically the United States and all that it entails, to facilitate guidance opening people’s hearts that may till this point have been closed.

There are so many things going on on the planet now that support our Ascension, that it’s really a beautiful time, so I just wanted to remind people of that.

RANDY: Thank you, Vinayak! For everybody listening who doesn’t know what GANS is, here we go: [Reading] “GANS: More than 90 percent of the bodies of people, plants, and pets, are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. All of which has plasmatic fields. When addressing illness, the above elements are used to make GANS—an acronym for “Gas in Atomic Nano-Solid State.”

“These GANS, which have very powerful plasmatic fields, influence the imbalance caused by disease or injury in people, plants, and pets. In doing so, biological balance is returned, allowing healing to occur. “Plasma energy is nontoxic to people, plants, and pets, whose body uses only what is needed to restore and maintain balance. When attraction and repulsion stop, balance is achieved, and the body remains in a natural homeostasis or balance.

“The first One Cup One Life was released through the first Emergency Relief in China, and works on the white tissues of the lungs and brain. “The second Cup One of Life was released through the new mutation of the coronavirus and works on the red tissues in the stomach, and down the body.” RANDY: And if you go to the Keshe Foundation Wiki file, there is a website there “One Cup One Life,” that gives you all the easy-to-understand instructions on how to build it! [Listen to replay of September 17th A Night at the Roundtable show to hear more]

For More information -- see Keshe Videos at:

RAMA: After St Germain was at this council meeting, he is saying, in not so many words “Expect me!”

“There are magic and miracles afoot, as we enter this equinox coming up on Tuesday!”

[The following are Randy’s comments, which he gave at one point during the above Update]

RANDY: You know, all those things hidden in that Vault, Tara—this galactic technology. What do you need all that gold for? Kind of useless! Can’t eat it! Can’t do anything with it! In space, there are no banks. There are no politics.

TARA: What’s in that vault, is what’s replacing gold, and that’s the golden nuggets of knowledge and wisdom, and the higher consciousness contained there, in all those documents, which ensures that this is the only way that this land can be used. That’s the violation of this old timeline, and the system that corrupted everything. RANDY: So while we’re reading these documents, what are we eating? That brins up my next point. Mr Keshe has said that with the Material Enhancement Unit, when you fly into space now, rather than trying to figure out how to take oxygen and all these supplies [with you], why not create a magnetic energy around your body and around your vessel that provide you with the essence of everything you need from the Universe that feeds the magnetics of yourself? AKA, the replicators we’ve seen on Star Trek! And all the science fiction movies! That technology is here right now. It’s here! It’s ready to be unveiled to people. Are we ready, folks? Are we ready for the so-called “future” that we were told of many years ago? Well, the future is now! We have to live it in this Peace! We have to live in the moment of Now. Let the dark side do what they do best, because that’s their job. We also have to thank all the souls who have left this planet due to the corona virus. They’ve given their life, their energy, so that we, those still alive in this world, to wake up—to know what is happening to our world, our environment, to ourselves. They gave up their life force energy to teach us to realize that that power within called Love is more powerful than anything else in the Universe. Because someone asked, “What powers the Universe? What keeps everything in orbit?”

The magnetic physics of Love. Because without the Love vibrational energy, what do we have? We don’t have anything. Because from the Creator came Love, and it doesn’t matter whatever name you put to it. What matters is that we are pure vessels of magnetic Love and energy.

Folks, call in an d ask any questions you want! This is a Roundtable! Vinayak has a question—go ahead. VINAYAK: You mentioned that Mr Keshe was questioning whether to turn on these beautiful machines he has that are programmed with Peace.

How does that fit into the overall agenda with what the Faction Three White Knights are presenting, and the overall support of the galactics here on the planet to bring forth Peace. Is he in conversation with those folks? RANDY: That’s a very good question, and that was brought up last night during the presentation [given by Keshe on September 16]. One of the people present when he put the questions out to the floor—the question came back, and said, “Are you the creator, Mr Keshe?” Mr Keshe paused, and said, “I am a human being. Next question.”

Meaning, and he said, “I’d like to talk to you about why I am hesitating to turn on these machines right now. Across the street from this building is the main radio station of Austria. If we turn these machines on, it will cancel all the airwaves going from the radio waves, because of the magnetic pulses.

These machines—the Life Enhancement Unit and the Material Enhancement Unit and all the GANS that are there—the reactors and all sorts of things: three days a week now, the public is invited to come and see this Keshe technology. There’s a lot of negotiations going on right now to make that the public display for the Keshe Foundation.

Also, one or two days a week, they have invited from the government of Austria, to bring 100 to 200 corona patients into the building. They will be testing for corona. If they have corona, they will be coming into the building, they will be having a treatment, and they will be released back out. For free. No charge. Keshe has said, “I AM here to bring Peace. That is my mission. To bring Peace to this planet for free. Because that is how it should be done.” Anyone who wants this technology has to sign the Peace treaty! Which means that their country has to do this for Peace. So as you’re saying, Vinayak—I think that everybody at a higher level is in a lot of negotiations, as Rama had said—there are a lot of meetings going on in the other realms.

Because we’re coming down to that point where we’re at a crossroads. And not everybody is open to this. So the old saying of “separating the wheat from the chaff” is absolutely true, but that’s their soul’s path. We have to respect that. VINAYAK: How many machines or pieces of technology would have to be turned on for this Peace program—how many machines are physically in existence, ready for use at this time? RANDY: At this time, there are orders for thousands of these machines. I’m not sure how many they have ready to ship, but the machines being shown publicly are not exactly the same as the machines being developed for use. The ones for public are made for people to look inside so you can see how it works. The ones designed for the hospitals are more egg-shaped, with a pilot door on it. You just open the door, and the person goes in and out.

The machine now on show opens up like an eggshell. I would say, it depends. The Life Enhancement Machine has thousands of different kinds of GANS in it. Before a person goes in, they have to see a person who knows Keshe magnetics, who is especially trained for this.

You sit down and have a consultation, then the machine is literally programmed and set for you. You would go in, and your lungs would be fixed if you’re having problems with the lungs, and everything else—for myself, it would work on my eyes.

I’ve been using GANS for the past two weeks, and one of my numbers [of eye focus] changed to an 8 from an 11, which is a vast improvement. VINAYAK: You’ve been using the plasma water? RANDY: I’m using just the water from Cup One, and I’m putting drops into my eyes—that’s it! There’s no salt in it at all. I put just a tiny bit of saline solution in it, so it goes through the dropper easier. Your eyes can use a bit a moisture. VINAYAK: I would encourage everyone to look up One Cup One Life with Keshe technology, and do yourself a favor, and begin to use the GANS water. It truly is transformative, and it will change the energy inside your homes and wherever you have your GANS set up! It takes very little space. You can use a wide-mouthed quart jar and it will be just fine for the One Cup GANS. I encourage everybody to do it—very simple. Just follow along with the videos on YouTube. RANDY: There’s a channel for children, for teaching! That has more wealth of information than any of them. Children as young as six years old are making their own Cups in Brazil, with no help from their parents.

I put a little GANS in water, and I carry that with me everywhere I go. So I’m broadcasting that everywhere I go. People have put this in their cars, and you get better performance, even an older car. It’s all about energy. If we change our energy, we change every single thing! I pass the talking stick!

[1] The Mahdi is a messianic figure who, according to Islamic belief, will appear at the end of times to rid the world of evil and injustice.

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