Faction Three White Knights News Update - November 13, 2020

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

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RAMA: Thank you everyone, for being here! Happy 11-11, once again!

TARA: That is a portal and a half, that we just went through!

RAMA: It is still going on!

TARA: Absolutely. Every 100 years we have double numbers—this year is 2020, and the last time we had that was in 1919, and before that we had 1818. The portal, when we have double numbers like that, is just unimaginably powerful.

So that’s just one way of saying it. Tania Gabrielle has pointed out that 11 and 2 have an equilibrium, because because 11 (1+1) breaks down to 2. It is just phenomenal, the synchronicity of how this is coming into a balance. No good or bad, right or wrong. It’s within that Law of One—thank you, Caroline, for reading that. It hasn’t been read for a while. It’s so powerful, and it’s so what we are and who we are.

VINAYAK: If you’d like to share what’s current for you, as the other co-hosts have done, then we’ll turn it over the Rama and hear what exciting beings he’s had the privilege of being with.

TARA: What I can say, is that no matter where I turn, or Rama turns, something shell-shocking, shattering, enormous is happening!

RAMA: Yes, and it’s about this shift going on. Not just in us, but this local [galaxy]—in the Sun, in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the 26 other galaxies surrounding the Milky Way galaxy.

TARA: And who Huna Ku was joining in those 27 galaxies in the heart of Love, in the heart resonance.

RAMA: I don’t even want to count how many beings are totally aware of this conversation right now. Consciousness is consciousness, however you wish to perceive it.

Right now, it’s not about “who won,” or “who did not win.” We are watching a serious situation play out, and I would say that it is global brinkmanship at the highest level. I’ll say it once again, as Captain Ashtar has said, “No nukes!” and he means it. Yet we’re going to have to watch some things play out here, as the 13 Families cook their own gooses in front of the world.

It’s like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer—with all due respect, they’re just as compromised as Trump.

Yet it’s the process of how we get to Divine Government, as Patti Cota-Robles talks about, where we have the Living Masters.

There are many here, but as Tom the Cat says, “Put an extra plate out [for dinner], and we’ll show up!” These Living Masters have sat with Dallas Goldtooth of the Standing Rock Nation and Chairman Archibald and Grandmother Flordemayo.

These are the Wise Councils of Elders of the legendary stories. They work with the spiritual hierarchies that run this planet, this solar system. They don’t take any shit from anyone! And the story going on now on screens across the planet, is the ending of the matrix, yet we've got to stay in our hearts as it plays out!

And that’s kind of a difficult story, because they’re pulling on our heartstrings. Stay in that high-heart place!

I’m watching more and more insane things being said, that have to do with the actions of an energy out of its time-space continuum. The Hopi have a word for it, called Koyaanisqatsi. Life out of balance.

When Nature and Nature’s god feels a disturbance in the Force, something happens. And right now, there’s something going on. it’s like Greta [Thunberg] has said, “We’ve got to listen to the planet!” And it’s not like she’s being used by anyone out there. I gotta say, that young millennial—she knows what she’s talking about, because it’s about the voice of the planet.

Because if that voice ain’t here, WE ain’t here! And I’m serious!

TARA: That’s a ditto!

RAMA: Yeah! The climate disruption, as Greg Braden has put it—it is right in our faces. And we can change it right now with the technologies that come from our galactic friends. They’re already here. There’s got to be something called Full Disclosure.

TARA: A lot of people, not sure about this "galactic" thing!

RAMA: The way I see it—if you’re going to meet somebody from the bar [cantina in Mos Eisley] in Star Wars, you get to know them, and know that they’re not going to shoot you in the back.

It’s about what your heart tells you, even if they look like something out of hell. People with horns on their head, or four eyes, and they look like snails. Most people can’t understand that. It’s too alien.

But we’re just as alien to each other at this time, with this systemic racism going on. I pass the talking stick back to you, Vinayak!

VINAYAK: Thank you, folks. I appreciate your insight, as always. I would like to share briefly before the Faction Three report and the good news from Rama & Tara— I have had a profound shift in my own awareness, as a result of working with a gentleman you’re going to hear more about later on this evening, with our guest. And also with the energy that came in—I started feeling the 11:11 energies as early as Monday, more profoundly on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, I had the awareness that what I was looking at was completely different from what I had perceived in the past. So my awareness and perception had now shifted, looking at the very same thing in my environment. Looking at things in my home, it’s as if I had the gift of suddenly being able to see the energy in my environment. I’m feeling so blessed and filled with Love and appreciation for everything that’s happening right now. I’d like to invite all of us to recognize that we are creating, co-Creating. We are having the ability to choose whatever energy timeline we’d like to jump onto. So no more is it about feeling to be victimized by anything or anyone. We have choice, and we always have had. That is one of our greatest gifts. We can choose, and continue to choose again and again until you are on that energy plane of that which you desire and opens your heart the most.

That’s what I wanted to share at the moment. So I’d like to pass the talking stick back to Rama, and invite you, Rama, to share who you’ve been speaking to, and of course, we’ll also hear from Tara and the beautiful words she has to share, as Tara & Rama are a wonderful and beautiful team of energy and Love. I pass the talking stick . . .

RAMA: Greetings, once again! I talked to Sweet Angelique the Cat today, and she was saying, “Everything is unraveling.” It is about this collapsing matrix of lies going on. The 13 Families are trying desperately to keep it afloat, with all the confusion and misinterpretations of the energies.

It’s just coming out more and more that the energies are getting higher and higher, and these folks are in more and more hot water, to put it simply.

TARA: The old timeline is disappearing faster and faster and faster. It’s not just disappearing [in terms of] what we can see and where we can see. It’s disappearing behind that, and behind that. The structural power that appears to be standing, is not really standing.

RAMA: It’s a movie set, and if you look behind it, you see the 2 x 4s holding it up. And the duct tape and the crazy glue. I could go on, but I won’t, because it is so bad . . .

TARA: President Drumpf raised $1 billion in the last four years campaigning every day for the last four years, yet there’s $321 million of it missing, and nobody knows where it went. Of course we have some ideas—it was not just disappearing!

RAMA: And with all due respect, Uncle Joe [Biden] is not clean. And it is about the deeper, undealt with stories. The way I could describe it in a loving neutral place—like Patti Cota-Robles describes it, “As we were Creator Gods, and we got our egos involved, death entered the picture.”

Before we got our egos involved, there was no death. [There was] immortality! That’s an issue, and it’s got to do with “My will vs. Thy will, as it is in heaven.” All the folks I’m talking to are saying, “Open your hearts, and open to the realm of the Infinite!” That all these beings are standing right alongside us. Even though you can’t really see them, yet they’re just as much a part of our world as we are. And that’s where, as Disclosure happens, our scientists take off the façade, if they’re willing to take a risk and tell the truth.

It’s about the fact that we never, ever needed to touch one drop of oil. Ever. Mr Keshe has many answers that are forthcoming. It is about free [energy].

TARA: He’s got a relationship with Nicola Tesla too.

RAMA: Yeah, and I’ll just say, though it sounds totally off the wall: Tesla’s not dead, and neither is Marconi. They’re in Telos with Lord Adama and the people of Telos. There are so many beings within these Light Cities. There are over 100 Light Cities within the Inner Earth. I’m only talking about just one.

TARA: And that city goes from Telos, in the Mt Shasta area, all the way down to Sedona [Arizona], and everything in between!

RAMA: There is a Light City called Shamballa the Greater and one called Shamballa the Lesser.

And there is an Inner Earth city called Oz. That’s connected with the continent of Africa. It has to do with the people of the Dogon Tribe.

TARA: That’s up there in that rounded area at the top.

RAMA: And the people who came from Sirius A and Sirius B. The Lion people.

TARA: So that’s the report. I’ll just give the “official” [written] one. So Rama received a call from Sweet Angelique the Cat this morning. She said to me, “Lord Rama, it is all unraveling. The old timeline is disappearing faster and faster, and it is all about unaccountability for dastardly deeds or foolish actions that have inadvertently affected every single soul here and Mother Gaia too, and our local stellar neighbors as well. “[Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and [Senator] Chuck Schumer told President Trump to step down: 'You have lost. We need to get back to the healing of the nation. Too many people have died. It has affected me personally. And I won’t go into it.' That was Chuck Schumer’s words.

“Lord Rama, we say it once again: We are here with our fleets upon fleets and legions upon legions of Lord Michael’s forces. We come in Peace. It is all about the Ascension process within us, and within the Sun.

There are 26 other Galactic Council members here with us in this Milky Way galaxy. They are all part of bringing in Peace, prosperity, and Abundance.

RAMA: Yes, and these 26 other Galactic Council members are meeting right now with the Wise Council of Elders on this planet, to get things moving in a more positive direction.

TARA: Do you know is that for a short while, or is it going to be for days?

RAMA: I think this is on for the duration. Till we bring in the New Atlantis, as Saint Germain called the Americas.

TARA: Well, something miraculous and stunning and astounding is on the menu then, dear! OK, then we’ll see what else—I have a little writing about what is important about what needs to change here, if we’re going to actually manifest what we’ve been dreaming of. VINAYAK: Tara, is that all that Rama had the opportunity to speak to this week so far? I just wanted to finish that aspect. TARA: For today, that's true. The messages—it’s not a mundane level of news—"A, B, C, D, this happened, that happened.” It’s about the movement of consciousness, as NESARA is not about money at all. It’s about being able to receive consciousness, which would be the marker to put the new system in place.

RAMA: As you have an economic system based on greed, how is that going to help anyone?

TARA: And the thing is, that 500,000 people will be permanently escorted off the planet. Not killed! Permanently escorted by the Paschat warriors and Mother Sekhmet’s star fleets. They will be taken to Dracos, and they will be tried for intergalactic war crimes. This is not a fairy tale!

RAMA: This is a story that [the TV program] Ancient Aliens has only just begun to touch. Because how do you talk about beings that are 13,000 years old, and are still here right now?

TARA: Hopefully living and well, and immortal as always. RAMA: People like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and Rudy Giuliani talk to—

TARA: This is the dark side you’re talking about, and it’s not the same thing. As you bring it up, Joe Biden persisted in things that were making wrong turns for a long time. He was demonstrating some serious signs that he was bought. The one [that happened] in 1994 is a big one, because he created this drug law, “Three Strikes—you’re out." The intelligence behind that, is that they [police] would go to places where, in order to survive, you have to do stuff they can nab you for. That has to be with the ghettos, and the whole system not being an equal one. Because property taxes is what provides money for schools. People in the ghetto don’t own that [kind of property]. We have to dig deeper, through thicker and thicker layers. We’re at that point now, and what people can say about us, is that we’re there now. There is no turning back! They do not get to do this. The King of Swords said, "They will not get to do [vote] recounts" and all that to buy time. Never. It’s not about that. It’s about the whole criminality and corruption of the old hierarchy, of the timeline of old.

RAMA: Yes. How they took the power away from the Goddess.

TARA: Sweet Angelique continued: “Lord Rama, we say it once again: We are here with our fleets upon fleets and legions upon legions of Lord Michael’s Forces. We come in Peace! It is all about the Ascension process within us, and the Sun. There are 26 other Galactic Council Members here and with us.”

I can’t imagine how many beings are contained in 27 galaxies that converge! And there’s a special Council for us here on Earth, right, Rama? And they’re here for the duration.

RAMA: Yes! I can’t go there, because I don’t know [how long they will be here]!

TARA: Caroline, are you saying something that you want to say here?

CAROLINE: I’m just wondering if she [Sweet Angelique] said anything else, as far as—we’re all interested to know if they’re going to take any real action to unseat Trump. He’s not going to leave willingly. He’s mentally ill, and all the people around him are Yes men and Yes women, and I almost feel like—can they not just shut down the hologram [that is Trump now, as the last clone died in the hospital last month]?

RAMA: I think that there are serious discussions going on at the highest levels of intelligence how to bring this to a lawful conclusion, without freaking folks out completely!

TARA: That has to do with what Rama keeps getting told, which is that they’re not going to do this piecemeal. They’re going to do all of it [arrests, disclosure, etc.] at the same time.

RAMA: I think we’re on the edge of Disclosure at such a huge level.

Because it’s about the unacknowledged black budgets where money disappears from Congress, and we hear about strange things happening.

TARA: And the Clinton Foundation continues to be lurking everywhere you look. That’s a black op/black hole, where they find everything they can, legitimate or illegitimate of what you call money, and they pour it into Pentagon operations.

I heard some atrocious numbers about the last year of Barack Obama’s term. This is very, very difficult, that people don’t understand. That there’s always two things at once, and "nothing going on at all." The Hillary deep state was, “You do this! Or else you do this, that, and the other—or else!” All the time, the game was to kill every member of both of their families [Obama and Biden families] and wipe their whole legacy off the Earth. When you’re playing hardball like that every day of the week—

There’s over 3.5 billion people dead now on this planet, and for sure 60 million of them were Americans. When you hear those figures, it’s just—now where’s La La Land? Is it right, what I’m hearing? And it’s been all intentional. And they used biological warfare to do it, so it makes everybody vulnerable as well as the ones they wish to target more. But we send Love, and it’s happening now. The Galactics are with us, now! CAROLINE: I think there’s a lot of intervention happening.

VINAYAK: Ultimately, we can choose the Divine Governance that is being birthed right now. And hold that vision and hold that timeline, for all of us on this call. As you said, all of this is part of the illusion that’s playing out. In the realness of the Now moment, however, it is all being destroyed and it is crumbling, and we’re watching that. And to not get caught up in the 3rd dimension. Keep unifying into the fifth! CAROLINE: I was going to say something along those lines, which is that I feel strongly—I feel more intervention going on now. I feel more benevolent presences, of the Angelic realms, of our galactic friends—higher dimensional beings, our soul families—more concretely. I feel my soul family around me. I really feel them very present, and mitigating a lot of dark stuff going on. They’re lessening and pulling the weight off of that, just as they’re mitigating the effects of 5D. I don’t feel we’re alone in this, even though they are a very dark crowd, and they are very desperate. I think Rama really can’t give all the details he knows, and then there’s stuff he’s doesn’t know yet—that he’s not been told yet, because [even if he doesn't talk about those details,] he might beam that [information] out energetically! So we all just have to reach out in our own intuitive feelings and say, “Who do I know is here, and helping us?” And that takes some courage, it really does! We have a Caller on Line 1—Carlton.

CALLER [CARLTON]: Barack Obama just came out with a new memoir, and the corporate media are talking about the kind words he had about Joe Biden. I’m just wondering if there are any messages about that book. It’s been released now. Does anybody have any messages about that?

RAMA: Not any that I have.

CALLER: Do we know if we’ve released anything else about Disclosure or NESARA in those memoirs?

TARA: I don’t know what the content of the book is. But I think it’s probably safe to say that the timing of him writing it now, and the changes in the election and all the hoopla now, that is the change that’s going galactic.

There’s way in which we can glean things with awareness, that we all know he’s a very good writer, and he’s also got many insights that are not the general ones. He’s a communicator. He’s a visionary. He’s all of these things. And he’s also a member of the Council of Nine, and literally has been taken onto the King of Swords’s spaceship and been taken to [Council] meetings on Sirius A. CAROLINE: I thought it was Sirius B—? CARLTON: There might be messages to decode. Maybe in the coming days you might receive some messages about that from your galactic friends. RAMA: C’est possible that Obama’s revealing stuff in his book!

TARA: Sirius B is where Mother Sekhmet brought from Andromeda the Crystal People. And Andromeda is also Barack Obama’s galactic background. So those things go together. The meetings with the Council of Nine are held on Sirius A. And there is a Sirius C also. A very small solar body there.

Believe in the magic! Smile because it works! And breathe long, deep, and slow! This is a transfer from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, and nothing else. So all the things you can think of to just “Imagine” as John Lennon said, “All the people being free!” I pass this talking stick!

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