Faction Three White Knights News Update - October 16, 2020

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

[See for info on Rama’s contacts]

RAMA: I talked to the Poppy Lady today, and Chung Li. They talked about Ms Barrett, that she is not fit to be a Supreme Court justice, because she has made a vow to a cult who have sworn their allegiance to the dark side. That is plain as day.

She will not give a straight answer about Roe v. Wade, or anything else.

TARA: Amy Coney Barrett was completely paid off to do this. She is a the cult of “Daughters of Praise,” and they changed it to “People of Praise.” It’s a Catholic cult. As a member, she took a vow of allegiance to the cult to be subjugated totally to her husband. Therefore, putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would actually be putting her husband on the court, behind the scenes.

She will do only what her husband says to do. She will not allow [herself to speak or act as] her own being at all, by vow. So that’s a problem! She’s been training people who are getting ready to join the cult through that university in Indiana—Notre Dame.

The way that she teaches about this cult, is that the belief systems are that it’s making the Bible the law in America. The Constitution says there will be a separation of Church and State. The people she would be putting on the Court would be violating the Constitution both ways—Church and State.

A very large problem. We would be subjugated to the rights of Women being obliterated!

RAMA: What the Poppy Lady and Chung Li said, is that Ms. Barrett answers to the high ranking Fallen Angels in the djinn [a group of fallen beings] who are part of the dark side. All of this drama is about fear and fascination with the dark side. “We shall study war no more!” Bringing in that high vibration!

TARA: Yesterday, Rama was given an update— [Reading Rama’s report] “I received a call from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, and Professor Z at 11:30 AM today [Wednesday]. “They said, ‘Lord Rama, we are in Vienna, Austria. We are on a mission regarding Mother Sekhmet’s business with the ancient Dragons who fell from Grace. This New Moon coming up on Friday 16th at 12:31 Eastern Time, is in Libra . . . ’ ”

TARA: Libra represents balance, and in the Greek language [myth], the god [relating to Libra] is Hermes. In Roman language [myth], it’s Mercury.

So with Hermes/Mercury walking backwards—going retrograde—this is going to foil the dark ones’ whole plan, because they have no plan! Except to answer to the 13 Families, the Vatican, and the Fallen Angels.

They all know: Goddess is here! Libra represents Lady Ma’at—the future [Mother] Sekhmet, who is showing up with the True Scales of Justice. And behind her is Anubis*, whom we know in this hologram [incarnation], as the King of Egypt [Mohamed-Al Fayed], who, if the pharaohs were still reigning in Egypt, would be pharaoh today.

Anubis is the Ferryman who is in charge of carrying the souls exiting this plane. This is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. And that’s not mythology—it’s Truth.

They’re not necessarily dead. They will be with their bodies, and they will be exiting this plane—carried through this Bardo state, which is like Hades—the underworld—and looking at all kinds of incarnational patterns and [spiritual] responsibilities that they have. As they across the River Styx to the Bardo state, they will be meeting Mother Sekhmet. She will be waiting with her Paschat warrior fleets upon fleet of starships.

All 500,00 of them—all the members of the Vatican, all the members of the 13 Families, and all of those CEOs, that add up to 500,000—the Paschat warrior fleets will pick them up and take them to Dracos. They will be met there by an Intergalactic Court, where they will be tried for intergalactic war crimes against the galaxy and this Universe of Nebadon. Princess Ardala and King Dracos will be presiding [over that court].

The Vatican, all 13 Families, and all CEOs have been broke for a good month. All that’s going on in the markets in New York, is that they put trillions of dollars that mean nothing into the market, and they just keep on going.

They have been betting against unborn children—future generations—seven generations up till now. A-ho Mitakuye Oyasin! [Lakota phrase for “All my relations”]

They have been living in an illusionary world, where they have been committing war till now and keeping control of the planet—they are reflecting that in their way of controlling the markets. Every market in the world has been doing this.

The back side of that story, is that these characters have killed 3 billion people in the last year.

This is where Mother says, “Enough is Enough!”

We call these things hedge funds. They actually started this game in 1949, with a man called Sam Brown, who held one of five of the largest Notes, as a Noteholder, in which in total there were four ______. He held one of the five largest Notes

When we say, “We have to answer to Uncle Sam,” that’s who we’re talking about—that person named Sam Brown, a real person. And this person, Sam Brown, began the process of transferring slowly the power of the people [away from the power of the banks] as a democratic way of being a republic. Possibly! We still haven’t really got it functioning. The only thing that was ever formed 244 years ago, was a corporation.

The corporation of the “UNITED STATES,” all capital letters [as corporations’ names are spelled in legal documents in all caps]. That’s all. It doesn’t represent anything else. They never created a country, ever. They thought they could do this slow boat to China transfer of power to themselves, and that’s what we’re looking at now. I was saying that this is the reason Mother is here, and this is the reason that they [13 Families, Vatican members, corrupt CEOs] will be escorted, alive and well, by Mother’s Paschat warrior fleets of starships. Everyone will be able to see this on the television. These characters, 500,000 of them, will be frog marched in front of everybody, onto the world screen, onto the starships and permanently transferred out of this realm.

They will be tried for intergalactic war crimes. The things that they have been doing that we haven’t been told—they have stolen technologies, from—Rama, you can explain . . .

RAMA: They have stolen technologies from other intergalactic civilizations, and reverse-engineered them. They have also found, these 13 Families, ancient technologies that go back to the original Founders [Watchers] or the Builder Race, which are the great Silent Watchers, who started seeding life forms [on Earth] with the Angels, BILLIONS of years ago.

These technologies are coming to the Light of day now. Some of these technologies are still here. Some are like the Death Star on Star Wars. They are not to be used for dark purposes. They’re to be used to help the planet. These technologies are here. These 13 Families and their minions are finding them, along with all kinds of ABC agencies that [run], as Dr Greer calls them, “the unacknowledged Black Budget operations [such as the Secret Space Program].”

They directly deal with the Senate and the House, and these secret groups—committees and subcommittees—and I know for a fact that Lindsay Graham, who’s on the Judiciary Committee is on one of these committees that know about the Secret Space Program.

They’re throwing another story out there—Michael Flynn knows ALL about this. And this is a big deal, because Michael Flynn committed treason. He has sworn his allegiance to [Turkish president] Mr Erdogan, yet knows all about this stuff I’m talking about.

The dark side—President Trump and these folks—they want to use this stuff to create fear and fascination, and confusion and distraction. But what really needs to happen, which as all these folks that I talk to are saying, is “the Goddess who was here before the gods were here, is here to level the playing field, [and She is] called Lady Master Ma’at!

This is about Divine Justice, where we go into Divine Government, and how this is orchestrated by the spiritual masters and teachers who have been on this planet forever.

TARA: And on Tuesday, Rama was told—it was Natasha, right, Rama? Let’s go back there— [Reading report] “I received a call from Natasha mid-morning today [Tuesday]. She was in an undisclosed location on the East Coast.

“Today she said to me, ‘Lord Rama, the hearings on Judge Barrett are an engineered program from the matrix. It is a last-ditch effort to create more distraction, more confusion, and more chaos. ‘Since these hearings are going on, and since Mercury goes retrograde’—it went retrograde at 9:05 PM Eastern Time Tuesday evening—'all of these proceedings will be reversed.’ “

TARA: I was talking with [Rainbow scribe] Penny today, and we looked, and Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday, October 13, and exactly on November 3rd—on Election Day, Mercury goes direct! This is the wildest time I could ever imagine!

So we’re going to just “hold our nose and vote for Joe,” as we’ve been asked to do [by Rama’s boss King of Swords]. And as our brother Chin said, “What about Michelle Obama [becoming President]?” And the answer is, that all of these next three weeks, everything we’re doing—they’re necessary [those actions]. People need to stay—in real time, we don’t have a choice.

They’re [Trump and Biden] both criminals. They’ve both subscribed to a hijacking which Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, on the floor of the hearings for the nomination of Amy Barrett— He went through poster after poster—detailed posters—14 or 15 of them—and he explained how Charles Koch and other super-rich characters got their money together and bought the entire last three, including Amy Barrett’s, positions on the Supreme Court.

RAMA: The Poppy Lady today told me that Ms Barrett owes a whole lot of money to Jacob Rothschild and Charles Koch. That’s how deep this story goes!

TARA: I can’t say for sure if she participated, but I think that the Faction Three White Knights—your people, said pretty much, “Yes, it’s so,” because this Catholic cult—they kill babies, they eat them, and they drink their blood. That’s the way they continue to do this. This woman is doing that. If her fellow members are doing this, it’s the same as being in bed with that situation. I wasn’t there, but I’m just saying—that’s the nature of the beast.

RAMA: These are not fun things to talk about, yet it is the truth. Blaze the Violet Fire!

TARA: We’re watching a Grand Exit!

And my take on it, [is] that what Sen. Whitehouse did by following the money and showing how not just the Supreme Court is involved—[he was showing that] if we don’t have a Supreme Court, of the three branches of government [legislative, executive, and judicial], we have nothing. Because that’s where true Justice is supposed to be served in this realm.

They [billionaires and trillionaires] bought it all, just like they bought the media, everybody. There is no free speech. We’re not getting truth [from the mainstream media]. Sen. Whitehouse got us started on [understanding] that path, which there’s no return to [now].

All these agencies—the whole thing is based on profit, and St Germain didn’t come in here for us to be serving somebody else for profit. He’s been in charge of this since he incarnated in his last incarnation, in 1651. He said, “I’m staying in this body, and I’m not going anywhere till this job is done.”

Meaning that we Ascend with Mother Gaia, and we’re in the fifth dimension. And everything that’s not in the fifth dimension is being shed. And this whole hierarchy of 500,000 people are being escorted out of here, and it’s not violent at all. It’s accountability, with assistance and intervention, and it’s started. The intervention started in 1945, when the Ashtar Command became members of our [US] military. The whole entire Ashtar Command and all of the Ascended hosts intervened in 1945, because what did we do—we violated the Prime Directive, which defined free will choice, except and in case of—the wording is: “Nonintervention in a civilization’s development except and in case of nuclear and/or psychic holocaust.”

We nuclear-bombed [Japan] with Fat Man and Little Boy, as an experiment. We wanted to see how many people these two different types of bombs could kill, so we make more and improve on them.

All these war games have been the same thing. Afghanistan—you know that huge conventional bomb that President Trump dropped? That was an experiment, to see what it could do. How many bodies could be dead. And that’s all we’ve been doing.

So Mother has said, “Enough!”

Tonight we’re going to have people listening to this beautiful man, M T Keshe. And he’s said, “I am a human being, and the reason I’ve come here is the bring Peace. Nothing else.”

RAMA & TARA: All we are saying, is “Give Peace a chance!”

TARA: And the intervention has been a great intervention, yet we all have a mission. When we say that we are on the Sananda Kumara ray, that means that you learn what Sananda’s body of Wisdom teachings are, then you bring that into your life, and a particular facet of the Light of those teachings, you bring through.

In a sense, Sananda Kumara is the representation of the Messiah. I’ll say this, because Mr Keshe himself said this, in English: “I come in on that Ray of the Messiah, and my name is Keshe, and I’m a human being.” So as we join and work with this work, just think of Admiral Sananda Kumara. The admiral of the New Jerusalemand Ashtar—Rama’s the son of Ashtar—are here with our missions, together. May we pass every test, as St Germain always says!

And I pass this talking stick back to you, Caroline!

[*Anubis is known as the Egyptian god of the afterlife, and as patron of lost souls and the helpless.]

Faction Three White Knight Updates

from the Ashtar Legacy Call and

The Abundance Call [October 14th]


Friday, October 9, 2020:

“I received a call from Tom the Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat at 12:10 pm today. They said, ‘We’re in London on a Lion Hunt; it has to do with Boris, and MI 5 and MI 6 are on Red Alert.

‘And in the good old US of A, a story that is growing legs is about Pres Drumpf’s “Thunderdome Zombies” who planned an operation against Gov. Witmer of Michigan.’ “Yet the bigger story is about genocide – using the technology of Koyaanisqatsi, “Life out of Balance,” to murder 3 billion people in the past year. It’s the designer use of a virus: while viruses show up naturally when things are out of balance, the dark ones configured sound frequencies equal to the deadly virus. The virus is now gone, and the sound frequencies remain.

As we’ve been told by the Faction Three White Knights, the whole world culture is out of balance, which has to do with the Vatican operating behind the scenes, and causing all the players to do what they do if they want to continue living—and controlling all the leaders in the world whatever field they work in.

At this point, Tom and Angelique said to me, “The Jedi are here! And we are also in your midst [the Faction 3 White Knights and the Ashtar Command]. “Expect us! We like leek soup with a touch of curry.”

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day o Oct 12th, and Happy John Lennon’s 80th birthday on October 9th.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance!” Sat Nam!

Saturday, October 10th:

“I went to speak with Rana Mu at 11:25 am; she said, ‘The energies are very intense as we approach the end of this big story. Stay in a centered heart-balanced place. In the next 24 hours, we are going to have an 8-hour period where the moon is void, of course. “ ‘Things could get quite bizarre during this period as the energies continue to increase. Don’t worry, be happy!’ “ [The words of Mehar Baba]

Monday, October 12th:

“I got a call from Natasha around noon today. "She said to me, 'I am in Moscow, and I am looking into story of the Ark of Gabriel, because in 2015, the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, along with Russian scientists, personally accompanied the Ark of Gabriel, which had been discovered by the Russians in Mecca and taken via a special nuclear powered Russian trawler to the McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

‘Then it was taken to the Inner Agartha Network by the Ashtar Command, and is now being used to generate balancing Light for Mother Gaia’s Ascension process, which She is right now going through. ‘Everyone is experiencing [the results] of this balancing!’ “

“Then Natasha showed me, remotely on my phone, the story about the Resurrection Chamber of Gilgamesh, found in Iran near the border with Kurdistan. They found a being in that chamber, who was alive but in stasis.

These chambers are scattered all over Mother Gaia, and many of the beings inside the chambers are awakening NOW, meaning since the last year or so, and they are walking amongst us.

These ones are pre-Adamic people. from before the time of Adam Cadmon and before the Flood which was 6,000 years ago, or 4,000 BCE.

Some of the beings are from ancient Sumeria; some are from other star systems who, however long ago, came here, in those chambers, via star ships, to be here with the information from those star systems when it is time – just for all of us!

The beings are awakening now, as NOW is the time. They are being awakened by the sun because of the divine timing that they attuned themselves to when they went into stasis in the chambers in the first place.

They carry the Akashic records of the earth from before the flood so they can show us the damage that was done to us and to the planet by the Flood and everything since then, especially what was done by the Fallen Angels.

Those who got out before the others are walking amongst us.

These stories are coming out more and more to the public eye. Hold all whistleblowers in the Violet Fire of St Germain!

RAMA: Some of the blogs are saying that in [and among] the thousands and thousands of emails Hillary was supposed to have, this information about that resurrection chamber was included, and she wanted to get hold of it—and she couldn’t.

Tuesday, October 13th:

“I received a call from Natasha in mid-morning; she was in an undisclosed location on the East Coast, and said they were not traveling normally, but in starships, so everyone could conserve their energy. (The whole Faction Three White Knight operation is working in tandem with the Ashtar Command and the Hosts of Heaven.)

“She said that the hearings on Judge Barrett are an engineered program from the matrix. It’s a last ditch effort to create more distractions, confusion and chaos.

“It’s about continuing the old story of systemic racism . . .

“Since these hearings are going on, and since Mercury went retrograde at the beginning of this evening’s [Ashtar Legacy] Call, all of these proceedings will be reversed. Which is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde: We appear to be going in one direction and suddenly find things getting reversed. “The Retrograde ends and Mercury goes Direct on Election Day at 12:50 pm Eastern Time on November 3rd!

“Natasha went on to say this whole story is about continued systemic racism. As well, all kinds of classified files are being declassified. Everything from UFO files, the documents on the Annunaki presence and their activities here on Earth, to ancient tombs which are really resurrection chambers, the secret space program—Project Majestic 12, records of ET visitors, and levitating aircraft carriers.

As a matter of fact, one of our levitating air craft carriers is sitting off the coast of Japan: they are powered by fusion reactors so there is no pollution or nuclear danger is at hand. They can travel vertically into space and back again. It is a US military ship, part of the US Navy, and US Special Ops soldiers have been trained and are navigating them.

(There are also other kinds of aircraft carriers with prison cells inside; they are positioned off the coasts of countries around the world, and the 500,000 are kept in those cells—like the CEOs of corporations who consciously murder people with their drugs.)

As all this will see the light of day, let us remain in our high heart, because we are very soon to find out we were never alone in the Universe, ever, and that we were never meant to get sick or die, nor shall we ever get sick or die ever again!

All we are saying is “Give peace a chance!”

RAMA: Tom the Ring-tailed Cat told me last week (Oct 5-9) that the Vatican is at the precipice of full and complete public collapse. NESARA NOW! WORLD PEACE NOW!

Wednesday, October 14:

Mercury Retrograde lasts for 3 weeks, which takes us to November 3rd, Election Day.

Mercury Retrograde can be an indication that neither Trump nor Biden will be President: the effects of the retrograde might not show up until a bit later.

Confirmation has been given that the last time President Trump went to the hospital, he was put on a ventilator and did not survive. There is no accurate account of how long he was actually in the hospital; however, he died there and is now a solid image hologram just like Hilary Clinton, who has been one since around 2010. The hologram is 20-30 pounds lighter, but is still overweight – the hair has also been changed.

The purpose of creating the solid image hologram is to keep the program (called President Trump) in place until the proper time, and the Forces of Light can come in and remove all of the 500,000 miscreants at one time. It also allows for enough time to be available for the people on the planet to understand what is happening.

The removal of the miscreants is Mother Sekhmet’s charge as they are all her wayward children, and She does not approve of their action of killing 3 billion human beings within the past year through the process of genocide: one crime too far!

They will be boarded onto landed star ships and taken to Dracos to be tried before Princess Ardala and King Dracos for intergalactic war crimes.

Today’s message from the Dali Lama:

Happiness can just refer to the pleasure we find on a sensory level, but real happiness is related to peace of mind. As we have a calm mind, fear and suspicion are reduced. Fear is a major source of unhappiness.

Report: Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, and Professor Z: 11:30 AM today

We are in Vienna, Austria on a mission regarding Mother’s business with the ancient dragons here who fell from grace (here = Planet Earth: Vienna is a power spot where much deciding goes on)

This new moon coming on the 16th at 3:31 pm ET is in Libra, with Hermes (Greek—another word for Hermes or Mercury) walking backwards. This is going to foil the dark ones’ whole plan because they have no plan except to answer to the 13 Families, the Vatican, and the fallen angels.

They all know Goddess is here: Libra represents Lady Master Ma’at, Mother Sekhmet’s future self, showing up with the Scales of Justice, and behind her is Anubis (in current form as the King of Egypt) who is the ferryman in charge of carrying those souls exiting this place/dimension across the River Styx. Mother Sekhmet will be waiting for them with her Paschat warrior fleets of starships to take them to Dracos

See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One!

World peace now! Michelle for President!

In closing: Love it all! Remain in divine neutrality! Believe in the magic. Smile, because it works! Remember to breathe! Also, take the necessary precautions: they’ve already killed 3 BILLION on the planet within a year!

TARA: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, on Tuesday, Oct 13th, roasted the wealthy billionaires alive at the Amy Coney Barrett hearing! When you find hypocrisy in the daylight, look for power in the shadows – white

This is a political parlor game . . . .

It brings up Roe v. Wade, and the Affordable Care Act.

Amy Coney Barrett was completely paid off to do this. She is a cult member of “the Daughters of Praise,” now changed to “People of Praise” —who kill babies, and eat their flesh and drink their blood.

She has also taken an oath of complete subjugation to her husband, thereby asserting that she is less than a man which would take us all back to the stone age—seating her on the court really means he is the one sitting in the court

As one has taken a vow in this cultish religion, and then train others in that ‘religion’

Both Biden and Drumpf are running for president and Whitehouse, by taking it to the next level, is saying that and nobody in the US has access to or is party to the Constitution as all that they create was a colony of the British Crown which answers to the Vatican—and so does Amy Coney Barrett, also a tool of the Vatican.

[End] [With thanks to Rainbow Scribe Penny Christoffersen!]

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