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Thursday, December 17, 2020

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RAMA: Greetings! It is a wild time to be here in this realm, as many realms are converging on each other.

Do not pay too much attention to the various fiascos going on, in various media dramas! Because they want to play with false flags events, and not-so-nice issues.

TARA: We already had enough—enough! For all of us!

RAMA: Yeah! And as we approach this Solstice, the Light coming in is changing physical reality. The ships are showing up in the skies! And I took pictures today of this ship that was over this area for hours and hours and hours!

People were looking at it and taking pictures on the road. It’s just another sign that our different realities are merging right now, where Disclosure will be the order of the day.

It goes into those other realms that [Night at the Roundtable guest, author] Joy Elaine was talking about, and how we are all connected with this Tree of Life. The Circle of Life.

Today I talked with Natasha and Professor Z. Natasha was talking about how [Congress member] Deb Haaland from New Mexico is going to be the next Secretary of the Department of Interior!

TARA: She has charge over the land, and what the people do with the land, and that’s right down her alley! She’s a 35-generation-family New Mexican! I mean—that is amazing!

RAMA: She knows about NESARA and the Farm Claims and— CAROLINE: Deb Haaland was one of the first two Native Americans to be elected to Congress. The significance of a Native American woman being appointed Secretary of the Department of the Interior cannot be overemphasized! It’s a great moment!

TARA: Oh—it’s a first, ever! Ever, ever!

RAMA: She knows about the Farm Claims and NESARA, yet she can’t talk about it, and she is directly connected with the Wise Council of Elders—how this brings in Divine Government!

TARA: This is really happening!

RAMA: And we get rid of the creatures from Jekyll Island—let’s put it that way!

TARA: Yes—[creatures] who knew what they were doing, when they instituted this type of money game.

RAMA: Concerning Natasha, she went on to tell me about this ongoing yada-yada [news reports] about the Russians hacking the cyber security of the United States. It was not the Russians! It’s the war going on among the different factions of the intelligence communities and the deep state.

Dr Greer calls them “the Black Budget folks”—Area 51. And you can imagine where it goes from there! It is about the fact that there are different groups within our governmental agencies that are at each others’ throats.

Because there is a change—this fundamental, huge change, going from Kali Yuga to Sat Yuga, and with that ends the old timeline, which is about war. “We shall study war no more!” And it is kind of a trip to watch, because everybody is blaming the FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service], and all these other agencies, and Putin.

It is not Putin!

Yet it is so deeply entrenched in the political fiascos that have to do with—since the Cold War, Russia has been declared the bad guys on the planet, along with China. That’s not the case. We—the USA—are the empire, and that needs to be grokked, big time!

We are the ones that have created this problem. And metaphorically speaking, Goddess is showing up to fix it, and she takes no prisoners! I leave it there!

TARA: What dost thou mean by that last statement, sir?

RAMA: It means what it means! I have been told they [500,00 high-level criminals] will be taken to [planet] Dracos to stand trial for crimes against the galaxy and the local Universe, and that’s not my call.

TARA: In the fourth quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. There’s something we talked about—the hyperdimensional election of Barack Obama, sitting on the Council of Nine, and he goes there with the King of Swords, right?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: So we’ve got due representation on Sirius A, [in meetings happening] very frequently now.

The time element is nonlinear. So generally, the level of communication and bilocation—we’re experiencing the energies moving in a way that we are really at the highest level of learning while going, you might say, that’s possible—and still have your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground! RAMA: Yes!

TARA: So Rama, the whole story then, is that NESARA is unfolding in envelopes of goodies that we can see—a new venue. No stone has been left unturned, and we’re gong to sit here and enjoy the beautiful sounds of Christmas. It’s the most joyous of times, in terms of what we can do now, and how we can contribute just by being here together.

RAMA: Something that may or may not be out there, on the scope of people seeing it—China went to the moon, picked up some dust and some moon rocks, and came back. And they went to an area of the moon that the US and Russians haven’t gone to, But this will go to prove that the moon is hollow. It’s an artificial satellite. We used to have two moons, before the destruction of Atlantis.

TARA: It looked like the one that we’ve got [now]. Because that’s just a temporary placeholder!

RAMA: Yes, it’s just a stand-in. Yet there are structures on the moon a mile or two miles high, made completely of glass. Nobody has figured out who made it, how it got there. But it is about the ancient Builder race, as they have been called—the Great Silent Watchers that began this story, seeding lifeforms throughout the galaxy. All this is going to come out very soon. China is really pushing for Full Disclosure right now, which is a big deal! I pass the talking stick!

VINAYAK: Rama, do you have an idea as to why China is pushing full Disclosure? Any information you could share about that?

RAMA: There are certain groups within China—they have been having their own battles within their own communities, where the communist state, the folks who play with that idea of communist China, have been battling the folks who are the capitalists of China.

Behind that, there is this drama going on with different factions that are aligned with the Pleiadeans and the Andromedans and the Sirians. They want Peace on the planet. Yet there are other folks who have a vested interest in keeping the war story going on, on the planet. And they’re tied in with the old Draconian story, and the other—

TARA: The one that’s all worn out, everybody! RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: That is literally at the end. That’s an old story, so don’t even go there. And of course, it would only be to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” at this time, as there’s only one of us here. This idea of polarity is laying down its head, to rest at the feet of Unity consciousness.

What a perfect guest [Joy Elaine - https://www.thejoyoflife.info and https://joyelaine.com] to have tonight! I am so appreciative, Vinayak and Caroline.

RAMA: Thank you, yes! VINAYAK: You’re very welcome, folks! Joy is such a great Light! CAROLINE: She’s amazing! I’m glad you asked about China, Vinayak, because I was going to ask as well—is that President Xi [who is] pushing for Full Disclosure? I mean, come on—that’s a very Faction Three thing to push for!

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Well, President Xi is a very Faction Three kind of guy! RAMA: Yes!

TARA: He is totally in communication with the galactics, and they’ve been doing that for a long, long time. He sent his best person—did he come in person?—to the Disclosure Project.

RAMA: Yes, the Disclosure Hearings! With [Former US] Sen. Mike Gravel, [Congress member] Barbara Lee [D-CA], and others—Dr Greer.

TARA: And Dr Steven Greer! The whole idea of fusion and all these alternative states of consciousness—they are very real, with beings who have visited us being the same, and having abilities way beyond anything that the military knows anything about!

RAMA: They already have fusion reactors—let’s say, nuclear fission is over! TARA: It’s over! Its SO over!

RAMA: You don’t have to boil water with nuclear fuel rods! It is so old

TARA: [Laughs] So bizarre! Misqualified energy. And you know—“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Yet accountability is at hand! Anything you’re getting from the Collective, Caroline, is welcome!

VINAYAK: I want to add my comment about encouraging everyone to stay as much as possible in Divine Neutrality, is the best way I can put it. And to allow the scenario to play out, and know that it’s ended. It’s old news, basically. And we are creating the New Earth and the new Life. It’s pretty clear to me that we are fast, fast, fast approaching Full Disclosure as well as NESARA. So blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Fire, folks!

CAROLINE: Absolutely! Rama, I’m wondering about that ship that you and other people saw—was it what we see in videos, where you just see a light zipping around?

Or was it that you could see it was made out of metal? You could see windows or what have you—how clear was that image for you?

RAMA: It was a fully decloaked ship! You could kind of see this shimmering iridescent light, and possibly windows, and then the cloud ship [form] would overtake it again. Then it would clear, and you could see the outline of it, and then it would cloud up and look like a cloud ship again. I was going North on 84, to 85, and just pulling over, taking pictures!

VINAYAK: Wow, that is fascinating! Talk about being revealed and unveiled!

CAROLINE: That is fantastic! I hope to see one of those in my county. It sounds amazing. Did people look shocked? Or just fascinated, Rama?

RAMA: They were just very calmly amazed. You could say it was being acknowledged without any kind of high drama, let’s put it that way. Just a matter of fact, “Oh! There’s a ship in the sky!”

TARA: Rama, you got a picture of it! You were one of the folks that got out and took a picture.

[Looking at photo] You can see that there’s two. There’s no doubt.

CAROLINE: So people weren’t horrified. They weren’t in a bad kind of shock.

Do you feel like all these science fiction films we’ve seen—since you and I were born, they’ve been putting out so much! The X Files, and all these different shows—do you feel like that was Faction Three, preparing people psychologically for Disclosure?

RAMA: I would say, Yes. And Hollywood had its own two cents to put in. They have disclosed many things through The X Files that I would say needed to come out. Because of the fact that since WWII, we [in the US] have been right alongside the Nazi scientists, connecting with the galactics creating the Secret Space Program and the Secret Space Force that Trump calls “Space Force.” But all of these folks are not aligned with Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda [of the Ashtar Command]. I will state that for a fact. They are not! They call themselves connected with the Alliance, and that is not the people I connect with. Nor [are the connected with] Ashtar, that I can speak of. And that is a big distinction! Because it ties in with Faction Two and the deep state, and the Clinton Foundation and the groups that are playing with these extraterrestrial folks that don’t necessarily have the best interests of people of Earth [in mind].

TARA: And on the opposite side—this cannot be emphasized more!—we have Deb Haaland, a New Mexican for 35 generations, and a Native American on all sides [of her family]—she has been selected. There’s all kinds of help coming out now. This is not really about Joe [Biden]. Joe is doing his part, but I think the reparations—we’re hearing The Squad and others saying, “There’s no middle road here! It’s time to do the progressive thing, and it’s time to do it yesterday, and now would be good!”

So she’s been selected as the next Secretary of the Department of the Interior, which means the land! Prosper the land, and you prosper the people! This is the real deal! And the Age of Aquarius this time is going to be four times longer [then other eras]. It’s called the Sat Yuga, where there’s 100,000 years of Peace, plus-plus-plus! We’re not doing that timeline anymore. We’re Ascending. The path that we’re on—the Age of Ma’at exceeds the Age of Aquarius, which is Mother Sekhmet, and dying is not an option!


TARA: I hope that everybody can—I wish Randy were here [as he follows Mr Keshe’s work closely].

When is that machine [healing unit] available, that Keshe has in Arizona? Does anybody know? CAROLINE: Oh, the Life Enhancement Unit! I’ve been waiting for an update for that myself. Randy’s not feeling very well right now. Not sure he’s still with us, still contributing to the chat—we will get an update from him. [Reading what’s in the Skype chat] Julie [on the chat] is very connected to the Keshe crowd. She says they’re still setting all that up. And Micah says there’s a waiting list for the Life Enhancement Unit. I need to get on that waiting list. A lot of us do!

TARA: Do we need to go to his website—is that where we go to sign up on his list? Keshe Foundation—? CAROLINE: Keshe.Foundation is his website. Micah is saying, “Let’s all get on it!” Micah is a friend of the show, everyone, so he is on the chat with us, and so is Julie. Micah and Julie, where do we go to get on the waiting list? Knowledge Seekers Workshop, or—? OK—we’ll have to ask [NATR co-host] Randy, they’re saying. Randy will know. So I’ll email Randy. So we’ll find out, everyone! We’ll pass that on that good news.

TARA: It is truly the energies! So let’s send everybody good vibrations, so they can know their limits, and then take that time to be slowing down. Because that happens when you’re reversing course—it slows down to the point where you feel like you’re high all the time. What’s happening, is that the movement [of higher energies] is in a flow that’s very powerful right now!

And there’s an upside down happy face up there [in the chat]!

CAROLINE: Well, that’s me because I’m confused as to how to get on the waiting list, along with everybody else. They’re saying that the man who purchased the units is still working out all the details with Mr Keshe and his team.

A lot of people have been asking, “How do I get on the list?” Just about everyone’s got some health issue they would love some [energetic/higher technology] help with, so there’s going to be a long line!

TARA: The first thing we know is that there’s going to be times a gazillion of these things, as soon as NESARA’s enacted. There’s people all over the world who have been readying the moment for the new technology.

Young people—10 years old, 12 years old, who have got two and three PhDs, and they’re telling us about the new technology, and we’re sitting there saying, “OK, slow down—I got to write this down!” All of that stuff has been enumerated, and I feel I can see it already—the new programming going on, even in the news we’re watching all the time. The story about “Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia!”—it is not about Russia! Remember, from the very beginning—why is Julian Assange at Belmarsh Prison being tortured? Because he said, “Hillary, I have your number!”

We have this film footage of what the Clinton Charity Foundation has bought and paid for—all these people on the ground killing Iraqis—[civilians] with no [military] uniform on! Then our military from above, killing camera people and journalists on the ground—same group!

RAMA: To this day—this is why I kind of bring it to a serious note—the reason the state of affairs of our planet right now, of why Ed Snowden is sitting in Moscow [in hiding], and Julian Assange is sitting in Belmarsh, is that war crimes were committed the morning of 9/11. And to this day, no one has gone to jail nor has that been dealt with.

This is about the empire called the US of A. Another name I bring up: Michael Hastings. He was killed for telling the truth about 9/11.

TARA: We’re getting a demonstration of Peaceful transition, in the midst of all the chaos. It’s happening! CAROLINE: OK, now I’m wondering, has Rama heard from Mrs Obama lately?

RAMA: I haven’t heard a word from them.

TARA: But I can sense the energy—very strong! The Aquarian energy. The Water Bearer—the bringer of the Waters of Life to the planet. That’s what we’re going through right now, on the 21st. And I think everything’s more translatable than we can possibly imagine. Water is the flow of our Divine emotions. The Light of the time, of the season. The Light of the Office of the Christ!

RAMA: Yes!

CAROLINE: All right, so now I have another question: Do you feel that Faction Three is getting stronger in world governments? If President Xi can push for Full Disclosure, if we can put a Native American woman into the Department of the Interior as Secretary— Do you feel like Faction Three presence is getting so much stronger in the structure of government that we have now on the planet, that pretty soon NESARA is just going to come forward? That they’re making inroads?

RAMA: Yes, I would say so! Because Natasha told me that Deb Haaland is going to hold the private contractors and the US government accountable for the crimes against the First Nations people at Standing Rock, [those who were being Water Protectors in the face of] the Dakota Access Pipeline, where many people were shot and maimed for life by goons with guns, to put it simply, that looked no different than the folks who threatened the governor of Michigan.

TARA: We remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality, because Mother [Sekhmet] knows what to do [to bring them to justice]!

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Along with the Ashtar Command. We are in process of intervention every moment now! And it’s quite something to watch!

CAROLINE: And Representative—or Secretary—Haaland would need a lot of protection, in that case. RAMA: Yes. CAROLINE: And also, she’d be taking on—what are they called—the security firm. They hired a private security firm, that company—Energy Transfer Partners. They hired private thugs, so she’s going to have to stand up to the corporation, which is—boy—! RAMA: Yes!

TARA: Yes, ma’am! There’s going to be backup! There IS backup! Of a supernatural kind! It’s a combination—20 million sovereign world militia forces, where 16 million of them are not from here [Earth]. That’s the ratio of the intervention. Three-quarters are galactic beings, and one-quarter is the Faction Three White Knights on the ground.

So 4 million born and raised around the planet, with the others. I respect and learn every day what the meaningfulness of that is, and that the power of what we do—even if it’s only a small group of us—which like Margaret Mead said, is the only thing that’s ever changed the world.

As we grasp all these interdimensional awarenesses and synergize them with our living together—wow!

Are we happy? Yes! I can’t see anything that isn’t happy about getting a forum where we get to be together, experiencing this transformation that’s already happening! Right, Rama?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: When you talk to your people every day, you’re dealing with it right at the vortex of where the change is going on, every day!

RAMA: I can say that intervention is happening, whether it is being seen or not. And the people of Earth are feeling it, because we are moving to that state of Oneness. All the messages are saying that! Patti Cota-Robles is saying, “We’re in this time now, where as you do the work of working with the Force, it will expand you, infinitely so!”

I’m seeing that in real time, as I connect with the beings. It’s called Serendipity! I pass the talking stick!

CAROLINE: We’re close to finishing for the evening, but I just wanted to quickly say— [to Rama] Did you say that Ruth, your [white] dragon friend whom you knew in Atlantis—did you say that she is waking up now?

RAMA: Oh, she’s awake and she is working with the Altamarians, who an extraterrestrial race that have been here for many years now, helping to re-terraform different coral reefs and the physical crust of the planet in certain areas, so that we don’t necessarily have the cataclysmic events spoken were about in the “I AM America [Earth changes] map” or Gordon Michael Scallion’s map [of the world], where California goes into the ocean!

TARA: The technologies are so advanced! Again—it’s being done all at once, and not piecemeal. So these times, in this window—this week starting on Monday [after] that New Moon total solar eclipse, and then into our Age of Aquarian D-Day, beginning day, the 21st of December, Winter Solstice day—is going to be a legacy for many, many moons to come! Far into the future! CAROLINE: Something they’ll be singing songs about for a long time, as they used to say!

TARA: And yet, we’re being told, it’s inner—it’s the Joy! Joy is the deal!

CAROLINE: Absolutely! We’ve got Sonja on the line—Sonja are you still there, my friend?

SONJA: I’m here, and enjoying every second of this show! What a magnificent show! Joy Elaine, and Vinayak and you, and all the comments, and Tara, when you were reporting, and Rama—an amazing report today! Tara, when you mentioned beginning the era and Sat Yuga, being represented by the Water Carrier. It just brought goose bumps, because the Water Carrier IS Maitreya!

TARA: Yes, we’re talking about the end of the Kali Yuga, and the Age of Aquarius beginning the Sat Yuga, yes. SONJA: And when Maitreya has appeared, even way back in 2005 or so, when I was meditating with the Benjamin Creme* group, he [Lord Maitreya] appeared to my daughter at the health food store. To make a long story short, when he departed from being present with her, he put the gallon bottle of water he had been filling up at the water machine—he put the whole jug on her shoulder [as the Water Carrier is often pictured], and walked away!

I’m still getting goose bumps! And after that, he ____ [?] appear right there. He had a small bottle with a very old label I’d never seen before. They were both filling up water at the machine at the Co-opportunity [cooperative grocer in Santa Monica, Calif].

So when I talked to Benjamin Creme’s right hand, I told him about the experience, he said, “Oh, yeah—that was Maitreya.”

My daughter immediately ran [out of the store] and was hoping [?] he'd appear right before the cash register and in the parking lot. I saw her looking for someone, and he was just gone.

So it was confirmed that it was Maitreya, giving his blessing. So yes, it is coming and merging with the message of Wisdom, and that’s been the whole work that Creme was involved in this whole time.

TARA: Nobody ever forgets that [message that Benjamin Crème shared with the world], because it’s global. And everybody participated. It continues now. This is really happening. That energy is continuing, and everything added onto it now. There’s no turning back!

SONJA: On the 21st, we have the Solstice, but then we have the conjunction also of Saturn and Jupiter!

RAMA: Hmmm-mmm!

TARA: Excelente!

SONJA: So I send you that little image. What’s happening is just magnificent! We couldn’t be in a better place. Thank you for giving me the floor for a second! I wanted to share that, definitely. Such Light, such high Light!

TARA: Yes, thank you, Sonja, so much!

CAROLINE: Thank you so much, Sonja, for your comments, and thank you to all our listeners. I know a lot of people feel stressed and stressed at the minute, in this amazing time we’re in. Please keep your eye on the prize, as they say. We are absolutely seeing that Sun come up over the horizon [which the Collective spoke of earlier in the show]. Winter Solstice—a very powerful time. So just concentrate on anything beautiful and powerful and empowering that you can think of, that gives you inspiration.

So much love! And much thanks to my co-hosts, and Don, whenever you’re ready with the music, that will be wonderful. Thank you, everyone!

* Benjamin Crème was a Scottish artist, author, teacher of esoteric knowledge, and editor of Share International magazine. He taught that the Second Coming, which is prophesied by many religions, would come in the form of Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher.

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