GANS Party on December 1 - You're Invited!

Joins us as our friends Julie and Scott demonstrate how to create your own One Cup - One Life!

This simple but powerful invention was designed by Iranian scientist and inventor M T Keshe. The One Cup produces GANS water (GANS being Keshe's word for "gas in a nano state"). GANS is basically plasma -- it's life-giving water that some have been using to assist with various health conditions. (No claims made regarding cures. No results guaranteed, as each person's life experience is unique.)

Yet this energized water has been known to assist people in a variety of ways.

Well worth giving it a try! If you have question during the assembly process, just speak up or type them into the chat. The hosts will be there to assist you. (If you're not sure about how to get the materials together, the site sells the makings of the One Cup - One Life cup -- scroll down till you see it.) Even if your kit arrives after the call, the call will still be a great help to you. You can also get materials here, on the Keshe Foundation website. Those with knowledge about Mr. Keshe’s technologies, please join us and share your knowledge with the group! Together, we will be following the instructions found on the Keshe Wiki webpage. If you can’t join us, or simply want to read the instructions on your own, visit the link for more information. Gather the equipment and materials listed below to follow along and build your own. To join us:

RSVP by emailing us at by the evening of Monday, November 30

Put “GANS Party” in the subject line then give us your Skype ID so we can add you to the call Accept our Contact Request by answering that on Skype

We look forward to seeing you all! Materials you will need: Around 150cm / 59in of copper wire Zinc plate Electrician's tape Distilled water Pure salt – No iodine or anti-caking ingredients Equipment: Torch or stove – gas flame Tongs or pliers Wire cutter or scissors Sharp Knife Pencil or pen Ruler or measuring tape Empty glass or wide-mouthed jar (not too big) Weight scale Plastic spoon Battery (optional) – Must be almost depleted of energy

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