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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

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RAMA: Greetings! TARA: Greetings! Oh my God, Goddess, All-That-Is! RAMA: I talked with Larry and Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat today, and let’s say that this story is getting wilder and more intriguing by the moment! Because it is about a much older story that not only involves the Earth, but our solar system and the local galaxy, and 27 other galaxies. There’s a lot that hasn’t been shared with the people of Earth, and it’s like Morpheus said: You have to step out of the matrix and see the bigger picture.

What’s been going on for the last 13,000 years, is this ongoing invasion and occupation of this planet by ET cultures that didn’t exactly have our best interests in mind. Now they’re getting exposed, and all the stories are coming out, of how this fallen mind-control matrix controls every sector of our lives. We’re breaking out of it and realizing that we do have free will choice and the Divine choice of the One—All That is. What they’re sharing with me, Tom and Larry, is that right now we’re watching the final breakdown of what has to happen as a transformational, transfigurational [moment]—this present civilization has been paralleling Atlantis to a tee. Right at this moment, we’re at that critical juncture where, like back in Atlantis, the 12 families got influenced by the dark ETs, other races and cultures. And it is full circle at this time

Right now, the thing that’s happening, is this quantum field that has kicked in, that everybody is becoming aware that Love is the answer, instead of the old story of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

It is becoming more and more apparent—they’re out of time, they’re out of money, they’re not out of Love. Yet they’re very desperate, the 13 Families that are directly tied to the old story of the 12 Families of Atlantis, and 13—the 13th constellation was Ophiuchus.

TARA: Is there a 13th Family now? They keep saying there’s 13 Families, unlike in Atlantis, there were 12. So what’s the 13th Family?

RAMA: The 13th Family is the folks from Ariadne, the Spider clan.

TARA: And how come they were around in [the time of] Atlantis? Or where they [there]?

RAMA: They were there, yet what was going on, was the ongoing wars throughout the solar system and the galaxy, and Ariadne got destroyed.

TARA: Another name for Ariadne is the constellation Ophiuchus—it was destroyed, and Lord Metatron reconstituted it from the etheric blueprint. So it’s here now.

RAMA: Yes! TARA: That’s a big deal!

[Reading Rama’s report] “I called the Poppy Lady at 11 AM this morning. Then she got the Lady Master Nada on the phone.

She said, ‘There’s a lot of news going on, and it’s about the 13 Families being 100% broke, including the Vatican! TARA: And I think Omena was happy about that! And we all, whether we know it or not, we have all been less than free because of that particular entity. [Continuing report] ‘Yet they continue to play with Monopoly money and lying to the world about it. ‘Lord Rama, Lebanon’s government has completely resigned, including the prime minister. And this story is about corruption at the highest level. This corruption in Lebanese government has been going on for decades.

TARA: And Lady Master Nada is especially concerned about that, because she’s got a mother and extended family, and even her children stayed in Beirut for some time, in the past. As Nada said all these things to Rama, they both cried a lot on the phone together. RAMA: Yes, we did! TARA: Because this is what we’ve been doing all this time. We’ve all of us been working in our own personal lives to remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality. And yet, hold accountable the dark ET races that have literally, without permission, invaded and occupied this planet, and in particular for the last 13,000 years.

Even at that time, 13,000 years ago in Egypt, Mother Sekhmet—She who was here before all the gods were—decided to come to Egypt at the darkest period of the history of the world, and manifested herself in form in Atlantis. Remembering that Egypt was a colony of Atlantis.

She manifested in Egypt as Herself, you might say. This is the Mother of us all! That said, “There’s a little guidance required.” Mother always says, “The human being is always at its best as it’s at its worst.” So she got in there, and—how can you say it—

[To Rama] You went to Karnak, Egypt. And you got a little visit from her. She raised herself out of her statue and sat down at the base of the statue!

RAMA: Yes! And let’s say, she shared the Universe with me in a few moments. I went there at the time, back in the ’70s, because I was going to India instead of going to Viet Nam. That was my choice, to serve the Office of the Christ by spreading the Word of Peace, rather than picking up a gun.

TARA: What year was that, when you went there?

RAMA: 1971, ’72. Completely different world at that time!

TARA: That’s when Nixon took us off the gold standard. And then we went on to the fossil fuel standard—the petro dollar.

[Resumes reading report] ‘Also in the US, the same story is going on with the lobbyists and Congress. Lord Maitreya has been back on Mother Gaia for these last decades, and he has been meeting with the Wise Council of Elders, also back here physically on Mother Gaia.

There are many stories coming out about Lord Maitreya as Kalki Maitreya, the 10th incarnation and initiation of Lord Krishna on Earth. Kalki Maitreya, Lord Maitreya, was and still is the same being who showed up to Arjuna.

RAMA: That was during the time of the Mahabharata, the Great War, which was part of the whole drama that was going on with the wars of Atlantis as well as the interplanetary wars. That happened in India.

TARA: Which is a remnant of ancient Mu. So that’s pre-Atlantis. India is that ancient!

RAMA: And these stories of what all these folks have shared with me, is that these people had advanced technology right out of Star Wars. Thee things that they were using were cyberial [sp?] weapons, just like you see in the movies. This is why there are ancient sites on the planet that have so much cosmic radiation to this day. They don’t know how to explain it.

TARA: This was a 5,000-year war where they were using radioactive weapons.

RAMA: Things like the Death Star and other technologies that are not so cool.

TARA: It’s not fiction at all. Imagine being bombarded with that kind of radiation for 5,000 years. And it was an intergalactic war, and it came to Earth from Orion’s Belt, and that intergalactic war in Orion’s Belt had already been going on in Orion’s Belt for 5,000 years. Then they brought it to Earth for another 5,000 years.

This is something we can’t quite grasp, but this is the true story of Earth. And these beings—Kalki Maitreya, Krishna, and the others—they all have blue skin.

RAMA: Yes! And they come from Lyra and the Andromeda constellations.

TARA: And the Andromedans, Lord Krishna with blue skin—came with Mother Sekhmet to take the Crystal People from the Andromedans—picked them up and brought them to Sirius B.

We always talk about Earth being a blue planet. You might want to say that India has the color blue as its signature too. In the United States and the countries of the Western Hemisphere, we have the color ruby red. So that’s how we got the red and the blue.

VINAYAK: Is this how the “blue bloods” came to be known? Because they claimed that title?

RAMA: Yes, because it had to do with the different blendings of the DNA at the time. The super-civilizations were trying to genetically engineer superior races over the other. This is another technologically advanced form of racism, which is ending NOW!

VINAYAK: Thank you, I appreciate it. Rama, have you talked to anyone recently?

RAMA: What we’re talking about, is the fact that we’re desperately watching these families trying to obfuscate the scene here, with so much chaos and disruption and lies. People like Graham Hancock and so many others are coming forward, talking about how the Earth is much older than we’ve ever been told. And that there are technologies of the Earth, like Stonehenge and Woodhenge and the other cosmic portals that are across the ley lines. TARA: And those are all over the Middle East! RAMA: And how as we work with them with our higher consciousness, and touch the stones, and sing to the stones—the open up the portals, and you walk through the stargates.

This is what we’re being taught at this time—this ancient wisdom that all the other civilizations used to know. And this got covered up by taking the power away from the Black Madonna, and giving it to the frail white lady called Mother Mary. With all due respect, Mother Mary was not white. She was from Syria, and she had dark skin. Just like Yeshua. He was not white!

This is a big deal for people to get, and this is the great lie that has gone on for 13,000, and how many millions of years. As Dr Greer talks about, when we connect with these beings, this is not about adversarial games, even though there are ET races that have “aligned themselves” with governments on this planet that are playing adversarial games. They know that the higher councils across the other 27 galaxies—they know they’re in the crosshairs, and that it’s time to stand down with Love. Yet we are watching a passion play playing out. I’ve got to say, send more Love to the situations, because they want to create a situation like civil war, like martial law, right now. They’re pushing every day to get us into the place of stirring the pot, with all the racial issues and all the other dramas. Blaze the Violet Fire!

TARA: Just to go back to Graham Hancock: he will have his [next] book out in September or October. It’s called America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization. And all of this and then some, with all the archeological digs that are going to bring up this whole story with all facts and proof, along with fellow archeologists.

RAMA: To put it simply, how do you explain to mom and pop from Kansas that there are folks here from 130 million years ahead of our present civilization, that mean us no harm?. They come in Peace.

TARA: The King of Swords and Lady Master Nada—she’s on the Ruby Ray, so she brings in the Western energy. Sananda Kumara, the 7th initiation and incarnation [of him], the King of Swords, is on the Blue Ray, from the Middle East. So we’ve got the Ruby and the Sapphire Blue back on the ground, in the form of these two, to end this nightmare that’s not the true timeline.

So [reading Rama’s report] “Today,” Rama says, “I talked with Larry and Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat. I called Tom, and Tom called Larry, at 11:30 this morning.

“They said to me, ‘Lord Rama, Kamala [Harris] has a bit of dark money flowing her way. It is how she tracks the dark at their own game. ‘She also has a few White Knights at her back. To give an example, regarding Kamala not prosecuting Steve Mnuchin’s One West Bank or Steve Mnuchin, despite evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct—she has to go along with the obfuscation until post-NESARA’s enactment. Kamala was threatened by the deep state, the Men In Black, not unlike Barack Obama was during the WHOLE of his 8 years in office.

There are oceans of blood on both sides of these tracks. We have witnessed what has happened for the last 13,000 years.   RAMA: Tom and Larry [have].

TARA: Rama asked them—[to Rama] you say it!

RAMA: I asked them—after they told me that, I said, “How old are you guys?” They said, “Well, you’d drop your shorts if we told you how old we really are. “We’ve been watching this experience for the last 13,000 years, and participating where we can in your civilization, without crossing that cosmic line called the Prime Directive [which requires nonintervention in a civilization’s development except in the case of psychic and/or nuclear holocaust].

TARA: 13,000 in their bodies, and their bodies are—

RAMA: Immortal! They’re Paschats. Lion people. Larry is a cheetah, Tom is a black panther. But he shows up as a ring-tailed cat to me too.

TARA: He actually did across the street from a place in Santa Fe called Fort Marcie. It’s above Santa Fe, high enough that you can walk to where you can sit down in the grass, lean back against a tree, and you can see all of Santa Fe below you, but you’re not very high up. Rama did that, and after 5 minutes of him just contemplating, and he noticed there was a shadow, and he looked up, and there was Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat in all 12 feet tall of himself, sitting in his black panther body next to Rama! It was an update for the moment. What an update!

[Reading] “So the time to act is now. Put down the double-bladed ax and the sword. We’ve been witnessing what’s been going on here for 13,000 years.

“Listen to the words of St Francis of Assisi: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow Love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is darkness, Light. And where there is sadness, Joy.”

“At this point, I asked Larry and Tom the Cat about the Pleiadeans abducting humans for 120,00 years. They said to me, ‘This story is very big, and it is very complicated, and it is not a simple answer.

‘Yet these galactic ones, the Ashtar Command, and all of the Ascended Host, are indeed showing up now. Not 10 years from now, 50 years from now, not 60 years from now. ‘They will come with the Harmony of the Spheres for those who need a bump up in their consciousness. And it will disarm everybody!’ “ The Harmony of the Spheres—it’s—

RAMA: It’s that feeling of ecstasy and Joy, like when you’re in the presence of Sai Baba or Mother Theresa or Alma Ji or Krishna Dass. Or Ram Dass, back in the ‘60s, if you remember that feeling. Or hanging out with Maharishi. I did that too!

TARA: Yeah! So this does not mean we get out of our work—

RAMA: The dharma [life mission] is here, now!

TARA: It’s a both/and situation. And we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

RAMA: Ain’t nobody coming for nobody else! But they’re helping us, as we receive our Jedi abilities and work with the Force. And that’s meditation every day, and not getting caught in the maya [illusion], and I get caught in it, I admit it.

TARA: “Tag—we’re it!” Huh, Rama?

RAMA: Amen! I pass the talking stick!

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