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Rama's White Knight News - December 1, 2021

As we approach this Solar Eclipse, things are shifting so quickly!

We are in a Quantum Shift in our solar system and galaxy. And if you can, with much Love and respect, please assist us financially with what we require to sustain us on our journey to getting NESARA into law. We are requiring $500 towards getting THE BALL JOINTS FIXED on our Shuttlecraft, Miss Blue Sapphire. THIS IS AN EXTREME EMERGENCY!!! E. T. SAID I AM RISKING MY LIFE by driving the car while it needs this repair work. He told me to take the side roads and to drive very slowly, and that under these circumstances, that is absolutely necessary! I must be at least 20 miles away from home to receive important messages from my Faction Three White Knights. Thank you so much for your immediate attention to this serious matter. I am standing by to hear from you, as soon as possible. We ask that we please get this issue handled quickly. Thank You, Bless You! This is the most intense energy coming in now. Yet as we open our hearts and work with these energies spiritually, we can embrace 100th dimensional energies & shine the light of 10 Trillion Suns out to the world! All the crystals are saying, Now is the time! BLAZE THE VIOLET FIRE!! Sat Nam! Love You, Bless you!

We are calling forth 40 new contributors to become regular donors and set up a $20 / month donation.

If everyone can DIG DEEP into their pockets and Hearts, and contribute even $5 or $10 a month, this is a great help! Thank You! Bless You! We Love You with all our Hearts!

I have been hearing all kinds of stories about how this realm is changing faster than we think. We are already in the Quantum Realm!

Every day I see this world changing for the better as the Higher Energies continue to come in . . . These eclipses can change so many realms. Portals are opening everywhere. Sacred sites, ley lines, and vortexes are linking up across Mother Gaia -- So call the Family in!

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