White Knight Update - October 9, 2020

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

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[Intro to Show]

RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Greetings!

TARA: President Trump has COVID, and he is not out of the woods yet. He’s taking medicine that can make you delusional. Dexamethasone. That is a steroid, yet he’s not listening to the doctor’s recommendations, because it gets him very, very high. You feel like you’re Superman, even if you can hardly breathe, which we saw when he got up on the balcony [after returning to the White House].

I’ll just say, it can be a very serious problem if he continues to take more than he should, because it suppresses the immune system, and after a while, the suppression of the immune system from overreacting, which causes you not to be able to breathe so easily, but after a while, it creates a radical hormonal imbalance.

It actually causes you to be more in danger of not getting better. I’m just going to say, we’ve got to put the Circle of Light around this situation.

The brother who passed over—“I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone”—

RAMA: Johnny Nash.

TARA: Johnny Nash has now made his transition Tuesday, at [age] 65. We can see clearly now “the rain is gone” in the sense that we can see the Light at the end of the tunnel. And the Light is rapidly approaching.

So those who are attempting to go in the opposite direction will cause a situation that will be a bit challenging [for them], to say the least! Also, Van Halen!

RAMA: Eddie Van Halen decided to go over the rainbow in the last little while, at age 65.

TARA: Eddie Van Halen died at 65, and Johnny Nash died at 65—they were the same age. That’s interesting.

RAMA: I got to see Eddie Van Halen in Albuquerque—oh my! Tinley Coliseum. It’s not there anymore . . .

[News Update]

TARA: [Reading Rama’s report] “I received a call today from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat, and Larry & Curly.

“They said to me, ‘Lord Rama, The confusion and misinterpretation of the energies are increasing exponentially. “ ‘Also, Vice President Pence has COVID. This is a very bad version of Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary was a carrier of typhoid fever, yet she had no symptoms, and everywhere she went, she would spread the fever.’ ”

“ ‘Mary Mallon was an Irish cook who immigrated to the United States from Ireland [in the late 1800s].’ ” You know that story, Rama.

RAMA: I know that she infected 53 people before she was quarantined.

TARA: And they quarantined her for three decades [26 years]! It was in 1938 [that she died].

RAMA: This is about being asymptomatic.

TARA: And passing the virus around intensely.

We’ll go on. [Continues reading report] “ ‘Lord Rama, 13 people were actively engaging in a plot to kidnap and kill [democratic] Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.’ “ “Tom said, ‘I called them Thunderdome Zombies. They got busted today by the FBI, and six of them got booked. Not only where they were planning that, they were planning more than that. They were involved in planning to start a civil war. TARA: This is all being discussed in the sense that President Trump is egging this kind of violence on. When he got up there and said, “Stand back and stand by,” the Proud Boys are planning to blow up police departments all over the country. Assembling IEDs [improvised explosive devices].

“ ‘According to the charging documents, soon after that tweet [from Trump that said] “Liberate Michigan,” law enforcement said they are preparing for more of this. More leading up to the election and up to the inauguration day.’

President Trump said, ‘She’s the lockup queen.’

TARA: Meaning they [Michigan] are in lockdown, because COVID is going crazy right now.

[Resumes reading report, quoting Trump] “ ‘What she’s done to that place is horrible. She’s locked it up. She’s got people like, living in prison.’ ”

“ ‘If this were anyone but the president, their name would be added to the subject line of the investigation by the FBI. They would be looked at for instigating violence, for aiding and abetting, and for conspiring.’ “

VINAYAK: I’d like to hear from Rama and who he spoke to this week. When you’re reading things—as wonderful as it is, I’m very interested in knowing what Rama heard this week since it’s been a very transformational week.

TARA: OK, Rama—

RAMA: Yes, what I can say that I’ve heard this week, is that the solar flares and the Ascension frequencies, along with the Schumann Resonance is going so high, so fast, that if you’re not in the state of being in this Now Moment, it’s going to get precarious for your life force on this planet. I’m not kidding. It’s happening.

This is why we’re watching the folks in DC lose it, absolutely live and in living color!

And besides Tom, Larry & Curly today, I went and talked to the trees. You could say I talked to Treebeard and his brothers. They were telling me to stay in the Now Moment, and not allow this passion play to get to you, because it is about the old timeline that’s rapidly disappearing.

At the same time, it is very much a challenge to stay in the Now Moment, and to do the daily sadhna activities [chanting, meditating, etc.] as we go about our day. It’s always just bringing self back to that center point, and not allowing the maya [3D illusion] to get to you.

Earlier in the week I heard from Lady Master Nada, and there are so many galactic folks right at this time, right here, in our midst!

The way Tom put it today is, “We’re just waiting for the Captain to give the word, and we’ll be showing up for some dinner. Put an extra plate at the table, and don’t worry about the landlord. We have the right way to talk to him if we need to crash there! [Laughs]

TARA: Randy is asking, do you know anything about the First Lady’s son Barron?

RAMA: I have not heard a word about Barron or Melania and what’s going on in the White House.

Yet since he got back from the hospital, they haven’t allowed him into the Oval Office, and I heard a rumor that somehow today he got into the Oval Office, and it’s like—! [Gasps] I don[t know where to go with that!

TARA: In terms of the service people who service everything going on in the White House—there’s 123 who have already tested positive for COVID. Of the people we know at the top, there’s already 27 now.

I think we got the gist that the old timeline is on its way out, and resistance is futile. You’ll be assimilated by Love! RAMA: Yes!

TARA: What we do with all the rest of it is up to us inside. As the Dalai Lama says, “There’s no way you can heal from the outside till you heal what’s going on inside!” So let’s keep that in mind.

Do you have any more questions, Vinayak? VINAYAK: I wanted to comment—I’d like to encourage all our listeners to go outside, connect with Nature, and especially at night, look up into the sky! I have been seeing so many starships that are communicating with me right now. When I look into the night skies, I am feeling so loved and praised and blessed for all the work we are doing. The ones who are physically on this planet right now—whether you know it or not, your life, your being is making a difference.

Randy was talking about what’s going on with Keshe and his announcement. We are literally creating the world that we want and have desired to live in since we first incarnated, and we’re doing it.

So I just want to acknowledge everybody, encourage you to look up into the sky. Ask your guides to show you the starships, and feel the radiance. Because you can actually feel the energy from the starship coming down to you. Just lift up your arms in celebration and know that they are there, and they will communicate!

Rama, is there anything else that went on this week that was particularly profound as far as the White Knights are concerned that our listeners might want to know about?

RAMA: What I could say, is that there are just so many profound—if I can describe it—we are waking up to who we are as Divine Cosmic Beings that have the ability to change this story right now!

What I keep being brought back to is this statement Dr Greer put together. That when we as a civilization become a singularity—One Thought, One Heart, One Mind—we can interact with any other civilization in any time-space continuum, instantaneously. It is simply I AM THAT I AM in each moment!

That’s where we’re getting to, and it’s happening in spite of all the maya going on!

I pass the talking stick!

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