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Thursday, February 4, 2021

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RAMA: Greetings, everyone! Welcome back, Omena! Nice to have you back! We missed you immensely!

OMENA: Thank you! TARA: Thank you for showing up in this world, and for showing up for all of us! RAMA: Today I talked to Number 15, who is a member of the ACIO, the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. He called me out of the blue today.

He shared with me the stories that Matías [De Stefano] has been talking about on Gaia TV, about these very ancient beings that have been showing up to help Earth restore to its pristine state [as it was] before the Flood. Without all the trauma and death, and the division amongst the different cultures and civilizations.

He spoke about these beings called the Soffhir and the Aessir, and another name for the giant people, like the Evas or [as we know them] the Sasquatch people from Andromeda. He shared with me how these folks, as the technologies of death stop functioning, then these beings can come out and interact with the Wise Councils of Elders and the rest of the people. They’re already showing themselves to the people.

It’s not that these beings represent a threat. There are very ancient civilizations that have been here from the very beginning. I can say that in the current timeline, there’s many folks who make disparaging remarks about the reptilians. And at the same time, many of them never fell from grace. I’ve served with many reptilian officers on [Captain Ashtar’s ship] the New Jerusalem. And the story about this goes back millions and millions of years.

What Number 15 was sharing with me today, is how all these stories are going to come forth now, so these schisms and different gaps in our memories will be filled and healed. These folks—right now, there are various stories about these beings who are 15 feet tall, 25 feet tall, 50 feet tall. They have found skeletons all over the planet of these beings. Yet we’ve heard about many of these beings that were in stasis, and they’re being revived right now in Antarctica.

Buzz Aldrin was taken down there, along with many other folks. We talked about this last year—the Arc of Gabriel [is one of the ancient technologies down there].

There was another device—an ancient resurrection stasis chamber, and there were pictures on the internet of—they called them Gilgamesh, or Zoroaster. All these various beings are part of the pre-Flood people that have the elongated skulls. It has to do with the genetic engineering that went on before the Flood, where the Soffhir, the Aessir, and these people from Andromeda called the Sasquatch or Eva race helped to create what our civilizations got formed into.

Sometimes they call them the Celestials or the Great Silent Watchers, and they have been here for millions of years.

There’s this very strange object at the edge of our solar system, going out almost into the Oort cloud, or somewhere in their. It’s kind of beyond our solar system, or almost. It’s got a strange name—‘Oumuamua—it’s a Hawaiian word.

Number 15 said that very soon, they’re going to send some kind of technology there to examine this [ancient resurrection stasis] craft. It’s millions and millions of years old. There are people on it who are in stasis. They’re part of these folks called the Great Silent Watchers, or the Celestials. They’re part of how life was created in this solar system, and the 26 other galaxies surrounding this galaxy, and they have come back to help us get things back in order, because you could say Gaia Biwamus [sp?] has put out a planetary distress signal, and it has been answered by so many trillions of beings now.

“it is a very intense time,” Number 15 explained, because of the shifting of the timelines. As the old timeline is getting erased, the Matrix is falling apart.

This is why all the exposure of the criminality that goes all the way up to the Fallen Angels—that has to be brought into this part of the story. Because how these folks, the Celestials or Great Silent Watchers were around when, let’s say, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds [Fallen Archangel Lucifer] decided to go to the dark side and gave up the position of Planetary Prince of this Universe of Nebadon, and Lord Michael took up the position of Planetary Prince, and Sananda Kumara is the Co-Regent with Archangel Michael of this Universe of Nebadon.

In the context of this, Lucifera and these folks have come back to Love. The point I’m making, that Number 15 explained to me, is that we are watching the final play-out of these final moments. This is why these beings are coming back now—to fill in the gaps of our history and herstory, and it’s about the matriarchal goddess civilizations. These were the super civilizations [of Atlantis, Lemuria, etc]. Once the patriarchy stepped in, things kind of went downhill! I pass the talking stick!

TARA: Rama was talking about the beings with the elongated heads. What were you saying about them, Rama? RAMA: They were part of the pre-Flood civilizations around the planet, and they have abilities—it’s called the siddhas, where the powers of the Force, our Jedi abilities—and everybody has them. Once the Xenon gas has been re-introduced into our atmosphere, these things will naturally come back to us. Teleportation, telepathy—not having to worry about whether you eat or not. You can, like Mr Keshe talks about, you can get your nutrition from the water, or the air.

TARA: That’s a Life Enhancement unit that permeates the whole house with the plasma field. RAMA: Yes! TARA: It provides all the nutrients you could possibly need, so you’re not really hungry. And you don’t need to eat ever again, if you don’t want to. I like to eat, but the field itself is the energy provided for all of us without having to eat! In other words, we’re reaching that place of how to live in fifth dimensional consciousness, and these technologies are there to assist us. Of course, the other characters that are still hanging on, are producing technologies that reverse that field, and one of them is the “vaccination.” I don’t want to go there right this second, but I want to go back to the idea of the elongated skulls.

Because this Saturday we’re going to play something, a 28-minute piece [from Gaia.com], and it’s called “Elongated Head DNA Discovery.” It says, [Reading description] “Our team of experts connect the dots between the locations of pyramids around the world and the discovery of elongated skulls. “These people, who appear to be from an advanced culture, would have been revered as gods to the human civilizations rising from aftermath of a great calamity. “Further evidence of this comes from ancient carvings depicting beings with elongated heads as traveling from another world to become stewards of primordial civilizations. “Plus, their mitochondrial DNA shows these people had mothers who herald from the Middle East, but the fathers’ lines cannot be traced to any know DNA on the planet. “Could this be evidence proving that advanced beings from another world came to usher in a new form of consciousness and to guide the earliest of civilizations to fruition?”

And of course, you know the answer, everybody. And the answer is Yes! And Nassim Haramein is on this panel, along with Matias De Stefano and Freddy Silva and Greg Braden—all these people.

You might say, the cycle of death is canceled!

RAMA: Yes! TARA: [To Rama] Do you want to say a little more about that? Because you were talking to Number 15 [about that].

RAMA: Yeah. Death came into the picture right at the moment of these ancient civilizations, when, to put it simply, we got a little too big for our britches and started playing with our egos. That fell into the energies that, when you’re using the powers of the Force—it is not to be used as something to conquer, or used to control people.

That was shown in some of the Star Wars movies, when Anakin Skywalker got angry and used the Force, and we saw what happened to him. What Number 15 was saying, at the time, before we started dying, we got involved in playing with our egos, where the energies fell to a point and the emotions got involved, and things got out of hand after that. It was like, “Put your dukes up!” [war and violence mentality] so to speak. We’re not going there again! This is why folks are coming back and saying, “All we are saying, is give Peace a chance.”

TARA: And Number 15—I’ll read what Rama told me earlier—this is for today, and it starts:

“I spoke with Number 15 today at 11 AM this morning.” TARA: Number 15 is a member of the ACIO. And as Rana Mu tells us, he also [as well as Rana Mu] is from 175 million years into our future, “where without the changes being made now with their help, one-third of our Milky Way galaxy has already been destroyed.”

Those two were out looking at it, and they made a commitment to come bank to this particular time, where it’s fertile ground for us to change our course in history and change it to a herstory, moving from [the mentality of], “Because I can, I will. And I’ll use my lower ego to control others and where I want to go, for the love of money.” Not for the love of Love.

RAMA: For the love of power! There are so many stories out there where the love of power has put civilizations to extinction.

TARA: So we go on here. So both Rana Mu and Number 15 are members of the Ashtar Command.

[Reading report] “Number 15 said to me, ‘Lord Rama, now is the time where the Celestials, another name for the Great Silent Watchers, who have been here from the beginning, 450 billion years ago— ‘Now is the time for them to show up. (In the physical, where everybody can know they’re there!)

‘These ones never die, which is humanity’s destiny, if we so choose, and they are here to help with the restoration of Mother Gaia and we the people of Earth. They are called the Soffhir and the Aessir, and the giants, and the Sasquatch people.’ “ TARA: As Rama said, another name for the Sasquatch people is the Eva race, after “Adam and Eve.” What they’re speaking of there is the Divine Feminine. Mother said this to us, and we’ve said this before—ALL the Archangels are feminine. Doesn’t have anything to do with gender. They are a cauldron of Love, because they have a high ability to receive Love and then share it. That’s what we mean by Archangelic presence in our lives.

[Reading report] “ ‘At thus time, many of these pre-Atlantean, pre-Lemurian beings are being revived from the stasis chambers in Antarctica.

“ ‘These ones voluntarily placed themselves in these chambers millions of years ago, for the very purpose of being alive now’—now that time is here!

“ ‘As they wake up and get oriented to this present moment, they will share their wisdom. One of the keys is to reintroduce the Xenon gas into our atmosphere of our Earth.’ ”

And I would venture to say that that environmental air unit creating the plasma field IS that. Am I correct, Rama?

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: So that Xenon gas—this will restore our siddhas, as Rama was saying—"our gifts and abilities to, for instance, bi-locate consciously. Levitate consciously. Access the Akashic Records with ease. Heal the sick, raise the dead. Be telepathic with one another in an instant.

“This is what Number 15 shared with me. And Number 15 said, ‘All these things are manifesting now throughout the world. Go and share the good news! See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama! Namaste to all!

TARA: And today is known as the Day of Transportation Equity. It’s the day that Rosa Parks died, I think in 2013, but they call it the Transportation Equity Day, for what Rosa Parks demonstrated for us. She refused to move from the front of the bus to the back of the bus.

And that’s a metaphor for the time we’re living in now, let’s put it that way.

Again—death is canceled!

Then there’s an interesting piece—there’s pictures—I think Rama, you found this. There’s pictures of Justin Trudeau—8 pictures of his face, and right beside his face there are 8 pictures of Fidel Castro. And if you’re really paying attention, he is the spitting image of his father. Because Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s father. Justin Trudeau’s mother and [assumed] father went on a journey to Cuba on vacation or whatever. Justin’s mother had a little adventure with Castro, and out popped Justin Trudeau! RAMA: Things keep getting weirder and weirder!

TARA: All I can say is, now we’ve got something to think about—in other words, what is all this border stuff, and what is all this hierarchical stuff? I was talking to one of our brothers here at the radio station, and he was saying, how is this every going to get worked out? These guys are going to rule us forever, the way they’re acting right now!

That’s why we were saying that these energies coming in now are making it possible for all things to be said, and for us to use dialogue, with our siddhas awakened, to work this in a very quick manner, and a very Peaceful manner.

The most important measure you can take right now, is if you can, drop all your ideas of the old paradigm, and open your hearts to this!

We have a sister whose gone through the fourth stage of cancer and chemotherapy and all that, and in spite of all that, and doing well with it—but in spite of all that, as NESARA is brought forward, there are over 60,000 technologies that end all disease, and it’s done very quickly.

The Keshe technology is just the beginning, in terms of an example of what that can do.

RAMA: Just to add something to this, I went to the bank this week this past week just out of the blue, and as I was there, I asked the teller, “What do you know about NESARA, and what’s going to happen here, with the changeover?”

She held up her finger and said, “Just a minute.” Then she held up through the window, a rainbow bill—a $100 rainbow bill, and it wasn’t the ones that had the strip on it. It said “US Note” on it, instead of the other words that represent fiat money.

Then she put her finger up to her lips and just said, “You didn’t see that! Have a nice day!”

TARA: That’s pretty awesome! Back in the early 2000s, a lot of the bank tellers were doing that! But Rama—

RAMA: I haven’t done that in many, many years!

TARA: Decades! And we’re talking about the early ‘90s, and it’s 2021! What happened here?! Serendipitously, that’s another sign. She pulled it right out of the drawer, right there at the front, by the teller counter. RAMA: Yeah! That’s why I’m going, “Something’s gonna give, here!” TARA: Very much so!

CAROLINE: Since the early ‘90s, you’ve been doing this periodically, that Rama has been asking bank tellers, “What about once NESARA is enacted?” and they’ve been showing him the Rainbow currency? Or is this very new? You said something about the early ‘90s, and I’m just trying to follow.

TARA: Oh—very good! That’s great.

There are some of us that have been with us since the early ‘90s, so those people know what we’re talking about, and those with us now who weren’t there—there was a young lady, Jennifer Lee, and she used to make conference call updates about this.

Jennifer went to the banks in L.A. in the early ‘90s, and they were showing her the rainbow bills back then! Rama was doing it in Santa Fe, and they were all showing the rainbow bills back then, too.

This has been going on for a very long time. Rama met the King of Swords in 1980, and in 1986 I had some encounters with Lady Master Nada. So by the early 1990s, the rainbow bills were already out, and all of the NESARA needful things for banking in the early 21st century were already there in the ‘90s.

Think about that for a minute! And of course, that receded into the background. We the People have to help each other to wake up! They’re not going to do that until that moment is ready.

Rama ended up getting to talk to Number 15. Number 15 is the person who did a mind meld.

RAMA: Like in Star Trek, like a Vulcan mind meld, when Spock merges his consciousness with someone else in their mind. Their consciousness becomes one consciousness. You experience whatever is going on with that one person as well as yourself.

Another way to describe it is, all of your Akashic records are shared between both of you. It’s a very intimate thing, a very personal thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. It’s about waking up to who we are as Divine God Beings. This has never, ever gone away from us. We got caught in the Matrix, and the illusion.

Remember Morpheus said to Neo when they were walking down the street, “Watch that lady in the red dress!”

I pass the talking stick!

[Post-show Discussion]

TARA: In the early ‘90s, the rainbow bills were already in all the banks.

The only reason [good] things can’t happen at the same time all that other stuff can happen, is that people have to help people wake up! That’s the job we all have. That’s why we do what we do here.

Our elders—our sister Marietta and Omena and Markie—they came in to help us get a grip, and they still are here. The youngest ones don’t have any of this stuff called effluvia and this information, and saying, “Where are you? Are you here, or what?” We’ve been fighting wars! What did MLK say—If you’re going to fight each other, that makes you blind and toothless—eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth [makes everyone blind and toothless].

Rama was told again today that the weapons of war and death will not work anymore. There was no access to the nuclear codes at all with Trump, so it wasn’t about that. It was about he weapons of war we use against ourselves. I would suggest, if you started with the vaccine—let it go! Don’t complete that [with a second shot]. That’s not a good idea!

They figured out ways to not be accountable for it [legally]. It still takes a lot out of the physical body. And it takes a lot of perseverance to get the body going again.

Once NESARA is out in the open, there are 60,000 technologies—the first 6,000 will come out [immediately]—[and] all this damage—the technologies instantaneously will fix that. First and foremost, you have to have the mindset to believe in the magic in the first place.

People who have never believed in ETs are starting to see starships! That’s happening for tens of millions of people. By now hundreds of millions of people have seen starships. No such things as Time. Let’s peel away the programming. There is no death and there’s never been a reason to die.

St Germain was born in 1561 [known then as Sir Francis Drake] and is in the same body now!

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