Faction Three White Knight News Update - June 4, 2021

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

See https://www.rainbowroundtable.net/rama-s-contacts for info on Rama’s contacts TARA: [Iranian] President Rouhani knows all about the Faction Three White Knights, or he wouldn’t be talking with Rama and Mr X and Keshe! So we keep on wondering and weighing [evidence of change]. And of course, the torture of the moment is that these naughty kids who have the seat of power in the world, called Washington DC—it doesn’t matter [who is in office]. Joe Biden is the same thing as Trump. It’s just a different bird. One is called “Sleepy Joe” and the other—what do we call that one? RAMA: Let’s not go there! TARA: “The Donald”!

It’s all canceled, when we’ve got this technology now that was just described [in Micah’s report]. Dr Greer and Keshe! Put those two in a room, and that changes the world. One minute [to travel from one place to another]? That’s called bilocation!

RAMA: Yeah, pretty close to transporter technology, I would say.

TARA: Rama’s done that. RAMA: I have! TARA: Thousands of times!

RAMA: Yes. It’s about meeting that Oneness we keep talking about. When you’re in that ecstasy of No-Time, all Time is now.

TARA: The method that Rama would use—he would go up to the top of the mountain when we lived in Santa Fe, and he would get his crystals out, and he would start spinning them. Sometimes he’d have to sit there and spin them for three or four hours, because there’s all kinds of galactic things going on, and you wait your turn!

RAMA: Yeah!

TARA: And what happens, is that [Captain] Ashtar comes with the New Jerusalem. A lime-green beam would beam down, and Rama steps into the beam, and then he goes up in the beam. Rama says it’s a different vibration altogether, and the temperature is about 15 degrees cooler in the beam than the temperature outside. [To Rama] But your body never had any problems from it.


TARA: You’re in an altered reality. A different dimension. RAMA: Yes! TARA So he gets beamed up into the shuttle bay of the New Jerusalem. And you might say that he steps out of his body suit that we are all wearing here, and steps into his Lightbody. [To Rama] I’m not quite sure how that looks, when you’re up there.

RAMA: It’s just a merging of the energies that I could describe as, I step off the transporter platform, I merge with that Lightbody self that is right here, yet I have to wear this [physical] temple, as it were. A temple of living energy that is the most fantastic technology we have, called Adam Cadmon. This is a huge deal, as Yeshua taught us.

“Build it, and I will return in three days.” It’s about the Ascension frequencies, and these bodies are designed to never get sick, grow old, or die.

TARA: In Rama’s case, the members of the Ashtar Command and Capt Ashtar himself—at every chakra point, Rama’s got a special crystal. Rama had to get an x-ray once, and they could see those little crystals. And what did they say about you?

RAMA: They asked me about the crystals in my chakras, and I just said, “Oh—I am one of those "flower children," and I just work with the energies.” They could actually see the outlines of the crystals. I gave them an enigmatic answer, and they didn’t go any further with it.

TARA: They rolled their eyes and went on to the next one! [laughs] All I’m saying, is that Rama’s an interesting bird. And he’s got challenges just like everybody. Keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. That’s everybody’s challenge at the moment!

The other thing about this, and Leonara was saying it, too—we are at the darkest of points right now.

RAMA: Our republic is hanging by one of Superman’s hairs right now, to put it simply. It’s that precarious, as they’re playing with the illusions of the false reality called the fallen matrix.

TARA: I want to just insert this right now—Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Donald Drumpf [his true family name]—that was his first one [first national security advisor]. He was only in there for 3 weeks, I think, and got thrown out, because he lied to the FBI.

He was attending [and addressing] a Q-Anon meeting this weekend, and a gentleman in the audience got up and in his Southern drawl, he said, “Why can’t our military do what the military do in Myanmar?” Myanmar is where Burma used to be. They changed the name.

The military did an overthrow of the government, and they arrested [Aung] San Suu Kyi as the acting president there, and she’s been in prison cell or wearing an ankle bracelet for a good 30 years of her life. She is highly educated. She studied in England. The British have had their way with her too, let’s put it that way.

He [Michael Flynn] literally lied. On television, [MSNBC anchor] Chris Hayes played what Lt Gen Michael Flynn said, in answer to this person. He basically just said, “Yeah! We really should have one of those events!” And then, you might say, he proceeded to lie through his teeth, after the fact. After that statement, Lt Gen Flynn posted on social media, and said in part, “Let me be very clear. There is no reason whatsoever for any coup in America, and I do not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort.” And they have his words, in English, of what he just said over the weekend at the Q-Anon meeting, and Chris Hayes played it on Tuesday. It was repeated on other networks, and yesterday too.

The point being made, is that the people are getting a bigger and bigger dose every day of this Big Lie. It’s extending into what Donald Trump just announced—he’s going to be having rallies through the summer. On Saturday, I think, he’s going to give a talk, and he expects to be reinstated as the president in August.

Just to give you a backdrop: he has to do this. He has to hold this stance. Because as long as he thinks he still has a foot in the door, and he holds that as if he believes it, which we know he doesn’t—he had that little talk with the governor of Georgia, where he said, “Just give me 11,800 extra votes. Just cough it up!”

So I’m going to go back to what the message was for today, from Leonara: [Reads Rama’s report] Rama says, “I received a text message from Leonara today, at 11:30 this morning: “She said to me, ‘Lord Rama, what if Time is an illusion.” TARA: Everybody that’s been here today has been talking about this. It’s very interesting. We’ve come together in that heart-mind space. And we already know in our words—

[Reading report] “ ‘If this is so, this so-called “reality” we are in, is just a simulation. There is a Cosmic Consciousness which is orchestrating the symphony called the Harmony of the Spheres.' ”

TARA: I’m just going to mention that my thesis for my PhD was titled “Harmony of the Spheres.” I used the media department and produced a video, and performed and did everything, as part of my degree, and called that “From Resistance to Harmony.” That was about a half-hour piece that I did there.

So here we are, back to this story:

[Reads report—Leonara speaking] “ ‘This story has to do with a cosmic event that occurred about 10,500 BCE to 11,000 BCE [actually 11,000 BCE to 10,500 BCE], about 13,000 years ago. ‘What happened then was the Fall of Atlantis. All of the whistleblowers who know this ancient story are coming forward now to share their pieces of the puzzle. To come back to wholeness and Oneness.

‘This is the return of the Sixth Sun, and the Return of the Goddess. Stay in Peace and Love. Sat Nam. Namaste!’ "

Note: Leonara made it very clear. ALL is unraveling right now, whether you see it or not, note that it is unraveling right now. The old story is slipping away, and we are stepping into a moment—we have a two-minute clip from Nassim Haramein, and we would like to play that right now. He’s one of the ones coming forward who knows all about that story.

CAROLINE: Is there somewhere online people could find that if they wanted to listen again?

RAMA: It’s a YouTube – “Nassim Haramein: Time is an Illusion.” [Watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4i8gkuarS0.]

RAMA: What I can say, that Leonara explained to me, is that in this Now moment, we are experiencing All-Space, All-Time.

Even though we are experiencing a passage of Time, it is an illusion, even though it may seem real. Things are happening at such a quantum Lightspeed level. Our cells are catching up with that. How I can describe this for myself, is that I listen to the Force, that cosmic consciousness that is always talking to us constantly. We just gotta listen.

That’s that place where you get real quiet. I call it “listening to the sound of one hand clapping.” Sometimes you’ve just go to stop Everything and go into that Oneness. Whatever you’re doing. Preferably, [first] parking your car on the side of the road—not [while you're driving] in a lane! But creating that moment where you can have that Oneness. And the Universe will respond, instantaneously.

I’m seeing that more and more, with the synchronicities going on, and how things are moving very quickly. Leonara is telling me that this is happening for all kinds of folks, all over the planet, just like Commander Randy said [during the energy updates part of the show]. The beings are stepping out of the Oneness to interact with us. I see them every day, and I interact with them, just as I’m interacting through this microphone with all of us here. They are saying, “Set aside this illusion of this 3D world, even though it may be that when I knock on the table, it might seem real. Yet it is about the electrons and the protons, all moving at quantum Lightspeed. We’re only seeing things as our eyes wake up to the higher reality. There are so many dimensions overlighting each other.

It’s awesome to behold, because it’s happening to more and more folks as they’re waking up. And like I was told, whistleblowers are coming forward, saying, “I’ve had something happened to me I can’t explain, but I’ve gotten in touch with the Universe, and it’s changed my life.” This is happening all the time now, and it’s going to keep speeding up, as we reach a certain point here. And I can say that we’re at that point that the quantum field is talking about, that a singularity happens. That singularity is that we’re all on the same wavelength.

It’s like when Dr Greer says, “You can talk to another civilization 400,000 Light years across the galaxy, or the Universes, and it’s like it's sitting here, talking to all of us.” This is starting to happen more and more, for all kinds of folks.

I’m just sharing what Leonara said is an everyday occurrence in our local Universe, our local galaxy. We’re only now becoming aware of this. It’s just so awesome to behold. At the same time, I would be called a heretic in another time and place, for speaking in this way. I pass the talking stick!

CAROLINE: Why did Leonara bring up the issue of Time and No-Time right now, do you think, Rama? Intuitively, do you think she was quietly referring to something without coming out and saying it?

RAMA: Yeah, and I think that she what she was saying but not saying, is that there is an event that is going to occur, and I think it’s already occurring. And it has to do with our Sun and us, and the current atmosphere that’s going on, on the planet, as well as the surrounding situations in our solar system as things speed up.

The way I could describe it is, our Sun is a reflection of Helios and Vesta. The energies of the Sun behind our Sun, that goes all the way up to Galactic Center. These different reflections of each other are the varying tones and frequencies of how the energies pour into this planet at this time.

And people who are aware and sensitive to these waves of energy that I could call simply “Ascension waves,” sometimes if you’re not prepared in the body to handle it, it puts you out horizontally, quite simply.

CAROLINE: I know a lot of people who are very spiritually aware, who are very tired, very exhausted by these energies right now. I feel that way!

I don’t know if that’s an indication that we’re not as progressed as we thought we were, or if everyone is going to get knocked over by it. It just feels like a tidal wave of energy.

TARA: Everyone is getting knocked over by the energy now! This is kind of a necessity in the transition from this “dysfunctionality as an art form” that we’ve been living with. What we’re experiencing, the sheer exhaustion, is “How did I last this long?” You know, as I was talking to you about earlier, Caroline—my son Christopher had a “pedal meeting the metal” [bicycle accident], injuring the knees, and one much worse than the other. It has to do with the changes going on, and the draining of the necessary things of life, to be able to keep up with the changes, because they are taking our money away from us.

They’ve been doing something called quantitative easing now since 2008, and that [economic] crash.

I’ll read this again, because it’s as plain as the nose on one’s face to know what the meaning of this statement is, as it was said by our brother Max Keiser [RT show host].

RAMA: I can say, not to change the subject—the image that Randy just put up [in the Skype chat] is the image of the Schumann Resonance factor that is hitting the planet. And the electromagnetic fields—I have no way to describe it, except that almost every hour, this electromagnetic field is changing so radically. Like other folks have described, when all that blue field starts to change, and you see spikes of white, and eventually all that turns white, that blue field—we’re stepping into the realm where that singularity occurs, and that singularity is the Light that goes across our galaxy, all the way to Galactic Center.

There are many folks describing it as a solar flash, yet what I understand / inner-stand about it, is that is about our frequencies getting to the point where we are all in the same consciousness.

TARA: So we’re attempting to operate on two separate timelines. And being in two places and nowhere at all, is a mastery. The new timeline is ever moving forward, and the energies are ever-increasing. Then there’s this old timeline doesn’t want to let go. So it’s like you’ve got one foot in the rowboat [that is] in the water, and you’ve got the other foot on the dock. But then the ship starts to move out! RAMA: And you’re getting stretched! TARA: What are you going to do! That water’s real deep down there!

RAMA: You’re going to have to jump!

TARA: You’re going to have to make a decision. So we’re encouraging everyone to move onto the new timeline. As Randy was saying, and you were saying, Caroline [during the energy update portion of the show], the TV is not telling the story. The TV is trying to keep you on that old on-the-dock timeline. Yet the ship is taking off, so you can’t—the energies are much too high right now, to lower your vibrations to what’s in the world. Yet that’s what people have to do, to have money to eat. They’ve got to lower their vibration and walk into that den of iniquity that’s called slavery.

RAMA: The matrix!

TARA: My son Christopher—he’s got to stay off that knee completely. Which—how does one pay the rent, at the same time? He can be grateful, because he lives in a state with a democratic governor.

Twenty-five states which have republican governors are cutting the $300 a month, which is the unemployment money. Completely gone! And there’s 30 million jobs that have gone completely out of existence, never to return.

Those 30 million people who used to do jobs don’t get to go back there. There aren’t jobs to go forward into either. We’re in this huge limbo state. These people are being left basically to die. Because the money [isn’t there]—

I just want to put out a request for assistance. We’re very, very low in terms of contributions for this week’s paying BBS Radio their $300.

RAMA: We’re very low on basics.

TARA: There’s only $80 in the kitty, and in four days, we need $300 to pay. As those who have it can help—there’s many who are falling off, who can’t do it anymore, because things have fallen off for them. They were able to do what they could do, but now they can’t do that either.

As Leonara was saying to Rama, "It’s going on behind the scenes—all of the shifting that needs to go on to get ready for the Big One."

And what we mean about the Big One [NESARA’s enactment]—again, it’s not about money. As long as the old system is in place, it’s not only not going to be about money, it’s going to be about less money. They are going to—they aren’t cooperating! We send them on their way, with Love. Anyone who’s around anyone else, at this point, make some wise choices to assist and help in the ways that you can. And stay balanced in that too, because everybody needs to make sure they honor each another’s choice on their path.

And Max Keiser said, on the 27th—8 days ago: “Well, you know, as Tom Waits once said, ‘I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.’ “And that’s where the Fed finds itself right now It’s suspectedly given itself a lobotomy by performing unending quantitative easing, gutting the underlying dynamism of the United States economy. And now the country is effectively brain dead. “Thank you, central banksters. You’ve killed us.”

And that was made as an absolute statement eight days ago. So with the knowledge of that, that means that treading water is not even going on. That split between the dock and the boat taking off—these ones who are angrily and greedily vying for more power and control, and more abusiveness—they need more of our Love. That’s that saying—“Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.” Though it’s extremely uncomfortable for those who don’t want to hear about it.

CAROLINE: Tara, I’m sorry—I don’t understand that phrase, “Keep your friends close and your energies closer,” because that is a very famous line from The Godfather movies. And it’s not a very friendly idea when you look at it in the context of The Godfather movies. It means, “Keep a close eyes on these ones who would stab you in the back for a nickel.” So what does Mother Sekhmet or whoever said it—I forget who said that—what do they take that to mean, that line?

RAMA: What I would say, is that what’s going on is, these ones who think they are in control of the systems on the planet are not in control. And they are tearing their hair out, because there’s nothing backing up their statements in the context of the real tangible assets that keep things flowing. They’re having to cover their asses, so to speak, and there’s nothing there. Meaning, the Emperor has no clothes.

TARA: This has been going on since late October into November last year. All of the 13 Families are 100 percent broke. The entire Vatican is 100 percent broke. Talk about an illusion!

As Max Keiser said, by doing this quantitative easing, I think we’re something like $25 trillion in debt. Maybe it’s more now. But, I mean—in other words [the old power structure is saying], “We’re going to do what we’re going to do—we don’t care. Just put it on the tab.”

And that’s not working anymore, and it’s becoming very clear. There was a young lady, Carol Anderson on Democracy Now! this morning. She wrote three books, and this last goes through the history of this country, which is not really a country. We’re just living in a colony, and we are slaves to the Crown, until we’re not. That’s that dock, where you’ve got that foot there.

Now it’s about Abundance. It’s about Giving. It’s about clearing all of these situations from Love. It become quite challenging, I know. But what we must do, we must do in the moment.

As Caroline was asking, about what Mother means—she’s saying it in terms of accountability on a galactic level. In other words, “Keep your enemies even closer right now”—she’s keeping her eyes very close to those enemies of the Mother.

RAMA: Her “wayward children,” as I call them!

TARA: Yes! And this is exactly what will be happening, at the right time, and this will be witnessed by the world. These ones will be picked up by starships, and they will be taken to a neighboring galaxy—

RAMA: A neighboring constellation called Dracos.

TARA: Which is located in Orion’s Belt. Al Aln Rahn [sp?-- Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka] is the name of the three stars there. We have had this technology to just flick on a switch and watch it. We’ve had the technology for 70 years at least, and they’ve been kept under cover. So we will have the technology on our TVs to watch this trial. An intergalactic war crime tribunal trial, that will be presided over by King Ardala and his daughter Princess Ardala.

They will be tried as intergalactic war criminals—500,000 of them. What they have caused on the planet has affected the entire galaxy and 26 other galaxies that we are connected to at 27 degrees Sagittarius, called Galactic Center.

RAMA: This story is very large and very complicated. As we learn more about our family and neighbors throughout this solar system and these constellations of the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way—there are so many brothers and sisters who are part of this, that as we wake up to who we are, we can have this conversation, like Dr Greer is talking about, with other civilizations who are already talking to us. We just need to tune in and listen. That might sound simple, yet it is about waking up to the gifts and abilities we have.

I’m going to play a 21-minute video tomorrow with Greg Braden, Freddy Silva, Nassim Haramein, Graham Hancock—so many other folks who are talking about the people with the beehive-shaped heads. The egg-shaped heads. This has to do with recent discoveries of these skulls that are not human, and how this relates to this other story we’re talking about here, and how it intersects.

Because all of these stories intersect with various places across the planet that are portals, that are portals for these beings, where these beings with these elongated skulls showed up. They are part of our galactic families. Some may have listened to the whisperings of the dark side, and joined with the Fallen Angels, and did things—as the phrase goes, keep your enemies closer than your friends—

Let’s say I got captured long ago by the Borg, and I participated in some events of the Orion War which are not fun, and the assimilated worlds—it wasn’t pretty. And all of these memories are coming back, to help us heal these stories.

TARA: And Rama was an aspect of Akhenaten [ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned in mid 1300s BVCE] at that time. And the families were intervenors, with the elongated heads— Akhentot [sp.?], Nefertiti all had these elongated heads.

I was Meritaten at the time, the first-born daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

So we’re all coming full circle. We are interplanetary beings! What was the name of that group that sang about the interplanetary beings?

RAMA: Karen Carpenter.

TARA: That was a very good song!

So Greg Braden is the main speaker to that one. There’s more adjuncts to that. We find ourselves playing many more informative presentations—Gaia TV [Gaia.com] has been bringing them out every week. There’s another one here, called Cosmic Disclosure with Emery Smith. [Reads description of episode—secret space program insider interview]

So the intervention is happening. We’ve got to be very careful because we’ve got our hands on stuff [advanced weaponry and technology], and the malevolent ones want to use this stuff for malevolent purposes, and they are actually doing that. They are creating a space war. This is required, that the Galactics intervene. They are absolutely—

RAMA: That’s why Dr Greer is giving us a heads up. And many folks are coming forward, and saying, “I’ve seen stuff that I’m mot sure what to do with, or how to talk about it.” I read an article about a female Air Force pilot who flew an F-14 or an F-16. She tried to chase this craft, and the craft just took off and disappeared. She has since come forward and started to talk about these things. It is gaining mainstream news, which is a big deal!

TARA: There was an article in the Washington Post! And they were admitting to the existence of starships.

RAMA: Dr Greer is telling us that there are folks out there who want to twist this for their agenda. Because it has to do with consciousness and waking up. That violence and anger and negativity and hate are not going to bring our galactic family any closer! Love will!

TARA: So there’s this: “New evidence suggests that the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau—this is called Energy Secrets of the Great Pyramid. And the guests Christopher Don, Desiree Hurtak, J J Hurtak, Johnny Enoch. Desiree and J J are husband and wife, and they took notes—Metatron.

RAMA: Metatron gave them the download.

TARA: “. . . and Andrew Collins and Mohamad Ibrahim.” Very interesting group of people. “New evidence suggests that the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau where used to generate electrical power.” Rama and I were invited to Pagosa Springs, and went to these people’s house, and they showed us film footage of how they created electrical power by creating an irrigation system and took water from the Nile, and made it go into the bottom at the base of the pyramid, and up through the different king’s and queen’s chambers, and all the way up.

And in the king’s chamber, there’s an opening that goes up to the capstone, and you can see black marks just below the ledge of that window, where you can see where the power was created. That the water combined with the energy that came from the top of the pyramid.

They literally created all kinds of power! They have two huge Light Cities under the Giza Plateau, and they were modern!

RAMA: They are only now starting to talk about how they are finding stuff underneath the Giza Plateau. It is humongous! RANDY: Those cities are still active today! They’re in the fifth dimension TARA: Absolutely! RANDY: There’s two ways to get to it. One is by a tunnel in front of the Sphinx, which they have closed off. The other is finding the end of the Sphinx’s tail, and going down that way. But it’s all covered up.

TARA: That’s why Mother always says, “Don’t you dare pull my tail!” Actually that brings up—who did that splicing of the face on Mars? RAMA: Dr Richard Hoagland. TARA: He did this for TV—he was head of NASA, and he had access to the technology there, where he was able to take a picture of the face on [the surface of] Mars, and then he took a picture of the face on the Sphinx. Then he precisely spliced half the face on Mars to the other face of the Sphinx, and Mother Sekhmet’s face showed up.

He showed that, and he talked a little bit about Sekhmet, and about the Goddess, and that it’s time to wake up, folks!

That these are all signs and symbols, and “I’m just using this technology to show that there’s somebody around here that nobody’s been made aware of, unless you really pursue it. And they put the edifice of a male in the place of the Goddess, which is called the Vatican, and that’s the problem that we’ve had forever.

RANDY: And all that information has been scrubbed from the internet as well. You can’t find it anymore.

TARA: No. That’s just what it is, but here we are talking about it! We figured it out! Some of us found it out, and we’re remembering it.

And great amazing beings like the mind of Nassim Haramein that breaks through the technologies—we’re just beginning to comprehend what it’s teaching us. In 2 minutes and 24 seconds [in the above video], he laid down a whole new direction that we’re going in, and this is what’s taking off now.

[Reads about Giza Plateau and electrical power] “Try as we might, we still cannot replicate how the pyramids were built, let alone tap into their main purpose.

We must let go of the notion that the pyramids were tombs, or that they were built 5,000 years ago . . . ” [See June 3, 2021 Night at the Roundtable show replay for full section] The people of Akhenaten came in from the stars to intervene. The Giza Pyramid was not built here. It was built on Aldebaran, and it was lowered from a starship onto the planet. RAMA: Just like we saw in the movie Stargate with Kurt Russell!

TARA: yeah! That’s another thing. Hollywood’s picking up on this and giving you a hint!

So we’ll play that [Gaia.com video] too. [Reads about Matias de Stefano show about Earth history]

This just brings to mind, that Mother said this a while ago: [the set of biblical prophecies of the Book of] Revelation is canceled. And Historia which the Mayan Calendar is still saying, we’re going to have another 400 years of hell and war—that’s all canceled.

This is not going to continue. It’s already being mitigated, as Leonara was saying. Below the surface, everything is rapidly moving forward. We’re coming to a close of this. Caroline, I hear something—?

CAROLINE: Well, Rama dropped a slight bombshell, talking about how the old power crowd are wanting to start or escalate the space wars. And I think I read something about that the other day, and am wondering if I am getting images of that in the dream state. A huge flag went up when he mentioned that, so if either of you want to further expound on that, I’d love to hear it!

RAMA: What I could say about that, is that like what Micah was telling us when he gave his report—our deep state, the special access programs that I call the black budget, where money from Congress gets disappeared into a black hole, and it shows up at Lockheed Martin or Boeing or General Electric and they create abominations of desolation, meaning, technologies that—the best way I could describe it, is early forms of lasers and particle beam weapons that are no match for the Intergalactic Confederation.

Yet they are playing with stuff that is quite dangerous, not just to this planet, but to other civilizations, and it will be stopped. CAROLINE: That’s great, thank you. RAMA: As more and more truth is coming out about these Secret Space Programs that go all the way back to when Werner von Braun worked alongside Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, and these other lunatics that wanted to escape from Earth, and they did, and they met up with some of the reptilian races out there.

One thing led to another, and some of the Secret Space Programs are about actual Nazi scientists and Americans and other folks that escaped from Earth. And they’ve been creating off-world cultures out there. But they are no match for the Intergalactic Confederation and Lord Michael’s legions. Because they are coming from a state of hate and death and war.

That will not co-exist with the Light coming in from the Great Central Sun and Galactic Center. It cancels that old energy out. They can’t really talk about that, or they don’t choose to. Yet what I keep getting in my own experience, is that as the Love keeps pouring in from the higher realms, these guys are more and more in the hot seat.

They want to do something desperate that they are not going to get to, but they are pushing. And that’s the uncomfortable stuff we’re feeling right now, that we’re feeling like (sighs heavily).

TARA: Like you want to take a week off and just sleep!

RAMA: Yeah!

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