Faction Three White Knight News Update - May 28, 2021

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

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RAMA: Greetings to everyone! TARA: The Spirit of the [beh-deer -- ?] is here amongst us. I can feel that gentle, kind energy amongst us! Thank you, everybody! The whole world can use that kind of vibration. So as we’re here together, let’s remember to send it to the whole world. Because "we are the world," as somebody sang in that song! RAMA: Yeah! “We are the World.” Michael Jackson [composed that].

TARA: Michael Jackson, that’s right! By the way, Michael Jackson is alive and well, and fine, and that other thing was a clone, that danced around for the dark side’s entertainment, you might say. He is a wealthy visionary who has been helping so many people, just quietly.

The energies that Rama is passing to us from the Faction Three White Knights is nothing but positive!

RAMA: It’s like what you were describing [in your energy update], Caroline. It’s going up, and up, and up! And you gotta ride those waves, otherwise things get wonky! And you can see it in the affairs of humanity, meaning all of us—how we interact with the day-to-day world.

I just have to say, place the people who left the planet yesterday in California [due to a mass shooting by a San Jose transit worker] in the Circle of Support. I believe this was activated by the Full Moon, because the energies are so high right now.

TARA: With a bit of mind control. [It was] coming from the same fold.

RAMA: That’s right, because the dark side knows they’re done!

TARA: They don’t think they have to behave themselves though! Not even a little.

RAMA: I talked with Leonara today, who is one of the pre-Atlantean people. She’s been here 20,000 years in the same body, and has never died.

TARA: And again, we make it clear: That’s her choice. Not something she’s tortured with!

RAMA: No, no karma. Only dharma! Serving the whole of humanity!

And she talked about these moon energies, and how right now, the tectonic plates are moving across the planet. In the last week or so, a volcano went off in Africa [the DR Congo]. It’s kind of unheard of. It’s sort of rare. And the Pacific Rim of Fire is being more activated.

Leonara explained that the blue whales—these are the largest beings on the planet—larger than the Queen Mary ship! And they’re singing to the tectonic plates, the ley lines, the ___ [song?] lines, the grid lines, to calm them town, as things are getting very activated right now.

In the same breath, I can say that all the Immortals, the Eternals, the Ascended Masters are showing up to show us how we can do this ourselves, by sending more Love to all the situations [that are] as heinous as the things going on.

I fail to have the words, because it is—the way I can describe stuff that’s unfolding—it seems more and more out of the episode of The Avengers, where when the other shoe is going to drop. All these Immortals show up and say, “You guys knew you had it all the time. Yet you had to learn how to walk on water and walk on air.”

And that’s about us taking our power back with Love, and not feeding into the fear and the anger and the hatred that’s being pumped 24/7 by the media.

Yesterday I talked with Professor Zee and Doctor Steve, and they talked about the Full Moon energies, and how this is creating quite a fiasco, as we’re seeing right now. Trump is about to be indicted, and all of the cronies in the Trump crime family. This leads into the larger story of the other players across the planet who know right at this time—everything changes.

Leonara explained to me, “We are already in the first few degrees / moments of the Sat Yuga!” I say that in the sense that yugas last a long time! These folks I talk to—these Immortals, Eternals, Ascended Masters—they have seen the yugas come and go. They haven’t gone anywhere except to raise the energies higher and higher, to help us take our power back with Love. And it’s quite a challenge to see this, in the context of how more and more, they are trying to create the old matrix, and it keeps falling apart, as I speak, because these energies are so high, it [the energies] can’t withstand the old energies. That’s why so many folks are going through uncomfortable stuff in their bodies. Leonara explained, “These energies come from the 100th dimension and higher.” And it opens all kinds of portals around the planet.

TARA: Which is equal to the energies of the Great Central Sun. Lord Alcyon—the one [the Central Sun] in the Pleaides.

RAMA: Yes! This can only bring us into the change of the timelines, where we have a positive timeline instead of a negative one. We’re right at the precipice, where it’s already changed, and the dark side knows it, but they’ve got their nose up in the air, and they’re not going to give up till the final bitter end. TARA: Oh! Are they going to give up then? Are they going to say “Uncle!” then? RAMA: I kind of think when Dr Greer comes out with this new video, and some other shoes drop—I’ll say this: From what I know from Senator Harry Reid—he is not a dumb guy! He knows the lay of this stuff. And he’s playing on both sides of this. And like Dr Greer talked about, other whistleblowers out there that got compromised—Harry Reid knows the lay of this, and he’s talked to the galactics, and something’s going to pop here! I’ll leave it there. I pass the talking stick!

TARA: Well, what’s going to pop? Don’t leave us on the edge of the precipice!

RAMA: There are stories about Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, which is a massive portal that goes to the Inner Earth, and to other dimensions around this planet, and to some of the local sun systems neighboring our sun system. I pass the talking stick!

TARA: What’s happening, is that it’s very gently on the chess board—We the People make the move, and then the Light backs us up. Then of course, the dark makes their move. But there is that third magical quality of intervention at every moment! And of course, they will only intervene as we ask!

[Vinayak asks in the Skype chat, When will Dr Greer be releasing his new film?]

RAMA: To answer your question, Vinayak, I do not know when Dr Greer will be releasing his new film.

TARA: Although, he said in about a month. Last Friday when we played his talk, he came out and said another half-hour piece, and he said “in about a month” then.

RAMA: Yeah, but at the same time, the media is picking up on these stories, and compounding on them day after day after day. They are not exactly telling the right story, which is not a good thing! TARA: Who’s not telling the right story—?

RAMA: Remember Rick Sanchez on RT [Russia Today] had one of the whistleblowers who’s come forward in the past—the videos—talking about the little tic tac UFO. And Dr Greer said, that that particular guy [on RT]—I pointed him out to you—

TARA: He’s trying to say, “There’s these little magical things, but we don’t know anything about them.” And Dr Greer said, “They know everything about it, and they’ve been knowing everything about it for 70 years!”

RAMA: It’s about being compromised, and dollar signs. Blaze the Violet Fire! This is not about money, it’s about Ascension.

TARA: Well, it’s about both, and the system, as Professor Richard Wolff keeps telling us. It’s the system—we need to change the whole system. It doesn’t mean that anything we’ve done is not good. It’s means that there’s a new dispensation, and there are energies available for this new dispensation [which happens when cosmic law is satisfied to where higher forms of intervention in human affairs is permitted], as things have changed dramatically and radically.

There’s also a conclusion that’s in the process, in terms of completion, and accountability as part of that. They are overlapping tremendously right now. And we’ve got Mercury Retrograde until the 22nd of June. We just want everybody to be aware—this is not just anyMercury Retrograde. This is in the window of the most extreme things going on, and finding the balance, is really what we’re being asked to do. With our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground. We just want everybody to know that we got our dancing shoes on, and it matters not [how shaken we feel by these energies at times], as long as we remember who we are, and have respect for all life. It’s rather simple. The confusing part is why these ones who act as if they are running the show are being so obnoxious! That’s the polite word!

CAROLINE: Tara, you know all this stuff that’s going on in the media now, about this or that UFO, and this guy coming on RT and saying, “Well, it’s quite magical, but we don’t know anything about these ships”— Is that part of the old dark order plan for a very slow Disclosure that would take place over the next 50 to 100 years? Or is this the Light side coming through? Or a combination? TARA: They wish [that this was purely a setup by the old power structure], let me put it that way! The galactics are already here, and we’ve been being told since last October—there were 25,000 starships in the mountains in Bhutan, with Lady Master Nada speaking with Sirian and Pleiadean commanders. Lady Master Nada is really important. She is representing a bridge between the Galactic realms and Earth realms, in the sense that she is the head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, for this whole solar system. That’s her responsibility, to maintain higher law. And she’s bringing that expertise with her. She volunteered to join us in physicality for a while.

You might say, that’s what we generally do, especially when we’re just seemingly beginning on something like this. In my own experience, I’ve met a lot of masters in just this incarnation. And I have memories of others, and [to Rama] you have memories of others. And it’s not “airy fairy”! There’s a lot of people who are still trying to convince us that we’re walking in some La La Land somewhere, and there’s no such thing as ETs!

This is why we’ve been reporting that for the last 70 years, they’ve been attempting to keep it sealed tight, that truth. They had their term, you might say. The republican party is running a huge scam right now, if you haven’t noticed!

RAMA: Denying the insurrection on January 6.

TARA: The other part of your question, Caroline, is that we’re watching it, and I think everybody to the degree of what they perceive as a reality is watching it with us. I would say, across the board, that everybody notices that these guys are trying to cover their tracks of dirty deeds done dirt cheap, harder than ever before. And they’re having a really hard time of it! People are sitting there and saying, “What about this, and what about that?” And “No, thank you—we’ve done that round with you guys before.”

RAMA: No justice, no Peace!

TARA: I would just say that persistence and determination are very important qualities. And to maintain balance. We’re not telling you to run out into the street and [become] an endangered species, because that could end your life real quick these days. Because tempers are absolutely blowing off the top of their heads. And they’re not having as easy a time of it as they thought they would. Does that answer your question, Caroline?

CAROLINE: I’m mainly just wondering if you feel like the fact that all this is showing up in the news now—that it’s coming through now, when any information about ships or ETs was not allowed to come through, for so long— We heard from Secret Space Program insiders like Corey Goode [on Gaia.com] from Faction Two, saying that the plan was that they were going to leak information slowly over the next 50 to 100 years.

So when I see all this stuff going on—[former military] people being interviewed [about UFO sightings] on 60 Minutes, and President Obama being able to say, “Yes, there’s something out there,” which no president has ever been allowed to say.

RAMA: That’s true!

CAROLINE: I’m wondering, is this about the old crowd allowing this, or is this because the energies coming in are making it impossible to hide things, like you say—making it impossible for the old crowd to hide their deeds as they once did?

TARA: There’s no such thing as waiting for 50 to 100 more years! RAMA: No!

TARA: That is completely canceled! That’s the old story. Even the story of [the "end times" prophecies in the Book of] Revelation [in the Bible] is canceled. Mother said, “That’s done, over with. The end. Thank you!”

RAMA: No extinction-level events!

TARA: No! And Ascension is well in progress. The test is for each and every one of us to stay balanced. That is the biggest test. And a lot of us have to be careful, because getting angry gets us off balance.

Not that some things won’t get your fur up. We use some very eloquent words sometimes! [Rama & Tara laugh] Yet that saying—“A little gesture of kindness is worth its weight in gold”—it’s far greater to do that than any of the other stuff you might do that would contribute to agitation. That’s a really important task. And as we do it collectively, it’s even more valuable to the whole. Is that a good insight, to answer that question, Caroline? CAROLINE: Yes, that’s excellent. Thank you very much, Rama and Tara! I appreciate it.

RAMA: I’ve been listen to [NATR guest for May 27] Jennifer Ruth Russell’s Violet Flame [podcast] meditations—I get her emails. I try to do them, but I sometimes miss different days.

CAROLINE: They are really wonderful, and we can talk to her about that, as well as this lovely book, Empowered Prayer, which is very intriguing. Very kind of mystical, as well as giving very practical guidance on connecting with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters in ways that bring in real change. She channels, and it’s just a really lovely mix of her own insight and experience, and channelings. Was there anything else you wanted to share, Rama and Tara?

TARA: Well, Rama told me that Leonara said to him: “Lord Rama, the moon energies are moving things toward greater wholeness of being. The Light coming in from our Sun Sol—those energies are of the 100th dimension.”

TARA: As Rama was saying, that is equal to the Light of the Great Central Sun.

The one we’re speaking of—sometimes it’s reversed—the Central Sun is called the Great Central Sun, and vice versa—the one in Sirius. The one that Mother [Sekhmet] identifies as the Great Central Sun is the one in the Pleaides. That’s where her consort, her twin flame, Lord Alcyon, is. And the words have something in terms of meaning: Alcyon is the “All Seeing Eye of the One of All That Is,” and Sekhmet is “Where All Sectors of All Universes Meet in the Heart of All That Is.”

Every 26,826-year cycle, Sekhmet and Alcyon trade places. Now, that gives you an idea of who we are. We’re not our bodies! We are That! I AM That I AM! RAMA: Ditto!

TARA: So that’s what’s going on. Right now, that’s the process of Ascension. Just realizing that—every time we open our [inner] eyes, our ears—[we connect with] the Immortals, the Eternals, the Ascended Masters. They are here to stay! [Reading report] “These ones are here from the 26 other galaxies as well as our own that we share with them at galactic center, which is 26 degrees Sagittarius.

“The Hunan Ku is also located there."

TARA: Which is a Mayan term. The Hunan Ku is that point of Light of high heart resonance, energetically. So put those things together there. And there are 27 galaxies of us, working together. [Reading] “This Full Moon may cause some movement of the tectonic plates.” TARA: So be aware, there are certain places on the planet that are quite often right on the tectonic plate points. California is kind of busy with that kind of activity. Just send good vibrations!

“The great blue whales are singing to the tectonic plates as well as the ley lines. This is going on in the oceans throughout Mother Gaia. All the elementals are joining in! “Stay in the Violet Flame. Remain in the power of the positive thought, as energy always follows thought! “All the portals are opening! See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One!” I pass this talking stick back to you, sister Caroline!

CAROLINE: Wonderful—I love that image of the blue whales singing! That’s just so beautiful, and so reassuring. I am so thankful to all the sea creatures who have not left the planet. I know that quite a number have left the planet.

I have unending appreciation for the beauty of the sea, and for these beautiful Angelic sea beings who are here to bless us with their very high vibration. Absolutely beautiful.

I’m wondering if you feel, Rama and Tara, or anyone, if you feel that the dolphins and the whales will return to the planet. Because I know that some species—it’s all the whale family, but some variations of that family have really thinned their numbers—maybe only 20 Vaquita porpoises in [Mexico's] Gulf Coast [of California] now.

There used to be several hundred left a decade ago, and now there’s very few of them.

I’m wondering if anyone has ever said to you, “Their numbers will be replenished, don’t worry!”

RAMA: Yes, I have been told that they will be replenishing themselves as we go through this shift!

TARA: Yes, and we’re moving through it in a very intense way right now. I have also been told that there will be new species. There are already new species showing up. Also new plants, new flowers, new trees! All kinds of things!

RAMA: New beings to interact with you and me!

TARA: A lot of time travel, a lot of spaceship travel. A lot more of that. And it’s not that far into the distant future. We’re talking about things going on right now, already!

CAROLINE: I just channeled that today. Somebody asked about their life mission, and the Collective were speaking to them about animals, and said that new species are coming onto the planet, and I was sort of amazed to hear that! I thought maybe if something new showed up, it’s because it traveled up to the surface from Inner Earth! But that is so wonderful to hear. It’s so thrilling to hear that new species will be here. And yes, definitely our beautiful Gaia is developing in such amazing ways!

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