Faction Three White Knight News Update - September 17, 2021

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

From A Night at the Roundtable

September 16, 2021, Station 2

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RAMA: Greetings, everyone!

In the present moment, like Randy and everyone has been saying, the energies are getting higher and higher, and you got to stay in your high heart and the Violet Flame. Otherwise, things get wonky in this dimension. And I do mean wonky!

All you have to do is turn on the tube or go to areas of your town where, let’s say, the energies are racing it up, and people are either embracing it or they’re finding it quite a challenge to be in this realm.

Also in the last few days, one of our brothers has gone over the Rainbow, who has come to the Calls and the shows for many years. His name was Bill Murphy. And Metatron is giving him new integration orders!

TARA: He went into the hospital Monday because he wasn’t feeling so good, and they found something going on in his head. They weren’t alarmed or anything, but by Wednesday, he was gone.

A dear friend of ours who has working with all of us for 30 years, as was Bill Murphy—she said that his wife said, because she called his home—our friend Kathy called, and said [to his widow], “I’d like to speak to Bill.” And she said, “You can’t speak to him, because he just died today.” Basically, she told Kathy that a few weeks earlier, he’d slipped on the ice and fell and hurt his head pretty hard. So that could have been the beginning of something. Nonetheless, we get these happy vibrations we [are getting] on the Other Side. Our brother Adam died last week, and our brother Cody died the week before.

RAMA: This is the last day of Yom Kippur, where they open the Book of Life, and the Day of Atonement, as Marianne Williamson talks about.

TARA: And our sister, Shirley Bolstok—are you hearing anything from her from the Other Side, Caroline? CAROLINE: She comes in upon occasion. She’s still visiting us, I think. I don’t get the feeling that she’s dedicating all her time to the higher realms. Maybe Omena can kind of key into her energies. But she’s popped in a few times to assure me that she’s fine, and happy. And I was speaking with an energy healer about five days ago about it, and he said, “I just get a feeling of a sort of bouncy, joyful, jubilant feeling from her—reuniting with loved ones, and just overjoyed.”

That was great to hear. Thank you! TARA: Thank you, Caroline!

RAMA: So this starts on Monday: I received a text message from Sweet Angelique the Cat at noon today.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, I am at Stonehenge. It is sunset here, and there is a portal opening. It is about the Great Transformation.

“Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is being hunted by the Justice Department of the United States. Apparently, those papers have been served to him, and a barrister has been assigned to him. “This story opens a very large black book connected to Jeffrey Epstein. This case with Prince Andrew is affecting the whole world!

“In the midst of all these global events, beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain may just whisper in King of Sword’s ear, for him to order the Provost Marshal General to order Martial Law."

And I will go off on a tangent, to say that the lunatic fringe that did the January 6 riot are coming to Washington DC. Maybe not so many, but they’re putting up the fences and the whole fiasco, and just wrapping—

TARA: The White House is fencing the White House in again.

RAMA: Yeah, and I’m sure the other buildings [also]. Just Blaze the Violet Fire through the whole of DC!

“Because we are in a constitutional crisis of intergalactic proportions, call in Lord Ashtar! Call in Lord Michael! He, in his own words a short while back, said, ‘Call on me, and I will show up, along with the whole company of heaven!’ “ RAMA: And we heard him on Friday, on the Radiant Rose Academy. He said, “Call on me, and I will show up!” He don’t mean “maybe”!

This is from his Holiness the Dalai Lama on Monday the 13th:

“Everyone wants to live in a Peaceful world, but it’s necessary to understand that which destroys Peace is anger and hatred. This is why the long-term goal is creating inner Peace within individuals, so contributing to a more compassionate humanity.”

On Tuesday, I received a text message today from Natasha. It was 11:30 AM.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, there are rumbles in the jungles of [Washington] DC. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the top brass at the Pentagon are as mad as murder hornets with our President, Uncle Joe. It’s because of the very messy withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

RAMA: I got to bring it back to center point: Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Why is Julian Assange still sitting in that jail? And he has the whole truth, and our Justice Department—well, I’ll keep it clean!

On Tuesday: [New message—contact not specified] “Secretary of State Blinken was answering to Congress about the messy withdrawal. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Light coming in from Creator Source is getting even higher.

“All the old timelines, matrix scenarios, cannot withstand the Light coming in. We are very, very close to a singularity with our Sun Sol. What that means is, we are getting a massive upgrade.

“All of heaven is here to assist. We have won! Sat Nam. Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Then yesterday (Wednesday, September 15), I talked to the Poppy Lady.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, there are events unfolding, that I cannot disclose anything about. Yet it is about the emergent energies coming in from the highest elements of Cause. These particles of Light have the ability to affect matter, space, and time. “Why do you feel every day like you fell down a rabbit hole? This is because we’re being lifted up, whether we like it or not!”

“And this is continuing. Remember, Metatron, Michael, Maitreya, and Sekhmet are calling the shots here! They have diplomatic immunity!

“Meanwhile, President Duterte of the Philippines is being investigated by UN Special Council on international war crimes and crimes against humanity. Sat Nam! Namaste!

This is today: I tried to call all kinds of folks today. No one answered. So I went sat in the plasma field, and listened to the sound of the vibe machines. That in itself will alter your consciousness, listening to the Tesla energy.

Then I got a feeling to open my eyes, and I did. On the screen in the plasma field in front of me, I saw an incoming message from Lord Metatron: And I heard a melodious voice. It said, “Remember the Violet Flame! The Violet Flame is key to healing this planet! Metatron out.”

And I pass the talking stick to my beloved!

TARA: OK, everybody. I made these comments on the Ashtar Call report, which is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. So this was just this past Tuesday.

“Since our sister Susan showed up from the higher realms tonight—"

[Explains] Susan made her transition, I guess it was 5 years ago now. Time’s going very fast. She was a complete trance channel, and she used to channel Mother Sekhmet, and Lady Master Nada, and Ashtar, Mother Mary—many of the masters, as it was appropriate.

She was right present with all of us, and I said, “Since sister Susan showed up from the higher realms tonight, right in my ear, it’s a good time to remind everyone of Mother Sekhmet’s message to all: Those who have died in the 9/11 holocaust, and those who have died since that time, will have the free will option of choosing to return physically to the planet, in their same physical bodies, totally healed, to continue their journey with us. Or to remain where they are. Or to choose another space-time continuum.

RAMA: I could describe it in a metaphor. It’s like—in the movie Avengers: [End]game, Iron Man gets hold of the Gauntlet of Power, and he snaps his fingers. And all the people who were gone come back.

In a sense this is what Mother is saying, all these folks are going to come back.

TARA: Only by choice. Every single person’s choice. So we go on: “This dispensation is to be granted because the 9/11 black operation was planned complete by the dark side members about the globe, in order to advance their own particular goals.

“The acquisition of power and control over planetary and personal wealth and property for their own benefit, not that of mankind or of the natural world—the manner and time of death were not part of each individual’s life plan.

“For example, not something the individuals chose. The dark ones considered their death and disappearance as mere ‘collateral damage’ by those who got in the way of these and their own agenda, with no concern for the welfare of people or the planet itself.”

TARA: I’ll just make it very clear, that there were over 90,000 people that died that morning.

RAMA: Yes.

TARA: That was more false evidence appearing as real numbers. The only reason they made that number—I think it was 2,977 or something like that, is that there was something on the books that said they could build something there [where the World Trade Center towers had stood]. They could do something there that they wanted to do [and build another structure there]. If it was over 3,000 [who had died on 9/11], then they had no choice. They had to leave it as a memorial, and leave it alone.

RAMA: And to this day, Ground Zero is a crime scene, and they covered it up.

TARA: Yes, and all things come to pass, to those of us who move forward!

RAMA: Blaze the Violet Fire! TARA: Yes! [Reading] “Also, many of the events occurring on the planet since that time have been an intensification of those plans of malintent. The result of which, is that people have been made to experience psychic and physical holocausts in the form of experiences of cruel and evil planned events. Forest fires started by magnetic particle beam weaponry—" TARA: The Paradise, [California] fire was initiated that way. And on and on we go. And not adjusting for climate change, and getting off the fossil fuel system—that’s the mass consciousness that’s leaving the unconsciousness, you might say, of not including Mother Gaia as a living being, and respecting her environment and honoring her for all the gifts she brings.

We’ve had, for 70 years, we’ve had technology that has been suppressed, because the profiteering of the elites was [mines?] They wanted to use the fossil fuels for profit.

We’ve had Light, color, and sound technology that we could have employed many years ago. Yet we’re all having to hello each other to be ready. There’s lots of work we’ve accomplished, and there’s more on our plates.

We were talking about tornadoes, hurricanes, and other intense weather patterns:

[Reading] “Never before part of previous weather patterns. “Financial malfeasance, such as the mortgage fiasco and other money management events—quantitative easing, for one. “The increasingly harsh, bitter, hateful attack on the Feminine and on people of color.

“Starvation. Refugee conditions. Genocide, in various increasing forms. Drugs, gambling, alcoholism. Crushing debt. Poorer and poorer education. Increasing poverty. “Plandemics over the centuries.

“This dispensation will be offered post-NESARA, as all signs and semblances of those evil intentions have been erased. Removed completely from the realms of possibility.

“Individuals will be given the choice to return to Mother Earth or to remain in their current location and activity.”

TARA: As a note, Susan is a full-fledged member of the Council at the Antares Midway Station, where she works directly with Lord Metatron and his twin flame, and the Praying Mantis people. Together, they assist those souls who have made their transition to be reintegrated into galactic law and galactic life.

You might say, there is no veil anymore.


TARA: The veil—you can see right through it! And we can travel through realms with ease now.

I would just say to everyone, May we all continue to pass every test, and blaze the Violet Fire!

RAMA: This is the most intense time that I could imagine in any given lifetime. And to be here, to be right in this moment, I could just say: I am not afraid. Yet it is quite awesome to behold what’s unfolding.

I can say, Thank you everyone for being here at this time, because we’re doing this together, and at the same time, it’s a trip! I pass the talking stick!

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