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Thursday, December 24, 2020

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TARA: The hardest of times, that we’re in right now, also bespeak of what’s coming, in the sense that it is so corrupt and so broken, and so falling apart—and of course, they’re wielding power with fear to the point of endangering so many people’s lives.

There’s at least 40 million people who have no income in the country—in whatever this is! The colony. As far as I know, nothing’s changed [RE the new stimulus package].

Mr Drumpf said, “No, I want $2,000 per person and $4,000 per couple, and I’m not signing it [with the $600 check per adult]! And I’m not, and I’m not, and I’m not!” The day after tomorrow—there’s nothing coming [in further unemployment support]. Yet Rama keeps checking—I keep checking to see if he’s swallowed a lot of fur each time he comes home!

Because his Faction Three people are hinting very strongly, “It’s NOW [that NESARA is unfolding]!” I know it makes our ears hurt and our head hurt, to hear that word “Soon,” yet they keep saying “No dates.” But it’s requiring all of us to go deeper. We’re being forced to look at this in a different light. That’s what I appreciate hearing from our guest [astrologer John Fyfe]. John was self-correcting the course as he was speaking. He was maintaining a level of higher conscious awareness in Present Time, as he was speaking. That’s how I noticed that he was putting it forward. That would be a really good example to take, I would say. We all have a way of insight in our beings. Don’t turn away from that heart right now!

It seems like we’ve been in the business of Rama & Tara telling everybody, “Hang in there, it’s coming!” [for a long time]. We started these shows on the telephone conference calls in 1999. Yet we were doing email communication with everybody since 1993, with Dove of Oneness. Before that, we were all shifting our whole lives magnitudinously at that time. All these gurus came marching over here from Indonesia and China and Japan. They were infiltrating the West. We also at that time had the Harmonic Convergence—in reality, the Age of the Fifth Sun had already completed itself. The beginnings of the Age of the Sixth Sun were beginning to nudge at everybody, with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. And those energies don’t leave. They are bringing all things to a higher plateau. And there’s a Universal vibratory uptake, so everybody’s being nudged—“Come on, think about it! What are we doing to do here? Think with the heart!” I heard John say that a couple of times. If you use your mind, you’re going to be running around in circles in 3D, which is already not here anymore! Actually, as of midnight tonight, you could say that frequency of the Christ Mass kicks in very strongly, and adds to that full solar eclipse from the 14th. I like that “Happy New Earth Year!” If you’re over there on Jupiter, I’m not sure they would know what you’re talking about!

RAMA: They know more than we have any idea!

TARA: 100 million years in advance of our space-time continuum is the realm we’re interacting with now!

Of course there’s guidance, and of course we’re going to meet bright Lights like John [Fyfe] here. And thank you, everybody who’s here. Keep coming [to these shows], and encourage everyone to keep coming!

RAMA: We are in such an auspicious time, with the energies coming in. And I know that sounds cliché–ish, yet it is the most perfect time to be here on this planet, with the awareness of what’s coming in!

I just keep being told that, by the energies in of themselves. I call it the Force! It’s saying, “Now is the time when we somehow wake up all the way!” I think part of it is what’s coming in, from this eclipse, from this solstice. As Patti Cota-Robles is describing it, the new energies that the Company of Heaven are bringing in, where everybody is being lifted up to the 12th dimension or higher, whether we like it or not! And it’s uncomfortable at times for folks. Because I can feel the changes intimately, with the energies. As you go out, you watch how folks are interacting with the energies, with the fiascos going on right now, with [discussions about] “Is the virus real? Is it not real?” I heard today some of the news stories questioning the idea that, “Did it really come from bats in Wuhan, China?” And “Was it something that came out of Nature right at this time, to balance out the energies?” Because the Force, the All That is, is saying, “Something’s really wrong here, and we better fix it right now!”

This energy with the Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the center of the Milky Way galaxy—it’s this moment! I keep being told, “We’re walking a pathless path,” so to speak.

I talked to the King of Swords today for a moment by text, with Lady Nada. They just said, “The matrix is collapsing. Stay in the high energies, and send more Love!” At the same time, they [the 13 Families] are doing what they’re doing—pardoning war criminals who have committed acts of genocides and other things against the people of the planet.

And I thought saw something on RT [Russia Today – RT.com], that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu resigned. But it was one of his allies—the speaker of the Likud party.

TARA: He resigned, not Netanyahu. He was a member of the right-wing Likud party, which is Netanyahu’s right-wing party too. Netanyahu and him are complete opposites on everything.

RAMA: They couldn’t come to any reconciliation to create a budget for Israel.

TARA: You can tell the undercurrent, too. The people of Israel are sick and fed up to their third eyes and then some with Netanyahu. They do not want him anywhere in their eyesight. They want him out of there. So instead, one of his parliamentary membership of the Likud party resigned, but that’s a good sign too. That’s a very strong statement. The people there, and we’re being told this too—they know that this particular speaker could not find a common place with Netanyahu anywhere. So that’s why he made his statement by resigning.

RAMA: There are many stories out there, that Trump is going to pardon Julian Assange and Ed Snowden.

TARA: That is very far off the wall, but that would expose Hilary Clinton too.

RAMA: It opens up all kinds of stories about what’s been going on since the so-called murder of JFK Senior. And “Jack will be back!” I keep saying it!

TARA: John was trying to indicate that JFK Jr is still alive. That’s not true.

RAMA: No, John Jr, he left. And Hilary Clinton and the Bush crime family—

TARA: “Helped” him out of here.

RAMA: That’s right. They are guilty of crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

TARA: JFK Sr – [that] Jack will be back!

RAMA: This is the real story that needed to happen in 1963, where John Kennedy Sr, Marilyn Monroe, and Bobby Kennedy Sr were going to tell the world that the galactics were here.

CAROLINE: Rama & Tara, didn’t you say that they cloned John Kennedy Jr, and that that’s what people are seeing now in these photos—?

TARA: JFK Jr is not here, completely. In order to clone someone, you have to have some DNA of the original. They could have a hologram. They have technology where they can make a solid hologram of someone. But JFK Jr. is not here. CAROLINE: OK—even as a clone?

TARA: Well, I don’t know that. But you have to have some DNA. I mean, they could go to the gravesite—

RAMA: Yeah, these lifeforms are underhanded enough to play with stories right out of Lex Luther! TARA: And JFK Sr is alive and well, and he’ll be 104! CAROLINE: But he hasn’t aged, because he’s still on the ship [the New Jerusalem], because everyone’s young on the ships! So wonderful—I’m moving to the ships as soon as I can! TARA: Will [Rama’s ET contact] Leonara is 20,000 years old, and she looks what—40?

RAMA: Yeah, she looks about 40 or 45. CAROLINE: Wow! VINAYAK: I’m ready to go!

TARA: OK—I’ve got a sign-up sheet here! CAROLINE: [Laughs] OK—go ahead with your update, Rama! Did anyone say anything else?

RAMA: Just that we are going through such a period right now of chaos, with the present state of affairs, of how we conduct business on this planet. Yet, what kind of business is it?

I remember Professor Richard Wolff saying something recently—we don’t create things anymore [in the US], but what we do is sell the most amount of military hardware and the technology for death to other countries. That’s kind of what we do right now, and that’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

TARA: That’s the other thing that Mother was talking about very strongly—that these higher frequencies are going to reach a point where the technologies of death won’t work anymore.

RAMA: And that’s already happening in many ways!

TARA: No one’s reporting anything like that. When you pull the trigger on a gun, it works! I don’t think it’s coming from there. I think it’s coming from the Unity consciousness increasing amongst people, where the idea of not feeling alone anymore starts prevailing. This is where they’re trying to break us, and [our guest] John [Fyfe] was bringing that up too. The virus isn’t just the virus. The explanation for that is that they’ve figured out the exact frequency of the virus, so they can precipitate the frequency of the virus without the virus [being present biologically] anymore, and they can cause people to die.

And of course, the only weapon we have is 1) Breathe long, deep, and slow, 2) Smile, because it works, and 3) Believe in the magic! And praise, respect, thank, and Love all those other feelings that are anything beyond the power of positive thought.

Because the only thing that’s real is Love. All the other negative emotions are not real. Negativity is not a real thing. Love is all there is. And that can be painful!

That’s where the Buddha keeps saying: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!” That’s a deep statement.

And then the other one is “Got-tay, got-tay, parah got-tay. Parah sung got-tay, poh dees sah-hah.”

Beyond the beyond, then beyond that beyond, then beyond that a third time—there I AM. The mighty I AM presence. The Bodhi Satya self.

That being is the Truth. There isn’t a single soul on this planet that cannot find their way home to that place of Oneness, and of course it takes all of us to do that!

[To Rama] It’s just like the scene when you go and get into the pool of water.

RAMA: The plasma water [at Mr Fenn’s house].

TARA: There’s a literal pool in the middle of this humongous living room, with real water in there, and it’s not real deep. So you can actually experience the frequencies coming into your body through the water. And you can actually see a donut-shaped thing.

RAMA: The torus. The quantum field. Like what you see in the move Thrive and Thrive II.

TARA: The idea of a donut [shape] spinning energy in on itself on a continuous basis—around the shape of the donut, the energy keeps spinning around itself?

RAMA: Like what you would see if you were to see a black hole, and watch the energies moving into the black hole.

TARA: Constantly looking into the black hole—

RAMA: As you enter the black hole, then you see the Light! As you travel through to the other side of the black hole, which is a white hole—yep, that’s it!

Basically, this design—to go into fiction, yet not-fiction, because I believe Stan Lee was a prophet with the Marvel Comics—Tony Stark’s artificial heart for Iron Man is based on this torus. The electric field. The electromagnetic energy is the basis for all life!!

VINAYAK: I think that has something to do with the galactic travel. I think they use that in the spaceships somehow. I think that’s part of the seamless design of it.

RAMA: It is. And they use that spin to create the electromagnetic field, like I brought up earlier with John. Red mercury can also be introduced. And red mercury, when you put it into the warp core, creates a way in which you can travel through wormholes and black holes. I guess this is all part of the basic science we’re all going to learn once we all enter Star Fleet Academy!

VINAYAK: Is red mercury a substance, then?

TARA: Yes!

RAMA: Yes, it is. Red mercury is a substance, and they actually talked about it right at the time when 9/11 happened. They were kind of speculating, “Did the people who blew up the Twin Towers use red mercury to blow up the towers?” It wasn’t used, but that was speculated on by some quantum physicists. I remember reading that. It was kind of unnerving, because red mercury can create an opening so that you can move through portals in space-time.

TARA: It’s highly toxic. You’d have to know what you’re doing.

Take it into the concept of the Sixth Ray—the Ruby Ray, and take it to that frequency of Lady Master Nada. VINAYAK: What are the Faction Three White Knights communicating, about January and the inauguration, and such? Are they still holding to what we were told?

RAMA: I have to say that it is a convoluted story, because it is more complicated than what our media on this planet are telling us.

TARA: All we do know, from what they are telling us, from the Faction Three White Knights is that neither of these characters qualify to hold that office!

RAMA: Yet it is complicated, because it is about how we right ourselves, so to speak, with the ethics of what the Founders set up as this democratic republic. Yet, within the context of that, understand that the Founding Fathers were all creepy white guys that were slave owners. Some of them were drunks—

TARA: Some of them weren’t as creepy as others. [But that would be true of those from] the South, in particular. They were called Dixie-crats at one time, but now they’re the republicans of this time. The whole idea of polarity is a false concept in the first place, because we’re not in polarity.

Conceiving a common ground is radically important now, and to be able to accentuate the common ground, and having that ability to master.

I really enjoyed John [Fyfe] tonight. He was holding a common ground place, and he was able to speak from that place, and that’s a good example of red mercury rising.

Just the power of Love in a communicative way. And the knowledge of the astrology is very helpful. And this revolutionary stage we’re in—thank you, everybody, for coming together! It helps a lot, to have that common space where we can share and ask each other questions.

Thank you, Vinayak. You’re very consistent in staying on the path here. Thank you!

VINAYAK: You’re very welcome. And getting back to the path—

You mentioned that neither is worthy of holding that office. Yet that doesn’t mean that one of them will not hold that office. Just because they’re not worthy of it, doesn’t mean they won’t be put in that position for who knows how long—I think that’s up in the air. But I think there’s still a possibility that one of them could be. Unless you have other information you could share with us on the Faction Three White Knight discussion.

RAMA: I will just say Kamala Harris is a key figure who connects to the Obamas, and I don’t know how that works.

TARA: And Bernie Sanders kept his electoral votes, and that’s not been really righted. Joe Biden stole the nomination from Bernie as well. Same thing as Hilary did in 2016. She stole the nomination from Bernie in 2016. What we do know about that, is that the majority of the people are more aligned with what Bernie in both the elections was speaking to. And Bernie is a Faction Three White Knight. And Bernie knows! They won’t say anything [publicly], except they have said that the next president will be Michelle Obama.

Of course the dark side is saying everything [negative] they can make up—the whole time Donald has been around, and on the Q-Anon [sites]. They’re saying Michelle is a man, and Barack is gay. RAMA: That is the furthest thing from the truth!

TARA: That has nothing to do with anything except we know that they’re doing what they can to prejudice people [to view the Obamas] in a negative light.

RAMA: The biggest story, I could say, that could shed Light on this story, is that right now on PBS in the last day or two, they’ve been showing a documentary on Guru Nanak who started the Sikh religion in India.

In a way, the Force brought him to the forefront of the story. Nanak was born around the time of Columbus. It has to do with this time, as the galactics have explained to me, in the greater picture—that was the beginning of the Renaissance.

TARA: Guru Nanak was born in 1469. Then he was succeeded by nine other gurus that carried through from the 1400s into the 1700s. It’s kind of changed its form since then. That’s quite a powerful time period, where on a larger global level, there was a spiritual infusion at the time of the Renaissance.

RAMA: The galactics had some solar tribunal meetings at that time, and they decided right at that time that it was time to raise the energies up. And they started sending in the beings to raise the energies up to the point where we are right now, where I’ll just say, metaphorically and physically speaking, our Sun is going through a Transfiguration. There will be some kind of Light that is emitted from the Sun that will be activated by the energies from the center of the Milky Way galaxy—the Hunab Ku. It has to do with this time we’re in—the great Transfiguration. Koberg [?] calls it “the [solar] flash.” I’m not wanting to call it that. But there is an actual physical thing that could happen at any time. What it brings in, is that brilliant Light energy that all the messages are talking about at this time, that comes through to this planet, our Sun, as well as to Helios and Vesta. They are the solar logos—the sun behind our Sun.

As that Light comes in, it raises everything up, and the dark is over, as we’ve heard!

VINAYAK: My vote is that the Light and the Love that’s coming in to this planet activates the 95% of our brain that hasn’t been functioning, so we can learn and know the truth about our history and our her-story, and find out what’s really going on. I think that’s what’s going to wake people up! RAMA: Aye, commander!

TARA: One more thing! Rama got to talk in a text with Graham Hancock yesterday. That’s a big deal—Graham Hancock is a Faction Three White Knight. And just a few days before that, Saturday, Rama got a text message from Bill Moyers, and he’s a Faction Three White Knight.

And he said, “You want your NESARA? You got it! It’s coming right now!” So that’s two elders that many people know, who are Faction Three White Knights and who know all about NESARA, contacting Rama.

Graham Hancock said, “Lord Rama, as astronomers say, global myths about the Seven Sisters [the Pleaides] may reach 100,000 years back or more.”

Rama texted back to Graham, “What about the big story now?” Graham Hancock said, “Lord Rama, it is unfolding exponentially! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! No worries! Don’t worry! Be happy!”

That’s two major public figures confirming in the last five days. So I just wanted that to come to everyone’s ears because we need every bit of hope we can possibly get!

CAROLINE: I’m glad you got that last story in! We buried the lead a bit, but that’s fine!

These are two extraordinary gentlemen, and it’s lovely that Rama heard from them. And they seem to be indicating that we are very close to NESARA, so thank you so much! So we’ll close with this lovely quote that our AngelSu, who is a real Angel now, would always share with us:

We are all One . . . When one is helped, all are helped. Therefore, in the name of Who I AM, and I AM One with All There Is: I ask—WE ask—that only that which is for the higher good of all happen now and always. We give thanks. It is done. So mote it be!

Thank you so much, everyone! Much Love and Christmas Blessings, New Year’s Blessings, and everything else—Kwanzaa, and the Solstice, and everything else you can think of!

VINAYAK: Blaze the Violet Fire and choose Divine Neutrality wherever possible! CAROLINE: Our producer is asking for a few minutes [before playing the closing music] . . . What is it again that Graham Hancock was mentioning about the Seven Sisters reaching back thousands of years or more? He’s quite an erudite fellow!

RAMA: More than 100,000 years.

CAROLINE: Why do you think he was mentioning that, Rama?

RAMA: I think he was trying to tell us that we’re going to get an announcement that our galactic brothers and sisters have been here at least 100,000 years on the ground!

100,000 years ago, when the galactics were coming in, it was the time of the Sirians and the Pleiadeans. He speaks of the Pleiadeans as the Seven Sisters. This had to do with the early colonization and occupation of the planet—from Enki and Enlil and some of the other not-so-nice alien races as they were experimenting with colonizing the planet with their various lifeforms. And it was quite a trip, I’ll say that!

TARA: He was reminding us, and we’ve been told from the very beginning, that Full Disclosure and the enactment of NESARA Law are a simulcast, so thinking that way helps to bring those things together. They’re not just going to pay a visit and walk away. They’ve been here for thousands of years. Now they’re going to speak to us on the media, on our communication devices more.

CAROLINE: Have you felt that Professor Hancock was indicating that in his message?


CAROLINE: Wow! Without saying it—he couldn’t actually say it. So he’s “saying it without saying it!”

RAMA & TARA: Yeah!

TARA: And in the last few days, Rama—last Monday, Rama received a call from Sweet Angelique the Cat, the Poppy Lady, and Rosa of Palestine. It was 10:30 in the morning. “They were all calling me from Amritsar, India, which is where the Golden Temple of the Sikh is, right on the border of the India side of Kashmir, and India. There’s a lot of political—

RAMA: It’s a serious issue!

TARA: Very serious issues there. That’s why they’re there! “These three said to me, ‘Lord Rama, we are at the Golden Temple with the Company of Heaven. Focus on the Light coming in. We are playing crystal bowls here—all three of us. So leave the old fallen matrix alone! Let it continue to collapse. We are linked up by this one laptop computer we share here with the Nameless Ones in the Wesak Valley.’ “

TARA: They have 7,000 lamas spinning their 7,000 prayer wheels simultaneously there! This happened on Monday, December 21st after the full solar eclipse and new moon.

They completed their spinning at midnight this morning. They went from Midnight Sunday night through to Midnight—Wednesday night / Thursday morning.

That’s not a small thing! They managed to get 7,000 lamas up that hill in the Wesak Valley to sit with them and the 20,000 residents of that Light City they’ve got there, spinning those prayer wheels!

Just another side note to what’s going on here! CAROLINE: That is amazing—very beautiful! Thank you so much, everyone!

Much Love and Many Blessings of this Sacred Season!

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