Faction Three White Night News Update - January 8, 2021

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Thursday, January 7, 2021

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RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: We’ll take that Quetzalcoatl multicolored rainbow talking stick with feathers and fairies and Angels and crystals on it!

RAMA: And Lord Kuthumi as Quetzalcoatl! Happy New Year, everyone, as we can say . . .

TARA: Yes, Happy New Year!

RAMA: It’s quite a scene, what’s going on!

TARA: I “resemble” your remarks, and the Collective’s remarks, Caroline. [Referring to latest Message to Lightworkers] I think that whatever it was [the events of January 6], it was perfect. Perfect in the sense of, “you gotta start somewhere.” It’s begun, and it isn’t over till that fat lady sings, right, Rama?

RAMA: Yeah!

TARA: And what we mean, is the announcement of NESARA law is the ultimate completion of the old duality—the infighting. Less than perfect. It’s perfection that we’re being called to. And that’s called Love. Love is the perfection of All That Is. Of course, we have a lot to learn about Love. What I mean is that we have been living in a very outdated, overblown, completely corrupt, from the inside out, situation. And Mother Earth just took a big hiccup here, and said, “That’s enough!” Mother’s good! Mother Sekhmet and Mother Earth, and all the other Mothers of all Life in the Universe—we’re all One with Beingness in that energy!

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: For the last three or four nights, there’s been something called the New Jerusalem starship sitting in front of the star Sirius—right smack dab in the middle of our bay window here.

Every night! If you look up from there in a bit of an arc, you’ll see the Orion’s Belt—all three of them aligned. And above them, you’re going to see the Seven Sisters. And that alignment—that’s where we came from: the first landing party mission. Kuai into Maui, etcetera, from the Pleiades. On the back side of Kuai is the first place, from the mind of God, in this dimensional reality.

And Vinayak has the joy of anchoring all that, from which he speaks, every time we get together!

So Rama, do you want to say something? Give us a flavor . . .

RAMA: I went up to the faery ring today and created a Jedi Council, and talked with Lady Master Nada, the Poppy Lady, Tom the Cat, and Professor Z. The way they described the events leading up to yesterday, is kind of something I could describe that is like out of The Avengers, where these so-called people have been fed lies from the Matrix believe them to the point that they’re willing to die for those lies. And how we got to this place, that Lady Nada described, is that it goes back to the beginning, when we, as Patti Cota-Robles describes it—when we started playing around with our gifts and abilites, and our siddhas, and we traded our gifts and abilities and our immortality for the fallen human ego, things got awry.

We’re at this point now—somewhere between that beginning and now, Death came into the picture. Before that, there was no Death. We were immortal.

TARA: We got lured. We allowed ourselves to get lured. RAMA: By the power! TARA: “I just wanna be a rich man! Leave me alone. I’ll do anything!” And they said, “Anything?” RAMA: “Here’s the kingdom!” TARA: Love got lost. The stories we’re listening to—that’s what’s missing in every case.

RAMA: What we are experiencing right now, is the shift of the ages as all the messages are saying—that the Forces of Light, like Lord Michael’s Legions, are here! Along with all the other folks. What got played out yesterday was orchestrated by the deep state and the 13 Families, who answer to the Fallen Angels. Right at this moment, let’s say there is a “Coming to Jesus” moment for the 13 Families. Because we’re in Sat Yuga. We’re not in Kali [Yuga – Age of Destruction] anymore! And there’s a lot of answering and explaining to get done.

It’s about the different shifts of dimensions and realities blending with each other.

What is being explained to me by the forces of Light—the White Knights—is that it is about the great lies that have gone on since the beginning of this story—the cradle of civilization, and before that, Atlantis and Lemuria.

All time is now, in the context where we are immortal beings having a human experience, because we chose to come in at this time, and it is intense. Nobody said this was gonna be easy, but they did say we would make it! We chose to show up at this time, because we said we would be here full circle, and now is that time. As people are getting a huge Wakeup Call, with the fact that the Matrix has fallen apart, and you are watching things that—the only way I can describe it, is a combination of Avengers: Infinity War and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

All those people who invaded the Capitol building—sooner or later, they will be arrested and dealt with. And it is a big deal, because they committed acts of sedition and treason. I am not a lawyer or a cop. I’m not sure how to answer that. I’m a starship captain in training. [chuckles]

I’m learning the ropes here, of how to talk about this in a diplomatic way, and how we bring closure to a story that is 26,826 years old. It is a big, big deal! It involves all of us on this planet. Right now, there are folks coming in all over the planet to help us. All we need do is ask, and believe. It’s called Faith. And sometimes you gotta take a leap, and you jump off that cliff and know you’re going to fly. I’m not talking about literally, but what I am saying, is that there are folks here from all sectors of this galaxy, and there are 27 other galaxies with folks here that are involved in this story. It is very big, and it’s about bringing Peace to this planet at this time. There will be no nuclear wars. What there willbe is accountability! How that comes about, is how we learn from the Wise Council of Elders how Justice is served.

It is not about what you saw yesterday. That is not Justice! That is about how we got to this place, where “Because I am green and I have horns, and I might have fur, I look a little different—does that make me any less than you?”

I have to say it like it’s been said: This is about murder and racism, and it has to end here and now!

TARA: And it doesn’t end by the same measures by which it got here.

RAMA: No, it doesn’t! But these folks do need to be held accountable by the laws of this fictitious republic. Even though they say we got a republic, it’s kind of fictitious. It’s in name only.

TARA: Well, it becomes the vision we open ourselves to. Then through our own presence and Love, manifest it. It’s got to be both/and. It’s not the letter of the law without the Spirit, the zeitgeist of the law. That’s the part we have to play here, and it’s happening much faster than a linear mind can follow.

RAMA: I can repeat the Poppy Lady’s words she said today: “I forgive all the US soldiers who murdered my family. May they have Peace within their souls.”

TARA: Then Professor Z said, “Invoke the Violet Flame and stay in the Violet Flame!”

RAMA: Yeah! This is a big deal, because we’re at a critical juncture where WE—We the People—this is a small group [that staged the event of January 6], yet it’s connected to the whole, the quantum field.

It’s been said by Bruce Lipton and so many others: “When a butterfly flaps its wings in Viet Nam, there’s a tsunami on the East Coast!”

It’s the quantum field. It’s how it’s all connected in the same thought, as how we can change this right now. As we literally are forming the Wise Council of Elders along with all the others on the planet!

TARA: A sister of ours sent us a letter, and she said, “Why hasn’t Mother Sekhmet done her job? Can you ask Mother that question and see what she’s telling you, and tell us?” Mother has a very humorous side to herself!

RAMA: What I am hearing is that it’s not that she hasn’t done her job. It’s unfolding as we speak!

TARA: There’s another name for Mother, of the 4,000-plus names that people have for her. She’s also called Lady Master Ma’at, which is Mother Sekhmet’s future self, coming through us. The Age of Ma’at comes after the Age of Aquarius [which we have just entered].

That’s a very interesting piece. It unravels in reverse order in terms of the [astrological] signs. So the next Age of Ma’at in terms of the sign, is Capricorn. It’s the next 2,000 years, after these 2,000 years. We’re expanding into higher level of conscious awareness of who we are, and the probabilities of living without dying, and making the choice of how to shapeshift into whatever is needed. And “you can do at least two things at once and nothing at all,” Mother always says.

RAMA: To bring it down to right here, right now, everyone is saying the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked immediately, or immediate impeachment, and Congress should not go Anywhere. They need to be in their Halls of Congress and get this done today—Yesterday!

TARA: And everyone who participated needs to be held accountable too, for all these things. We need some answers, if the Capitol police killed one woman, and Amy [Goodman of DemocracyNow.org] said three others died, and there were no details. Yet all four died within the area of the Capitol.

RAMA: And the Capitol police—this was a setup! It was rigged within a context—

TARA: it was planned over a huge context of time.

RAMA: There are gaps in the process that have to do with the 13 Families fighting against each other with the deep state, and the black budget, and the guys with the guns.

TARA: Corporations are not people, Mr Romney, who’s been barking loudly from this corner, but oh my goodness!

RAMA: Money is not free speech! I bring it up in this point—Julian Assange is sitting over there in prison for telling the truth.

TARA: That started Monday and Tuesday. There was a major win on Monday, where the extradition to the US was, by a judge in England wiped off the potential [for legal action].

There are members of the clergy who are protesting inside the Capitol now—

RAMA: No, that was 2017.

TARA: Oh—[watching video] Rev. Raphael Warnock arrested for at Capitol—they’re showing that happening to him in 2017. He’s been an activist for quite a few things. There’s something magical about him, because he’s holding the chair of the minister of the Ebenezer Church in Atlanta, which was Dr King’s position when he was alive. That brings up John Lewis in that circle too! It’s got to do with the freedom of people for equality. For equality to exist, it has to be for everyone—not because you’re a certain color or religion or certain political supporter.

CAROLINE: I’m just wondering—did Rama finish giving us all the quotes from his people? Because I’ve got quite a few questions, and I think a lot of people do.

It was obvious, for one thing—I do feel that Archangel Michael is very active on the ground, with his people. I thought his name today, and felt his energy very powerfully. I know he’s on the ground. I know he’s in physical form at least part of the time, as Rama has said.

But obviously, it was a setup, that whole thing yesterday, because someone gave the order that the Metropolitan police and the Capitol police were to stand down, despite the obvious plan of the Trump supporters to kick up their heels like mad. What few police were at the Capitol—completely inadequate. Then the Metropolitan Police arrived, belatedly—they should have already been there! Again—not enough [personnel]. The National Guard was supposed to arrive today—they were called in very late. Completely inexcusable. The media didn’t really discuss that too much. One fellow mentioned it on MSNBC, that I saw, and it wasn’t picked up by the anchor. He just skipped over it and the they went on with other comments.

Meanwhile, the fellow [rioter] who had the sort of buffalo hat with horns and the red, white and blue face—he was featured a lot, and they said he was a Q-Anon leader, and the fellow who had his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s office on her desk, was said to be a Q-Anon leader. I don’t know where they got that information—they didn’t name their sources, obviously.

It was all very neatly tied up, and then there’s that photo I saw on Facebook, where these people, particularly the one with buffalo headdress on, which some of my Native American friends thought was funny—they were kind of making fun of him on Facebook—but his image was the exact replica of an image from The Simpsons, and they do predictive programming on The Simpsons a lot [showing images of 9/11 before that event, and images of Trump that have since been replicated in real life].

So none of this was accidental, obviously. I just sat here yesterday, looking at those images, and thinking, Who gave the order for those cops to stand down? Where Pentagon chiefs involved? It’s stuff like that that I would like to know for myself, and I think a few other people would. And when you say the deep state was involved—was Trump himself involved in all this, or was it the people behind him? Do you have any information on that? I’ll pass the talking stick back to you. VINAYAK: And how do the 13 Families figure into that as well?

RAMA: I can say that this was orchestrated by the 13 Families, who know they have lost power, and they are desperate to get the heaven off this planet or try to find another way—

TARA: Well, Mother will help them off the planet! They don’t want Her as an escort!

RAMA: Oh, I know! They want to do things on their own. That ain’t the choice!

TARA: It’s time for accountability.

RAMA: I would say, I concur—Lord Michael is here on the ground, in the physical. And there is a lot of shite happening, where as we’re watching things unfold at quantum Light speed, it’s about how there’s closure brought to this, and yes, Trump is involved in it. Along with all the other players that have to do with the different branches of government, who for the past four years, have literally destroyed and gutted. And the fact of the matter is that since the morning of 9/11, why do we have an agency called Homeland Security? Directly from Nazi Germany.

Before the year 2001 we did not have any agency called Homeland Security!

TARA: Hitler had it. All the people from WWII, in terms of the scientists, the politicians— RAMA: The OSS—that became the FBI, the CIA—

TARA: They CIA is full of them, globally. RAMA: Your questions lead to: Yes, this has been orchestrated by the deep state, by Trump, by the supporters, the Fallen Angels. They know their time is up, because the Sat Yuga is here, and this is where I bring it back to the stories that are not just stories, but they are the absolute reality of the various beings that never went anywhere. They’re immortal. They’ve always been here as part of our galactic councils. TARA: Who do you speak of?

RAMA: I speak of Archangel Michael, of Lady Master Victory, Lord Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, St Germain, Lady Nada, Sanat Kumara. I could go on and on with the names. These beings are not fictitious! They’re not legends. They’re absolutely real. Just like Thor and his father Odin, and the other so-called gods. Apollo. Zeus. Different names for different beings.

But they all are part of this original story of how we came together to create something called this Divine story about Mother Gaia, and the rest of humanity, working in cooperation with her. This is a big deal, because our thoughtforms changed things. They change physical reality. If you’re not in balance, and you’re not doing things that keep the body in balance, your abilities—your siddhas—go awry!

TARA: If you’re born with a certain color of skin and to a certain country and a certain family background, you have privilege, and that’s got to go completely. That whole “small group of super-wealthy elites,” and making a judgment that everybody else is less than, and deserves what they get, and they’ll do what they’re told, or else!

RAMA: This is part of the original racism that goes back to the story of Enki and Enlil, when they drained the melanin from our skin, and turned us into white, frail beings, rather than— You know, Buffy St Marie describes it: “The power’s in the blood.” The more melanin that’s in your skin, the more power.

These stories go back to Orion and Sirius and the original beings that came here from the stars. They weren’t white. They were black.

TARA: Krishna was literally blue-skinned!

RAMA: These are the stories that Matthias talks about on Gaia.com—the original forming of souls in Creation. I know I’m going all abstract with what you all asked, but it’s part of the original story of where we are right now. TARA: Who we are, where we’ve come from and through, and where we’re going!

RAMA: And the idea that Antifa did this yesterday—this was not Antifa or Black Lives Matter!

TARA: Not at all! And everybody who’s paying attention and has an open heart can relate.

RAMA: As we call ourselves spiritual beings, we had better understand what it means to love each other, no matter what species we are.

VINAYAK: What I keep hearing, is that the message is loud and clear. Which is, perpetuation of increasing the division, no matter what. This was clearly an act designed to get two parties warring against each other, again. So it’s all about division and the opposite of unification, which is what we are proposing and suggesting. That’s why Divine Neutrality is so important right now, rather than looking at who’s at fault and who’s to blame here, etc.

It became very clear to me, that again, here’s the polarities being pitted against once another. Maybe you can comment about that, Rama.

TARA: Yes, it’s about the vision, and the persistence is a good word, that we exercise. Persistence. It’s a do-or-die situation, in the sense that we’re at this place where there’s something coming to assist us, you might say, in terms of the sound, color, and vibration of All That Is, is coming in in the form of these higher frequencies of Light and Love.

They continue to rise. The energies are not going to stop for anything!

RAMA: Yes! We have moved into a sector of the solar system, across the galactic plane, that we haven’t been in before, as we move closer to the galactic center.

As we’re in this new area of space, there are things coming in to lift the energies higher with all of us and the planet. There are images out there of people seeing these fine lines, almost like these gossamer strands or threads of Light coming down from the sky, all over the planet. They almost look like icicles from Christmas, hanging down from the sky. Some of these things that people are seeing are the energies in of themselves that are creating by the five elements—earth, air, fire, water, ether—that work within our atmosphere to help us evolve and Ascend.

As we learn to talk to these beings—even if we don’t know jack about them—just ask them! They will talk to you! This has been going on for me every single day. This is how I live my life! By talking to the faeries and elves and the hobbits and the dwarves. It is how we get our humanity back, instead of talking to folks like Alex Jones!

TARA: It’s this merging of these higher energies with the whole enchilada, right? It’s the whole enchilada!

Caroline, I’m hearing that the Collective have questions! CAROLINE: [chuckles] Yeah, what they talked about in this channeling I’m going to put out tomorrow—they quoted this Bob Dylan lyric that I’ve been thinking of a lot lately, which is from an album he put out ages ago—Slow Train Coming. He says, “The enemy I see, wears a cloak of decency.” And when I was 19 and heard that song, hundreds of years ago, it just rang through my head so powerfully. And it’s not just because of my own family background, which had this veneer of respectability over a lot of darkness.

I see now that it was talking about the state of the world, and what the Collective are talking about in the channeling—that we have come to a place where that cloak is no longer sufficient to hid the darker presences and intentions of the deep state and the 13 Families or whatever you want to call them, and the whole war machinery all over the planet.

It’s just a strange time, because this vaccine is coming forward, and it just looks like they’re railroading us—they’re steaming through with all the power they’ve got left to knock off as many of us as possible before they go.

And now they’re wanting to disturb our psyches to where we’re caught up in the energies of chaos. I felt, watching the scenes of destruction yesterday that this was the handiwork of the lords of chaos, which I know Trump answers to, whether directly or indirectly. I don’t even like to say their names. My feeling is that there are White Knights and white hats working in the Pentagon and that we should see [good] things happening very soon. When [astrologer] John Fyfe was on a few weeks ago, he said that the first few months of 2021 are going to look a little rough, and I wasn’t too thrilled to hear that, but I didn’t think he was joking! So I thought, “Well, is it going to be more that’s difficult, or is it going to be coming forward for the sake of ripping the lid off of everything? And I think it’s the second one!”

SONJA [caller]: Good evening. What times we have! And yet—Caroline, you just mentioned a word about the psyche, and speaking of the psyche, we are going back to a very 3D angle right now [with the events of Jan 6]. Trump incited the protesters early on. He even said, “I’ll walk with you!” He was inviting them, that he would be with them, practically saying, “I’ll hold your hand—let’s go do this!” Because they think they’ve been _____. And now he’s saying, “All the protesters must be held accountable and condemned for their acts.” So these people, to me, they were all paid. It was all rigged. They were all paid. Yes, the guy with the horns—it was an white crowd. There were no people of color. Obviously, the police—yes, everything was rigged, because they looked like young kids who didn’t even know self-defense. I mean, somebody’s guarding the Congress—those people should know something about self-defense! What I saw was kids holding a rifle, and just standing back and letting the rioters walk right in.

These people who were paid an amount of money to be rioters and defile the whole Congress—now they have to pay for being involved in this, and be betrayed by Trump. The protesters are going to be betrayed by Trump. They thought they were going to get away with it.

CAROLINE: You know Trump has a history of luring people into doing his bidding, then abandoning them when they get arrested or accused. He’s done that for many, many years. He disowns them at that point. But what was that last thing you said, Sonja? SONJA: Nothing is being brought up, about how he incited him at first—this was in RT News—now he’s calling for calm and a peaceful transition? Do they think the public is really that psychologically deficient, that they can talk to them, and kind of erase the first portion [of what Trump did]?

“Here we are, inviting you to protest, and to walk in here and do justice for us!”—and now they’re criminals?!

And the media isn’t saying anything—here he is, he’s appealing for calm, and it’s all going to be done with a peaceful transition.

RAMA: What I can say, is that there are many things going on, and it has to do with the fallen matrix and mind control with the people.

TARA: In other words, Sonja’s trying to be rational about this, and there’s nothing rational about it! I don’t listen to the places [media] that don’t give me any information. I got used to saying, “That doesn’t work!”

SONJA: I’m saying, this is the angle by which the public is being addressed—like Kissinger calling us useless eaters. They want the people like—“They have no intelligence! We can tell them anything!”

TARA: I’ll just say this: They all know they have fallen. Look—Lindsay Graham bailed out, from hanging out with Trump and Giuliani. What did Giuliani say? “We gotta win this like it’s a battle! We gotta go to battle!” And did you see the guns at the Capitol?

RAMA: They looked like stuff out of The Avengers, some of those guns! It kind of blew my mind to see that stuff.

On another level, as these people are playing with these kinds of thoughtforms and technologies, they are going to meet Lord Michael and Ashtar and Mother. And there’s not going to any violence, but they’re going to get a wake up call. And they may or may not be in their bodies. That’s a fact. They can’t handle the energies!

TARA: That doesn’t mean the higher beings would do anything to harm them. The higher beings are going to be holding a vibration, of which these ones may not be able to stay in their body with.

RAMA: Because the energies get elevated, and if you’re not in a place of calmness and oneness, it creates chaos within the soul matrix.

SONJA: What is very scary, is that there’s still people supporting Trump.

RAMA: It is very scary, Sonja. Because there’s stuff I see on the internet—they want another Civil War. SONJA: Something very dark. Thank you for your time! CAROLINE: I was thinking yesterday, I haven’t seen this country so divided since the Civil War. That’s what came to mind—they want another Civil War. It’s called “divide and conquer.” In terms of, they’ll pick up the spoils. If people are killed, that’s fine with them. If they put people away, they’ll grab their money and property, and that’s fine with them. We’ve got to stay alert and realize, these are traps being laid for the citizenry. It’s a filthy game. A very old game, not a new one. Did you get any information, Rama, about Lord Michael or anything going on with him, or anything the other Archangels are doing now, or anything the other White Knights are doing now?

RAMA: In relation to that question, I saw these three cloud ships today over Santa Fe that were plain as day. I tried to take pictures of them. Each time I tried to take a picture of them, they would just fade out. Then I would drive a bit more, and they would continue to just be there. Then I would stop and try to take another picture, and they would just completely disappear. Then they would come back!

TARA: Why would they play tag with you?

RAMA: I don’t know, but it is a sign! I was consciously calling them in. I sat on the side of the road of 84 to 85, spinning my crystals, and they appeared plain as day. I tried to take a picture five times, and I just couldn’t. But it was an answer to me. “Yeah—we’re here!”

VINAYAK: Are there any star ships around the globe being seen that you know of, Rama?

RAMA: You guys in Hawaii in the last few days saw something over Oahu—a ship showed up that was blue, that so many people saw. It was all over the internet! [Photo]

VINAYAK: Maybe we can put that on your website. [Photo below]

I’m also wondering, what is the message to give to our listeners who are here with us, and the ones who want to call in to speak to us? What do you feel the message is, other than “We are here?” Or maybe that is the message, Rama? What sense do you have from the Faction Three White Knights?

RAMA: That the Forces of Light are here, and they are saying, “As we join in our consciousness through connecting with each other in the higher realms, like what Dr Greer talks about in the CE-5 [Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind protocol] meetups that he does, calling in the ships— As you do the sacred ceremonies and call the energies in, they will come in plain as day and sit and talk with you!

He has the pictures, Dr Greer does, on his website, of beings physically showing up in those circles where they do the CE-5 contacts. They’re right here with us! All we have to do is let go of the old thoughtforms and take that leap of faith—go out and explore, and send your consciousness, and connect with the beings.

For instance, you want to call Lord Michael in? You call him in. You’ll feel every iota of that energy within your being! Believe you me, you’re going to see it, right in your face!

VINAYAK: So the message is, “Raise our vibration. Stay in Divine Neutral. And know that the Light and the Love is only going to increase.” And again, we are dispelling the darkness as we raise and change our vibration by blazing he Violet Fire once again!

RAMA: Yes! CAROLINE: There might be a little bit of a conundrum there. Vinayak, as you’re saying all that, and Rama is saying that, I realize the importance of raising our vibration and thinking in terms such as what these beautiful higher beings think of.

But because we all were raised when it was still the third dimension on this Earth, we think in terms of “outer results” and outer situations shifting. So the higher beings are just wanting us to shift out consciousness and meet them in what feels like mid-air.

And we’re so rooted in materiality and physicality, we’re sort of like, “Why can’t you make yourself real to me in ways that I recognize as real!” And they’re calling us up and out of that, yet there’s a bit of a gap still. Do you know what I mean, Vinayak? VINAYAK: That’s kind of what I was also asking, so thank you for bringing that up, but please continue! CAROLINE: It’s interesting—watching those scenes at the Capitol yesterday, I did get the feeling that we were supposed to react more than respond. We were supposed to be in the energies of emotional upset and feel that everything was falling apart.

In fact, when you approach something with Divine Neutrality, you’re not caught up in outer situations as if they were definitive. You’re viewing them from an observation point, which is completely different from feeling that they’re going to define your well-being or safety or outlook or your overall vibration.

It is still a bit of a leap, but I think we’re going to do it, because we’re beginning to see the necessity of it. And we’re also beginning to see through all this desperate behavior on the part of the au regime—we’re seeing how desperate they are, and they’re giving it away. We’re starting to see the man behind the curtain as in The Wizard of Oz. But absolutely there were people who were paid to be there yesterday. I agree with Sonja 100%. Did they talk to you at all, Rama, your contacts?

RAMA: Yes! I heard [independent journalist] Greg Pallast today on the radio, and he was talking to a local talk show host. And Greg Pallast was saying, “Yes, the republican party paid agent provocateurs to be there, and to do this. TARA: They planned it over months!

RAMA: Greg Pallast talked about Steve Peers. He is the head of the Republican Party in the state of New Mexico. Yesterday there were about 300 people who showed up at the state capitol in Santa Fe. And there were black helicopters flying around. I was leaving Santa Fe as I saw all that. Some of them had sledgehammers and baseball hats.

TARA: I mean—what? Somebody brought his horse down!

RAMA: They had somebody bring his horse down to the state capitol, and he had a sawed off shotgun. And I thought, “What is this?” I find it kind of alarming and amusing at the same time, because the energies coming in—as we raise our energy fields and work with the quantum field, the harmony of the spheres—that music comes in, and it calms the unruly folks down.

TARA: What I think we’re being told—what happened yesterday—it depicts a reality that’s happening here, but it’s saying, This can’t just keep on going. We have to hold this situation for all of society, not this country, but the world, because Washington DC is the seat of power for the world.

RAMA: They kind of set that up with the mathematical ley lines and grids. This is not just fanciful stuff. This is real. There are energy lines—grid lines throughout Washington DC.

TARA: And there’s a pyramid the size of Giza underneath the Capitol. What’s the name of the gentleman who wrote that book—?

RAMA: Dan Brown. The Lost Symbol. If you want to get a wild story, read that! Oh my god.

All this is absolutely real, and it connects with the other ley lines and grid lines around the planet. And as you work with those energies, they change the power structure of those places, and the planet. This is why, along the lines of the ancient stories, why the Annunaki and so-called gods that were the Fallen Angels—they set up churches and sacred temples all throughout the planet along major gridlines and vortexes, to play and mess with the energy to divide and conquer, so the people would not be one unified filed.

That’s what we’re going back to—one unified field! And they do not like that one little bit!

VINAYAK: It also occurs to me—let’s not forget the impact that the media had. How many times did we see the same image, like they did with 9/11. They kept repeating it again and again. We were programmed yesterday. We were programmed to hate, to divide and conquer, to look to who to blame. The media did all that to us.

PENNY: I get a lot of information from the Daily KOS. There were some people who were right on the money, as soon as the whole thing started. AN article came out this morning, called “It Was a Job.” He said, “It was a job done by professionals. If it wasn’t, then a bunch of professionals let a great opportunity slip by, and these people aren’t the sort to do that.” Then he gave a lot of examples.

Sp somebody has already put that out there. He doesn’t speak to who’s behind it. We will speak to who’s behind it, but he’s not the only one, in all the readings, who recognized it.

Then some of you heard Joy Reid speak—they put out The True Blue Report—8 Minutes of Joy Reid telling the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. Basically what she’s saying is all the racism that’s behind this, and the way the police reacted to these white terrorists—they hardly touched a feather if you want, in comparison to the hardware and the tanks that they brought out for peaceful protesters.

Joy is bringing up an issue, which is racism. It brings up a huge concern, every time I think of it. That is that there are people with embedded attitudes that are rock hard. I’ve seen pictures where people are saying, “This is the generation we are raising.” And they show pictures of little kids who are six, seven, eight—carrying little flags or little signs—the whole idea that all this stuff is being proliferated has been going on for 250 years in the United States along—slavery and racism, never mind what’s going on in other parts of the world.

So I have a profound concern for the attitudes being built within the younger generation, unbeknownst to them. As long as there’s a “their side” and “our side” there’s two people being programmed in two different ways. So it might take more than the harmony of the spheres to get past not just American society, but society all around the world!

TARA: The harmony of the spheres is becoming the Source. It’s not the end. It’s the Source of moving this whole soulutionary—I like that word. Rainbird brought that up. She said, “We’re all soulutionaries.” So we’re coming into the Night at the Roundtable as a synergy of all our soulutionary selves.

So the harmony of the spheres is the support system for bringing us into that 5th dimensional consciousness of soulutionary things. And it’s not going to get stuck this time. The Galactics are literally moving in where there’s hooks. Because Mother Earth has called for it. Because She’s not ready to go another round with this one! It’s a matter of life or death. Love is being deprived on a conscious [level], in exchange for money. And a void of not holding anyone accountable, and saying, “What else can we get away with?” There’s been things said by many in Congress, that there’s a danger that this could escalate in the next 2 weeks—two weeks is an eternity of time if you’ve been plotting and planning what you’re going to do next.

That’s what the intervention comes in. I can’t describe it—Rama gets what he gets, every day!

RAMA: Yeah, and I am just amazed at how the efficiency of the matrix to control people’s lives so blindly that they believe the lies being put out by the false energies at this time on the planet, because everybody is looking for the higher wisdom and the energies coming in, yet it is not going to be found out there. It is within here!

TARA: The support, though, in terms of real ground-level support from the intervention of the galactics and Archangel Michael’s and Legions of Light has never been so visceral.

RAMA: Yeah—you can taste it!

TARA: Rama’s not just making up a faery tale, when he gets told by his people, that the galactics will be recognized onscreen! Whoever’s going to show up. And they will recognize it.

RAMA: The media won’t have anything to say about. They’ll just do what they gotta do!

TARA: And I’m looking for the guns not going to work!

PENNY: Of course I realize all that. I’m saying some of these things for other people who haven’t really absorbed all you’re talking about. It was one of the writers from the Daily KOS who brought this up last night, even. He called it “A Bad Day for the Republic, But There’s a Big Silver Lining.”

He outlines all the ways in which the power is in the hands not just of the people of the US, but he’s suggesting “Here—it’s a good thing that’s happened, and here’s all the tools you’ve got to work with!”

I’m just outlining what the Americans can do in terms of being able to change the government structure and the processes, and reversing all the negative things that have happened, is what we do on our level while the galactics are working at the higher levels, and infiltrating their influences and their technologies as we work on those things.

TARA: I keep hearing, louder every day, that as they start the accountability process in earnest—they’re doing it in Congress right now. Calling for impeachment, calling for the 25th Amendment to be employed. PENNY: And the name of the new AG [attorney general] is having people quaking in their boots! I just think that’s hilariously funny!

TARA: That is bingo! Because he’s conservative, number one. That’s the reason Barack picked him in the first place—that he’s conservative. So there can be some good dialogue, with less of this “If you don’t do as I say . . . “ routine.

CAROLINE: Penny is speaking from Canada, if you’re wondering why she is speaking of we Yanks in third person instead of the first person “we,” and we’re thankful for the input of our Canadian friends—we’ve got three of them on the [Skype] line with us! So thank you, Penny. An international outlook is good. I can imagine in the UK in particular, people glued to their sets, just ever so slightly astounded yesterday. But Penny pointed out that there’s usually huge hardware [wielded by the police] facing down demonstrators, and there was almost none this time. And [news commentator] Van Jones, I think he’s on CNN. He’s an announcer/commentator there, an African American gentleman there, and he said blatantly yesterday that if this demonstration and riot had occurred with African Americans in it at all, they—and I said, “They’d have opened fired.” He put it a little more lightly. He said there would have been an incredible backlash, and there would have been a lot of cops there. There would have been Army there! It was just very obvious that they didn’t have enough personnel there, and that that personnel had been given the order to just not respond, and to let them do whatever. Some of the cops stood with the rioters and had selfies or photos taken with them. Just amazing.

RANDY: Then you have to ask yourself another question—how did these people get into the Capitol building to do all this filming?? CAROLINE: Yes, it was too perfectly set up, wasn’t it! But you had a question, Randy, about Tory Smith—? RANDY: I do. Someone messaged me, and asked, “Was Tory Smith murdered for exposing then Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his wife Karen for their involvement in child trafficking, rape and murder?” TARA: Yes! You know the answer, right, Randy?

RANDY: Could you elaborate on that a little? Because you have to realize something—once the galactics come onto the stage, it will no longer be called a tell-lie-vision! CAROLINE: Tory Smith—was that a journalist? RANDY: I don’t have any information on it.

RAMA: I know that Mike Pence and those republicans— TARA: It’s an absolute fact that he’s been running a pedophile ring, and participating, and having sex with little boys and little girls on [the child trafficking location on] C Street. Mr Pence is not part of Love. He doesn’t know what that word means. And I don’t even have a clue how he was raised, but it must have been a humdinger. You get rid of people who get too close for comfort for your reputation and what you’re going to do with your life in terms of political strategic arrangements with money, and how you’re going to control the world form a position of power. And he’s way up there. So the answer is Yes, even if we don’t know the details. The entire downward spiral is coming to a screeching halt. So now people are asking questions about thing that are hard to for them to comprehend, because they have heart energy—“Where’s the compassion for people? How can you be so brutally vile?” And it has to do with the love of power and money over everything else. CAROLINE: We’d like to end the show on a positive note. You mentioned to begin with that you were seeing the New Jerusalem showing up very clearly—that you can see it from your bay window. I’m just wondering—what are the identifying marks that you know that it is the New Jerusalem—it is Capt Ashtar’s ship, and any other info, we would love to hear! What’s it look like, how often does it show up, and do you receive messages intuitively, etc.!

RAMA: We’re looking at it right now! It’s just spinning like a laser show out there!

TARA: Rama knows from being up on the New Jerusalem that the normal parking spot is in front of the star Sirius, and the star Sirius is up in the night sky every single night. We seem to be perfectly positioned right in front of our bay window in our living room, where you can see it every night!

You can locate the star Sirius. It’s in an arc—it’s closer to the horizon of the Earth, always. Then you look up, in an arc-like glance, and you can see Orion’s Belt.

There’s three of them—El, On, and Ra. Then you keep on looking, and follow the arc of those three stars in Orion’s Blet, and it’s about 400 light years away from Earth, yet it’s in the arc. If you follow it up higher in the sky, you can see it the Pleiades. You can see it with the naked eye. It helps to have binoculars, but you can really see it. So that’s an arc of energy that comes in through the Pleiades, through the Orion’s Belt, and into the star Sirius. It’s the parking spot for the New Jerusalem, to park right in front of the star Sirius. You can see it’s not just the star—you can see the many colored lights! I’m looking right at it!

CAROLINE: Has anyone else ever said, “Did you see that ship in the sky?” And isn’t it huge? Isn’t it like, a few thousand miles in diameter?? Shouldn’t it block out the whole sky? Or is it that far away?

RAMA: It’s that far away!

RANDY: And only when your soul is open to see that dimensional awareness will you see the ship. Your soul has to be open to that energy! If 100 people are standing there, and 50 people have closed minds and closed souls, they’ll just see a bunch of things in the sky!

TARA: When you’ve got a star with a starship that’s got a rim and it’s spinning and you can see colors you get a whole different look. I can see the different colors—there’s gold and red and violet, and blue. I can see that from here. Sitting and looking up at it. It’s not just the star itself.

VINAYAK: if you’re in the northern hemisphere, what direction are you looking, so our audience can participate and find it? And if you’re in the northern hemisphere where would you look, and if you’re in the southern hemisphere, where would you look?

TARA: We’re in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in a little town about a half hour north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we’re looking South to Southwest a bit. I’ll just say that this whole arrangement of the Pleiadean, Orion’s Belt, Sirian arc in the sky—it starts showing up. I don’t know enough about how that looks in the southern hemisphere, but you could get answers by asking questions like that—Tania Gabrielle would answer questions like that. But it’s available, and it starts to shows up around Thanksgiving into Christmas, and stays through January, and starts moving away, not so easy to see, in February or March.

If you learn more about reading the stars, like in astrology, it’s exactly where it needs to be, and you can follow it—that’s just a science!

PENNY: Stellarium Astrology app—you can put it on your computer. So anybody’s listening can download it and use it—at Stellarium.org. Astrology software. It’s amazing what you can find out!

For me [in Alberta, Canada] it’s directly South for four or five months, then starts to show again in the late fall. It’s free to load on your computer. CAROLINE: From Southern Ontario, Julie is saying, Sirius is South by Southwest in the Sky. Much thanks to our listeners, and to everyone for being here! Stay in a place of peacefulness!

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