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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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TARA: We send Light to our brother who has been having a migraine, and—it’s the energies! If you’re in doubt [about what's causing some of the physical symptoms people are feeling right now], it’s the energies! We’ve been having mass coronal ejections that are just disrupting everything.

RAMA: Yeah, twice this afternoon the power went off, so if we disappear you’ll know why!

TARA: The story is, on the Big Story level—I was impressed with what was said on Amy Goodman [on DemocracyNow.org] this morning by every person who was a guest there. They were all saying that the war criminals [responsible for the recent attacks in the Middle East] are primarily the United States and Israel.

That’s the report that Rama got too today, when you talked to—

RAMA: Larry and Sweet Angelique the Cat [shape-shifting Paschat ETs]. They said that the Israeli Security Council has been quietly meeting with the Egyptian [negotiators/mediators]—closed doors [meetings]. And that there’s some sort of ceasefire tentatively going on right now.

TARA: It was announced that it was declared. I guess it was 2:00 in the morning where they are, when it was declared. We only heard a brief thing about it.

Also, Germany’s Foreign Minister went to Israel and is supporting what Netanyahu is doing. Yet that’s not right. First of all, Hamas has not sent one single rocket into Gaza.

RAMA: This is all the United States and Israel, and United States black ops. TARA: [They’re playing] Both sides against the middle!

RAMA: This ties in with what you were talking about [in your report], Micah—how they’re trying to play with the “end times” scenarios in whatever desperate final drama they want to play out, whether it’s a fake alien invasion, or that so-called Armageddon story in the Middle East.

That is another issue, because the Al Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem], the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, is the main stargate that controls all the other stargates in the Middle East. As they open that can of worms, it all goes back go 26,826 years ago when Niburu swung by the Earth. We have a repeat of that now. TARA: What were they doing before, that’s happening again?

RAMA: 26,826 years ago, they were having climate disruptions, consciousness expanding, and conflict. And Niburu was passing through the solar system, and—

TARA: And Niburu’s orbit is at a direct right angle to the orbit of Earth and all the other planets in our solar system.

RAMA: And also, they just happened to be, right at that time, at the end of the Orion War. So things were going on in our solar system that were not so pretty. All of these events were happening then too.

TARA: The Orion War came to Earth and [Earth] is attempting to end [armed conflict] again now.

RAMA: We are watching the end of this. This is why the folks I talk to are saying, “This is the end of the old Kali Yuga cycle, and Sat Yuga is here!” And with it comes the great Transformation / Transfiguration. That’s why everything is so on the edge. That’s how it feels.

TARA: What I’ve also been hearing—we’ve been over this [from listeners] on our shows a lot—but people are saying, “We were promised [a fifth dimensional life on the New Earth] all these years ago . . . “ But it’s not about “who’s promising what.” It’s about us! It’s all about Us! And the feeling we don’t have the power to change this, together, is just that—it’s a feeling. It’s not the truth.

It was said on Other Words this morning, that the whole world is not happy with what the United States, a bit of Germany, and Israel, have been saying, which is that “they [Israel] have a right [to attack and evict the Palestinian people].”

It’s not true, what they’re telling the people. That’s what the world is seeing through. They’re seeing through the kinds of imbalance here that are ridiculous. Israel is purposely targeting civilians to kill them. And Israel purposely took that communications building down.

But they did pick up the phone and call the owner of the building, and say, “We’re going to do it, and you don’t have any time, because we’re going to do it now. So get out.” Al Jazeera and AP Press, and three or four other networks we might not know that much about, were in that building, including RT [Russia Today].

RAMA: They’re critical of Israel [in their reporting], and that’s why they destroyed that building.

TARA: They didn’t want the truth to be told.

RAMA: These are war crimes!

TARA And there were all these civilians were killed too, because there were neighbors who lost their lives. Almost half of the people killed were women and children. 65 children at least, and 45 or 50 women, and the others were men.

This was intentional and targeted. So that’s a war crime. That’s what we’re being told [by Rama’s contacts].

And the ships are here! It’s true—it’s a very subtle thing [the changes happening to bring in NESARA and Full Disclosure of the galactic presence]. Caroline [Ryan] was saying, There are Tremendous things that the galactics are doing, behind the scenes.

RAMA: Yes!

TARA: It’s really important that we stay calm! How we doing, everybody? OMENA: You’re doing well! I just want to send lots of healing to all the people who are suffering in that conflict. TARA: And Caroline—you had some question or comments? CAROLINE: [Laughs] You always intuit that correctly! Just to quickly say—when Tara says “Amy Goodman” she’s talking about DemocracyNow.org. Or you can see it on TV—Democracy Now!.

Rama said the Israel Security Council has been quietly meeting with the Egyptian--? something. Who, from Egypt? RAMA: Some kind of negotiators or mediators that I guess Mr Netanyahu is amicable with. TARA: Actually, Egypt negotiated to get them to stop the last time they did this, in 2014 when they did this. CAROLINE: Wow. And then, did they say anything else—Larry and Sweet Angelique?

RAMA: Just that the solar flares and the frequencies are way higher than they’ve ever been before, along with the Schumann Resonance [which measures the vibration of the Earth, and which is quickly rising now]. The story that was on, on 60 Minutes on Sunday, about the unmanned ships that our Navy pilot saw, is growing legs, and it’s going across space-time and the internet. I see so many newspapers bringing it up. Larry and Sweet Angelique said, “We’re here! They’re going to announce it soon. Expect us!

And Mr Obama on James Corden’s show!

TARA: President Obama was on The Late Late Show three days ago [March 17 show]. They did a little “comedy of errors with the—they were having a little sketch with the band. The band leader has frizzy hair!

CAROLINE: His name is Questlove! [Actually, The Late Late Show band leader is Reggie Watts—Caroline got thrown off by the hair description! Questlove is Jimmy Fallon's band leader.]

TARA: Oh, OK! Did you see it? CAROLINE: I didn’t! I’m glad you mentioned it, because that will be great fun to watch! I didn’t realize President Obama was going to be on. TARA: What Rama was bringing up, is that they were having a little talk about UFOs. [See that portion of the interview, at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp6Ph5iTIgc]

RAMA: And Obama was admitting, that, “We don’t know what they are, but they’re real.” And that’s a big deal!

TARA: “We don’t know what they are, but they’re real.”

RAMA: Yeah!

CAROLINE: Oh my gosh! That breaks precedent [as no prior president has ever been allowed to admit that ETs and their ships exist and visit the Earth]. TARA: That’s correct!

And you know, there’s a lot of stuff going around with the Q-Anons. They’re saying, “That’s a bad person! The Obamas are bad people,” and it has to do with this! Any time you talk about Disclosure and ETs [you get criticized]. So Micah, I am so appreciative that you’re on it with Dr Greer! We’re going to play another half hour on Saturday probably—Dr Greer did another half-hour chat. I’m just saying, the lid is OFF on that one! It feels this way, that we’re not going to go anywhere but round and round, and how “the Great Empire is so beneficent and wonderful.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden—and again, he’s not human. He’s a clone. He’s been dead for a year or more, but he’s just a stand-in for the deep state. And who is the deep state? It’s still the Fallen Angels, pulling the puppet strings, you might say. It’s not any one person. It’s the whole idea of controlling, and not giving people freedom. Not allowing that. Yet, it’s got to be balanced, because now the world has come together and said, “No! This [action of Israel’s] is not acceptable.” Four times in a row, Biden refused to let the UN Security Council to say that the United States agrees that these are war crimes going on, and that it needs to stop. And the US, represented by President Biden said, “No, we don’t agree.” It’s very important to [understand—Rama’s boss] the King of Swords told this to Rama a decade ago: Hamas is NOT a terrorist organization, nor has it ever been. They’re the ones who have been building schools and hospitals, and all kinds of assistance to the people. They’re the people that are helping the People!

RAMA: The great lie about this is that “Iran helps Hamas.” Iran does NOT want to go to war with Israel, though Israel is pushing for war with Iran.

TARA: Israel said Iran sent a drone over Israel, in the last day or so. That’s not true either.

RAMA: These are our toys [weapons]!

TARA: Yes! The United States' and Israel's.

Another thing that’s a liability for Mr Netanyahu, is that he is up for all kinds of violations—RICO fraud, embezzlement. A bevy of crimes.

RAMA: He’s stolen a lot from the people in Israel, and is very unpopular. So what better way to distract, than to create a war.

TARA: He tried four times in the last year, to form a [political] coalition, and failed all four times. So this [latest attack on the Palestinians] is his ticket to ride! Then Egypt intervened. I don’t know how all this is working out, but I don’t think this has anything to do with Netanyahu being happy about it. But somebody told him where the bear sleeps in the woods, and for him to do a ceasefire now. The Faction Three White Knights will proceed to indict him.

It’s already in progress, over here [in the US]. They’re two peas in a pod [Netanyahu and Donald Trump]! Now Mr Trump is in the criminal aisle. They’ve taken it from a civil to a criminal investigation of his activities.

Last night, Michael Cohen was on with Joy Reid [on MSNBC], and he said, “He [Trump] will flip on his children, if he has to.” That’s how this is going on, and this is of course a very sad story. It has to do with the intentional deprivation of Love, as he [Trump] was growing up. He was a test tube baby. The genetics are Hitler and Mussolini—those sperm cells from those two men were used to impregnate a Dutch princess in South Africa. He was born there. She was not allowed to touch him.

The child was handed over to this couple—Fred and—[his wife] I forget her name. They did not care for him. They created a monster. This is what happens to a human being who is deprived in those ways.

This is not about the personality. It’s about the whole story. We will have the technology. It will happen that we will be able to watch the trial of 500,00 individuals who decided to go for this killing-for-profit routine. Endless war. This is the modus operandi that was planned for decades and decades, even a hundred years—they planned to have endless war here, so they could have power and make money off of killing people. This is not acceptable society. And the energies coming in now—people are waking up and saying, “No, thank you!” And they’re having a little bit of a better time of it, of how to remain calm.

So we have a little piece we’d like to play from Amy [Goodman of DemocracyNow.org] with Angela Davis. It would be good to play that, because Angela Davis has known this story forever! [Plays segment from May 20, 2021 news commentary] [See: https://www.democracynow.org/shows/2021/5/20]

TARA: I thought that made a really concise point: This is occupied Palestine. Israel doesn’t belong there. That’s Palestine’s land. All the land is really Palestinian land. The people of Israel have invaded and occupied Palestine. And they didn’t do it with grace and good will.

If you notice the comparison—AOC [Congress members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] said [recently], “An apartheid state is not a democracy.” The ghettos were not chosen by the people of color to live in. They were created by the policies of the United States. And in a sense, the United States is also an apartheid state in that sense. There’s nothing that’s over-said about that.

CAROLINE: You know, I admit to feeling an anger coming up. We [the US government] give them, I think it’s something like $3 billion a year to fund their military. It’s all a US black op, so that we can have a powerful military installation in the Middle East. I’m just wondering, on a spiritual level, what do you, when you feel the anger coming up [about the injustices lodged against the Palestinian people and their land]? I don’t know if Rama’s people have given any guidance on that. I would appreciate hearing it. Because it’s beyond criminal. They know where women and children are. They’re targeting that, as you were saying, Tara, and it’s one of the worst things on the planet right now. So any insights you can give on that, I’d appreciate it.

TARA: OK—to be clear, they are publicly saying that the United States is giving [the Israeli military budget] $3.8 billion [annually]. It’s double that. They’re not talking about what else the US is giving them.

The intentionality of it is what you said—they wanted to be king and control who they’re going to kill in the Middle East, and who’s going to be on top of that roost. Why did they do the Middle East? Oh my god—the fossil fuels are everywhere!

RAMA: That’s just a cover story, because it’s really about the stargates and the ancient technologies that are being unearthed now. This connects with Antarctica and other places around the planet where they found technologies from what Freddy Silva calls “the gods”—they’re not really gods. They’re extraterrestrial visitors who have wisdom that we’re only just now becoming aware of.

CAROLINE: So as people are feeling either anger or hopelessness, what do you suggest for that?

RAMA: What I do when I hear these stories, and believe me, it gets to me! I say to Tara, “Enough! Basta!

Out in the world, when I’m hearing this stuff, and I talk to the Forces of Light. What they say is, “Comprehend that our civilization is at a turning point." And the turning point is so huge, because first and foremost, we’re going to find out we never needed to touch a drop of oil. We never needed to get electricity from wires, like Tesla talked about when he was hanging out with Mark Twain. Wireless energy!

In fact, Mark Twain used to go to his lab in New York and get some kind of stomach treatment, because Mark Twain had some kind of issue with digestion. He would get on an early version of the vibe machine—like that Tesla tower I go and sit next to in Mr Fenn’s living room [in Santa Fe]. All these technologies don’t need anything but the ether! As Yoda calls it, the Force that surrounds every living thing.

TARA: You know, Yeshua did something with his anger—he went into that Temple and showed them what he thought of them! He turned over the money tables! And on the third day, the whole thing collapsed, and they all kept on going for the money. And again, it’s a metaphor. On the third day, we rose again too. This is a metaphor. What we’re going through right now is necessary for the world, as Angela Davis was saying, to come together on a common point. And this is the best thing I ever heard: that the whole world is on the same page, that this is not OK, and there has to be something done. That gives the OK for the galactics to intervene, in a way which, before this, would not be possible.

RAMA: I firmly believe this. And I’ve been told, and Dr Greer has hinted at it in many of his lectures: As the pedal hits the metal, we will not have an extinction level event. Yet the dark side will want to push it right to the edge, to gain the last ditch effort of control. It ain’t gonna work!

TARA: Did we answer that, so we can have some hope here? Rama has been a messenger for the Faction Three White Knights and for—

RAMA: The "various realms," as I call them.

TARA: Yes, and the world, through this group! We know people who have been listening to us since—on conference calls anyway—since the early 1990s. 1990 to 1993. Thirty-one years they’ve been listening to us in one form or another!

And as we and they say “It’s coming,” it’s an encouragement to us to not lose faith. It doesn’t mean you don’t get angry. And you praise, thank, love, and respect the anger. And that’s probably the hardest part of it. And it does work. Because you find that it does work. So I’ll pass that talking stick back to you, Caroline. Is there something else? CAROLINE: I think that’s quite a good point. Because our natural inclination will be to be angry at times. But it comes out of compassion, because we’re sort of astounded that anybody could be that calculating and not have any decency, any compassion—we’re sort of astounded by that.

And also, our heart goes out to these people who are suffering so horribly. They’ve already suffered enough. A lot of the Palestinians have already lost half the people they’ve ever met and loved. So for more to come on top of this—I don’t think there’s a way we couldn’t have anger.

But I think you’re right that if we just meet it with nonresistance, and have compassion for ourselves in that moment, I think that’s a beautiful moment of inner strength. In that moment then, we can release it. We’re not going release it by squashing it down and saying, “Oh no—I have to be spiritual and forgive everyone,” because it’s not very likely that we’re there yet! We’re not quite fifth dimensional enough to make that happen! Maybe we can see it from here and envision it. But in the meantime, if we can allow our emotional responses with compassion, to allow them to come forward and then raise the vibration as we’re ready, and not stay there—

The Collective have usually said that—don’t squash your emotions. Let them come out. But don’t live at the lower vibrational end of the scale! TARA: I was going to say too, it has to happen like this! I just can’t think of any other way! CAROLINE: Well, that’s fascinating that you say that. And a moment ago, you said, “This gives the galactics a way to intervene, in a way which before now, would not be possible." Why do you feel that way now? It’s good news, in a way.

TARA: Absolutely, because they always told us what Saint Germain always says. He says, “I will not say, ‘God Bless you.’ I will always say, ‘May you pass every test [you have created for yourself, for this lifetime].’ ” We think God’s going to save us. We ARE God/Goddess! So may we pass every test and do this together, with world group service together! And I know there’s a whole bunch of people who want to hit me over the head for saying that one more time. In the sense that this has been a test and a half for everybody. OMENA: I would like to add my spiritual take on our emotions. We all have to remember, if we all are One, we all have participated in what’s going on right now in the world, at another time. We either detach with Love from what’s going on, and send healing, or it brings up residues of emotions, like anger, like fury, like Love, like compassion.

Whatever it is that it brings up, it’s because we’ve already done it before. We’ve been the aggressor. We’ve been the sufferer. We’ve killed people. We’ve been killed by people. That’s our history.

We carry those patterns from lifetime to lifetime, until we become aware that we’re more spiritual than we are ego.

As we go through these horrific things that are happening between Israel and Palestine—it’s like Israelites are trying to commit genocide on the Palestinians. I’m sure they would love it if they were all disappeared, but it’s not going to happen. It’s just not going to happen. I feel for the people who have lost everybody, because they’re grieving. But I feel the Joy from the souls who have been released. They’re no longer suffering.

That’s what it brings up in me. So I’m glad it hasn’t brought up the anger in me yet. It hasn’t so far. Because my anger is fierce, and I would do more damage with that than anything else! I try not to go there. I don’t go there, actually. I try to remember, I’ve done all these things myself. I know I have. I have it in my own soul and my own history. And what I do is, I forgive myself for being that tyrant.

Then I send Love and healing to all those who are suffering, because they need our support. I don’t know what the answer is. We have one side doing it again, and the other side suffering over and over. And they’ll do it over and over again. Everybody taking a different role, yet everybody experiencing that. So that’s all I have to say about that. It gives you something to think about!

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