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Rama's White Knight Report - April 9, 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

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Friday, April 1, 2022 - The Dalai Lama - @DalaiLama

"The fact that inner peace is the principal characteristic of happiness, explains the paradox that while we can all think of people who remain dissatisfied, despite having every material advantage, there are others who remain happy, despite the most difficult circumstances."

Friday, April 1, 2022 - Rosa From Palestine RAMA: I received a call from Rosa From Palestine at 12:30 pm, early this afternoon. She said to me, “Lord Rama, I am in Gaza and here, the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] continue to kill Palestinian people indiscriminately, including children. "Please place all of this in the Circle of Support. “The story about Ukraine is a huge story. Ukraine has always been part of Mother Russia. "There’s a vast network of underground tunnels that go under all of Ukraine, and from there, they connect to the Inner Earth tunnels that go all around Mother Gaia.

"Also, there are many portals in these underground tunnels under Ukraine that connect to the Inner Earth Cities of Light in the Agartha Network.

"These same portals connect to other planets and star systems of our Milky Way galaxy, as well.

"The Dark Side is at their end. Pay no attention to the talking puppets of the deep state, the lame-stream media! “Russia is not the enemy! The United States deep state is. "Goddess Sekhmet knows what to do. "Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire! "Om Mani Padme Hum! I AM the Jewel in the Lotus.” [Om Mani Padmi Hum - See: by India Jiva 6:53 minutes]

Saturday, April 2, 2022 - David Barsimmeon & Radio Guest RAMA: All I heard today was David Barsimmeon talking with Zuby Wilson, an old hippie DJ in Santa Fe who stands on the corner of Cerrillos and St Francis, and has a sign up that says "STOP THE WAR IN UKRAINE." They were talking about how this is not Putin or Russia. It is about the United States and its deep state, who are broke and need money. So what a way to get money, but starting a war and blaming it on Putin, and taking United States tax dollars, pocketing some, and spending the rest on killing humans for profit. Put it all in the Circle of Support and Blaze the Violet Fire. "Sat Nam! Namaste! All we are saying is ‘Give peace a chance!' Aloha!" Monday, April 4, 2022 - Plasma Field

I went and sat in the Plasma Field today [in the pool at Mr Fenn's house]. It was 12:10 pm this afternoon. "The Plasma Field showed me the Sun, and how it is sending out pulses of Light waves across the solar system, to Super-Galactic Center. "Another way to say this is, This is culminating with a solar flash that goes all the way to Galactic Center. "This is happening now! "The media on planet Earth are compromised. "Stay in your high heart as we approach Resurrection Day. Focus on sending Peace and Love to all the troubled places on the planet. "We are in our final moments! "Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!"

Monday, April 4, 2022 - the Dalai Lama @DalaiLama "That the air we breathe, the water we drink, the forests and oceans which sustain countless lifeforms, and the climatic patterns that govern our weather systems, all transcend national boundaries, is a source of hope — no country can afford not to take action in this context."

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - Lady Master Nada

RAMA: I received a text message from Lady Master Nada at 11:35 am, late this morning. She said to me, “Lord Rama, Sergey Lavrov is right: This is all a staged event in Ukraine. "The deep state actors are pushing this "abomination of desolation" as far as it can go. "I.e., dead bodies waving arms at passing vehicles. “All the portals are open; our galactic brothers and sisters are here! "The Dark Side is over! Russia is not the enemy. The empire called Uncle Sam is the enemy. Mother [Sekhmet] is here. She knows what to do! "Blaze the Violet Fire! Sat Nam! Namaste!" [See April 6, 2022 article, "The Bucha Massacre - Ukraine Fake News" - bucha-ukraine-fake-news-psychopaths-film-their-war-crimes/5776560 by Rodney Atkinson]

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - Mother Sekhmet RAMA: We are at the end of this great cycle, along with the whole of heaven. The time is now to stop all war! We are moving into a period where we are going to see our Sun Sol transform, transfigure into the higher octave of Helios and Vesta –- meaning, the Sun behind the Sun. And thus, Helios and Vesta take up their new post -- merged with Alcyone, the Great Central Sun.

With all of this cosmic energy going on, stay in the high heart. The 5th dimension is here!

[Mother Goddess speaking] "Use the Force. You will see me! "Sat Nam. Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!"

Thursday, April 7, 2022 - Snowflake Beings and Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat RAMA: I went to the top of the mountain today, then I walked higher, to a special portal where the climate is much warmer than the area around it. There, the Snowflake Beings showed up, and almost simultaneously, Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat called me on my cell phone. They all said to me, “Lord Rama, this is the most intense energies ever! "Our Sun Sol is continually pulsing Light waves across the galaxy. "The oligarchs with their empires are made of sand, and they continue to crumble. “As we approach April 12th, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, which is a once in a lifetime conjunction. "Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity. Neptune is the planet of intuition and dreams. "Jupiter and Neptune align on a regular basis, every 12 years. "Yet this year, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct or align together in Pisces, and the last time they aligned together in Pisces was 165 years ago.” "With this conjunction," Tom the Cat said, “we all will be tested to stay in our high heart, and to send Love and Compassion to all the troubled souls who are choosing money, power, control, war, and destruction over Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty, for all it can be. “See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! "Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Flame! "Indeed, there is enough money, time, Love, and air to breathe, for all!”

From Lord Rama - Images of Snowflake Beings

From Lord Rama - Images of Snowflake Beings

PHOTO OF SHIPS Sent by Victoria Liljenquist - She has known Tara and Rama for a long time, and now lives in Sedona. There are only 6 ships in this photo: The large craft is the mothership. The others are scout ships -- the kind that look like they could land in someone’s yard . . .

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Gail Orman
Gail Orman

Do any of Rama's contacts talk about the 3 days of darkness?

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