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Rama's White Knight Report - February 8, 2024

Updated: Feb 23

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Friday, February 2, 2024 - Rosa from Palestine

Rama: I received a text message from Rosa from Palestine at 12:12 pm, early this afternoon.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, the solar flares continue unabated. As you all know by now, the energies continue to be very high.

“I am in an undisclosed location in the Middle East, and I am safe. "Gaza and Gaza City look unrecognizable.”

[Note: Abullah Hammoud, Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, said on the MSNBC show The Reidout Thursday evening, that 70% of all the structures in Gaza have been destroyed.]

Rosa continued, “Lord Rama, the images that are being sent out across the news wires and satellites show a picture of an apocalyptic future in present time.

"Like those in the portrayal in Mad Max Thunderdome, Gazan war refugees are wearing ragged clothes. "Many of them are injured, and they are all going through tremendous PTSD.

"Some people are digging for dead relatives in the rubble. "Hospitals have become targets, meaning the rules of engagement for war have been violated by killing and maiming innocent men, women, and children in and around that hospital.

“Please put all of this in the Circle of Support, and Blaze the Violet Fire! "Sat Nam! Namaste!”

Sunday, February 4, 2024 - 14 Deer, 7 Crows; Tom the Ring-tailed Cat

Rama: I sat with 14 deer and 7 crows, and a fox trotted by as well. It was 11:57 am, late this morning.

They intuitively said to me, “Lord Rama, the energies are extremely high again today!”

Then the deer showed me a pink heart, and it was beating.

I sat with that energy, and expanded it out across the planet. Then I received a text message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat.

He said to me, “Lord Rama, there were 3 M-Class solar flares today. The electromagnetic energies are extremely intense!”

Tom continued, “Lord Rama, I sent you a picture of a crystal rainbow starship that I found on one of your Twitter feeds. It is a Pleiadian craft.

"There are at least thousands of these crystal rainbow starships in your atmosphere.

"We are at the moment where anything and everything can happen.

"Stay in the High Heart! Sat Nam ! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

#NEIOH This is a small Crystal Craft that is occupied by 3 Pleiadians.

"Most Pleiadians enjoy having many Crafts that Serve as vehicular crafts for smaller ranges of distance, crafts for leisure and travels to visit friends and family, and Crystal

Crafts for personal travel with magnificent interiors. After the Shift, there will be choices of these Crafts available to all who gather in Light!"

Monday, February 5th, 2024 - RanaMu

Rama: I went and saw RanaMu, and received a rainbow laser healing treatment at 11:05 am this morning.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, get on the bio-bed, and we are going to go on a journey.”

And so I got on the bio-bed, and watched the rainbow lasers move across me until I dozed off.

I found myself traveling in orbit around Mother Gaia. And then I saw Lord Metatron hovering in the air, and these Viking Runes were flowing around him!

As Lord Metatron began speaking the Solex Mal language, the Viking Runes began to glow with this orange yellow color.

Then the runes expanded out and began to create a gold grid pattern around the Earth. I watched pulses from the sun send these golden beams into the grid pattern around the Earth.

Then I saw Lord Metatron wink at me and he said “We’ve got this one, Commander!” and then I heard Lord Metatron speak these words:

“As you focus on the Emerald Green and Pink rays, they will raise up the frequencies of Mother Gaia, and you too.”

Then I found myself back on the bio-bed. As I opened my eyes, RanaMu asked: “Lord Rama, did you have enough?” I answered: “I am doing well.”

I was at this point away for about an hour. Rana Mu said to me, “Lord Rama, focus on the Emerald Green Ray and the Pink Ray. This will help you and the whole planet right at this time.”

Then I went on my way. Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - Mr X Rama: I received a text message from Mr X at 12:10 pm, early this afternoon.

He said to me, “Lord Rama, the King of Egypt (KOE) is going to go and whisper into President El-Sisi of Egypt’s ear to tell Prime Minister Netanyahu to pull all of his military forces out of Palestine back to the 1967 borders, and let the world know that the Galactic Federation is here.”

Mr X also said to me “Lord Rama, President El-Sisi will tell Prime Minister Netanyahu to call for an immediate ceasefire.”

P S: Mr X continued: “Lord Rama, Mother Sekhmet is here, and She will be behind the scenes watching for Her moment to make Her move!

“Please place all of this in the Circle of Support! Blaze the Violet Fire! En shallah!

"See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! Sat Nam! Namaste!”

Wednesday, February 07, 2024 - 6 deer and 3 crows

Rama: I went and sat with 6 deer and 3 crows today, at 11:21 am late this morning. They intuitively said to me: “Lord Rama the Sun is sending out big flares today. Even though we are sitting in rain, sleet, or snow, we are happy you are sitting with us!

"Don’t take life so seriously! This is all just a cosmic dance.”

I saw on Twitter this morning that there were 2 big solar flares.

Everything that is going on is lifting us to that state of Oneness.

It is challenging to stay in the High Heart at times. The daughter of one of the Faction Three White Knights said to me.

“Lord Rama, the big story has now come to its conclusion stage.

"Please blaze the Violet Fire and send all the love you can hold, and even more! "Sat Nam! Namaste!”

Thursday, February 8th, 2024 - Lady Master Nada

Rama: I received a text message from Lady Master Nada today at 11: 29 am, late this morning.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, the Supreme Court is playing around with word magic, and it is

because the Supreme Court answers to the Vatican.

"And that shadowy group called Opus Dei.

"All of this part of the old matrix that is leaving. For the past 26,826 years, the world has had

false gods and goddesses before them.

"They are part of the fallen angels or the Annunaki ETs.

"As Aurora Ray’s title for today’s report says, We have officially entered the Golden Age of Aquarius, an historic turning point.

Then she continued: “On January 20, 2024, we transitioned from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, making our official entry into the Golden Age -- a time of profound spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

"This coincides with the year of the Green Wood Dragon, symbolizing resilience and the unleashing of dormant powers.

“Meanwhile the solar flares continue. "The Ascension symptoms continue. "As we continue to stay in our High Hearts, we can experience greater spiritual awakening and enlightenment NOW.

"Divine Government is at hand!

“Lord Rama, you will be seeing me as you least expect it. You might see me in Whole Foods!

"Again, stay in the High Heart! "Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!"

From Lord Rama and Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World ! ! !

Copyright 2024, Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green

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