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Rama’s White Knight Report – May 27, 2022

Updated: May 28, 2022

For background information on Rama's contacts, go to:

Friday, May 20, 2022 – The Dalai Lama

“Various emotions are part of our mind and part of our life. Jealousy that amounts to competitiveness can stimulate us to achieve more. Then it’s good. When the result is that we try to harm others to beat them, it’s to be avoided.”

Friday, May 20, 2022 – The Plasma Field at Mr Fenn’s House

RAMA: At 11:35 AM this morning, I went and sat in the plasma field. It showed me the full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse from Monday morning, 12:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and the ripples that have been going out ever since from that lunar eclipse have gone past Pluto, and are entering the asteroid field beyond Pluto, Persephone, Vulcan, and other unreported planets at this time.

[Rama's aside: We have 14 planets in total. There is much more to be revealed, because this is about 13,000 years of amnesia, if you can grok it! It’s a big deal.]

There are many solar flares going on, and they have been going on every couple of hours, ever since this early this morning [May 20]. This is causing spikes in the Schumann Resonance.

If we can keep our hearts open, we can receive their ever-increasing high heart energies. Send out the solar flares across the cosmos and to all of humanity, because it lifts us up!

The plasma field said to me and everyone, “Lord Rama, be gentle with yourselves. Drink ample water, and spread lovingkindness around this loving planet.

"Sat nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!"

Monday, May 23, 2022 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“In the past, our nations were more or less independent of each other. People’s lives in villages that were self-sufficient.

“So the words ‘We’ and ‘Us’ referred to a small group. Today, the reality is different We are all brothers and sisters, and we have to live together.”

Monday, May 23, 2022 – Text from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat [Paschats]

I received a text message from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat. It was 11:30 AM, late this morning.

They said to me, “Lord Rama, solar flares are getting more and more intense. The energies are very ripe for something to shift. “That something is our friends from the various realms who are making themselves known. As we ask them to show up, they show up!

“Leave the dark side alone, as well as any and all misqualified energies. We are in such an auspicious place!”

"Sat nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 – Natasha

I received a call from Natasha at 12:33 PM early this afternoon. She said to me, “Lord Rama, I am in an undisclosed location very near the Arctic Circle. [To me, it sounds like Lady Natasha was in a very large room. Maybe a cavern or shuttlecraft warehouse bay, somewhere up there!]

She continued, “Lord Rama, the dark side is being exposed every day now. They are going down fast!

“That’s why every day you hear about shootings somewhere in the world. “We are at a great crossroads with the energies. The Light that’s coming in has never been here on the planet before. "This is because Earth and our entire solar system is moving across the galactic plane, to the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

“Our scientists and physicists are perplexed with the higher frequencies coming in.”

RAMA: I said at this point to Lady Natasha, “We are at a critical juncture and crossroads ourselves, taking care of our basic necessities.”

Natasha said, “I wish I could help you. Go and put your message out, and talk about this on the call tonight.”

“We are at the end. I wish I could tell you a day.

“Yet stay in your high heart. Focus on Love and compassion for the ones who are taking a ride to Dracos [to face the intergalactic war tribunals].

“I will say it again: We are at the end of this story. ”This eclipse has brought up all the skeletons in the closet. Send more Love. “The Transfiguration of our Sun Sol is the biggest thing going on right now, and all of heaven is here to witness it!

“If THIS was the front page news, it would change what’s going on around the planet. As we tune into the Sun, we see it is a living being talking to us every day with the solar flares coming in.

“Look at the sunrise and sunset, and you may see our craft as plain as day.

“See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One!

“Sat nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

RAMA: I asked Natasha about the ship prisons, and the 500,000 to be taken to Dracos, never to return.

Natasha answered simply, “Everything is going to be revealed momentarily.”

The New Jerusalem, over Mt Shasta – Photo from Lord Rama

UFO / Cloud Ship, Hawaii - August 23, 2021

[Rama then quotes Tania Gabrielle’s Astrology Numerology Forecast, as she speaks on Venus’s blessings in this 11 Universal Month –

NOTES from "Venus's Blessings in 11 Universal Month" - Tania Gabrielle -

During the final week of May, an exciting 11 Universal Month, Venus creates double blessings:

• TODAY Venus is sextile to Saturn

• On May 27 Venus squares Pluto

Both connections facilitate productivity and passion!

Coupled with the 11 universal month for May, you have big opportunities to manifest “double new beginnings” aligned with that master number:

• Enhance abundance in your life

• Commit deeply to love and partnerships

• Take pleasure in your accomplishments

Dive into your creative nature – you have heightened intuition and a rich imagination

11 and Venus stimulate innovation and independence, especially in the areas of love, beauty, pleasure and prosperity:

  • Change up your energy to explore exciting new pathways

  • Are you living in your mind and thoughts?

  • Or are you using innovation to create something new?

Venus and 11 create a new gateway for you to generate joy and pleasure in your life. Just remember...

  • YOU have to generate joy

So do what Spirit guides you to do. Keep focusing on that guidance.

Spirit only works in the Present moment, so keep building something new now – not later.

Right now, Venus and 11 are laying the energetic groundwork through joyful immersion in the PRESENT moment:

  • Accept the celestial invitation, and run with it!

  • And while Venus is activated, discover how magical Venus along with with fiery Mars are transforming how we manifest harmony and exhilaration - it's ALL revealed in the free webinar “Venus and Mars: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine" [Get instant access here]

Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P S This free training contains secrets about Venus and Mars and the tremendous cosmic changes for Humanity unfolding now

  • 5-pointed Star of Venus

  • Secret Meaning of letters V & M

  • 13 Phases of Venus!

. . . and so much more - and you can watch it all now absolutely free here. [Go to: for full video]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – Jedi Council – Lady Master Nada, Mr X, Finn del Noor, and the Poppy Lady

RAMA: I created a Jedi Council today, a little bit south of Santa Fe in an open field. It was 11:50 AM. I sat in middle of the circle, and began to spin my crystals. In about 15 minutes, Lady Master Nada showed up in the circle, along with Mr X, Finn del Noor, and the Poppy Lady.

They all said to me, “Lord Rama, from a galactic perspective, there is no place in our culture here on Earth for this kind of unconscious behavior. “What happened yesterday in [Uvalde,] Texas is about the white evangelical colonists and invaders to Turtle Island. “Colonization and subjugation have no place in any civilization.

“This is a very old, old story. It goes back to Babylon and the ancient story of an invasion and occupation by the Annunaki, or [those also known as] the Fallen Angels.

“In this coming New Moon, let us work with energies of Lady Venus.”

Lady Nada at this point said, “I have sat in many Council Meetings with Lady Venus, both on Venus and at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. "She is a very wise goddess, and looks like Lady Aphrodite.

“Stay in the high heart! This is going to get more intense. Have Love and compassion for all beings.

“See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One!

“Sat nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

A Lady Aphrodite image

Thursday, May 26, 2022 – Text from Rana Mu

I received a text message at 11:21 AM this morning from Rana Mu.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, watch Uranus turn this whole story around! “There is sudden change in the air. Everyone is on edge.

“It is about the higher frequencies of the Sun coming in, as well as the exposure of the old empire’s 13,000 years of mind control.

“The dark side is going down very fast. The Pentagon is on high alert this whole weekend. “Their very last card is a false flag event—a fake ET invasion.

“Captain Ashtar is at the helm and ready! You may see an EBS Alert—an Emergency Broadcast System Alert on your screen, followed by official news & information from a galactic representative. “And you will see it on TV, hear it on radio, and see and hear it on your smart devices.

“Bill Gates in the crosshairs of his own dark side people. “Let us have Love and compassion for the souls of all those dark ones who are going on a little journey.

“See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One!

“Sat nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

CAROLINE [on A Night at the Roundtable]: I’m just a bit unsure, when one of your contacts says that things are going to get even more intense—did they give any clue about what they were referring to?

RAMA: What both Natasha and Rana Mu are speaking about, is that every day now on the lame-stream media and the alternative media on the planet, more and more is coming out with how the white evangelical colonist invaders are getting exposed.

“This is huge! Because this planet is a Rainbow Nation. We are all one people. It’s like John Lennon’s song—“No borders . . . / Imagine all the people . . . ”

Everyday, more and more folks are saying, “I’ve had enough. Why can’t we learn to work with one another, integrate with one another, whether we’re blue, green, brown or purple? It has to do with the 13,000 years of mind control. What Natasha and Rana Mu are telling me, is that these guys, the dark side, are out of options. Of course they would never surrender or back down. They will go down dying in battle. That’s their way, and have Love and compassion for them.

The way it’s been described to me by many of the galactic councils and the space commanders—understand/inner-stand/overstand: This ancient story has a lot to do with what’s not been told, but which is starting to get leaked out in the most unlikely places. But it is happening on this show on the History Channel, Ancient Aliens.

It’s no accident—Zecharia Sitchin, they took him out, so to speak, because he wrote The Lost Book of Enki, the entire story of the Nephilim or Annunaki or Fallen Angels—whatever you want to call it.

Erich von Däniken has been screaming to the heavens about this story as long as I can remember—since the ‘70s.

And now this stuff is starting to come out, and linking it up with Babylon and Iraq, and Syria, and the entire Fertile Crescent, and that area of the Middle East. This is where the original Nephilim / Annunaki / Niburuans [from Niburu] landed, and set up civilization.

All the stories talk about this—Matias [de Stefano] talks about this, Graham Hancock, William Henry—I could go on with all the names—Nassim Haramein. It is about how they helped to create civilization, but they mind-controlled us. And they used the advanced technologies of Niburu to change the narrative and mess with our DNA, to take us from 12 strands of DNA, or 144,000 strands of DNA down to two.

This is why we’ve got a problem with what we’re looking at in Texas and in other places in the United States. And I got to say, this is the only place on the planet that this kind of thing happens, like we said on your [Abundance] Call last night. Maybe the only other place this happens is Central America.

But we helped to create those failed foreign policies—the economic jackals who rape, pillage, and plunder the Latin American countries, because this is all Turtle Island, North and South—America.

The economic jackals are tied in with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and they are not happy with the state of affairs on the planet right now, in their current meeting, because they know they are being hunted down.

It is about the Divine Retribution. It’s not about “The Revenge of the Sith.” But it is about accountability: You can’t pillage and plunder an entire planet, and put it up for sale. It ain’t gonna work!

TARA: And put it on the New York Stock Exchange, no less!

RAMA: Yeah!

CAROLINE: When you say that the Pentagon is on high alert this whole weekend—do feel there are good people, conscious people in the Pentagon, who are keeping an eye on things, so as not to let it all spin out of control, as the old crowd would love it to?

RAMA: I feel there are good people in the Pentagon who know Dr Greer, and know many of the whistleblowers. There are more of them than there are on the dark side.

If push were to come to shove, like I keep saying till I’m blue, and I don’t mind blue skin—Captain Ashtar has this one! I’m not kidding: They will take to the airwaves and interrupt everything, just as they did in 1977 [when Commander Vrillon of the Ashtar Command briefly spoke over the news announcer’s voice during a BBC News broadcast in the south of England].

All the governments on this planet are going to have egg on their face, and they’re going to have to try to figure out how to talk about this, because there are tremendous lies that have gone on, and it has to do with racism. That is so huge. This is why we have what we have. And people like Ted Cruz, who can’t give a flying you-know-what about these children [who died] or the two teachers. These people [Cruz, Trump and Gov Abbott—Rama had relayed earlier that they planned the mass shooting at the school in Texas], they have no soul. This is why, I got to say, stay in a loving presence. I could get angry, but that doesn’t solve anything. Send more Love. Send the Violet Flame—the three-fold Flame.

What Rev Paul [Luftenegger] is talking about—when you call in these Archangels, and you physically sense them and feel them and see them—stuff happens! It is right out of The Avenger movies. I pass the talking stick!

CAROLINE: I’m glad your people keep reiterating that Capt Ashtar is at the helm and ready. I’m curious to know what Bill Gates did to be in the crosshairs of his own dark creatures.

RAMA: What’s going on with Bill Gates, is that Miss [Ghislane] Maxwell, sitting in prison, has started to spill the beans about “the Black Book,” and Madam Palfrey, the DC Madam.

When this is all said and done, half of Congress if going to be listed in that little black book!

TARA: Probably more than half!

RAMA: How can you sit with a straight face and look at these people in Washington, and not get angry or upset? And that’s our test, to not get caught in the anger and the judgment. Because then it takes us down. And I have to admit, there are days when I cry oceans of tears of this happening out in the world, and I give it up to the Universe.

As I sit and breathe, and I ask for Divine Guidance, it works!

It doesn’t work to get angry, because that’s what these guys do. [They decide,] “Oh, I’m going to do something about it—I’m going to buy a gun!” That doesn’t do ANYTHING! MICAH: Rama, you are—[a highly evolved being]!

RAMA: [Laughs] I’m just sharing what the man told me to share—Captain Ashtar!

[For remainder of discussion, see May 26, 2022 replay of A Night at the Roundtable at -- shows are generally posted within a week of the air date.]

Copyright 2022, Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green

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"Our Best Friend Brings Us The Torch" - Thursday, May 26, 2022

Tzolkin/Soul Kin Sacred Count: 2 Seed/Lizard (dual sides) Moon in Aries Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream, prepare for a new beginning Higher Octaves: going to the depths, perseverance, in pursuit, stopping a "crack" from forming, teamwork, integrity, hope renewed, not too late, realistic expectations, seeing the light side, humor, worthiness Lower Octaves: misguided, overreaction, denial of feelings, media propaganda, the shattering of an illusion, wiped out, self pity, risky, uncertain returns MISSION: represent The Torch and carry it forward

I call Uranus our best friend only after experiencing its power when I was not doing what I should have been doing.

I didn’t know I was supposed to be studying astrology at the turn of the millennium. But Uranus came through and make conjunction with my natal Sun, and then all of the sudden, I had all the time in the world to start learning astrology. So even if we don’t even know we should be doing something else, regardless, Uranus will make it happen.

We respect Uranus.

When Uranus moves to a new degree that it has not reached in its round of the zodiac, we take note. We know that Uranus will toggle back and forth over the energy, retrograding and directing its motion. It is a happy day because Uranus has moved to 17 Taurus, “a symbolical battle between swords and torches.”

Battle on Earth, meet Uranus. Uranus — Might and Light, meet the Battle on Earth.

(We know the light wins.)

What is interesting about this symbol is the word “symbolical.” “Symbolical” makes the AI Dictionary go a little nuts. The AI Dictionary says no; it is “symbolic.” Symbolical is not a word to it. When you think about it, symbolical is the “acting out of symbols.”

We study the acting out or the playing out of symbols, specifically the Sabian symbols. We are the last, active, public students of the Sabians, immersed in the act of what we are studying.

It takes an acrobat, or maybe a stunt pilot with the upcoming energy of the Sabian symbol of “an airplane performing a nose-dive” of the New Moon in Gemini on Monday.

The point is that Uranus always delivers exactly what we need, even when we don’t know we need it. Uranus is bringing the torch — the light — to us. And we bring it to God. I saw a meme yesterday that pretty much sums up the energy that is starting today (today’s photograph).

When we turn to a higher power to lead, guide, and direct us, we enter into the co-creation with Spirit. We leave the Swords of This World and open to the Torches of That Heavenly World. The “sword” is forged and transmuted. The act is symbolical.

We are playing out what happens when we are led, guided and directed toward what has been forged and transmuted by divine love.

Today, we represent the Torch and carry it forward.

Much love! [From:]

Today’s Space Weather on PIR:

Mighty Uranus moves to a new degree today -- the Sabian symbol of 17 Taurus -- "a symbolical battle of swords and torches." Uranus does not allow for what goes against the natural, higher, Divine order. It puts us where we have been unable to put ourselves when operating on our own devices.

For the dark side -- the "swords" -- Uranus will strike lightning on their swords. This burns and blinds them. They are surprised by it because Uranus surprises.

Patriots in the know are not surprised. We are not operating in the dark and operating on our own devices.

Be a torch and shine the light of truth and love.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who support these News Updates in staying

free and available to all!

Your support means more than we can say!

To donate to support this work, just go here.

Thank you so much!

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