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Rama’s White Knight Report - October 16, 2022

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Friday, October 7, 2022 - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Friday, October 7, 2022 - Lady Natasha

RAMA: I received a text message from Lady Natasha at 12.21 pm early this afternoon.

She said to me “Lord Rama, President Zelensky and the West are trying to play the final end game, calling for pre-emptive strikes against Russia.

"Russia is saying blackmail and sabotage are going on by President Zelensky, against them.

“This is about using words to create unwarranted false flag events.

"We are in a very intense situation, Lord Rama. The Captain knows exactly what to do –- where and when!

"Please place all of this in the Circle of Support tonight! Blaze the Violet Fire!

"We are in the 5th dimension -– war is over!

"See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! May Peace prevail on Earth!"

Saturday, October 8, 2022 - Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat

RAMA: I received a text message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat at 11:38 am this Saturday morning.

They said to me, “Lord Rama, the solar flares are very intense.

"The Ascension symptoms are incalculable. The dark side has lost. Move very slowly and determinably.

We are walking the Pathless Path. As we walk it, stay in your high heart. Love always wins!

"See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Monday, October 10, 2022 - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Despite different cultures and different political and economic systems, we’re all basically the same. The more people I meet, the stronger my conviction becomes that the oneness of humanity, founded on understanding and respect, is a realistic and viable basis for our conduct."

Monday, October 10, 2022 - Lady Natasha

RAMA: I received a text message from Lady Natasha at 11:36 am late this morning.

She said to me, “Lord Rama, the Putin look-alike held a Russian Security meeting with his top military officials in Moscow today.

"All of Russia’s top military officials at this meeting unequivocally condemned President Zelensky’s attack on the bridge that the real Putin built some years ago, connecting Russia to the Crimean Peninsula.”

Lady Natasha continued: “I can tell you, Lord Rama, the starships fly over Moscow every single day. Please Blaze the Violet Fire!

"Ask everyone you know to do the same!

"There are more coronal holes in the sun. The energies keep getting higher.

"Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 - Lady Master Nada

RAMA: I received a text message from Lady Master Nada at 11:55 am late this morning.

She said to me, "Lord Rama, the G7 held a special virtual meeting this morning, regarding the nuclear saber-rattling intentionally being broadcast by the oligarchal, 1 percent, elite class of global controllers, in furthering their ill-conceived plan to blame Russia for everything, using a look-alike Putin on puppet strings, and putting him on the world stage to promote their propaganda.

"The Light Ships are in our skies -- everywhere! The solar flares continue.

"We are in the last few moments of this old hologram. I know it may not look that way, yet the higher energies are radically shifting our attention towards the 5th dimension AND HIGHER, being anchored on Mother Gaia.”

Lady Nada continued: “Lord Rama, what I can tell you is, we have already won! Stay the course! Lead with your High Heart. "Let us together be the change we want to see in the world. May Peace prevail on Earth!

"Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Note from LM Nada: Michelle Obama tweeted today [paraphrased]: “I am promoting the education of girls all around the world, and today is International Day of the Girl.”

Golden foliage - Alberta, Canada

Wednesday, October 13, 2022 - The Poppy Lady; Tom the Ring-tailed Cat; Larry, Curly, and Moe; and Mr X Rama: I went and created a Jedi Council in a secluded part of a nearby park, and the Poppy Lady showed, along with Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry, Curly, Moe, and, last but not least, Mr X!

They all said to me, “Lord Rama, we are in the last nano-seconds of the old timeline.

"There are many thousands upon thousands of fleets of starships in our skies -- in our atmosphere, around the globe. "Yet they are cloaked. Every now and then, they allow themselves to be seen.

"These collectives of consciousness are saying, 'Call us in! We are just waiting for the Captain to give the word!' "And then because intervention is already taking place, everything, ready or not, is being lifted higher. [P S: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated by Love!] Then Mr X spoke up, and said to me: “Lord Rama, as we get ever closer to the end of October, we will begin to feel the crack between worlds, called Samhain. "This is one of two times a year when the portals open, and we can experience being in the closest place to heaven on Earth!” “We wish we could help you; we know your financial situation is very precarious.

"We are asking everyone to help these two messengers of Light and Love. [To donate, please go here to the DONATE page. Scroll down the page to the Donate button on the heart. If you can, once inside the PayPal website, in your donation, please tick the "Sending to a Friend" box so that PayPal fees are not deducted from your gift. Thank you!] "The time is NOW! See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One! "Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

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