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Rama’s White Knight Reports - January 14, 2022

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

To our readers: Rama’s White Knight Reports offer information from Rama’s contacts on current events.

Sometimes, additional commentary may show up—more explanation about an important issue, or as an article that offers more insight on the topic.

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Friday, January 7, 2022

Dalai Lama @DalaiLama · Jan 7

“The ultimate source of happiness is within us. Not money, not power, not status. Some of my friends are billionaires, but they are very unhappy people. Power and money fail to bring inner peace. “Outward attainment will not bring real inner joyfulness. We must look inside.”

Friday, January 7, 2022

I received a text message from Professor (Quantum Physicist) Nicodemus at 11:58 am today. He said to me, “Lord Rama, the higher energies are coming in, and they are saying that Mother Gaia is saying, ‘As you want to continue here, you must come back to wholeness and Love.

“ ‘This planet is ascending, and, if you want to be part of it, you must embrace the higher Love frequencies coming in.’

“It will be much easier as we surrender to the Love wave of energy that is washing Mother Gaia clean . . . And that changes everything! “Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

Monday, January 10, 2022

Dalai Lama @DalaiLama

“Materialistic values cannot give us peace of mind. So we really need to focus on our inner values, our true humanity. “Only this way can we find peace of mind—and more peace in our world. A lot of the problems we are facing like war and violence are our own creation.”

Monday, January 10, 2022

It was 11:50 am this morning, and I was on my way to visit a farm outside of Santa Fe that has a greenhouse for growing food in the winter. I was on my way there to get some food.

My cell phone began to make a strange sound like the sound of what we call an ‘amber alert’.

Then, Ms Brisby, my A.I. assistant, piped up, and said to me, “Lord Rama, this is an urgent call. Please take it!”

So I moved my figure across the screen, and Mr X showed up in the passenger seat next to me, as a hologram.

He said to me, “Greetings, Commander! Sorry for the sudden warning, yet I needed to get your undivided attention.

"We are at a pivotal point on planet Earth. The United States is egging NATO on to create an incident in Ukraine.

"They – the dark side – are very close to creating a big spark, meaning a Gulf of Tonkin[-type] incident [which created the Viet Nam War].

“Yet this Big Spark they want to create in Ukraine is to ignite a war between the United States and Russia. [See info below on the Minsk Agreement]

“Captain Ashtar is on red alert, and he will be contacting you at the appropriate time. All of his teams are at the ready. Please place all of this in the Circle of Support.

“We are very close to a singularity where the sun will send a beam of light to Super-Galactic Center and into the Hunab Ku, located there and representing heart resonance of All That Is.

At this point, Mr X, the hologram, said to me, “Lord Rama, we will be in touch! Keep your phone on and your passenger seat empty – please! “We will be talking very soon about the conclusion of this.” Then he faded out and disappeared.

I was left feeling a little overwhelmed, and realizing the story is way bigger than I ever dreamed of. “Sat Nam. Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire! “All we are saying, is Give peace a chance!”

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

I received a text message from Katrina van den Heuval at 11: 49 AM this morning. She said to me, “Lord Rama, I sent you a link to an article written by my husband, Dr Stephen Cohen, on October 17, 2017. The title is “Have 20 years of NATO Expansion Made Anyone Safer?”—the subtitle being “Since 1997, the World’s Perhaps Most Powerful Corporation and Lobbyist Has Created More Insecurity Than Security.” [See below]

Katrina continued, “NATO is being called out for trying to expand its control over Ukraine. President Putin has said ‘No way, no how!’ “

Then I received a text message from Lady Natasha. She said to me, “Lord Rama, we are there at that point! As Mr X said yesterday, Captain Ashtar is on Red Alert. Keep your passenger seat open!

“Things are moving at Super Quantum Light Speed! The time is NOW for Full Disclosure! Be aware: we may call on you any time, and you will be briefed further.

"Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire! All we are saying, is Give peace a chance!“

October 18, 2017 article: "Have 20 Years of NATO Expansion Made Anyone Safer? Since 1997, the world’s perhaps most powerful corporation and lobbyist has created more insecurity than security - by Stephen F. Cohen

Go to:

The New Jerusalem -- mothership of the Ashtar Command -- Showing Up as a Large Cloud Ship

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I received a text message from Sweet Angelique the Cat at 11:40 AM today. She said to me, “Lord Rama, Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and I are here at Stonehenge, again!

"There was a beautiful sunrise this morning that we viewed as well.”

Stonehenge at Sunrise - from Sweet Angelique and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, January 13, 2022

“Prince Andrew is in the hotseat. His legal team is challenging Ms Virginia Giuffre's legal team regarding the civil lawsuit Ms Giuffre has filed against him for sexual assault while she was underage, at 17.

"Ms Giuffre** is a US citizen and her judge in the USA has upheld her case.

"Prince Andrew’s legal team is trying to settle this out of court, with a huge sum of money of an undisclosed value.

"Ms Giuffre’s legal team wants to extradite Prince Andrew to the United State to answer questions on the stand.

“Yet if Prince Andrew is ordered to trial by the judge in the United States, this will cast a big scarlet letter over the British monarchy. Place everything in the Circle of Support. Justice will be served. “Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire!”

[**Ms Giuffre’s maiden name is Roberts, as seen in the earlier, original stories]

Thursday, January 13, 2022 I received a text message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat at 1:20 this afternoon.

He said to me, “Lord Rama! The Sun is discharging many particles just now that are of the 100th dimension frequencies.

"If you are feeling as though you are driving sideways, pull over! Do some very deep breathing! “These particles are lighting up all of humanity. The scientists are in a quandary.

"They are calling them solar flares, yet it is a pulse of light coming in from our Sun, Sol. You can feel it in your heart.

"Stay in these high vibes. Leave the rest of the lame-stream media alone. It is the old matrix, and the old timeline of the old matrix is over and done. “Sat Nam! Namaste! Blaze the Violet Fire! All we are saying, is Give peace a chance.”


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The NEW JERUSALEM Over Mt Shasta in Cloud Ship Form

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Dec 12, 2009 - The Minsk Agreement

The Minsk Agreement. December 8, 1991

Original Source: Izvestiia, 9 December 1991


We, the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine, as founder states of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which signed the 1922 Union Treaty, further described as the high contracting parties, conclude that the USSR has ceased to exist as a subject of international law and a geopolitical reality.

Taking as our basis the historic community of our peoples and the ties which have been established between them, taking into account the bilateral treaties concluded between the high contracting parties;

striving to build democratic law-governed states; intending to develop our relations on the basis of mutual recognition and respect for state sovereignty, the inalienable right to self- determination, the principles of equality and non-interference in internal affairs, repudiation of the use of force and of economic or any other methods of coercion, settlement of contentious problems by means of mediation and other generally recognized principles and norms of international law;

considering that further development and strengthening of relations of friendship, good-neighborliness and mutually beneficial co-operation between our states correspond to the vital national interests of their peoples and serve the cause of peace and security;

confirming our adherence to the goals and principles of the United Nations Charter, the Helsinki Final Act and other documents of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe;

and committing ourselves to observe the generally recognized internal norms on human rights and the rights of peoples, we have agreed the following:

Article 1

The high contracting parties form the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Article 2

The high contracting parties guarantee their citizens equal rights and freedoms regardless of nationality or other distinctions. Each of the high contracting parties guarantees the citizens of the other parties, and also persons without citizenship that live on its territory, civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights and freedoms in accordance with generally recognized international norms of human rights, regardless of national allegiance or other distinctions.

Article 3

The high contracting parties, desiring to promote the expression, preservation and development of the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious individuality of the national minorities resident on their territories, and that of the unique ethno- cultural regions that have come into being, take them under their protection.

Article 4

The high contracting parties will develop the equal and mutually beneficial co-operation of their peoples and states in the spheres of politics, the economy, culture, education, public health, protection of the environment, science and trade and in the humanitarian and other spheres, will promote the broad exchange of information and will conscientiously and unconditionally observe reciprocal obligations.

The parties consider it a necessity to conclude agreements on co-operation in the above spheres.

Article 5

The high contracting parties recognize and respect one another’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of existing borders within the Commonwealth.

They guarantee openness of borders, freedom of movement for citizens and of transmission of information within the Commonwealth.

Article 6

The member-states of the Commonwealth will co-operate in safeguarding international peace and security and in implementing effective measures for reducing weapons and military spending. They seek the elimination of all nuclear weapons and universal total disarmament under strict international control.

The parties will respect one another’s aspiration to attain the status of a non-nuclear zone and a neutral state.

The member-states of the community will preserve and maintain under united command a common military-strategic space, including unified control over nuclear weapons, the procedure for implementing which is regulated by a special agreement.

They also jointly guarantee the necessary conditions for the stationing and functioning of and for material and social provision for the strategic armed forces. The parties contract to pursue a harmonized policy on questions of social protection and pension provision for members of the services and their families.

Article 7

The high contracting parties recognize that within the sphere of their activities, implemented on the equal basis through the common coordinating institutions of the Commonwealth, will be the following:

• co-operation in the sphere of foreign policy;

• co-operation in forming and developing the united economic area, the common European and Eurasian markets, in the area of customs policy;

• co-operation in developing transport and communication systems;

• co-operation in preservation of the environment, and participation in creating a comprehensive international system of ecological safety;

• migration policy issues;

• and fighting organized crime.

Article 8

The parties realize the planetary character of the Chernobyl catastrophe and pledge themselves to unite and coordinate their efforts in minimizing and overcoming its consequences.

To these ends they have decided to conclude a special agreement which will take consider [sic] the gravity of the consequences of this catastrophe.

Article 9

The disputes regarding interpretation and application of the norms of this agreement are to be solved by way of negotiations between the appropriate bodies, and when necessary, at the level of heads of the governments and states.

Article 10

Each of the high contracting parties reserved the right to suspend the validity of the present agreement or individual Articles thereof, after informing the parties to the agreement of this a year in advance.

The clauses of the present agreement may be appended to or amended with the common consent of the high contracting parties.

Article 11

From the moment that the present agreement is signed, the norms of third states, including the former USSR, are not permitted to be implemented on the territories of the signatory states.

Article 12

The high contracting parties guarantee the fulfillment of the international obligations binding upon them from the treaties and agreements of the former USSR.

Article 13

The present agreement does not affect the obligations of the high contracting parties in regard to third states.

The present agreement is open for all member-states of the former USSR to join, and also for other states which share the goals and principles of the present agreement.

Article 14

The city of Minsk is the official location of the coordinating bodies of the Commonwealth.

The activities of bodies of the former USSR are discontinued on the territories of the member-states of the Commonwealth.

Signed by the heads of state of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine on December 8, 1991.

Source: Library of Congress, Country Studies, 2008.

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